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“Hua Tian! You’re a dead man!” Dressed in short garments that highlighted her curves, Song Li came to a stop in a location several hundred meters away from Nie Tian, where she issued orders to other Hunters.

This was the first time she had stood in front of the numerous Hunter organization heads.

Although all of them had learned during the past two years that the leader of the Fang was a woman, none of them had ever seen her in person.

Song Li spent most of her time in the Void Illusion Mountain Range instead of the hilly area and wasteland, where the other Hunter organizations roamed about. Every time she had communicated with the other Hunter organizations, she had done it via Han Mu.

Therefore, all the major Hunter organizations had been rather curious about her appearance.

Many Hunters’ eyes lit up upon seeing her curvaceous body and the charm she unleashed through her gestures and expressions.

However, none of them dared to reveal their feelings to her face.

They all rapidly withdrew their gazes from Song Li and formed blockades around Nie Tian according to her instructions.

As Xiao Lin approached Nie Tian, he gradually lowered his speed, his eyes filled with gruesome coldness.

He wasn’t in a hurry at all, unlike the other Greater Heaven stage Hunters, who were eager to split Nie Tian in half. It seemed as if he had other plans.

Nie Tian suddenly came to a stop.

Standing in the icy, silent wasteland, he forced himself to calm down. Then, he made a thorough assessment of the situation he was in using his seven Heaven Eyes and his own sight.

About ten Greater Heaven stage experts were now charging towards him, and they were all leaders of major Hunter organizations.

He wouldn’t stand a chance fighting any one of them, much less facing their joint attack.

Aside from the ten of them, more less powerful Hunters were scattered in further locations, where they formed another blockade.

Most of them were at the middle or late Heaven stage, with only a handful of them being in the early Heaven stage like him.

Those Hunters didn’t rush in on Nie Tian. Instead, they followed Song Li’s orders and were slowly backing away from him.

From what Song Li could tell, now that Nie Tian was facing a joint attack from ten Greater Heaven stage experts, he would be forced to cast the long-range Starshift again.

Once he did, he would immediately disappear and reappear hundreds of meters, or even further, out of the small blockade.

Therefore, Song Li arranged for the Heaven stage Hunters to stretch their blockade to at least a 2 kilometer range, where they would be waiting for Nie Tian.

Furthermore, they were in the wasteland, not the hilly area, where there were many ups and downs in the terrain.

There was nothing to block people’s sight here, so even if Nie Tian used his escape magic and escaped from their bigger blockade, those Hunters would be able to locate him immediately relying solely on their eyesight, and then converge on him.

At that time, if Nie Tian couldn’t cast the long-range Starshift again, he would soon be surrounded again.

After taking a detailed mental picture of the entire battlefield, Nie Tian took a few seconds to calm himself before a fierce look appeared in his eyes as he made a new decision.

Like a long spear, he stood straight in place and waited with a poised expression as the Greater Heaven stage experts rapidly approached him.

Seeing that Nie Tian was standing still, the leader of the Blood Hand no longer felt urgency, and thus slowed down so that he could sneer at and taunt Nie Tian. “What, boy? Why are you not running this time? You’ve killed many of my Blood Hand brothers. I can’t wait to see if you can kill anymore of us today!”

Strong killing intent filled the Scorpion’s leader’s eyes as he said, “Many of our Scorpion brothers also died by your hands! If you’re really as powerful as you say you are, I dare you not to hide anymore, and fight us openly and fairly! I also want to see if you can kill another brother of mine!”

Each and every Greater Heaven stage expert had a sinister smile on their face as they closed in on Nie Tian, looking high-spirited.

“You killed my subordinates as well. It’s time for you to pay for their deaths!”

“Hahaha, now that you’ve been trapped by us, we won’t let you die so easily. How can we mete out justice for our dead brothers if we don’t make you suffer from the most horrible torture in the world?!”

“All of the Hunter organizations will witness your death today. And we’ll hear your miserable shrieks before you die!”

During the past few weeks, all the major Hunter organizations had begun to hate Nie Tian’s guts.

Not only had Nie Tian repeatedly stricken their search teams and killed their members, but he had even left them insulting messages written in blood to shock and awe them.

Their counterparts, the Hunter organizations that roamed near the Land of the Abandoned and Ash City, ridiculed their incompetence after hearing about it.

An early Heaven stage young man had single-handedly killed so many Hunters. Yet, none of the Hunter organizations that roamed near Shatter City had been able to do a thing to stop him, making them a big joke to the whole realm.

Whenever they thought about the humiliation they had received from Nie Tian recently, they felt so ashamed.

Today, they had finally trapped Nie Tian. Assuming that Nie Tian wouldn’t be able to escape this time unless he grew wings and flew, they were all very eager to vent their hatred on him.

Seeing that they were almost upon him, Nie Tian laughed wildly and said, “Great! I’ll let you see if I can kill more of your brothers!”

Just as the leader of the Blood Hand was about to enter his chaotic magnetic field, he launched a short-range Starshift.


In a flash, he vanished from the small blockade formed by Greater Heaven stage experts, and reappeared in a location more than 300 meters away.

Nie Tian unleashed intense killing intent as he approached the few Blood Hand members in the bigger blockade, who were the closest to him, his eyes emanating cold light.


He cast the short-range Starshift again and put a sizable distance between the screaming Greater Heaven stage experts behind him and himself.

“Go get him!”

“I can’t believe this brat has such a miraculous movement technique!”

“Don’t let him get away!”

The Greater Heaven stage experts chased madly after Nie Tian.

Nie Tian, however, soon arrived in front of the part of the bigger blockade formed by seven Blood Hand members.


Two spiritual energy balls, which Nie Tian had created as he approached them, suddenly shot out from within his chaotic magnetic field and exploded where the seven Hunters were standing.

While multicolored light sputtered everywhere, Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph as he cast the short-range Starshift again. In the next moment, he appeared among his seven enemies.

Two of them accidentally tumbled into Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field while attempting to avoid the sputtering toxic lights.

They almost immediately lost control of their spiritual power and experienced a twisting pain in their heads. Their bodies felt as if they were being pulled by some kind of force, causing them to stagger.

One of them was at the early Heaven stage, and the other was at the middle Heaven stage. That being their level of strength, they were doomed to die when they were enveloped by Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field in a place so close to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian launched an attack at lightning speed; his burning fists rammed vigorously into their chests.


Their bodies were thrown out of the chaotic magnetic field. Both of them were dead before even touching the ground.

Without sparing their corpses a single glance, Nie Tian leapt forward and dashed through their defensive line.

After sprinting a few hundred meters into the wasteland, Nie Tian ran into another group of Hunters. Seeing that Nie Tian was coming towards them like an enraged monster, they all hastily drew their spiritual tools that shone with gorgeous, multicolored light, and threw them towards Nie Tian.

Without uttering a word, Nie Tian cast another short-range Starshift, which allowed him to blink past the incoming spiritual tools and appear among the group of Hunters.

They had seen Nie Tian kill two members of the previous group of Hunters that had come to stop him, so they were prepared for such a move. They madly summoned their spiritual power and cast attacks towards Nie Tian. “Kill him!”

As soon as the multi-attributed spiritual power attacks entered Nie Tian’s magnetic field, their might was greatly weakened.

However, two lightning balls and one ice blade still somehow found Nie Tian.

He let out a muffled groan. Bearing the stabbing pain, he struck and killed one middle Heaven stage Hunter who was enveloped by his chaotic magnetic field.

After that, he charged forward without the slightest delay.

The few Hunters who were attacking Nie Tian with their delicate spiritual magics soon came to realize that the strange magnetic field around Nie Tian could greatly reduce the might of their attacks.

“Watch out for the magnetic field around him!”

“This brat has some weird magics!”

Meanwhile, Xiao Lin, who had been observing Nie Tian the entire time via his bone banners, didn’t join the Greater Heaven stage Hunters in chasing after Nie Tian.

At this moment, seeing that Nie Tian was about to break free again, he chuckled in a strange way.


A white banner rose out of the ground, right in the middle of Nie Tian’s escaping path.

As light shot out of the banner, a spiritual power ward was formed in front of Nie Tian, within which lay numerous complicated, beautiful spell formations.


Wreathed in his chaotic magnetic field, Nie Tian rammed into the ward. To his surprise, he didn’t make it through.

The twisting force of the chaotic magnetic field became entangled with the spiritual power ward.

As the ward was gradually being torn open, Nie Tian’s escape was also being delayed.

After hearing Song Li’s loud command, more Hunter teams in the vicinity rapidly moved about and formed a new blockade in front of him.


Xiao Lin’s spiritual power ward finally burst, and Nie Tian charged through it, finding himself surrounded once again.

However, there weren’t any Greater Heaven stage experts in the blockade. Thus, he cast another short-range Starshift, hoping to break through the blockade with the same method.



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