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While they were flying away towards the spatial rift in the Golden Chariot, Nie Tian turned around to look at the increasingly distant palace. He was overwhelmed by its grandeur.

The magnificent palace seemed like a towering mountain that sat on a sea of clouds.

Just now, since they were in a hurry, he hadn't gotten a chance to have a good look at it. But right now, standing in the Golden Chariot, he could take his time to observe this majestic establishment.

This most powerful sect throughout the nine realms of the Domain of the Falling Stars sat in a boundless plain.

It was so high that it rose above the clouds. Even now, as he was observing from afar, he could see that the enormous palace was wreathed in glittering, brilliant light, making it look like a precious gem.

His eyes seized by it, Nie Tian was hit by a strong sense of respect.

Standing next to him in the Golden Chariot, Huang Fan said with a sincere tone, "As long as you nod your head, you'll become a part of it. Now that Ning Yang is dead, we need to establish a brighter and more promising star. As the young man who obtained the fragmentary star marks, you are a perfect candidate.

"Once you join our sect, you'll be revered in every realm of the Domain of the Falling Stars.

"Considering your outstanding talent and the devoted care you'll receive from the sect, the sky will be your limit.

"Our sect needs you every bit as much as you need our sect. With the strong support you'll receive from our sect, you won't need to worry about anything else. You'll be able to focus all of your energy on your cultivation.

"Whatever cultivation resources you need, our sect will take care of it for you.

"Actually, you should have joined the Heaven Palace Sect long ago, Nie Tian."

Huang Fan used his powerful and exaggerated words to play up to the benefits of joining the Heaven Palace Sect.

For a moment, Nie Tian's mind was carried away. As he looked at the magnificent palace, a desire for a transcendent status in the Domain of the Falling Stars rose in his heart.

However, while his mind was perturbed, Huang Fan suddenly called out, "Be careful!"

The Golden Chariot unleashed a layer of misty, golden light and enveloped itself within it.


Only then did Nie Tian realize that the Golden Chariot had carried them into the area filled with raging demon Qi.

The moment they did, Nie Tian's vision, hearing, and perception were all greatly compromised.

That was when he snapped back to reality.

Even though the Heaven Palace Sect was the most powerful Qi warrior sect throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars, they were rendered helpless when the spatial rift appeared and demon Qi started pouring into their realm.

They could only rely on Nie Tian to seal the spatial rift with the fragmentary star marks he had obtained from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, on the other hand, was the ancient Qi warrior sect that had captured the Domain of the Falling Stars from many outsider races.

Even though it had long since left the Domain of the Falling Stars, the spell formations and restrictive spells it had left behind were still guarding the Domain of the Falling Stars against outsider invasions.

Furthermore, even though the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had been already gone for thousands of years, the appearance of the Heaven Gates, which happened every few hundred years, still seemed to be according to their arrangement.

As the man who had collected all three fragmentary star marks, Nie Tian was the one who had proven himself to be the inheritor of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace's legacies.

This meant that he had already been recognized by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Compared to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the Heaven Palace Sect seemed far inferior. The gap between their reserve powers, history, and strengths was so significant that they weren't even on the same level.

"If I can find the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and be admitted as their successor, that would work out the best for me." He weighed his choices over in his heart for a while, and gradually walked out of the pretty picture Huang Fan had painted for him. Resuming a composed expression, he turned to Huang Fan and said, "Joining your sect is a huge matter. I think I need to spend more time thinking about it. But right now, we need to focus on sealing that spatial rift."

"Okay, sure." Huang Fan didn't insist on getting an answer right away.

The way he saw it, as long as Nie Tian wasn't able to explore outside of the Domain of the Falling Stars, it would still be the wisest choice for him to join the Heaven Palace Sect as its chosen one, and rise to prominence from there.

He believed that Nie Tian wasn't a fool. Even though he didn't agree to it today, he would come around one day.

In the land covered in rich demon Qi.

Surrounded by numerous mountains of various heights was an enormous, unfathomable black hole in the ground, which looked exactly like the one in the Realm of Flame Heaven.

Torrential demon Qi was flowing out of it unceasingly.

Roughly a dozen powerful experts were scattered on top of the surrounding mountain peaks. Some were standing and some were sitting, but every one of them had their eyes fixed on the spatial rift.


Every once in a while, loud roars would echo out from within that bottomless hole in the ground.

Unlike the Realm of Flame Heaven, the Realm of Mystic Heaven hadn't been one of the Demons' rangelands. Therefore, the spirit beasts that lived in the Realm of Mystic Heaven didn't carry Demon bloodlines.

That was why when demonsounds came through the spatial rift, they didn't attract any mutant spirit beasts.

All they had attracted were the most powerful experts from around the realm, most of whom were at the Profound realm.

"Before, only demon Qi dispersed through the spatial rift into our realm and we never heard any demon roars." An elder named Ling Dong muttered to himself, his long beard fluttering gently against the wind. "However, over the past two days, the roars have become louder each time. Can it be that the Demons have decided to invade us ahead of schedule?"

Wherever his pale-gray pupils looked, the land would instantly be overtaken by frigid coldness.

He was the grand elder of the Heaven Palace Sect, ranked number one among all of the elders. He practiced ice and frost incantations, and his cultivation base was at the early Soul realm!

Considering Ling Dong's strength and cultivation base, he would be able to sweep across the Realm of Flame Heaven if he wanted to.

Even though Chang Sen from the Hell Sect was at the late Profound realm, there was still a noticeable gap between their cultivation bases, and he wouldn't stand a chance fighting him.

Normally, Ling Dong wouldn't pay any attention to worldly affairs, but would instead practice secluded cultivation all year round, and pursue advancement in his cultivation.

If he hadn't been faced with such an urgent situation, where the Heaven Palace Sect might be forced to move out of their headquarters and become a laughingstock of the whole Domain of the Falling Stars, he wouldn't have come out of his secluded cultivation.

"Sectmaster, grand elder, Huang Fan has returned from the Realm of Flame Heaven, and he has brought Nie Tian back with him," One of the experts said.

The sectmaster of the Heaven Palace Sect, Zhao Luofeng, stood atop another mountain. He was dressed in plain-looking gray garments and wearing a green jade ring on the ring finger of his left hand.

He was a slender man with milky-white skin. From the look of it, he was only in his thirties. At that moment, he stood there silently with an expressionless face.

"Sectmaster, the fragmentary star mark that used to belong to Ning Yang is now in Nie Tian's possession," Ling Dong said with a grim expression. "Since Nie Tian possesses all the fragmentary star marks, whether he can seal the spatial rift or not, he must join us and become a disciple of our sect."

Zhao Luofeng nodded briefly. "So he must."


Another heaven-shaking, earth-shattering demon roar rang out from the depths of the black hole.

Every expert in the vicinity fixed their gazes on the mouth of the unfathomable hole, yet none of them had fear in their eyes.

It seemed as if they were expecting something.

A while passed...

A giant, cyan claw suddenly reached out from within the black hole. Immediately afterwards, a hairy, low-tier Demon that had the appearance of an ape crawled out of the enormous hole in the ground.

Ling Dong, the grand elder, let out a cold harrumph as he fixed his gray pupils on the sixth grade Demon. "A sixth grade Demon! You must have a death wish!"

As soon as his gaze landed on the 30-meter-tall, ape-like Demon, it started to freeze at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

A moment later, Ling Dong gently closed his eyes.


The frozen, sixth grade, low-tier Demon cracked and exploded.

The Demon was instantly reduced to countless pieces of frozen flesh. No life could be brought back from that.


At that moment, Nie Tian and Huang Fan's Golden Chariot arrived.

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