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Nie Tian was deeply shaken.  

He had acquired Heavenly Wood Heal from the magical land where he had discovered a Tree of Life, or technically speaking, from that sleeping titan.

He had derived his knowledge of Heavenly Wood after spending a long period of time sorting through the broken message he had received from that titan.

Heavenly Wood consisted of two magics, Heavenly Wood Heal and Heavenly Wood Thorns.

Meanwhile, the seventy-two tree branches had become magical after he had duplicated the grand spell formation that had protected the Floragrim's ancestral land and mysterious tree patterns had infused into them.

Similar enormous trees grew in both these two magical places, as if they were somehow related.

During his previous battles, he had accidentally enhanced the might of Heavenly Wood Thorns with the tree branches.

However, he had never expected that the effect of Heavenly Wood Heal would be so greatly enhanced when he cast it within the unique spell formation formed by the tree branches.

Streams of rich and pure wood power continued to converge from his surroundings and infuse into him.

As he examined himself with soul power from the fragmentary stars in his soul, he could see with absolute clarity that every torn muscle and cracked bone was healing at an eye-dazzling speed.

Within a few moments, all of his injuries were healed, both internal and external.

That was when he realized that rich wood power was still pouring into his body.

Upon seeing this, he didn't stop his Heavenly Wood Heal.

Then, he discovered that the rich wood power morphed into numerous wisps of green aura after entering his body and started converging on his ribs, which had sustained the most damage from his previous battle against Armes.

As he continued to observe them with devoted attention, he saw, to his surprise, that his already healed ribs were actually turning from white to translucent and sparkling!

At the same time, his changing ribs seemed to be absorbing his flesh power.

Soon, his ribs turned emerald green and translucent, very similar to the tree branches after being activated.

He had a very strong feeling that, after the change, his ribs had become incomparably tough and resilient.

Nie Tian's eyes snapped open, shock and disbelief written across his face. "What a way to refine my body!"

He had always considered Heavenly Wood Heal a powerful healing magic.

However, now, after witnessing the grand changes his ribs had gone through, he realized that it could not only be used to heal injuries, but it was also a very profound body refinement magic!

Perhaps because his cultivation base had been too low before, or his body hadn't been ready for such a revelation, the effect of Heavenly Wood Heal had been limited to healing injuries.

However, now that he had entered the middle Greater Heaven stage, and had taken in copious amount of flesh power lately, subtle changes had occurred, which readied him for this new body refinement method!

After a moment of disbelief, he felt overjoyed, and without hesitation, summoned his flesh power to cooperate with the rich wood power in refining more of his bones with this divine method.

He discovered that the bones that had been damaged during his battle against Armes seemed to be specially favored by Heavenly Wood Heal.

The wisps of refining aura seemed to be unhappy about those previously weakened bones, and thus provided them with extra care, infusing them with power and refining them unceasingly.

"It seems that I might have to thank Armes for the damage he caused me!" he thought to himself.

After another round of refinement, all of his previously damaged bones turned emerald green and translucent. At that moment, the changes seemed to come to a stop.

"Construction after destruction! Heavenly Wood Heal will only have optimal effects on damaged bones!

"Armes crushing my bones seemed to stir the Heavenly Wood Heal's dissatisfaction with my fragile body. And it's now taking it upon itself to refine my damaged bones with flesh power and wood power!"

After coming to such a shocking conclusion, a vicious look appeared in Nie Tian's eyes. "Armes! As powerful as you are, you will serve as a perfect whetstone for my body!"

With this thought in mind, he summoned the seventy-two tree branches back to his ring of holding and rose to his feet, waiting for Armes' arrival.

Not only did he not mask his aura with Life Stealth this time, but he even intentionally released a stronger aura into his surroundings.

As he had expected, Armes found him within a short time.

"Decided to stop running, have you?" With these words, Armes walked casually into Nie Tian's view, as if he were strolling in his own courtyard, Nie Tian's image reflected in the prismatic crystal between his eyebrows.

Nie Tian gazed deeply at him and also discovered his own image in the prismatic crystal between Armes' eyebrows.

As soon as he did, he had a feeling as if Armes had locked him down, that no matter where he went, he would be able to locate him.

Nie Tian snorted. "I realize that you didn't tell your other friends to help you surround me, so why would I still run?" 

Eyebrows furrowed, Armes said, "All those who came before me either haven't awakened their core bloodline talents, like my never-do-well little brother, or come from weaker races, who have awakened their core bloodline talents, but still can't withstand a single blow, like Stonemountain. None of them are presentable. Why would I want them to help me with a battle?"

"Good!" Grinning, Nie Tian suddenly flashed to right in front of Armes, but he didn't summon his Flame Star or any other weapons.

Armes went blank briefly. Recalling that he had just suffered a serious blow from Nie Tian's Rage Punch, he subconsciously wanted to unleash the core bloodline talent he had recently awakened.

However, he quickly noticed that Nie Tian wasn't bearing any weapons in his hands. From the look of it, Nie Tian still wanted to fight him with his bare hands. Thus, he instantly changed his mind.

"That fist strike of yours was pretty interesting," he said. "Let's see if you can hurt me with it this time!"

To Nie Tian's surprise, Armes put away his fine suit of armor before launching any attacks.

In a split second, they were once again engaged in a fierce, close-up battle.

Their clashes created terrifying energy fluctuations, as if two vicious beasts were trying to tear each other to pieces.

What Nie Tian had expected happened.

Thanks to his exquisite battle skills, Armes quickly gained the upper hand, and continued to rain attacks on Nie Tian.

The only difference was that Nie Tian didn't exert all means to defend himself this time. Instead, he continued exchanging attacks with Armes, heedless of the repeated heavy blows he was receiving from him, as if he had no fear of death.

Armes was gradually enraged by Nie Tian's arrogance. After all, he had only dared to go through the unstable spatial rift because of his great confidence in his powerful spiritual armor and exceptional self-healing ability.  "As a human, he actually dares to exchange attacks with me like this. Does he not know that humans have the weakest fleshly bodies of all races, and that their healing ability is far inferior to ours? What the hell is he thinking?"

He had healed most of his wounds soon after passing through that spatial rift.

He refused to believe that this human youngster would be able to heal himself faster than him.

Their fierce battle went on for some time before Nie Tian realized that many of his bones were cracked, and his battle prowess started to drop significantly.

However, he discovered that all of the bones that had been refined by Heavenly Wood Heal and become translucent and sparkling like emeralds remained perfectly fine.

After achieving his goal, Nie Tian laughed wildly, disregarding the blood flowing out of the corner of his mouth. "I dare you to come and get me!"

With these words, he vanished again with a Starshift.

After Nie Tian left, Armes got down on one knee, panting heavily. Many of the wounds he had healed earlier had once again burst open, blood spilling from them.

Staring furiously in the direction Nie Tian had left in, he took out a red item that looked very much like a heart, and started munching on it.

"Nie Tian!"

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