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At this moment, An Ying’s flame cloud above her head was smashed into bits and pieces by the ice pillar!

Nie Tian noticed, that the cold mist around the area unceasingly kept gathering onto that ice pillar.

After all, this was the glacier region, which had been the home of the Black Ice Python since a long time ago, and even though the Black Ice Python was only a grade two spirit beast, it could actually absorb the extremely cold spiritual qi from the atmosphere to increase the power of its ice pillar.

The ice pillar, having gotten the additional boost from the extremely cold spiritual qi, became thicker and longer!

However, when looking at An Ying, it was obvious that she was too exhausted and that she had spent too much of her energy.

- Si Si! -

The Black Ice Python started to slowly move towards her, after the ice pillar had destroyed the flame cloud.

From a few hundred meters away, Nie Tian could clearly see the frustration and fear in An Ying’s eyes.

It seemed, as if she knew that she wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

She had placed all of her hope on Pan Tao and Zheng Rui and didn’t notice that they were unable to find any trace of the Earth Lizard.

Nie Tian was clear in his heart and understood that the crux to whether the group of them could survive would hinge on whether An Ying could keep the Black Ice Python occupied.

Once An Ying lost and allowed the Black Ice Python to attack them, the cultivators fighting with the grade one spirit beasts would immediately perish.

If it came down to that, Nie Tian wouldn’t have any hope of escaping either and would similarly become food for the spirit beasts in this realm.

“We cannot continue like this.” His eyes were serious as he tried to search for a solution to turn this dangerous and life-threatening situation around.

Ever since the Earth Lizard and Black Ice Python had appeared, he had understood that if he wished to continue living, he would have to work with An Ying and her group.

That was also the reason why he didn’t hesitate to move when Miao Jiang was in danger.

Although he was still unhappy Pao Tao and Zheng Rui, he also knew that for the sake of this battle, he needed the two of them to be alive.

This was because apart from An Ying, Pan Tao and Zheng Rui had the highest battle strength and could take the pressure off of the rest of them, so that the Earth Lizard wouldn’t dare to go around and continuously kill them.

“The pressure on An Ying is too great, one of the two of you has to go and help her!” Nie Tian suddenly said.

“Are you talking to us?” Pan Tao was shocked for a moment.

“Who do you think you are? Our task is to kill the Earth Lizard, we know what we should do and there is no need for you to worry!” A perturbed Zheng Rui angrily said.

“Kill the Earth Lizard? You don’t even know where it is, how are you going to kill it?” Nie Tian smiled coldly, “Both of you are here wasting your time needlessly! If it doesn’t show itself, don’t tell me that the two of you are just going to continue waiting until An Ying gets killed by the Black Ice Python?””

Zheng Rui wanted to retort, but Pan Tao gestured for him not to argue with Nie Tian, and said, “What good idea do you have?”

“Let Zheng Rui go and help An Ying, it will be sufficient for you to remain here for now. If the Earth Lizard dares to dash over, Zheng Rui can come back and help you.” Nie Tian knew that An Ying was in danger on her side, and quickly said: “I think, that even if the Earth Lizard appears, I’ll be able to help you share the burden, which will be sufficient for you to last until Zheng Rui returns.”

“Time is of the essence, An Ying won’t be able to last much longer, you must make your decision quickly!”

Unlike Zheng Rui, Pan Tao was able to look at the big picture and could make a logical decision at this crucial moment.

Therefore, Nie Tian only looked at Pan Tao while he spoke.

“Zheng Rui! Listen to him, you go and help An Ying!” Pan Tao took a deep breath, and with a determined look said, “Don’t worry about me, if that Earth Lizard dares to emerge, I can at least hold out for half a minute!”

“Do you think that An Ying can wait for you to continue to waste time?!” Just as Zheng Rui was hesitating, Nie Tian angrily shouted.

“If anything happens to big brother Pan Tao I won’t let you go!” Zheng Rui took the time to glance at An Ying, and he could also see that she wouldn’t be able to stop the fierce attacks of the Black Ice Python much longer. Finally, he clenched his teeth and stared savagely at Nie Tian, before he suddenly left at the fastest speed possible.

As for Nie Tian, at this moment, he had already given up on killing the grade one spirit beasts.

This was because he understood, that to truly turn the situation around, the crucial elements were still the Earth Lizard and the Black Ice Python.

Especially the Earth Lizard!

The Earth Lizard was currently hiding deep within the ground, and after he had bitten Zhu Fang to death, the movements of the cultivators, who were fighting against the grade one spirit beasts, were all a bit slow and inflexible.

These teenagers would keep looking at their feet when fighting, because they were scared that the Earth Lizard would suddenly emerge and bite them to death.

Although the Earth Lizard hadn’t yet emerged again, it was like a ticking time bomb beneath the ground, which could explode under anyone’s feet.

This hidden threat caused them to be on tenterhooks and unable to focus on the fight. In the end, they were all scared that they would become the next victim.

“Be calm, remain calm, the Earth Lizard must be found.”

Nie Tian kept adjusting his breathing and after temporarily forgetting about the dangers in front of him, changed all of his attention to focus on the piece of ice beneath his feet.

“Be calm, be, calm, be…”

He kept reminding himself in his heart to slowly relax, so that he would be able to detect any unusual movement beneath the surface.

- Dong! Dong! Dong… -

He didn’t even realise that through this process, his heartbeat was becoming slower and slower.

His body temperature had also lowered rapidly.

Shortly after, he also discovered that his whole body was cold and that the flow of blood in his body had become as slow as his heartbeat.

As for his spirit sense, it seemed like it was rapidly strengthening, and that he could sense the changes in the spiritual qi around him in the atmosphere, the spiritual qi changes in the bodies of those cultivators, and every breath of the spirit beasts.

Whenever the cultivators or spirit beasts moved and their legs landed on the ground, it seemed that he could totally sense it all through the soles of his feet.

Having such sharp senses and observation skills caused him to be secretly pleased, and in order to better sense any slight movement in his surroundings, he took off his shoes and socks and stood barefooted on this cold and hard piece of ice.

Without the two layers from his socks and shoes, the barefooted him really could feel every vibration even more clearly.

On the crowded and intense battlefield, he suddenly closed his eyes and used all of his attention to focus on the bottom of his soles.

He was using his heart to feel every little movement from the ground.

Suddenly, he had a mysterious feeling of his soul leaving his body and going around into the open.

It seemed as though strands of his mental consciousness, through the bottom of his soles, were starting to flow into the ground.

At that moment, he felt as though there were ten of him without eyes, cutting through the dark and lightless space beneath the ground.

This feeling was as if he was using his two hands to find something in the darkness, where he wouldn’t be able to see his five fingers, even if he stretched out his hand.

As his consciousness wandered to the area beneath where the cultivators and spirit beasts were, he could hear loud deafening - Ta! Ta! - sounds from their feet.

This sound, which was originally weak and small, but became loud and strong under the sense of his consciousness.

He was able to swiftly discern between the sound that came from the cultivators and spirit beasts.

His mental consciousness would immediately avoid these sounds, and continued to search in another direction.

He was very patiently searching.

Pan Tao, who was outside constantly turning his body with his eyes searching all over the ice, also noticed his weird behaviour.

At the peak of the battle, Nie Tian didn’t participate, but had taken off his shoes and socks, closed his eyes, and adopted an expression that seemed as though he was seeking death.

Pan Tao looked at him deeply a few times and consciously moved closer to him, so as to avoid the opportunistic attacks of any nearby spirit beasts.

Ever since Nie Tian had saved Jiang Miao and given his suggestion, Pan Tao had started to view him as a member of the group.

Therefore, he concluded that Nie Tian wouldn’t do anything bad and was using his own way to think of ideas for the team and therefore, he viewed protecting Nie Tian as his responsibility.

“What the hell is this guy thinking!”

Although he kept grumbling, he still maintained his vigilance on the spirit beasts in Nie Tian’s vicinity and was secretly prepared to make a move. 

At this moment, Nie Tian’s consciousness, which had wandered into the space beneath the ground, suddenly felt a strong presence at a certain spot!

“Earth Lizard!”

Nie Tian immediately opened his eyes and relying on what he had sensed earlier, pinpointed a position.

He wanted to attack the position but suddenly felt that he didn’t have enough energy, as though he hadn’t slept for seven days, and he was totally deprived of energy.

He then realised, that allowing his consciousness to wander into the space beneath the ground and going through a journey of exploration, had totally sapped his focus and attention.

He knew, that with his current condition, he couldn’t challenge the Earth Lizard and make the Earth Lizard pay the necessary price.

“Pan Tao! There, Pan Tao! The piece of land of ice one and a half meters behind Tong Hao, the Earth Lizard is beneath it!” 

He pointed at a teenager who was fighting with a rhinoceros and kept urgently whispering to Pan Tao: “Go! Use your strongest attack to hit that piece of ice! Please trust me!”

Pan Tao was stunned: “Are you certain?!”

The pale-faced Nie Tian nodded his head heavily, and urged once again: “If I’m wrong, I’ll use my life to pay for my mistake!”

Pan Tao was shocked.

“Go now!” Nie Tian shouted.

Without even the slightest hesitation anymore, Pan Tao carried his golden spear and morphed into a flash of lightning, as he moved to Tong Hao’s back within a split second.

That golden spear, suddenly radiated brilliant gold light and the gold light was so bright, that Nie Tian couldn’t help it but close his eyes!”

- BAM! -

After he closed his eyes, he heard the sound of the golden spear penetrating the ground.

The next moment, from underneath that piece of ice, a few loud shrieks were emitted by the Earth Lizard. 


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