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One beam of frigid cold light after another shot down from above the mountain valley.

As Ling Dong’s eyes were tightly locked onto the high-tier Demon who referred to himself as Auden, a world of ice and snow seemed to be rapidly forming in the depths of his pale-gray pupils.

As Auden sat on his tall steed, clad in heavy armor, strange crackling sounds rang out around him.

It was as if the space around him was being frozen under Ling Dong’s gaze.

However, the beams of frigid cold light that were shooting down from above Auden’s head couldn’t get anywhere close to him.

With a soft voice, Auden asked in impeccable human language, “Is this the full extent of your battle prowess, humans of the Domain of the Falling Stars?”

In the next moment, he raised his black spear.


The incomparably pure, blackish-violet demon Qi, which had filled this entire region, swirled down from the sky.

All of a sudden, the spatial rift beside Auden seemed to sink slightly.


The surrounding mountain peaks, which Ling Dong had turned into ice prisms using frost magics, began to tremble violently.

Standing in the Golden Chariot, Nie Tian examined his surroundings with his Heaven Eyes and discovered that the region of heaven and earth they were in seemed to be collapsing towards the spatial rift.

Under his Heaven Eyes’ perception, he had a feeling that the frozen mountain peaks, which were dwarfed by the three exceptionally high ones, were becoming less straight.

Therefore, he closed his eyes and observed the vicinity relying solely on his Heaven Eyes.

Then, he discovered that, in the vision acquired via his seven Heaven Eyes, everything in the vicinity seemed to be bending towards the dark, bottomless hole in the ground.

Meanwhile, the black spear that Auden had raised into the air seemed to be extending into the heavens and channeling power from the raging demon Qi.

One after another, complicated, mysterious magical patterns flew out from the tip of the black spear, which morphed into devilishly beautiful, blossoming flowers.

In the next moment, an enormous demonic shadow gradually appeared in the air above the Demon rider.

Floating in midair, the shadow, which was hundreds of meters tall, started to breathe in the demon Qi that was constantly converging from the vicinity.

Ling Dong’s frigid cold spell formation seemed to have turned into a huge cage that was trying to imprison the enormous demonic shadow.

Innumerable talismans appeared on the smooth faces of the prism-like surrounding mountain peaks.

Each and every one of them was silver-white and branded with the profound truths of frigid power.

The enormous demonic shadow threw its head back and roared as it raised its giant arms into the heavens and channeled the torrential demon Qi towards the surrounding mountain peaks.

At the same time, Nie Tian sensed that the lower part of the enormous shadow seemed to be gradually sinking into the spatial rift.

As it did, it seemed to be pulling everything in the vicinity down with it, including the surrounding mountains, huge rocks, frigid-cold lights, whirling gales, and even the raging demon Qi.

While Nie Tian was wrapped up in how the world looked through his Heaven Eyes, Zhao Luofeng, the sectmaster of the Heaven Palace Sect, suddenly exclaimed, “Seventh grade bloodline power!”

Nie Tian’s eyes snapped open.

The first thing he saw was that the surrounding mountain peaks, which Ling Dong had frozen and turned into huge prisms with frost power, exploded one after another.

Huge pieces of hard ice fell from them, restoring their original appearances.

At that moment, Auden’s raised black spear blossomed with bright, purple light, which shone upon the surrounding landscape, destroying the frigid spell formation Ling Dong had deployed.

At the same time, the spatial rift was gradually sucking everything in the vicinity into it, along with the demon Qi it had released.


A thunderous roar suddenly echoed out from within the spatial rift.

In the next moment, a gigantic, black, two-headed python emerged from the spatial rift with slight difficulties, its eyes glittering with dazzling, purple light.

As soon as it surfaced, its two heads started to spew purple and black flames respectively into its surroundings.

Numerous clusters of flames flew towards the Profound realm experts from the Heaven Palace Sect like burning purple and black suns.

“A Demon that possesses seventh grade bloodline power!” Zhao Luofeng said, shock filling his face.


Constant, blood-chilling roars echoed out from the depths of the unfathomable spatial rift.

With an increasingly grim expression, Zhao Luofeng turned to look at Huang Fan from afar, and then nodded briefly.

Huang Fan immediately understood and hastily said to Nie Tian, “Alright! It’s time for you to use those three fragmentary star marks to activate the spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and seal that spatial rift!”

The Golden Chariot shot forward like a flash and arrived on top of one of the three enormous mountain peaks in the blink of an eye, where two Profound realm experts from the Heaven Palace Sect were standing.

Upon seeing that Huang Fan and Nie Tian’s Golden Chariot was descending next to them, they only greeted Huang Fan briefly before refocusing their attention on the battle between Ling Dong and Auden again.

After jumping off the chariot, Huang Fan asked them in a soft voice, “What in the world is going on here?”

“The sectmaster and grand elder intend to take this opportunity to kill some truly powerful Demons and also get a deeper understanding of the Demons’ actual strength, so that we can be better prepared for our future invasion of their realms,” One of them answered.

“Is that all?” Huang Fan asked with a frown.

“Of course, they have other plans.” The man’s eyes flickered as he cast a glance at Nie Tian and stopped talking.

Apparently, he still considered Nie Tian as an outsider, and thus would rather not reveal the Heaven Palace Sect’s confidential plans to him.

Huang Fan soon realized his scruples, so he nodded back and didn’t pursue a clear answer. Rather, he turned to Nie Tian and urged him to get started.

Deeply confused, Nie Tian wondered what the Heaven Palace Sect was up to. However, since he didn’t have the time to solve that mystery right now, he sat down on the mountaintop and activated his fragmentary star marks according to the method he had recently acquired.

One after another, the three fragmentary star marks flew out of his chest.

The first refined fragmentary star mark shot straight down into the mountain peak he was sitting on, while the other two flickered as they shot into the bellies of the other two exceedingly high mountain peaks.

Nie Tian sensed with rapt attention and discovered that those three mountain peaks had the same structure as the ones in the Realm of Flame Heaven; they also had vast hollow spaces inside of them, and their insides were also carved with countless complicated spell formations.

As soon as the fragmentary star marks flew into the pagodas in the mountains’ bellies, the pagodas lit up, and the mysterious spell formations filling their insides started to emanate dazzling starlight.

In a moment, the three enormous mountain peaks seemed to turn into three giant magnets that drew stars towards them.

As the innumerable stars in the sky suddenly became dazzlingly bright, starlight rapidly gathered and formed numerous bright rivers, pouring down from the highest heavens.

“It’s activated!”

Seeing that the grand spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had started to take effect, Zhao Luofeng felt greatly relieved.


At that very moment, a handful of figures flew out of the spatial rift.

They were Nolante, Caro, and Zelia from the Astarte Clan. Even the Rotspirit Ox, which had recently been injured by Hua Mu, emerged from the spatial rift after them.

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