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With these words, Nie Tian lifted his freed right hand and reached towards Song Li’s towering breasts, which he groped without any scruples.

“Wait! Don’t! Let go of me, Li Tian! Give me some time to think!” Song Li sounded rattled.

“No! I want your answer right now!” Nie Tian assumed a look as if he was crazy in love.

Song Li, who had practically been touched all over by Nie Tian, struggled to stop her throbbing killing intent from erupting.

She thought she would be able to enchant and kill Nie Tian effortlessly, just like she had Shen Wei, Yin Tuo, and the others.

Never had she expected that she would end up in such a bad situation.

The reason she had chosen not to store her awl in her bracelet of holding was so that she could launch the fatal strike when her target had his guard down.

If she had stored her spiritual tool in her bracelet of holding, when she summoned it, the bracelet of holding would shine with bright light, thus alarming her target.

She had killed numerous people with this method, including Shen Wei, and not once had she missed. All it had taken was one strike.

She had never expected that the seemingly unimpressive Nie Tian would be so hard to deal with.

Every time she wanted to withdraw her right hand to use her spiritual tool, she would feel a strong restrictive force from Nie Tian’s arm.

After a few attempts, Song Li gradually began to suspect that Nie Tian was only acting to be in love with her and was actually playing with her. “This little bastard! Can he be using his affection for me as an excuse to take advantage of me?”

The more Song Li thought about it, the more it made sense to her. Otherwise, why would she be met with such strong resistance every time she tried to move her arm?

She finally could no longer suppress her rage that had been building up for a quite some time.

At that moment, Nie Tian, who had been looking down at her since the beginning, immediately noticed the change in her facial expression.

Song Li slowly moved her unrestrained left hand towards Nie Tian’s chest while subtle spiritual power fluctuations were born inside of her and quietly passed through her meridians to her left hand.

Seemingly anxious to get an answer from Song Li, Nie Tian shouted again, “Answer me, Sister Song!”

At the same time, Nie Tian’s hand, which he had placed on Song Li’s left breast, suddenly tightened.

Song Li instantly let out a miserable scream.

This scream wasn’t acting at all, but a spontaneous reaction from the excruciating pain.

She felt as if her left breast had been almost crushed by Nie Tian’s hand.


The cluster of spiritual power on Song Li’s left hand seemed to be suddenly disturbed, and exploded before Song Li’s hand could reach Nie Tian’s chest.

Nie Tian, who was supposed to be the target, laughed wildly as he jumped backwards, putting a significant distance between Song Li and himself.

Song Li, however, lost control of her spiritual power due to the heart-wrenching pain, and was sent staggering backwards by the explosion. She yelled, “Li Tian! You damn bastard! I’ll break your bones and flay you alive! And then I’ll whip your corpse for seven days!”

Song Li, who had broken free from Nie Tian’s restriction, had one hand on her left bosom, which hurt so much that tears rolled down her face. Without the slightest hesitation, she summoned her green awl and bolted towards Nie Tian like she had gone crazy.

At that moment, she was completely convinced that Nie Tian had been playing with her the entire time, and humiliated her under the disguise of his love for her.

Ever since she was a child, she had been good at manipulating and tricking others. She had killed numerous men who had drooled over her beauty with similar methods.

Not once had she ever been insulted like this.

Separated from her, Nie Tian still looked at her lovingly and said with a frustrated tone, “Sister Song, my love for you is real! Why do you want to kill me?!”

However, in the meantime, Nie Tian had already secretly formed a chaotic magnetic field around himself and a spiritual energy ball with the tainted spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.


The spiritual energy ball left Nie Tian’s hand and exploded in before reaching Song Li.

Numerous multicolored, bright spots that contained different types of filth and impurities were shot in every direction.

Song Li charged madly towards Nie Tian like a female tiger, baring her fangs and brandishing her claws.

However, she soon sensed danger from the colorful bright spots. She immediately came to a stop, gathered her spiritual power, and formed a bright light shield around her alluring physique.


As the bright spots rained down from midair and onto her light shield, numerous fiery sparks were created at the contact points.

Song Li could feel her protective shield being corroded by the spots of impurities. Her face was grim and her eyes were filled with hatred as she yelled, “Li Tian! Enough acting! I’ve already seen through your tricks!”

“That’s not true! I love you from the bottom of my heart. Yet, you turned me down.” Bitterness and sorrow stretched across Nie Tian’s face. “Not only do you refuse to accept my love, but you even want to kill me! I can only defend myself.”

With those words, a second spiritual energy ball flew above Song Li’s head and exploded.

The sputtering bright spots and the aftermath of the explosion continued to deal damage to Song Li’s light shield, making it flicker continuously. Song Li had to infuse it with more spiritual power to prevent it from exploding.

Outraged, Song Li shouted, “Shut the hell up! I don’t want to hear another word from you!”

“You betrayed my love, Sister Song.” With these words, Nie Tian shot out a third spiritual energy ball. “With all seriousness, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you!” The spiritual energy ball exploded above Song Li.

“Just now, we were so close to each other, and I could tell that you had feelings for me too.” A fourth spiritual energy ball was formed and shot towards Song Li.

“We’ll make a great couple. You just need time to think about it. Now I’ll give you the time to think. I hope your answer is ‘yes’.”

Nie Tian kept forming spiritual energy balls and used them to bombard Song Li as he poured out his feelings towards her.

Standing in the middle of her light shield, Song Li was so enraged that she couldn’t stop trembling. She wished she could charge through the mist of bright spots and eat Nie Tian alive.

Every word that came out of Nie Tian’s mouth was extremely humiliating to her, telling her that Nie Tian had been having his fun with her the entire time.

The hatred and rage in her heart continued to build up as Nie Tian went on and on.

At the same time, she was rapidly consuming her spiritual power to maintain her protective light shield.

The only thing on her mind right now was to use the awl in her hand to poke a hundred holes in Nie Tian.

She had never hated someone so much.

“Hmm?” All of a sudden, Nie Tian, who was still casting more spiritual energy balls, sensed via one of his Heaven Eyes that a tall male Qi warrior was charging directly towards this part of the forest at full speed.

His aura was very familiar. After a brief search in his mind, Nie Tian realized that it was the Greater Heaven stage expert who had killed the team of three explorers.

“It’s him!” Nie Tian’s expression flickered slightly.

“I’ve still got business to attend to. Excuse me, Sister Song.” With a sigh, he added, “but I want you to remember that my love for you is real and will never change! I hope that, next time we meet, you’ll have considered my proposal, and you can accept me! See you soon!”

With those words, Nie Tian immediately turned around and ran off like a bolt of lightning.

Song Li’s scream rang out from behind his back, “Li Tian! I dare you to stay a little longer!!”

The area she was in had been drowned by bright spots that carried all kinds of impurities. Even though she wanted to, she couldn’t burst out of there and chase after Nie Tian.

She could only watch as Nie Tian ran further and further away until he eventually disappeared from her sight.

A cold smile could be seen on Nie Tian’s face. “I’m afraid that we won’t get to see each other ever again.”

From what he could tell, the Greater Heaven stage expert was probably one of the Hunters who lurked in the depths of the dense forest.

Considering that Song Li had consumed a significant amount of her strength, the expert would be able to send her on her way to the netherworld without breaking a sweat.

Although Nie Tian was running further and further away from Song Li, he commanded his Heaven Eyes to remain there to see how she would die.

It wasn’t long before the tall Qi warrior appeared in the area where Nie Tian had fought Song Li.

To Nie Tian’s surprise, the moment he showed up, he swooped towards Song Li, but he didn’t aim to kill her.

On the contrary, eyes filled with panic and anxiety, he hastily cast spells to shoot out sizable beams of spiritual power, which swam about in the area and rapidly removed all the toxic impurities for Song Li.

“Are you alright, miss? What happened?” The man asked anxiously.

As soon as the area was purged, Song Li dropped to the ground and couldn’t stop panting. When the man approached her, she swung her arm and slapped the man on his face, saying, “What took you so long?!” She vented her rage towards Nie Tian on the man.

After being slapped by Song Li, the man seemed even more terrified as he hastily got down on one knee and admitted, “Sorry, it’s my fault!”

Fuming with rage, Song Li said loudly, “A man named Li Tian just ran away from here. I want you to chase him down and bring him back to me! But remember! Don’t kill him. I want him alive!”

“Miss, you seem to be in a rather bad situation. Should I stay here until you recover your strength?” The man worried about Song Li’s safety.

“Get the hell out of here!” Song Li scolded. “And bring me back that Li Tian person!”

“Yes, miss!” The man sprang to his feet and sped off in the direction Song Li had pointed out for him.

“Li Tian! You won’t be able to get away! I’ll flay you alive!!!” After the man left, Song Li took out her green awl and stabbed Shen Wei’s corpse a few dozen times. Only after seeing that it had become a bloody mess did she stop.

She took a deep breath to calm herself before opening her collar and looking down.

Her milky-white, ample bosoms were covered in finger-shaped bruises, which were like tattoos on her originally immaculate, jade-like breasts. It was a startling scene.

It wasn’t hard for her to imagine what her butt looked like at this moment, since she could still feel the pain in her butt as she sat on the ground.

Those distinct finger-shaped bruises were like numerous slaps on Song Li’s face. She had never been so humiliated.

Trembling, Song Li threw her head back and let out an ear-piercing shriek, “Li Tian!”


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