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Upon hearing the violent roar of a third beast, Nie Tian couldn't help but exclaim, "It's the Earth Flame Beast!"

He had been there when the Earth Flame Beast had escaped from the lava lake in the earth's core, which was also when the Flame Dragon Armor had obtained great fortune from that devastating upheaval in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

Therefore, he was very familiar with the Earth Flame Beast's roars.

Li Jing's expression also flickered slightly as she said, "I can't believe the Earth Flame Beast is here too!" 

She had also witnessed the blazing calamity that had struck the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

Back then, she and Ghost Eye had been there to deal with Fang Hui from the Spiritual Treasure Sect.

The escape of the Earth Flame Beast had caused great turbulences to the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, and resulted in burning lava rushing out of the earth's core and flooding the mountain range.

It was the Earth Flame Beast's sudden appearance that had forced the Blood Sect and Ghost Sect to abort their joint operation against the Spiritual Treasure Sect.

"How powerful is that Earth Flame Beast exactly, Senior Li?" Nie Tian subconsciously asked the question.

After a moment of pondering, Li Jing said, "That Earth Flame Beast was a sixth grade spirit beast. In the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, I witnessed charged out from the depths of the earth and channeled boiling lava from the earth's core to flood almost the entire Spiritual Treasure Sect.

"After seeing its devastating strength, Ghost Eye and I immediately ended our battle against Fang Hui.

"As the most powerful expert in the Spiritual Treasure Sect, Fang Hui tried to trap it and send it back to the earth's core, but he failed. Ghost Eye and I tried to stop it from flying away, but we failed as well.

"Since then, it seemed to have vanished into thin air, and no one has ever seen it again.

"I never thought it would show up here at this moment."

At this moment, Huang Fan from the Heaven Palace Sect said, the look in his eyes turning grim, "A sixth grade Earth Flame Beast, a sixth grade Ice Liger, and an unknown mutant spirit beast that is equally as strong, if not stronger. I didn't know that there were so many fierce, high-grade spirit beasts hiding in the unimpressive Realm of Flame Heaven. These three are only the ones that have surfaced. It's hard to say whether or not more powerful spirit beasts are lurking in the dark."

Face clouded by worries, he gazed down at the huge spatial rift, which hadn't been fully sealed yet.

Beside him, Li Jing's expression was also as grim as lake water.

At that moment, enormous clusters of flames sudden burst forth in a far location, where, due to the long distance, the demon Qi was still yet to be purged by the pouring rivers of starlight.

In the midst of the torrential flames, the Earth Flame Beast's gigantic body gradually rose into the air.

The blackish-violet demon Qi in its surroundings seemed to be attracted by it and rapidly converged on it from every direction.

Then, the Earth Flame Beast opened its huge mouth and inhaled every last wisp of the surging demon Qi.

In the next moment, its dark-red skin, which looked like heated rocks, took on a purple hue.

It threw its head back and let out a fierce roar, as if its innermost bloodline had been nourished by the demon Qi, and was gradually awakening.

Simultaneously, another heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar rang out.

A giant translucent beast emerged from the rolling demon Qi and charged towards Nie Tian's location. The beast resembled a mix between a tiger and a lion, and it had silvery-white pupils.

"The Ice Liger!" Chang Sen from the Hell Sect took a deep breath and discovered that wherever the spirit beast went, the ground would freeze, and the temperature would drop dramatically.

The sixth grade Ice Liger breathed in the rich demon Qi as its translucent body emanated a frigid-cold aura.

The cold aura gradually pervaded its surroundings and turned the area within several kilometers around it into a world of ice and snow. Furthermore, as it came closer and closer, its frigid aura influenced an increasingly large area.

The scattered mutant spirit beasts that practiced ice power rapidly gathered to the Ice Liger's side.

Many mutant spirit beasts that drew strength from flame power swiftly converged on the Earth Flame Beast.

The appearance of the Ice Liger and Earth Flame Beast continued to change heaven and earth, enveloping one direction in frigid coldness, and filling the other direction with torrential flames.

The two formidable beasts with completely incompatible attributes seemed to have reached a mutual understanding, and thus jointly charged towards the spatial rift from two opposite directions.

As they approached, they unleashed devastating power to change heaven and earth around them, as if they intended to stop the grand spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace from sealing the huge spatial rift.

Huang Fan ceased sensing the Ice Liger and Earth Flame Beast's auras and said, "It's our fortune that Demon outsiders haven't descended upon us. Otherwise, the Realm of Flame Heaven would fall within days. There are simply too many spirit beasts in the Realm of Flame Heaven that carry Demon bloodlines, and it's hard to believe that there are even sixth grade spirit beasts among them.

"The three sixth grade spirit beasts and the numerous low-grade spirit beasts alone are already hard enough to deal with. If Demon armies had come along at this moment, the Realm of Flame Heaven would have been doomed for sure."

Li Jing abruptly turned to Huang Fan and said, "Look after Nie Tian for me. I'll go help them deal with the Ice Liger and Earth Flame Beast. You won't make things difficult for Nie Tian while I'm gone, will you?" 

With these words, she didn't even wait for Huang Fan to answer before blurring into a streak of blood-colored light and flying down the mountain peak. 

"Sure..." Huang Fan muttered.

At that moment, Su Lin discovered that Nie Tian seemed as composed as ever, as if the appearance of the Ice Liger and Earth Flame Beast didn't worry him at all. On the contrary, he actually seemed to be itching to join the battle. Confused, she asked, "Aren't you afraid of those sixth grade mutant spirit beasts?"

"The most powerful experts in the entire Realm of Flame Heaven are gathered here now. What's there to be afraid of?" Nie Tian answered casually.

After a moment of silence, Su Lin said, "From what I know, sixth grade mutant spirit beasts possess remarkable intelligence. Perhaps they'll find out that you're the key to sealing that spatial rift. Once they do, those mutant spirit beasts will all set you as their primary target."

Upon hearing her words, Huang Fan's expression flickered as he hastily berated her, "Shut your mouth!"

Confusion filled Su Lin's face as she asked, "What's the matter?"

Nie Tian, who had been standing on top of the mountain peak and observing the fight between the powerful experts of the Realm of Flame Heaven and the fierce mutant spirit beasts in a carefree manner, suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis.

The green aura seemed to have given his heart a jolt and caused his heart to ache abruptly and strongly.

"Watch out, Nie Tian!" Huang Fan exclaimed.

Not taking the time to think, Nie Tian immediately cast a short-range Starshift.


The place he had been standing a moment ago exploded, filling the air with flying rocks and dirt. The vague figure of a spirit beast appeared out of nowhere, but after a brief moment, it disappeared into thin air again.

"A mutant spirit beast!" After shifting to another corner of the mountaintop, Nie Tian's face turned pale with fright. He rapidly summoned his seven Heaven Eyes to his side, hoping to locate the spirit beast that had just attacked him.

"Come here to me!" Huang Fan called out to Nie Tian.

As he uttered these words, numerous bright-yellow banners flew out of his ring of holding.

A total of 24 banners floated in midair around Huang Fan and Su Lin. They constantly moved about, following unpredictable patterns, as if they were switching between different spell formations.

Dragons and phoenixes were embroidered on the banners' bright-yellow surfaces, each of which emanated dazzlingly bright light and looked very elegant and graceful.

The moment Huang Fan called out to Nie Tian, his 24 flying banners rapidly realigned and remained still in midair to secure a opening for Nie Tian, through which he would be able to run to Huang Fan's side safely.

However, just as Nie Tian was about to launch another short-range Starshift and shift to Huang Fan's side, a spirit beast suddenly appeared in front of him, blocking his path to Huang Fan.

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