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With one finger, Groete pointed at Nie Tian from afar.

The different types of power interwove with each other in the magnetic field in a disorderly fashion.

The demon Qi that had been included into the magnetic field was gradually distorted and morphed into fine, purple light dots, scattered far away from Nie Tian at the edge of the magnetic field.

However, the moment Groete pointed at him, all the tiny, purple dots seemed to be suddenly attracted by some force.


They instantly flew out of the magnetic field and converged onto Groete’s raised finger. By doing that, they seemed to have strengthened his finger, turning it as sharp as a razor.

As countless purple light dots kept gathering, a purple light ball that was the size of a fist gradually took shape around his finger.


All of a sudden, strong energy fluctuations were born from within the mysterious, purple light ball.

The incomparably rich demon Qi in the surroundings seemed to be commanded by an unknown force as it madly poured through the flame shield into the chaotic magnetic field from all directions, which then turned into even more fragmentary, purple light dots before flying into the purple light ball around Groete’s finger.

It wasn’t very long before the fist-sized light ball expanded to the size of a human head.


Groete spit a mouthful of blood towards the purple light ball. The moment his blood merged with the light ball, the entire light ball began to emanate black light.

The black light seemed to have endless life power as it rapidly spread out and painted everything black, including Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field.

It was as if wherever it reached, all light was instantly devoured.

In Nie Tian’s sight, the whole world had become pitch-black. He couldn’t even see his own hands, much less Groete. All he could see was a cluster of purple light floating not far from him.

Even the power in his magnetic field seemed to be affected by the endless darkness, as all the different types of power separated from one another and couldn’t twist together.

“Bloodline power! Eternal Night!” Groete snorted disdainfully, and the formidable power that originated from his bloodline created a cloak of darkness covering a fifty-meter range with Nie Tian at the center.

Sectmaster Li Jing, Shen Xiu, and many other Blood sect disciples saw the frightening magic.

From where they were standing, the area that Nie Tian and Groete were at seemed to be drowned by pitch-black ink. Not a single ray of light could be seen coming out of it.

Even when they tried to examine it with their soul consciousness, they felt disrupted by some mysterious energy and couldn’t sense anything.

Li Jing’s expression flickered. After all, as the sectmaster of the Blood sect, she had certain knowledge regarding the outsider demons.

Generally speaking, their powerful bloodlines could be passed on and inherited.

The more powerful the outsider was, the more powerful their descendants normally would be.

The fact that Sarah and the other high-tier outsiders called Groete “Lord” meant that Groete’s parents must be powerful and lofty outsiders, and thus the bloodline they possessed was probably also beyond ordinary.

Even though Groete was still young and not as powerful, his bloodline must be superior to the other high-tier outsiders.

As he grew stronger, he would gradually awaken his bloodline and acquire more abilities. If he could enhance his bloodline power to the eighth or ninth level, he would probably become an overlord of the outsiders.

With these thoughts, Li Jing once again began worrying about Nie Tian’s safety, fearing that the awakened Groete would possess the power to hurt or even kill Nie Tian.

At that moment, the Bone Blood Demon was still trying to cut through a sea of low-tier outsiders.

There had been roughly more than four hundred low-tier outsiders in the area and it had killed almost a quarter of them.

However, numerous fearless low-tier outsiders still charged towards it, as though they didn’t know what death meant. Apparently, their sole purpose was to prevent the Bone Blood Demon from getting close to Nie Tian and Groete for as long as possible, and buy Groete time.

On the other hand, the Flame Dragon Armor was still unleashing raging flame pillars, burning numerous low-tier outsiders alive.

However, it was a spiritual tool after all, so only when commanded by a seasoned master of flame power would it be able to display its might to the fullest.

At this point, Nie Tian was far from being powerful enough to freely control the Flame Dragon Armor. Therefore, the things the Flame Dragon Armor could do for Nie Tian were still limited.

Creating that flame shield around Nie Tian and killing the flood of low-tier outsiders were about it.

If Nie Tian wanted to display more of its formidable power, he would have to put on the Flame Dragon Armor and truly bind their flame power and souls together.

Unfortunately, Nie Tian was only in the Lesser Heaven stage, and thus was not even strong enough to wear it.

As Groete’s purple light ball grew larger and more powerful, Nie Tian’s chaotic magnetic field gradually lost its effect.

Submerged by darkness, Nie Tian could only see a ball of purple light, but soon he found that looking at it made his eyes hurt and tears rolled down his cheeks before he knew it.

He heard the summoning of a mysterious soul from within that purple light ball. A profound voice told him to not hold himself back and walk to it.


He slowly took a step closer towards the purple light ball and found the summons coming from it even more irresistible.

However, he had a strange feeling that the moment he walked up to the purple light ball and touched it would be the moment he died.

As that feeling grew more and more intense, he did his utmost to control himself. However, he discovered that he could only slow down his steps, but couldn’t stop.


Another step was made.

He was one step closer to the only light source in the seemingly endless darkness.

After this step, he completely lost control of his body and what he wanted to do had become pointless.

Devastated, he knew that he only needed to take two more steps to reach the purple light ball, and then he would be devoured by utter darkness.

Only then would he taste the sweet relief of death.

Even though Nie Tian had considered himself to be mentally strong, at that moment, his mental defense had completely broke down and he gave up to destiny.

However, also at that very moment, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated by multiple times, and he seemed to instantly regain a clear mind.

At that moment, he felt like his soul had been suddenly lit up, and he could now see the seven fragmentary stars that hung high in the sky of his soul, emanating light more radiant than ever.

A spray of starlight that could purge the foulness and cleanse the soul poured down from the seven fragmentary stars and filled his entire soul.

He, who was about to make the final steps, suddenly stopped and remained in place like an unwavering mountain, not even moving a muscle.

His blank and bewildered eyes also began to shine with starlight, which seemed to have originated from the seven fragmentary stars in his soul and was now helping him to resist the summons of the purple light ball.

“This is merely an illusion!” Nie Tian finally was able to speak, his eyes shining with bright starlight and raging killing intent.

He lifted his fist and converged his boundless rage on it.

The rage punch he had learned from the mysterious dimension was by far the most powerful technique at his disposal.

With a loud crash, his fist bombarded the purple light ball.


The purple light ball exploded, sending out countless fragmentary purple spots, each and every one of them bearing the intention to penetrate his skin, enter his fist, and then follow his arm to his internal organs.

However, a few wisps of dazzling starlight flew out of the vortex of starlight in Nie Tian’s dantian.

They seemed to have communicated with the stars in the sky. Moments later, bright spots of starlight rained down from the heavens, shone through the dense, light-blocking demon Qi, and gathered on Nie Tian’s body.

The starlight pouring down seemed to have evicted the darkness and purged the demon Qi around Nie Tian.

The dark force originating from the purple light also vanished under the starlight. Clear-minded, Nie Tian was no longer influenced by the dark magic, not even in the slightest.

All of a sudden, Groete’s terrified voice echoed out from within the rapidly dissipating darkness, “Fragmentary Star Incantation!”


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