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Now that the Golden Stone Rhino had lowered itself, its belly almost grazed the ground as it charged forward, providing its vulnerable abdomen with better protection.


The web of daggers flew into the Golden Stone Rhino’s back, giving rise to metallic clashing sounds, as well as sputtering sparks.

As sharp as Shen Wei’s daggers were, they weren’t sharp enough to create any wounds on the Golden Stone Rhino’s back.

A Golden Stone Rhino’s back was its toughest part, which was golden-colored and as hard as a steel platter.

Its back could ward off attacks from most weapons. Normally speaking, people couldn’t cut its back open with a sharp tool unless it was a extremely special spiritual tool.


A beam of golden light suddenly shot out from the Golden Stone Rhino’s horn, seemingly extending the horn two whole meters.

The beam of golden light rapidly pierced towards Song Li.

Song Li’s expression remained calm as she assumed a firm grasp of her green awl and thrust it towards the beam of golden light.


A violent clash broke out from the contact point of the beam of golden light and green awl.

Song Li withdrew her awl as she took advantage of the impact to fly over the Golden Stone Rhino, landing lightly behind it like a feather.


The Golden Stone Rhino let out angry roars as if it was pained by the stab. Immediately afterward, it turned around to chase after Song Li.

As it turned its gigantic body, Shen Wei’s web of daggers suddenly spread out.

Like a shoal of fish, the silver daggers swiftly pierced towards the Golden Stone Rhino’s exposed abdomen.

“What are you lot waiting for?!” Shen Wei thundered.

Upon hearing his angry roar, Yin Tuo, Nie Tian, and the other two fanned out to flank the Golden Stone Rhino. Each of them brought out their spiritual tools and cast secret magics to attack both sides of the Golden Stone Rhino’s abdomen.

Unlike Yin Tuo and the others, Nie Tian didn’t have a spiritual tool to use, so he just operated the Flame Spirit Incantation to attack the Golden Stone Rhino with beams of fiery light.

On the other hand, Yin Tuo and the other three were brandishing spiritual tools that matched their respective cultivation attributes.

Although the spiritual tools they used were by no means exceptional, they were able to infuse their sword, lance, and pearl with their own spiritual auras, which were blue, gold, and brown. After the infusion, their tools seemed strengthened by the water-attributed, gold-attributed, and earth-attributed spiritual power.

As they attacked the Golden Stone Rhino from different directions, Nie Tian only used the Flame Spirit Incantation, and didn’t go all out.

While condensing more beams of fiery light, he keep a close watch on everything happening on the battlefield.

Soon, he noticed that Song Li was extraordinary.

She and Shen Wei were the main forces of their battle against the Golden Stone Rhino. However, Shen Wei had been attacking from a distance away using his web of daggers. Not once did he dare to fight the Golden Stone Rhino in close quarters.

Meanwhile, as a woman, Song Li repeatedly attacked the Golden Stone Rhino head-on using her green awl.

Every time, she would charge straight into the incoming Golden Stone Rhino and meet the beam of golden light on its snout head-on with her green awl. Upon impact, she would float up into the air, slide over the enraged Golden Stone Rhino’s back, and land lightly behind it, where she would gesture to provoke it again.

As long as it turned around, it wouldn’t be able to keep its abdomen close to the ground.

Whenever it did, Shen Wei’s web of daggers would swoop down from midair and rain on the Golden Stone Rhino’s neck and abdomen, along with attacks from Yin Tuo, Nie Tian, and the other two.

However, the Golden Stone Rhino had already gone berserk and repeatedly turned around to lunge towards Song Li. Therefore, more and more wounds were cut open on its abdomen.

Blood dripped down its wounded abdomen and gradually painted the ground red.

Under the stabbing pain, the Golden Stone Rhino grew increasingly frenzied; its eyes grew bloodshot as it pursued Song Li unrelentingly, as if Song Li was the the only thing in its eyes now.

Song Li chuckled as her curvaceous leopard-like body flew swiftly over the rhino’s head over and over, as if she was deliberately provoking it.

The strength of this fourth grade spirit beast could match that of an early Greater Heaven stage Qi warrior. In its current condition, if it fought Song Li one on one, it would probably be a draw.

However, Song Li had Shen Wei, Yin Tuo, Nie Tian, and others on her side. The five of them kept attacking the Golden Stone Rhino’s vulnerable parts as Song Li drew its attention.

After all, the Golden Stone Rhino hadn’t developed a high intelligence, so it couldn’t control its temper.

It was precisely because it was bent on biting Song Li to death that Nie Tian and the others had the opportunity to wound it.

Nie Tian shook his head and said to himself, “A fourth grade spirit beast is still a beast, and doesn’t have enough intelligence to deal with a band of human Qi warriors.”

From what he could tell, as long as they kept attacking the Golden Stone Rhino like this, more wounds would be cut open in its abdomen, and it would soon die from blood loss and exhaustion.

Wrath had already seized the Golden Stone Rhino’s mind as it continued to chase after the swift Song Li while ignoring all the others.

As a result, not only could it not get Song Li, but it also continued to sustain more injuries, which had already begun to affect the speed at which it moved.

As it continued to lose blood, it could only become slower and slower.

If it came down to that, its death would be imminent.

A pitiful expression stretched across Nie Tian’s face. “What a waste… All that blood is being wasted, along with the copious amount of flesh power in it…”


Song Li’s awl once again met the long beam of golden light on the Golden Stone Rhino’s snout. However, this time, she let out a muffled groan as her incomparably swift body failed to fly over the Golden Stone Rhino. “I’ve consumed too much spiritual power. I’m afraid I’ll have to leave it to you guys!”

Song Li’s face turned pale, as it seemed that she truly couldn’t fight anymore. She immediately jumped away from the Golden Stone Rhino and ran towards Shen Wei, where she could seek shelter.

“No problem!” Shen Wei shouted. “You’ve done enough. We’ll protect you from now on!”

The Golden Stone Rhino’s target had always been Song Li alone. The moment it saw Song Li run towards Shen Wei, it turned around and chased after her.

“Thank you, Big Brother Shen,” Song Li said in a soft, feminine voice.

At that moment, with beads of sweat rolling down her cheek, she seemed as if she had overexerted her power and she was on the verge of collapsing.

“Don’t mention it!” Shen Wei laughed out loud as he drew a long saber and slashed it down on the incoming Golden Stone Rhino’s beam of golden light.

Upon the strong impact, Shen Wei also let out a muffled groan. His expression flickered slightly as he hastily jumped backwards.

However, the Golden Stone Rhino didn’t intend to give up.

At that moment, Song Li left from behind Shen Wei and ran towards Yin Tuo, as if she wanted to give Shen Wei some time to recover.

Upon seeing this, Yin Tuo grasped his sword tightly as he summoned all of his strength. When the Golden Stone Rhino was close enough, he swung his sword toward its beam of golden light at full force.


Yin Tuo’s sword exploded into shreds upon contact, and his body was thrown into the air like a kite with its string cut.

“Ahh!” Panic filled Song Li’s face as she staggered backwards, as if she hadn’t expected that Yin Tuo was so weak that he couldn’t withstand a single blow.

Then, she rapidly ran past Yin Tuo, who just crashed heavily onto the ground, and ran towards her next target.

Having its eyes fixed on Song Li, the Golden Stone Rhino’s huge hoof stomped on Yin Tuo’s chest as it madly chased after her.


Yin Tuo’s ribs were immediately shattered. With blood spurting out of his mouth like red arrows, he soon stopped breathing.

The other two middle Heaven stage cultivators’ eyes grew wide and bloodshot as they screamed, “Yin Tuo!”

Hearing their voices, Song Li seemed to have found a new target as she rapidly ran towards one of them, shouting, “It won’t be able to hold on much longer. You just need to stall it for a short while, and it’ll be dead!”

At that moment, Shen Wei seemed to have recovered from the previous impact, and commanded his web of daggers to attack the Golden Stone Rhino’s abdomen as it chased after Song Li.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian shot out beams of fire and attacked the Golden Stone Rhino from the other side.

At the same time, Nie Tian shot an ice-cold gaze towards Song Li, a strange smile appearing at the corner of his mouth.

His Heaven Eyes contained soul power, and could easily sense the fluctuations of spiritual energy inside of Song Li. The woman hadn’t consumed much of her spiritual power at all.

Rather, she was still filled with vigorous spiritual power, and her battle prowess hadn’t declined at all!

The only reason she had lied was so that she could seek protection from Shen Wei, Yin Tuo, and the others.

It was like she had planned Yin Tuo’s death!


The Golden Stone Rhino, which had sustained another series of attacks to its abdomen, once again charged madly towards Song Li.

Even the beam of golden light that shot out of its sharp horn became slightly dimmer.

However, the members of Nie Tian’s team, behind whom Song Li was now shrinking, had also consumed a significant amount of strength during this battle.

Seeing that the Golden Stone Rhino was charging towards him, the man could only summon all of his strength to meet the Golden Stone Rhino’s strike.


The lance in his hand exploded into pieces, and he was sent flying backwards by the impact. In even worse shape than Yin Tuo, he died before his body hit the ground.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Song Li apologized to the man’s corpse. However, she didn’t stop for a second, and rushed towards her next target.

This time, she knew the man was dead, and thus didn’t intentionally run past his corpse and lead the Golden Stone Rhino to stomp on him.


When the Golden Stone Rhino made another turn, Shen Wei commanded his daggers to cut open a large gash in the Golden Stone Rhino’s abdomen.

It howled madly as its intestines could even be seen through the gash.

However, even though it was dying, it was still bent on killing Song Li, instead of Shen Wei, who had just cut it.

“Hurry! Strike it another time and it will die!” Song Li inspired the third man’s fighting spirit with a loud voice as she shrank behind him.

The man held a pearl in his hand. His face was covered in beads of sweat, and his eyes shone with the light of fear.

He also saw that the Golden Stone Rhino was dying, so he assumed a firm grip on his pearl and smashed it onto the beam of golden light on the rhino’s horn, assuming that with any luck he might be able to kill it.

However, the faint golden light on the rhino’s horn sudden began to shine brightly, as if its might had become strengthened.

Apparently, the Golden Stone Rhino had unearthed all of its potential, knowing that it was dying.


Upon contact, the man’s pearl exploded along with his arm.

Half of his body was mangled badly by the Golden Stone Rhino’s reckless strike, and the man died a more horrible death than the previous two.

Song Li didn’t even spare the man a glance, but rather ran towards Nie Tian like a frightened bird, her face filled with fear. “Li Tian! Help! Save me!

“You just need to stall it for a short while and it will die! You’re stronger than the three of them. I’m sure you’re up to it!”


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