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Dong Li's bright eyes glittered as the tips of her brows rose. She was clearly very pleased by the situation.

She secretly glanced over the crowd, realizing that these chosen ones from the most powerful sects throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars had all inwardly acknowledged Nie Tian's strength and started to respect him.

As noble as Su Lin was, she hadn't been acknowledged by the crowd because of her unimpressive cultivation base. They only acknowledged Nie Tian, who had repeatedly proven his unmatched strength.

After all, all of these so-called future stars in the Domain of the Falling Stars had directly or indirectly suffered great losses at Nie Tian's hands, without any exceptions.

Even though many of them hated Nie Tian deeply, that didn't diminish their reverence of his terrifying strength. If they were to pick a leader from among them, Nie Tian would be the only candidate these arrogant youngsters could agree upon.

"So? Shall I ask Nie Tian for his opinion?" Dong Li asked with a broad smile on her face.

No one objected.

From the look of it, these chosen ones had indeed attached great importance to Nie Tian's opinion.

For some reason, their attitude made Dong Li very happy and proud.

Then, she tried to communicate with Nie Tian through her Sound Stone.

Everyone quieted down, their gazes fixed on the Sound Stone she was using to communicate with Nie Tian, anticipating Nie Tian's suggestion.

After about a minute, Dong Li put her Sound Stone away in a graceful manner, a smile gradually spreading across her face.

Everyone stared at her with inquiring looks in their eyes.

"Well...?" Qin Yan asked the question everyone meant to ask.

With a casual chuckle, Dong Li said, "Nie Tian said that even though there are a lot of outsiders on that island, they're scattered in different locations right now. As long as we don't provoke them and make them gather quickly to one place, he'll be able to sneak up on and kill some of them.

"He said that he's confident that he'll be able to take out at least half of the outsiders in the following days.

"We can just recuperate and wait here while he dances around with those outsiders on that island. He'll inform us of his battle results from time to time."

As soon as she was finished, a clamor broke out among the crowd.

"He wants to single-handedly kill those outsiders?!"

"He can take out half of them in just a few days?! Did he really say that?"

"Isn't he afraid that he'll become their common target and get captured?"

"How is that even possible?!"

"Do we want to trust him?"

Everyone was unprecedentedly loud as they expressed their concerns or doubts.

Almost every one of them had witnessed Nie Tian's formidable strength, but they still doubted that he would be able to single-handedly take out so many outsiders.

"Don't tell me that he's stupid enough to believe that he won't be discovered after killing those outsiders!" 

"What makes him think he'll be able to keep striking after the outsiders are stirred to action?"

The clamor went on and on. People looked either confused or doubtful.

Dong Li, however, remained silent after relaying Nie Tian's words. Eyes narrowed, she glanced over the clamoring crowd with a smile, as if she enjoyed them discussing Nie Tian very much. All of a sudden, she cleared her throat.

Everyone turned to look at her.

"I have faith in him." Dong Li made her stance clear. "To assure you of his capability, I want to tell you a story, a story that embarrasses me every time I think of it."

Eyes filled with curiosity, everyone fell silent and waited for her to finish.

"Years ago, he used to be my enemy. I gathered many forces, hoping to surround and catch him. At that time, my cultivation base and the cultivation base of almost everyone with me was higher than his.

"However, we exhausted every means we could think of, and still failed to catch him. Not just that, he even managed to kill many of us.

"That was my most humiliating experience of my whole life.

After hearing these words, all of the young leaders' expressions flickered slightly, and they contemplated her words with furrowed brows.

Moments later, Su Lin from the Heaven Palace Sect said, "If that's the case, I agree to put our operations on hold and wait for good news from Nie Tian."

After her, all the other leaders expressed their support for Nie Tian's plan one after another.

Dong Li was full of smiles, as if she were pleased with their attitudes. With her jade-like fingers, she tucked a few loose hairs behind her ears. Eyes glittering with charming light, she said in a slow and casual manner, "Okay, so let's wait for Nie Tian's update. I personally believe that you won't be disappointed by the results. It won't be long before you realize that the price you paid was well worth it."

Everyone could see the unwavering confidence she had in Nie Tian. With every word she said, she seemed to be defending Nie Tian's unmatched battle prowess.

Standing among the people from the Realm of a Hundred Battles, Gu Haofeng looked very grim, as if his heart was filled with bitterness.

The way Dong Li had defended Nie Tian, the unwavering confidence she had in him, and the heartfelt joy in her eyes when she talked about him had made Gu Haofeng realize how special Nie Tian was to Dong Li.

That joyful look that appeared in her eyes when she mentioned Nie Tian's name was something he had never seen before.

At this moment, Gu Haofeng finally realized that, in Dong Li's eyes, Nie Tian was completely different from the other men she had played like puppets.

After receiving support from Dong Li and all the other team leaders, Nie Tian ended his scouting and prepared spill some outsider blood.

After scouting the island for so long, he had realized that the outsiders of different races seemed to know that they would encounter humans after coming to this place.

Therefore, after their arrival, they hadn't started killing other outsider races the way human Qi warriors had killed each other the moment they set foot on the island.

Instead, they had come together and divided the island, and only gathered spiritual materials and medicinal plants in the areas assigned to them.

High-tier Demons were gathered by the lake, Phantasms were searching along the river, and Fiends were roaming the marshland.

Since the high-tier Demons and Phantasms were both looking for Pei Qiqi, Nie Tian suspected that she must have been last seen in those areas.

He didn't plan to attract the attention of the high-tier Demons and the Phantasms before finding Pei Qiqi.

Therefore, he decided to start with the weaker outsiders.

After searching for a short time, he discovered three outsiders with the help of his Heaven Eyes.

They were tall, burly, and covered in black scales. Their bodies exuded intense auras of flesh and blood.

Convinced that there weren't any other outsiders in the vicinity, Nie Tian snuck over and suddenly pounced on them.

He finished them off within a very short time.

With the three corpses lying before him, Nie Tian sent a wisp of flesh power into each of them as he unleashed Life Drain.

Moments later, wisps of extremely rich flesh power flew back to him, filling him with vigor and life force.

The three outsiders were all roughly two meters tall. Even though they were significantly smaller than fourth grade spirit beasts, their flesh power was equal to theirs, if not stronger.

Freshly killed spirit beasts wouldn't lose all of their flesh power immediately after their deaths. The same went for outsiders.

Upon entering his body, the wisps of rich flesh power Nie Tian had withdrawn from the outsider corpses quickly morphed into tiny, crimson crystals that flowed to every corner of his body, strengthening his vigorous aura of flesh and blood, as well as his meridians, bones, and internal organs.

It wasn't long before he finished refining the rich flesh power. Then, after disposing of the three corpses, he headed towards his next target.

Over the following days, he struck at and killed groups of minor outsider races like a bloodthirsty ghost.

Every time he took out a group of outsiders, he would message Dong Li, informing her of his battle results.

He did this to assure the people on the other island of the smooth progress of his plan, and to urge them not to interrupt his hunt.

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