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The black phoenix stared coldly at Nie Tian with its red, narrow eyes.

The intense indifference towards life in its eyes made Nie Tian’s blood run cold.

The moment the black phoenix snapped open its eyes, the dark spiritual power, which had been penetrated by the fierce light emanated by the formation of starsparks, once again became watertight.


Like a raging flood, the dark spiritual power submerged Nie Tian in the blink of an eye.

Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he made attempts to reform his chaotic magnetic field, standing in the middle of the torrential dark spiritual power.

However, every time his chaotic magnetic field began to form, the bizarre, dark spiritual power would rip his gathering power to shreds, like a shoal of ferocious fish.

Bit by bit, the dark spiritual power gradually infused a cold, bleak aura through Nie Tian’s pores and into his flesh and blood.

Dong Li, whose eyes shone with devilish light, slowly floated towards Nie Tian.

With every inch she approached, the dark spiritual power grew more intense, making Nie Tian feel as if he had been thrown into a world of frigid coldness. Even his blood and flesh seemed to be gradually freezing and losing their vigor.

An aura that could extinguish all living creatures and wither all plants spread out along with the dark spiritual power.

“It seems that you haven’t mastered all the magics you’ve obtained from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace yet.” Dong Li’s tone was indifferent. She seemed sexy and gorgeous as she floated closer to Nie Tian. However, the expression on her face was grim and frosty. “Don’t think that you’re the only talented person in this heaven and earth, Nie Tian. In the Domain of the Falling Stars alone, there were quite a few talented chosen ones whose battle prowess can’t be measured by their cultivation bases.

“Even though I don’t consider myself very talented, my cultivation base doesn’t do justice to my actual battle prowess.

“You’ve got to understand that you only managed to take the second fragmentary star mark from my older brother because he had already gone through a number of fierce battles and was far from his peak state, not because you’re so awesome and special. You were just lucky!

“Don’t tell me that you really think you’re invincible.”

She still hadn’t forgotten to taunt Nie Tian, hoping to break Nie Tian with her words.

She, who had boundless battle experience, knew that sometimes verbal attacks could be even more effective and hurtful than physical attacks.

“...Chosen one?” Nie Tian muttered in a low voice, a hint of smile appearing at the corner of his mouth. “Indeed, talented chosen ones like you are hard to find, but I’ve met a handful. What do you think of Ning Yang? You better than him?”

“Ning Yang?!” Dong Li was taken aback.

At that very moment, Nie Tian threw his head back and let out a broad laugh as the Flame Dragon Armor flew out of his bracelet of holding.

As a thought appeared in his mind, the Flame Dragon Armor circled around in the air and descended from above his head.

In the next moment, Nie Tian was clad in the Flame Dragon Armor, which unleashed blazing flames into his surroundings.

Fizzing sounds echoed out around Nie Tian as the overwhelming dark spiritual power around him was burned away by the flames unleashed by the Flame Dragon Armor.

As Nie Tian was no longer afflicted by the intense coldness in his flesh and blood, pure and refined flesh power originating from the spirit beast meat he had devoured earlier began to roam inside of him.


As his heart started pounding, the dark spiritual power that had been plaguing his flesh and blood was driven out of his body like a mist blown away by a gust of wind.

He could no longer feel any sort of discomfort.


Nie Tian’s spiritual power, flame power, wood power, star power, and flame power suddenly rushed into the Flame Star in his hand.

Infused with so many types of power, the Flame Star started to shake violently.

In the meantime, an endless rage was born in Nie Tian’s heart. Then, he gathered his strength the way he had launched a Rage Punch before, and used it to stimulate the Flame Star.

Unprecedentedly, various types of power merged into the Flame Star, where they were enhanced by the mysterious internal spell formations and eventually broke out.

A thick and long blade light that was mixed with as many types of power as Nie Tian possessed shot towards Dong Li.

As that happened, Nie Tian found that half of his strength had been absorbed by the Flame Star!

Meanwhile, a mysterious door seemed to be opened in the depths of the dark, clouded heavens that was an unknowable distance away from this realm.

A Titan’s furious roar seemed to ring out from it.

The terrifying blade light, wreathed in torrential rage, shredded the ward created by the dark spiritual power and shot towards Dong Li like a brilliant ribbon.

Dong Li was flabbergasted.

Capable of communicating with the black phoenix on a psychic level, she could tell that the black phoenix had sensed danger and become uneasy.

The black phoenix’s sharp and violent cry, which was only audible to her, thundered in her mind.

Upon Dong Li’s summons, the dark spiritual power, which had been scattered by Nie Tian’s blade light, once again came together and morphed into an enormous, translucent, black egg, sealing Dong Li and her black phoenix within.


As the thick and long blade light slammed into the translucent black egg, fine fissures instantly appeared around the contact point.

Inside the huge egg, Dong Li shuddered slightly, her face turning grim.

Meanwhile, the black phoenix’s red, narrow eyes shone with suffocating, blood-colored light.


After unleashing the blade light, Nie Tian infused the Flame Dragon Armor with his rich flesh power and what remained of his flame power.

Wearing the Flame Dragon Armor, Nie Tian seemed to instantly turn into a burning giant, and charged directly into the cracked, huge, translucent egg.

As he did, patterns of flames wriggled on the Flame Dragon Armor’s surface, as if they were formed by rivers of flowing lava.

In the meantime, an incomparably fierce flame power, which seemed to belong to the Flame Dragon Armor itself, burst out of its Blood Core.

Like a huge, burning cannon ball, Nie Tian ramming into the translucent black egg with full force.


Upon impact, the cracked egg finally shattered and exploded.

Pieces of egg shell formed by dark spiritual power shot in every direction like blades of black light, before piercing into the earth, leaving deep holes.

Dong Li let out a muffled groan as an unnatural redness appeared on her devilish, gorgeous face.

The large, black phoenix immediately flew down to the ground, where it wrapped Dong Li in its immeasurably wide wings and rose back up into the air.

Nie Tian landed with a loud crash after lunging into air and ramming into the huge egg.

While he was about to leap forward and search for Dong Li with the Flame Star in his hand, he found that she had already been carried dozens of meters into the sky by her black phoenix.

The black phoenix spread its wings, and Dong Li appeared again.

Utterly discomfited, she was about to gather her strength and launch a counterattack. However, at that very moment, Han Mu’s shouts rang out, “Miss! I’ve brought those people from the Cloudsoaring Sect here for you!”

Dong Li went blank.

Looking up at her, Nie Tian’s eyes were filled with frustration when he heard Han Mu’s voice.

He hadn’t expected that time would have passed so quickly.

Before he knew it, the agreed time was up, and he had failed to capture Dong Li before Han Mu arrived with the people from the Cloudsoaring Sect. He was mad at himself for missing his chance.

“Oh, the agreed time is up...” Dong Li muttered in a low voice as she came to her senses.

“Miss! Why didn’t you reply to my messages?” Han Mu asked the moment he rushed over.

However, upon seeing Dong Li, who was slowly descending from the sky with her black phoenix, his expression flickered dramatically as he turned to glower at Nie Tian, blurting, “You actually dare to force our miss to summon that black phoenix?! Do you not know where you are, Nie Tian?! I bet you don’t know that we have your family!”

Nie Tian didn’t say a word, but instead fixed his eyes on Dong Li.

After Dong Li landed, the black phoenix morphed into a shapeless shadow and slowly disappeared into her.

“It’s over,” Dong Li said in a low voice.

However, not a smidgen of pleasure could be seen on her face, the kind a bet-winner should have.

Dong Li reached out and pointed in the direction where he and the people from the Cloudsoaring Sect had come from, and ordered, “You go over there first. No one comes here without my summons, not you, not those people from the Cloudsoaring Sect.”

Han Mu obeyed Dong Li unconditionally. Even though he didn’t understand the reason behind her demand, he withdrew obediently.

Dong Li stepped towards Nie Tian, gazing at him with a frown. She fixed her appearance while she pondered how she should deal with Nie Tian and the people from the Cloudsoaring Sect.


She reached out with one hand, and the bracelet for communication flew into her palm. Then, she put it around her wrist.

Just as she wrestled with how she should deal with Nie Tian and the others, Qin Yan popped up again.

“The sounds of your battle were really loud.” Qin Yan’s eyes were filled with a strange look as her gaze switched back and forth between Dong Li and Nie Tian. “I came over as soon as I sensed that your battle had ended.”

As she spoke, her gaze found Nie Tian frequently.

Even though she still didn’t know who Nie Tian was, she was increasingly curious about this young man, who had managed to tie with Dong Li, who had fully mastered her black phoenix’s strength, while he was only at the late Heaven stage.

She tried to match him to the chosen ones from the ancient Qi warrior sects throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars.

However, she soon realized that none of those she knew matched Nie Tian.

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