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After leaving a special mark on the floating continent where the spatial rift was, the Spirit God Sect and the Tool Sect split up.

Bai Yu waved and beckoned Wu Ling, Huang Yuan, and a few other Tool Sect juniors to board her Rainbow Lightning. Meanwhile, Zhu Lian summoned another Rainbow Lightning and told the other Tool Sect members to get on board.

Zhen Huilan summoned her Lightning Shuttle from within her ring of holding and beckoned Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi to jump in.

Afterwards, the Rainbow Lightnings and Lightning Shuttle flew away from the floating continent.

Since the gravitational field was very weak, the speed at which the Lightning Shuttle and Rainbow Lightnings traveled was very fast, and it didn't require as much spiritual power to propel them.

Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi stood in the Lightning Shuttle and glanced around curiously.

From time to time, the Lightning Shuttle would pass floating boulders, which were moving in some unknown pattern. It was just they were moving at a far lower speed than the Lightning Shuttle.

Zhen Huilan's eyes narrowed as waves of extremely intense soul fluctuations spread out from her.

Standing beside her, Nie Tian could tell with great clarity that the soul fluctuations she was unleashing contained unfathomable truths of spatial energy. As they rippled out into the distance, they seemed to cause space to flicker slightly.

At that moment, Bai Yu, who was steering the Rainbow Lightning in the front, suddenly turned around and said with a smile, "Senior martial sister, I actually found something other than that mountain of bones. Come with me."

Zhen Huilan's eyes lit up.

The mountain of bones Bai Yu had brought back to them earlier had lost its value due to long-term erosion. The energy within those bones was completely gone.

If the mountain of bones hadn't been riddled with holes, perhaps she wouldn't have brought it back and showed it to the people from the Spirit God Sect.

After hearing her words, everyone looked spirited and expectant.

The Rainbow Lightnings and Lightning Shuttle rapidly flew past numerous floating boulders. An hour later, a volcano that had a penetrating hole in the middle entered everyone's view.

Even though they were still thousands of meters away, Nie Tian could see crimson flames flickering within the enormous hole that went through the volcano.

The volcano was about three thousand meters high and roughly in the shape of a pagoda. It was unknown how long it had been there.

The silent volcano was surrounded by layers of very turbulent and unstable spatial energy.

It was because of that layer of spatial energy that Bai Yu hadn't stayed to examine it earlier.

She was an expert of fire-attributed incantations and an equipment forger. However, she didn't practice spatial power.

Without a deep understanding of spatial power, she hadn't dared to handle the layer of spatial energy lightly.

Therefore, she had waited for them to part ways with the people from the Spirit God Sect to take Zhen Huilan to it.

Soon, the Rainbow Lightnings and Lightning Shuttle came to a stop before the floating volcano. Bai Yu didn't say anything, but rather looked towards Zhen Huilan.

Eyes narrowed, Zhen Huilan took out her folding fan from within her ring of holding.

As she waved the fan, spatial energy fluctuations spread out towards the floating volcano like ripples on water.

Nie Tian looked at them with rapt attention.

It was unknown what kind of powerful weapon could have created such a huge, penetrating hole through the volcano. Through the fire-flickering mouth of the hole, Nie Tian could vaguely see lava bubbling within the heart of the volcano.

Instead of forming Heaven Eyes, he unleashed his psychic awareness in an attempt to examine that layer of mysterious energy.

However, as soon as the wisp of his psychic awareness flew close to it, he experienced an excruciating pain in his head.

Thus, he had to withdraw his psychic awareness.

Meanwhile, a strange look appeared in Zhen Huilan's eyes. Countless fine strands of spatial energy rapidly formed and dissipated in the depths of her pupils.

Standing next to her, Nie Tian was flabbergasted as he looked into her eyes.

Then, he noticed that the image of the floating volcano had mysteriously appeared on the empty folding fan she was waving.

On the fan, the miniature of the floating volcano was bound down by numerous bright strings of spatial power, many of which even went through the volcano.

Astonished by the scene, Nie Tian couldn't help but inwardly marvel at the profundity of spatial magics and those who practiced spatial power.

"That paper fan in my master's hand is a spatial spiritual tool named the Illusion Realm," Pei Qiqi explained to Nie Tian in a low voice. "However, it doesn't have its own soul yet, and it can't actually create an independent realm. It's extremely hard to find and refine souls for spatial spiritual tools. My master has looked for years, but still can't find a suitable soul for it.

"If she can find a suitable dimension and seal it within the Illusion Realm, and meanwhile find and refine a fitting soul into it, and have it rule over that dimension, the Illusion Realm will transcend into a Spirit Channeling grade treasure."  

A shocked expression appeared on Nie Tian's face.

Zhen Huilan's lips pursed into a smile as she said, "Kiddo, I don't think I'll be able to find a suitable dimension and a soul for the Illusion Realm and turn it into a Spirit Channeling grade treasure in my lifetime.

"But I hope that you'll fulfill this long-cherished wish for me some day."

After she uttered these words, the Illusion Realm suddenly shot out of her hand and flew towards the volcano before them.

The mysterious spatial fluctuations wreathing the volcano seemed to instantly stabilize and became harmless as the Illusion Realm approached.

Zhu Lian and Bai Yu both looked deeply at her, their eyes filled with astonishment.

"This volcano must have been a part of that vast dimension before the explosion happened," Zhen Huilan explained to everyone. "It appears that an expert of spatial power, who I don't think was a human, penetrated it with some sort of profound spatial magic. The spatial power he or she used to bombard this volcano contained faint bloodline power.

"If my speculations are correct, that expert most likely carried a bloodline that naturally vested him or her with spatial power.

"The spatial power within the strike that expert penetrated this volcano with still exists after what could be tens of thousands of years. It's just that it now exists in the form of a layer of spatial fluctuations around the volcano."

Nie Tian, who was standing next to Pei Qiqi, sensed with great clarity that Pei Qiqi shuddered upon hearing these words.

Zhu Lian gasped with astonishment and exclaimed, "An outsider whose bloodline contains spatial power?! As far as I know, none of the Demons, Fiends, Phantasms, or Bonebrutes carry bloodlines that contain spatial power, right?"

Bai Yu was also deeply surprised. "What outsider race carries bloodlines that allow them to awaken bloodline talents regarding spatial power?"

Zhen Huilan gave a bitter smile and said, "Our understanding of outsider races is very limited. We only know about the Demons, Fiends, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes because they used to live in the Domain of the Falling Stars, and these realms were their paradise before human Qi warriors from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace came along.

"However, it's very possible that other mysterious outsider races live in places in this boundless universe that we've never been to.

"We don't know about them because they've never come to the Domain of the Falling Stars and left any traces."

Zhu Lian nodded slightly and said, "Yeah, that's possible."

"Alright, let's go take a look at that volcano," Zhen Huilan said with a plain tone. "I only managed to break the layer of spatial energy left there by that outsider expert with my Illusion Realm because it has been dissipating over a very long time. I can't imagine how powerful that outsider expert was back in the day, and if the expert is still alive..."

Everyone's expression flickered before she even finished her sentence, not daring to think about the outsider's devastating strength.

With great caution, they steered the Rainbow Lightnings and Lightning Shuttle towards the enormous hole in the volcano.

Only after they reached the mouth of the hole without feeling any abnormal spatial fluctuations did Bai Yu finally let out a sigh of relief. She wreathed her petite physique with crimson spiritual light, and flew into the volcano through the hole, which was still filled with flickering flames.

Aside from spatial power, Zhen Huilan was also well-versed in the practice of flame power. However, seeing that Bai Yu had moved out, she remained where she was, and the Lightning Shuttle stopped by the mouth of the huge hole.


She made a grabbing motion in the air, and the Illusion Realm flew into her palm. She handed it to Pei Qiqi and said expressionlessly, "See if you can derive some enlightenment from it."

Pei Qiqi's slender, jade-like hand trembled slightly as she received the folding fan.

Her eyes flickered with the light of excitement, as if she were struggling to suppress her thrilled heart.

Nie Tian's keen perception allowed him to notice something strange. The moment Pei Qiqi touched the paper fan, a spatial ward that was invisible to the naked eye instantly wreathed her.

At the same time, the spatial energy wreathing the floating volcano gradually vanished.

Instead, ripples of spatial power started to spread out from inside Pei Qiqi, and fine strands of spatial power appeared in the depths of her pupils.

Meanwhile, very subtle flesh power fluctuations rose from within her.

The flesh power within her seemed to be isolated from the outside world by numerous spatial wards, making it very hard to detect.

However, Nie Tian, who was standing right next to her, and carried a bloodline that contained the profound truths of life, managed to sense it.

Nie Tian was momentarily bewildered.

In the blink of an eye, the residual spatial energy surrounding the floating volcano completely vanished.

After handing the fan back to her master, Pei Qiqi gently closed her eyes as she leaned against the inside of the Lightning Shuttle and pondered in silence.

"There are quite a few fire-attributed crystals within the heart of the volcano, along with a small amount of earthflame essence!" Bai Yu's overjoyed exclamation echoed out from the within the enormous hole. "Not just that, I've also found a dead Earth Flame Beast!"

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