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A total of five seventh grade outsider experts had led the invasion of the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

They were one middle seventh grade Phantasm, and an early seventh grade Demon, Fiend, Blackscale, and Stoneman.

Because every inch of the Fiend expert contained deadly toxins, and even in his last moments, he had released deadly toxic smoke, Hua Mu and the other human experts had decided to burn his corpse to ashes.

The four remaining seventh grade outsider corpses had now become the Bone Blood Demon's target.

Sitting in silence, Nie Tian watched the Bone Blood Demon activate the Blood Refining Incantation to drain the seventh grade Demon's corpse of its blood first.

When the seventh grade Demon had unleashed Ancestral Awakening, his size had multiplied, and the flesh power within him had also become as unfathomable as the sea.

Compared to the fourth and fifth grade outsiders, it took the Bone Blood Demon a much longer time to drain the seventh grade Demon's corpse of its blood.

As the Demon's corpse gradually lost its blood, it started to shrivel.

After a long time, the seventh grade outsider's corpse was finally completely bereft of blood.

However, the Bone Blood Demon didn't hurry on to its next target. Instead, it stood in silence. Like two ghostly lanterns, its grayish-green eyes lit up the whole room, giving it a gruesome look.

Nie Tian sensed it with rapt attention and discovered that the blood flow within its bones was becoming more and more vigorous.

Meanwhile, as its blood flowed abnormally vigorously within its bones, its bones started to lose their original pale-gray color.

Nie Tian then knew that the reason why it hadn't moved on to its next target right away was because it was taking the seventh grade Demon's blood in with its unique method.

After all, the blood was from a seventh grade Demon. The flesh power within his blood was far richer than that of fourth and fifth grade Demons.

It was the Bone Blood Demon's skull that was the first to grow translucent, and start to have a jade-like gloss.

After its skull was its neck.

It seemed that the Bone Blood Demon was using the seventh grade Demon's blood to refine its body.

However, the change was rather slow. It seemed that it would take some time for the Bone Blood Demon to finish the refinement of its body.

Nie Tian observed it for a while, and assumed that the Bone Blood Demon would probably move on to the next seventh grade outsider after it exhausted the power from the seventh grade Demon's blood.

"It appears that you no longer need the corpse after draining its blood," Nie Tian muttered.

He walked to the shriveled seventh grade Demon's corpse and pressed his hands on its forehead and heart.

"Life Drain!" With a thought, he sent wisps of his own flesh aura into the seventh grade Demon's corpse.

Like snakes, the wisps of flesh aura slithered to every corner of the outsider's corpse, digging flesh power from its flesh, internal organs, and bones.

As they collected flesh power, the wisps of flesh aura that were originally the size of hairs rapidly expanded.

Nie Tian then realized that there was still an incredible amount of flesh power in the Demon's corpse.

It was just that that flesh power was deeply rooted in the Demon's body. The Bone Blood Demon couldn't absorb it with the Blood Sect's Blood Refining Incantation.

Only his Life Drain bloodline talent would allow him to extract it in the most subtle way.

Nie Tian contemplated while using Life Drain, his eyes glittering brightly in the dim room. "This Demon must have refined and strengthened his body a thousand times over with their race's secret method, which is probably similar to Heavenly Wood Heal."  

He had learned that when he refined his body with Heavenly Wood Heal, there were five steps: Bone Crystallizing, Internal Organ Nourishing, Meridian Toughening, Flesh Tempering, and Blood Condensing.

It would require a large amount of flesh power and wood power to work in a profound way to finish each step.

Now, he had just moved to the second step.

The seventh grade Demon before him must have also refined his body with similar methods.

His copious flesh power had sunk deep into his flesh, meridians, internal organs, and bones, becoming one with his body. Because of this, his meridians and bones were ideal materials for equipment forging and pill making.

It was only by relying on his profound bloodline talent, Life Drain, that Nie Tian managed to separate the flesh power that had merged with the Demon's meridians and bones.

After absorbing copious amounts of flesh power, the wisps of flesh aura that had thickened a dozen times over started to flow back to Nie Tian.

As soon as they returned to Nie Tian, the green aura in his heart instantly grew restless.

Like blood-colored lightning bolts, the wisps of flesh aura were directly channeled into his heart, where they were savagely devoured by the green aura. Not a shred of flesh aura could escape.

As this happened, Nie Tian opened his eyes and discovered that the seventh grade outsider's corpse had become even more shriveled.

But even so, there was still copious flesh power within it.

Because the outsider had been at the seventh grade, Nie Tian's cultivation base and strength didn't allow him to drain it of its flesh power with one Life Drain.

Feeling the green aura's endless desire for flesh power, he activated Life Drain again.

With wisps of his own flesh aura, he gathered the fragmentary but copious flesh power from the depths of the outsider's internal organs, meridians, and bones.

As time passed bit by bit, Nie Tian and the Bone Blood Demon repeated the process in the spirit jade cultivation room under the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

In the Realm of Mystic Heaven.

The Heaven Palace Sect's majestic palace stood atop a mountain peak that rose above the clouds. Looking up from the foot of the mountain, it looked like a god's palace that loomed in the clouds.

Countless golden, cyan, red, white, and yellow magical symbols could be seen floating on the stone palace walls. Like shoals of fish, they constantly realigned, forming different spell formations that contained profound truths of heaven and earth.

From time to time, waves of strong spiritual power spread out into the distance from the stone palace like ripples on water.

Wherever the waves of spiritual power spread to, gigantic boulders were instantly reduced to flying dust. Even space was affected, giving rise to faint fizzing sounds.

Upon contact with the waves of spiritual power, numerous evil spirits vanished like smoke in thin air.

Multi-colored miasma was also torn up like a carpet and pushed into the distance by the waves of spiritual power.

"Rise!" As a bulky Stoneman expert exclaimed in their own language, a handful of dwarf mountain peaks dozens of kilometers away were channeled by his bloodline power. They were uprooted and started flying towards the Heaven Palace Sect.

The sparsely vegetated mountain peaks floated like the floating lands Nie Tian had seen in the other dimension.


As they rammed into the majestic palace, the countless magical symbols in the palace walls instantly lit up.

Upon contact, the mountain peaks exploded, sending out countless large rocks.

Then, a wave of spiritual power spread out from the palace, reducing the rocks to dust that filled the heavens.

Afterward, a Phantasm expert, a Fiend expert, and a Blackscale expert each unleashed their secret magics on the most magnificent palace in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

The Heaven Palace Sect's headquarters were tested by swarms of evil spirits, corrosive smoke, storms of rocks, and rivers of blood.

With his hands clasped behind his back, Basto stood in the rubble. Not a shred of impatience could be seen on his unearthly handsome face.

It was as if he knew that the grand spell formation, which had protected the Heaven Palace Sect for thousands of years, would eventually crumble upon unrelenting bombardment.

He knew that there wasn't a single impregnable spell formation in this world, no matter who built it.

Every spell formation would consume power to hold. It would consume even more power to resist attacks.

When the spell formation no longer had enough power to resist the attacks levied against it, then it would naturally shatter.

According to his assessment, it wouldn't be long before the Heaven Palace Sect's grand spell formation failed.

At that time, they would storm the Heaven Palace Sect and set the tone for their invasion of the Domain of the Falling Stars.

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