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“Ah…” After noticing Nie Tian’s actions, Li Langfeng shook his head with his back facing Nie Tian. “Another brat who doesn’t understand the immensity of Heaven and Earth.”

In Li Langfeng’s eyes, Nie Tian’s actions were very unwise and meaningless.


One beam of green light after another continued to shoot out of Li Langfeng’s flat sleeve and carve at the layer of hard rock covering Shi Qing’s body.

Although the layer of hard rock created by Shi Qing’s spiritual armor could protect him from a number of serious attacks, once it was broken, Shi Qing would be instantly exposed to Li Langfeng’s toxins.

The toxins would rapidly infiltrate his body and eat him away from both the inside and outside.

By that time, Li Langfeng wouldn’t even need to do anything. The toxins alone would be enough to kill Shi Qing.

Therefore, the moment Shi Qing petrified himself, Li Langfeng knew that Shi Qing would die beyond the shadow of a doubt.

All he needed to do was take his time and grind down the layer of hard rock covering Shi Qing.

He didn’t even attach the least importance to Nie Tian’s actions, since, normally speaking, an early Heaven stage young man couldn’t possibly pose any threat to him.


He continued to shake the bell in his hand.

The sound of the bell gave rise to ripples in the originally silent air in the valley. Within every ripple, there lay a wisp of Li Langfeng’s psychic awareness.

The ripples soon spread to Nie Tian and entered his chaotic magnetic field.

As soon as they did, Li Langfeng’s psychic awareness was distorted.

Li Langfeng’s eyebrows immediately furrowed as he was struck by a feeling that his psychic awareness was being wrapped by different types of power and gradually pulled apart.

Within a very short time, his refined psychic awareness was ripped into tiny bits and pushed to the outermost part of Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field.

As he commanded the scattered bits of his psychic awareness to get closer to the center of the magnetic field where Nie Tian was, the connection between him and his psychic awareness was suddenly cut off.

A shocked look suddenly became visible in his eyes.

Keh! Keh!

He began to cough violently again, his pale face becoming increasingly ghastly and sickly.

A gruesome, ice-cold aura burst forth from his heart, along with a burning killing intent.


In the next moment, a pale-gray skull flew out of his ring of holding and whizzed towards Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field.

It seemed to be the skull of a spirit beast. Two clusters of ghostly green light were shimmering within its hollow eye sockets.

The sizable spirit beast skull unleashed a gruesome, ice-cold, murderous aura as it spun and fixed its ghostly green eyes on Nie Tian

Meanwhile, the light its eyes emanated grew increasingly bright and dazzling.


As it entered Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field, the skull unleashed green bolts of lightning, which constantly clashed with the various types of power within the magnetic field.

While the skull stared at Nie Tian, a vague image of Li Langfeng slowly became visible in each of its ghostly green eyes, which seemed to be examining the types of power within Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field.


Under the gruesome gaze, Nie Tian’s soul shook violently, giving rise to torrential waves in his sea of psychic awareness.

Nie Tian immediately experienced a heart-wrenching stabbing pain in his head, causing howls to escape his mouth.

Small amounts of blood began to flow out of his ears and the corners of his eyes, making him look sinister and scary.

“You! Behave! Don’t ask for trouble!” Li Langfeng’s voice echoed out from the two images in the skull’s ghostly eyes. “I need you alive. But if you don’t appreciate my kindness, I’m happy to deal you a few heavy blows and watch you suffer.”

Li Langfeng’s voice had come from the spirit beast skull, yet in real life, he was still facing Shi Qing, showing Nie Tian his back.

From the look of it, he had no problem attacking Nie Tian with his spirit beast skull while carving into the layer of rock on Shi Qing himself.

With an excruciating pain in his head, Nie Tian screamed into the heavens while blood was dripping down his face. It seemed as if he had gone mad.

At that moment, his soul was in chaos, and he could no longer gather any strength to launch a counterattack.

He could only watch as the ghostly green eyes morphed and magically appeared within his soul.

There was nothing he could do as the ghostly eyes rampaged across Nie Tian’s sea of psychic awareness, ripping wisps of his psychic power into shreds.

“It’s a psychic attack again!” Nie Tian roared angrily in his heart.

When a high-level Qi warrior fought a low-level Qi warrior, the high-level Qi warrior’s exquisite psychic magics were usually the most effective measure to crush the low-level Qi warrior.

Just as a strong desire to fight back rose in Nie Tian’s heart, a chilly, calming aura suddenly shone upon his sea of psychic awareness.

The seven fragmentary stars that hung high over his sea of psychic awareness moved silently in some sort of pattern.

Before long, they arrived above the two ghostly eyes and trapped them, as if the fragmentary stars had formed a spell formation.

In the next moment, seven beams of starlight shone out of the seven fragmentary stars.

Like seven falling stars, they converged on the two ghostly eyes with great precision.


The ghostly eyes instantly vanished from Nie Tian’s soul without leaving a single trace.


Li Langfeng, who had his back facing Nie Tian, suddenly let out an agonized howl.

The beams of green light he was using to carve Shi Qing’s rock armor missed their target and shot elsewhere due to the sudden pain in his head.

The sudden anguish even caused the two clusters of green light in the skull’s eye sockets to go out. The two images of Li Langfeng in them also disappeared along with them.

Li Langfeng turned around abruptly. “Y-you?!”

The badly mangled Li Langfeng already looked like a ghoul, with shimmering green light slithering in his ripped-open flesh.

At this moment, as he shot a fierce glance at Nie Tian, his eyes filled with ruthlessness and rage, making him look like a devil that had just broken out of the the underworld and was going to destroy the Heavens and extinguish the Earth, along with every living being.

He glowered at Nie Tian and asked, “What’s in your soul?”

By using a profound psychic technique, he had sent two strands of psychic awareness into Nie Tian’s soul in form of two ghostly eyes. However, all he could see and attack through them was Nie Tian’s sea of psychic awareness, not the seven fragmentary stars that hung high above it.

Shortly afterwards, his two strands of psychic awareness had been destroyed by a mysterious force.

Since he was still at the late Greater Heaven stage and hadn’t entered the Worldly realm, his soul hadn’t been upgraded to the point where he could develop soul power.

Therefore, he only had psychic power at his disposal, which couldn’t detect the existence of the more advanced soul power that constituted the fragmentary stars.

Even when his two wisps of psychic power were annihilated by the soul power from the seven fragmentary stars, he still didn’t know what had happened.

The only thing he was certain of was that Nie Tian’s soul was different from those of others; something in it was capable of exterminating his psychic awareness.

“Impressive kid!” Li Langfeng grinned as it seemed he was going to laugh, but he never made a sound.


The sizable spirit beast skull suddenly flew out of Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field and landed on Li Langfeng’s splayed hand.

In the next moment, the countless threads of green light that had been wiggling within his numerous wounds sudden swam into the air and arced their way into the skull.

After receiving the lights, small flesh fibers and veins began to grow on the originally pale-gray, fleshless skull at a noticeable speed.

At the same time, an intense, bloody aura spread out from the spirit beast skull. Standing dozens of meters away, Nie Tian’s heart began to pound upon seeing the scene via his Heaven Eye.

After being infused with the green lights, the lifeless skull seemed to be suddenly vested with life.

Two clusters of green light once again burned in the skull’s eye sockets, and Li Langfeng’s images once again appeared in them.

As the skull shone with dazzlingly bright-green light, Li Langfeng rammed it into Shi Qing’s hard rock protection.


Upon impact, a large piece fell off of Shi Qing’s solid rock protection.

The giant armor of rock was sent flying backwards along with Shi Qing’s body.

When Shi Qing hit the ground, his eyes grew somewhat dimmer as blood slowly seeped out of his rock protection and dripped onto the ground.

At at first glance, it was as if a giant piece of rock was bleeding.

Li Langfeng glared at Nie Tian and said, “I don’t want to kill you now. I’ll have my fun with you when I’ve gotten rid of Shi Qing.”

Now that he knew there was something special about Nie Tian’s soul, he didn’t intend to unleash more psychic magics on Nie Tian. Rather, he planned to kill Shi Qing as quickly as possible, and then take his time to explore and learn Nie Tian’s secrets.


However, at that very moment, a number of spatial rifts appeared at the perimeter of the mountain valley.

Like lightning bolts slithering in midair, they rapidly moved towards the center of the valley where Li Langfeng was standing.

Under the spatial rifts, a hint of uncommon redness appeared on Pei Qiqi’s cheeks, making her as beautiful as peach blossoms.

With a single glance, Nie Tian realized that the redness on her face was caused by her overconsumption of spiritual power and the fact that her Qi and blood were very unstable.


One of the slender spatial rifts took the initiative to slash towards Li Langfeng like a giant, bright sword.


Four Ethereal Swords also appeared out of nowhere and pierced towards Li Langfeng’s chest.

In the meantime, spatial energy took form of numerous light blades as they rushed down towards Li Langfeng from midair like a shoal of blood-thirsty fish.

From the look of it, Pei Qiqi had gone all-out.

“Miss Pei!” Upon seeing Pei Qiqi, a shudder ran through Shi Qing’s body as he seemed to know what to do now.

Covered in hard rock, Shi Qing realized that the best opportunity to launch a counterattack had come, considering Pei Qiqi had unleashed numerous spatial attacks on Li Langfeng.


The layer of rock over Shi Qing’s body exploded into pieces like broken china.

After deactivating the petrified state, Shi Qing roared angrily as he formed hand seals, once again causing the earth to tremble and the gravitational field to change.


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