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“It’s you?!” A strange look filled the eyes of Han Mu and the two other Greater Heaven stage Fang members the moment they saw Xue Long.

It seemed as if they all knew Xue Long.

However, Xue Long didn’t say anything to them. Instead, he started attacking Li Langfeng without the slightest hesitation.

A long, silver sword whizzed out of Xue Long’s sleeve like a sea dragon charging out of the abyss. It unleashed a strong aura into its surroundings, along with dazzling bright light. In the blink of an eye, it approached Li Langfeng’s chest.

Li Langfeng, who was already covered in wounds, had a grim expression on his face the moment he saw Xue Long.

A cluster of dark-green light rapidly came to form in front of his chest, within which numerous bright, green spots were sparkling, emanating shockingly strong energy fluctuations.


Upon contact with Xue Long’s long sword, the cluster of green light instantly exploded.

The fragmented green sparks that carried fatal toxins shot into every direction like the countless stars in the sky.

Upon seeing the explosion, all the Fang members around Li Langfeng, including Song Li, jumped backwards to avoid contact with the sparks, panic filling their eyes.


Numerous sword blasts shot out of Xue Long’s body and chopped the sputtering green sparks into shreds.

Rage appeared on Li Langfeng’s ghastly face. However, almost simultaneously, he seemed to restrain himself from erupting. He turned to Song Li and said, “I’ll remember you!”

With those words, he immediately turned around and shot towards the hilly land where he had come from, like a wisp of green smoke.

The moment Xue Long appeared, he realized that the Blood Skull had arrived.

Immediately afterwards, he noticed the metal war chariot that was parked in a far-off location, along with the numerous Blood Skull members gathered around it.

Knowing that now that the Blood Skull had arrived, he had a very slim chance of capturing Nie Tian, he made the decision to leave.

Seeing him leave, Xue Long shot after him like a beam of silver sword-light.

All of the Fang members, who had been fighting him for a long time, remained in their original places, as if they didn’t understand the sudden change in the situation and still needed some time to come back to their senses.

After a long while, Han Mu turned to Song Li and said with a frown, “Miss, he recognized us.”

Song Li nodded briefly and said, “I never thought he would be here in the Realm of Split Void, much less as a guest elder of the Blood Skull. Fortunately for us, he didn’t attack us for old times’ sake, and only targeted Li Langfeng.”

Han Mu snorted coldly. “How would he dare attack us, since he’s aware of who you are?”

“That’s not necessarily the situation. After all, this is the Realm of Split Void. He probably doesn’t want to reveal his real identity, and is living by another name.” After pondering for a while, Song Li gritted her teeth and said loudly, “It’s Hua Tian’s lucky day today! Now that the Blood Skull is here, we won’t be able to get to Hua Tian anyways. That being the case, let’s get out of here.”

Her appealing physique trembled slightly as she uttered these words.

Han Mu took note that she was clenching her fists so tightly that her long fingernails almost pierced into her palms.

He let out a sigh. “It’s hard to believe an early Heaven stage kid is so hard to deal with. Also, we roamed about outside Shatter City for such a long time, but we never heard of such a man in Shatter City. He must not be a famous person.”

Song Li’s expression flickered as she blurted, “Can it be that Hua Tian also came from another realm, just like us? And he’s been using a fake name since he came to the Realm of Split Void? A person as unique as he is should attract a lot of attention even if he was in the Realm of Mystic Heaven, let alone a remote corner like the Realm of Split Void.”

After hearing her words, Han Mu nodded, feeling suddenly enlightened. Then, with a speculative expression on his face, he said, “Hua Tian is close to Pei Qiqi, and we all know what kind of figure Pei Qiqi’s master is. From the look of it, it’s very likely that Hua Tian is from another realm, and came here to either temper himself or take refuge.”

Another Greater Heaven stage member of the Fang jumped in and advised, “Let’s get out of here first. Since the Blood Skull is here, there’s no need for us to stick around. After all, we didn’t come to the Realm of Split Void to fight the Blood Skull. Cai Lan isn’t easy to deal with.”

Han Mu also advised, “We’ll have plenty time to find and kill that bastard in the future, Miss.”

“Yeah, I understand.” Song Li forced herself to calm down. After casting a glance at the distant war chariot, she said, “Let’s go.”

After hearing these words, all the Fang members immediately spread out and vacated the area.

In the war chariot…

Nie Tian had captured every detail of Song Li and Han Mu’s facial expressions via his Heaven Eyes since Xue Long had gone over.

He immediately realized that Xue Long must know Song Li and Han Mu.

Perhaps that was the reason why Xue Long hadn’t attack them and the other Fang members, but went after Li Langfeng.

Nie Tian had also heard the conversation between Song Li and Han Mu after Xue Long left.

A grim expression gradually appeared in his eyes. “Is this woman going to investigate my true identity? If she somehow learns that I come from the Realm of Flame Heaven, and who I really am, then…”

He suddenly became worried and regretted his rash actions, thinking he shouldn’t have created such a big stir in the Realm of Split Void.

His real name, Nie Tian, had already become a household name in the other nine realms of the Domain of the Falling Stars. Powerful Qi warrior sects, with the Heaven Palace Sect as their leader, were probably searching for him everywhere.

Once he exposed his real identity and let people know he was here, then considering the Heaven Palace Sect’s far-reaching power and influence, they would definitely descend upon the Realm of Split Void.

No matter if it was the Dark Moon, the Wild Fire, or the Blood Skull, compared to Qi warrior sects that had such deep-rooted strength as the Heaven Palace Sect did, they would all prove inferior.

Therefore, if the Heaven Palace Sect actually sought him out here, he would no longer be able to hide in the Realm of Split Void. Perhaps he would be forced to leave.

“I’ve got to refine the fragmentary star marks as soon as possible. I’m only halfway through the first mark,” he thought to himself. “I’ve mastered Starstrike and Starshift, but I still need to spend some time studying Starfall.” He frowned deeply as a sense of urgency rose in his heart.

He still remembered Hua Mu’s words. Once he refined the fragmentary star marks on his chest, then even if his true identity was exposed to the Heaven Palace Sect, he wouldn’t need to worry, since by that time, the fragmentary star marks would have merged with him, and even the Heaven Palace Sect wouldn’t be able to strip them from him.

Not only that, but they would also spare no cost to draw him to their side and make him an asset of the Heaven Palace Sect.

“You guys wait here,” said Cai Yuan. “I’ll go have a few words with them, and then we’ll head back to Shatter City.” After realizing that Xue Long had chased after Li Langfeng and the Fang had retreated, he jumped off the war chariot and went to talk to the Greater Heaven stage experts among the crowd of Blood Skull members.

“Xue Long knows Song Li,” Nie Tian said in a soft voice.

Li Ye went blank for a moment before asking, “How do you know?”

“You don’t need to know about that,” Nie Tian said with a frown. “Both ‘Xue Long’ and ‘Song Li’ should be fake names. They are probably from another realm of the Domain of the Falling Stars, and they are old acquaintances. The reason why Xue Long only agreed to become a guest elder of the Blood Skull, instead of an official member, might be just because his former identity doesn’t allow him to do that.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Li Ye didn’t seem to attach any importance to the matter. “Many people who come to the Realm of Split Void have histories and stories behind them. For various reasons, they have to hide their identities. Perhaps they’ll only resume their true names after leaving the Realm of Split Void. As for Xue Long, I think the Blood Skull might know who he is in the first place, and there’s no need to talk to Cai Yuan about it.”

Nie Tian nodded. “Yeah, I understand.”

Li Ye took a deep look at him and said, “I didn’t know that you were actually quite a piece of work. Before, I just thought that you were quite strong physically, but I didn’t expect your battle prowess to be also so incredible. For all I know, you might have also changed your name after coming here, just like Xue Long and Song Li.”

Nie Tian’s eyes flickered, and he didn’t respond.

“If you don’t want to expose your own identity, I suggest you keep a low profile,” Li Ye said sincerely.

Nie Tian put on a wry smile and said, “I did act a bit rashly this time.”

Li Ye didn’t say more, after knowing that Nie Tian understood what he meant. “Since Mr. Hua put you in our hands, we won’t harm you. Alright, that’s all I’ll say about it. It’s good as long as you are aware of the situation. You’d better quit attracting others’ attention, and stay low after we return to Shatter City.

Nie Tian nodded. “Sure, I will.”

Li Ye pondered in silence for a short while before saying, “By the way, sorry for putting you in danger, Hua Tian. Senior martial sister told me after returning to Shatter City that Hu Han turned on you eventually. I thought I had her under control. I was being naive, and almost got you killed.”

Nie Tian smiled. “No worries. It’s all good.”

At that moment, Cai Yuan jumped back into the war chariot and said, “Okay, let’s go back to Shatter City.”

He turned the metal war chariot around and marched towards Shatter City with a blustering momentum.


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