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Dong Li swam to the shore and walked towards Nie Tian, all wet. After stopping before him, she leaned forward, showing her deep cleavage, and said, smiling, "Like what you saw?"

"Y-yeah," Nie Tian answered subconsciously.

"Do you want to see more?" Dong Li asked, smiling like a blossoming flower.

Nie Tian nodded.

"Wishful thinking!" Dong Li gave a cold snort as she picked up her clothes and stepped away as lightly as a nature spirit.

Judging from her joyous steps, she didn't seem mad at all.

Nie Tian stared at her from behind as she walked away. Her wet undergarment stuck to her curvaceous body, highlighting her perfect 'S' curve.

He wasn't the boy in Black Cloud City who didn't know anything about the matters between men and women anymore.

As his cultivation base advanced, and he gained more experience, he had already grown into a late teen with normal urges.

As a very charming woman, Dong Li released an intoxicating aura with every move she made. It was only natural that Nie Tian was attracted to her.

Dong Li's pleasant laughter echoed out from behind a large rock. "Stop thinking about that, will you? You might as well spend your time doing something productive, like looking for precious materials in the vicinity." 

Nie Tian could tell from the swishing sounds behind that rock that Dong Li had gotten rid of her wet garment and was putting on dry new ones.

Images of the completely naked Dong Li dressing herself, while humming a little tune, kept appearing in his mind.

After a while, Dong Li walked out from behind that rock, twisting her waist in a very charming manner.

Unlike before, Dong Li didn't wear her usual battle garments this time. Instead, she wore a long, red dress that brought out her deep, white cleavage.

A few small, multicolored jades hung on her belt. With every step she took, they clicked and made pleasant sounds.

She had possessed unmatched beauty to begin with. Now that she was wearing this red dress that fit her curves perfectly, she looked even more beautiful, like a blossoming rose. Nie Tian found it hard to tear his eyes from her.

After seeing the look in Nie Tian's eyes, Dong Li smiled complacently and asked, "Am I pretty?"

"Very pretty," Nie Tian said, not trying to hide anything.

Dong Li's eyes narrowed as she asked, smiling, "How do I look compared to that ice-cold Pei Qiqi? Which one of us is prettier?"

Nie Tian cleared his throat and said with a meaningful smile, "You are, no doubt!"

As he went to more places and dealt with more people, his knowledge about women and their minds also increased.

Gradually, he was no longer as reserved and blindingly straightforward as before when he got along with Dong Li. Now, he knew what to say to please her.

Dong Li rolled her eyes at him and raised her chin slightly, showing her long, jade-like neck, as she said, "I know you probably think Pei Qiqi is just as pretty, but you have to admit that I'm prettier than her. You hear me?! I don't care if that's what you really think!"

"I truly think that you're prettier than her! It's from the bottom of my heart!" Nie Tian blurted with a wronged expression.

"Well, not bad," Dong Li said, smiling. "You've learned how to please girls. Alright, enough playing. Let's keep looking. We need to gather as many treasures as we can before the huge vortex reverses."


With these words, the two of them started searching around under the guidance of Nie Tian's nine Heaven Eyes.

As time passed, they gradually gathered many very precious spiritual materials. Most of them were Premium grade materials which could be used to either provide energy, forge spiritual tools, or make medicinal pills.

Dong Li remained excited the whole time. Whenever she found a rare spiritual material, she would mumble, "We've hit gold!" and then tell Nie Tian how much they were worth in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

On this day, Nie Tian discovered the corpse of a gigantic spirit beast through one of his Heaven Eyes.

Without any delay, he rushed over with Dong Li.

It wasn't long before the two of them discovered the dead spirit beast in a dense forest.

Dong Li recognized it the moment she saw it. "A seventh grade Earthshatter Beast! The strength of a seventh grade Earthshatter Beast is equal to that of a Soul realm human expert! What could have killed it!?"

Normally speaking, like most outsider races, spirit beasts' lifespans were significantly longer than humans'.

Should there be no mishaps or disasters, a seventh grade spirit beast could easily live ten thousand years.

The Earthshatter Beast before them clearly hadn't died of natural causes, but rather been killed by someone or something.

The majestic beast was more than thirty meters long. Its whole body was covered in wounds, and one of its eyes seemed to have been penetrated by some kind of sharp weapon.

Its other fist-sized eye was still intact and flickering with a dim, dark-yellow luster.

"Earthshatter Beasts are powerful earth-attributed spirit beasts. They can channel power from the earth and travel underground among mountains and plains." Dong Li marveled at its brilliance as she jumped onto it with a swift move. "Hope we can still find some valuable spiritual materials on it. Even though it's been dead for thousands of years, the parts of a seventh grade spirit beast might still be valuable. Such a powerful being won't rot away so easily."

From the images he had acquired from the formation of tree branches, Nie Tian had learned that the inhabitants of this vast continent were all exceptionally large creatures.

Without any mishaps, this enormous Earthshatter Beast must have been killed by powerful outsiders from the top continent when the final war broke out.

"That eye can probably be used to forge an earth-attributed Spirit Channeling grade treasure!" With these words, Dong Li jumped onto the Earthshatter Beast's head and ripped its dark-yellow eye out of its socket with one quick motion. Then, she examined it with her spiritual power and exclaimed, "Nie Tian! As I expected, its eye hasn't lost much of its power yet. The years haven't made it useless. We can probably sell it at a very high price!"

Surprised, Nie Tian also walked up to the Earthshatter Beast's corpse. He slowly reached out with both hands and placed them on its rough, thick skin.

He was well-aware that, when a living being died, its soul would be the first to dissipate. Afterwards, as time passed, its flesh power would also gradually fade away.

However, as for some very powerful beings, since their flesh power was as copious as water in oceans, the speed at which they lost their flesh power would be significantly slower.

That was the reason why the body of this seventh grade Earthshatter Beast had somehow resisted the ages and still contained some flesh power, even after it had been dead for thousands of years.

At this moment, the most troublesome issue for Nie Tian was that the green aura in his heart had an endless desire for flesh power. If he could feed it with enough flesh power, he might be able to finish the refinement of his fleshy body, and from there, advance to the middle Greater Heaven stage.

With this thought in mind, he quietly unleashed Life Drain. Ten wisps of red aura instantly shot out of his ten fingertips.

The moment his flesh power entered the Earthshatter Beast, a shudder ran through him. As he had expected, there was indeed still a copious amount of flesh power left in the Earthshatter Beast's corpse!

Therefore, he ignored Dong Li's exclamations, and focused completely on absorbing the vastly rich flesh power within the Earthshatter Beast's corpse.

Dong Li called out to him a few times. After receiving no response, she came over and discovered that he seemed to be examining the Earthshatter Beast's corpse with his eyes closed, and thus let him be.

With a bright smile, Dong Li stored the Earthshatter Beast's eye in her ring of holding before sitting down beside Nie Tian and waiting in silence.

She soon noticed the shockingly rich flesh power blossoming from Nie Tian's fingertips.

Taken aback by the scene, she wondered what Nie Tian was doing. Even though she couldn't think of an answer, she became even quieter and more vigilant against things that might interrupt him.

After a short while, she discovered to her surprise that the Earthshatter Beast's corpse seemed to be shrinking.

She could also sense that the aura of flesh and blood within the Earthshatter Beast's corpse was becoming fainter and fainter.

Eyes glittering with disbelief, she finally realized that Nie Tian was actually draining the Earthshatter Beast of its remaining flesh power with a method she couldn't even imagine.

A long time passed, and the Earthshatter Beast's corpse had shrunk to two-thirds of its original size.

Its skin and flesh had shriveled and become ashen under her gaze, as if it had been drained of every last bit of its residual power.

Eyes closed, Nie Tian slowly withdrew his hands and sat down in the lotus position, not saying a word.

Gradually, numerous strings of light, which contained rich flesh power, rose from Nie Tian's skin, and wreathed his whole body.

"Is he refining his fleshy body?!"

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