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While the master-disciple pair talked, the Bone Blood Demon drained the corpses of the two seventh grade outsiders of their blood.

Afterwards, they both looked shriveled and considerably smaller.

However, awe-inspiring light shone in the depths of the Bone Blood Demon's unfathomable grayish-green eyes from time to time.

Surprised by the change, Nie Tian examined it with his psychic awareness.

To his surprise, he could hear the sound of blood running in its veins that were hidden within its bones.

Before, the sound of blood running inside of it had been as subtle as that of a small creek, almost imperceptible.

However, it now sounded as if countless torrential rivers were rushing inside the Bone Blood Demon.

He had a feeling that the Bone Blood Demon's battle prowess had gained another boost after absorbing the blood of the two seventh grade outsiders.

Even Wu Ji looked shocked after he spent a split second to examine the Bone Blood Demon. "This puppet... I can't believe that it can actually use the Blood Sect's Blood Refining Incantation on its own!"

Nie Tian nodded. "Yeah, but I don't know why either. It could only display sixth grade battle prowess when I first awakened it. But it absorbed a copious amount of Demon blood and refined it with the Blood Refining Incantation the last time the Demons invaded. Afterwards, its strength improved significantly.

"And this time, it's the blood of two seventh grade outsiders..."

Wu Ji's eyes lit up as he said with great certainty, "I sensed it when you summoned this puppet earlier, and it seemed to me that its battle prowess was only roughly the same as that of an early Soul realm human expert back then.  But now, after it has absorbed the blood of these seventh grade outsiders...

"If my judgment is correct, it's capable of contending against a middle Soul realm expert now."

A shudder ran through Nie Tian. "What?!"  

"In fact, for outsiders, their grades can also be further divided, similar to how we humans divide ours," Wu Ji explained. "Just like ours, each outsider grade can also be divided into early, middle, and high grades.

"The grades are divided according to the richness of their blood, and the intensity of their flesh power.

"These two outsiders I just killed were both at the early seventh grade.

"But, this puppet of yours seems to be at the middle seventh grade, judging from the intensity of its flesh aura, which means it's roughly as powerful as a middle Soul realm human expert."

His eyes were filled with delight as he continued, "It seems that this puppet the Blood Sect refined has been strengthening itself after you awakened it. Given enough blood, perhaps it can even recover to the same grade as when it was alive."

"It was at the eighth grade when it was alive!" Nie Tian blurted excitedly.

Wu Ji's eyes widened slightly. "The eighth grade?!" Then, he took a deep breath and said, "The strength of an eighth grade outsider is equal to that of a Void domain human expert. If it can actually recover its eighth grade bloodline power, the plight the Domain of the Falling Stars is facing will be solved instantly."

Nie Tian seemed very spirited after hearing these words.

Right now, the most powerful cultivator in the Domain of the Falling Stars was the patriarch of the Heaven Palace Sect, who was at the late Soul realm, and was doing his utmost to break through into the Void domain. It was still unknown whether he would succeed.

If the Bone Blood Demon could recover its eighth grade bloodline power, even that patriarch wouldn't have complete confidence in overtaking it in battle.

"But if it returns to the same grade as when it was alive, will the outsiders also send eighth grade experts to the Domain of the Falling Stars?" Nie Tian asked.

Wu Ji shook his head. "I doubt they will. As far as I can tell, the outsiders that have invaded our domain aren't from powerful clans. For powerful clans that have eighth grade experts, the Domain of the Falling Stars isn't even worth taking.

"Those eighth grade experts will never set their mind on a remote corner where it would take thousands of years to produce a Void domain Qi warrior."

Nie Tian pondered for a short while, and thought his master's words made sense.

From the conversations he had had with Armes and the other outsiders, he had also sensed the disdain they had for the Domain of the Falling Stars.

They had even valued him, a newborn Son of the Stars, more than the entire Domain of the Falling Stars.

That said, it seemed that, if the Bone Blood Demon could recover to its original grade, the outsider invaders would have to either withdraw from the Domain of the Falling Stars or die at the hands of the Bone Blood Demon.

The truly powerful outsider clans probably wouldn't send their eighth grade experts to the Domain of the Falling Stars, since it was simply not worth taking.

The gains wouldn't match the risks.

"Master!" Nie Tian suddenly remembered his Blood Essence, and thus circulated his spiritual power to summon a drop of Blood Essence from his heart.

Wreathed in rich flesh aura, it flew out of his heart and floated in the air before him like translucent and sparkling agate.

"Blood Essence!" Wu Ji shuddered in shock. "You can actually form Blood Essence now?!"

Meanwhile, the grayish-green eyes of the Bone Blood Demon, which had just finished absorbing the blood of the seventh grade outsiders, suddenly lit up.

It fixed its yearning gaze on the drop of Blood Essence, as if it had never seen anything that contained such a concentrated form of flesh power.

"Master! Can you refine this drop of Blood Essence and use it to prolong your lifespan?" Nie Tian asked with excitement in his voice.

Wu Ji seemed very touched as he shook his head slightly. With a bitter smile, he said, "Little Tian, your bloodline contains the profound truths of life. So this drop of Blood Essence also contains extremely rich life essence. It would have a similar effect to a Fruit of Life. It's just that I'm not a outsider. None of the incantations I practice have anything to do with flesh power."

"So?" Nie Tian asked, looking confused.

"So I won't be able to absorb the copious life essence within this drop of Blood Essence," Wu Ji said, looking sorry. "Only the outsiders who base their cultivation on the cultivation of their flesh power can. 

"Humans, on the other hand, cultivate spiritual power and soul power.

"We can't extract the precious life essence from this drop of Blood Essence with either of these two kinds of power."

Nie Tian felt frustrated as he stored the drop of Blood Essence back in his heart. "I see… Do you know how I can use my Blood Essence, master?"

Wu Ji's face warmed up again. "You can use it to strengthen your bloodline talent and cast unique bloodline magics, among other things. I really never expected that you could actually form Blood Essence now. The thing I want to give you... It happens to have something to do with Blood Essence."

"How do you know so much about Blood Essence, master?" Nie Tian looked excited.

"I'm still researching and making hypotheses, which I will need you to test," Wu Ji said. "Also, I'm not finished yet. That's why I wanted you to come to find me later. The things I'm preparing for you contain methods to use Blood Essence, which is also known as bloodline magic. Bloodline magics are similar to the spiritual magics that we humans use. Outsiders acquire their bloodline magics through two main ways.

"One is learning them from their seniors.

"And the other is acquiring them from their unique Blood Realms. I've studied outsider culture and bloodlines for a long time now, but I've only recently come to learn that many ancient and powerful outsiders have their own unique Blood Realms.

"However, I'm still not sure what those Blood Realms are. I only know that some powerful outsiders can establish connections between themselves and their Blood Realms by relying on their bloodline at certain moments.

"The outsiders' bloodline talents are usually awakened as they grow stronger and stronger. Even though many bloodline talents are incomparably powerful, few of them are for battle purposes.

"However, bloodline magics are usually designed for battle, and they are derived by their ancestors. As descendants, they can acquire them from Blood Realms."

Wu Ji went on and briefly explained the outsiders' bloodline talents, bloodline magics, the inheritance of Blood Realms, and many other subjects that most humans Qi warriors had never even heard of.

Afterwards, Wu Ji fell into a moment of silence, then said, "I've never known any outsider to carry a Life Bloodline like you. So it seems to me that it's impossible for you to learn bloodline magics from seniors that share your bloodline. Your only option is to enter Blood Realms that belong to your race, and acquire bloodline magics from there.

"I still need some time to finish up with the few common bloodline talents I've gathered for you. However, I'm not completely sure if you'll be able to use them."

"Thank you, master!" Nie Tian said sincerely.

Wu Ji's words had, to a great extent, expanded his understanding of bloodline talents and bloodline magics.

The way he saw it, this master of his might not be the most skilled fighter in the Domain of the Falling Stars, but he must be the most learned. He doubted that any Soul realm expert had a deeper understanding of outsiders.


With a wave of his hand, Wu Ji summoned the corpses of the two seventh grade outsiders and a few sixth grade Fiends, Birdmen, Blackscales, and Demons from the vicinity. They flew into his ring of holding one after another.

"These outsiders are of different races, and their bloodline power is quite high," Wu Ji said, his eyes filled with curiosity. "I'll learn about their bodies carefully and see how different their meridians and internal organs are from ours. Perhaps I can derive deeper enlightenments of the outsiders' bloodline talents and bloodline magics from them."

In fact, Nie Tian had originally thought about absorbing the flesh power of those two seventh grade outsiders with Life Drain. However, seeing that Wu Ji had stored them away, he dropped the idea.

After all, what Wu Ji could learn from these corpses would be much more important than the flesh power he could absorb from them.

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