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Wailing filled Black Cloud City

The descent of a meteor caused the shaking stone buildings within the city to all collapse.

Many mortals, who had ordinary bodies, were shaken by the terrifying quake in their sleep, causing them to spit blood and die.

- Hong rong rong! -

Enormous collision sounds still resounded from the nearby Lingyun Mountain, and the earth continued to shake.

The people that were still alive within Black Cloud City rushed into the streets and cried out loudly.

Within the Nie Family, even the little kids, who had been cultivating since young, survived the tremors due to the spirit force within their bodies.

However, there were still a few aged clansmen who weren't able to escape in time when the buildings collapsed. They were crushed to death and covered by the stone pieces.

Nie Tian was standing on the split stone floor as he heard the cries of his clansmen. His expression sank like water.

Now, he was a hundred percent certain that the rain of meteors that descended from the sky was definitely because of the appearance of the Heavenly Gate in this world.

Because a Heavenly Gate had opened within the Heaven Leaving Domain, it unexpectedly brought a calamity to the Heaven Leaving Domain.

The Black Cloud City and the Lingyun Mountain were both in a state of calamity, so the surrounding cities might have also suffered the strikes of the rain of meteors.

He noticed that, before their descent, the meteors had spread out to the Blood Sect, the Ghost Sect, the Prison Department, as well as the Ling Bao Court, the Black Mist Palace, and the Grey Valley.

He believed that, it wasn't just the mountainous countries that had been devastated. Areas that had many lives gathered were like the Black Cloud City, also having been bombarded by meteors.

"The Yun Family! The Yun Family is done for!"

"The Yun Family was smashed head on by a meteor! That terrifying power is enough the completely exterminate the Yun Family!"

"Is this punishment from the Heavens?"

There were many people shouting on the streets outside the Nie Family, all in a doomsday-like panic.

The panic was rapidly spreading, which gave rise to a feeling of despair that made people believe that there was absolutely no chance of survival under a disaster of Heaven.

"Why would this happen? Why would it be like this?" Jiang Lingzhu was panicked.

"Father! Are you ok?'

It was also at that moment when Nie Tian heard Nie Qian's cries. He turned his head to discover that his grandfather, Nie Donghai, was pushing his head out of the pile of rocks.

Nie Donghai had an embarrassed expression, but his eyes were shining with a bright light.

"I'm fine." He shook his head, some lingering fear remaining on his face. "Luckily, I managed to refine the Spirit Accumulating Pill and recondense my spirit sea. Were it not for the rebuilding of my spirit sea, which allowed me to use my spirit force to protect my body, I...might not have been able to escape from this calamity."

"Father, you've recovered your spirit sea?" Nie Qian was overjoyed.

"Yup." A trace of happiness was shown on Nie Donghai's face. Shortly after, he looked towards the sky, and noticed that flaming meteors no longer streaked across the night sky.

He quietly calmed down and said, "Let's go to the Yun Family to take a look."

"Go! Let's see what's the situation in the Yun Family is after that meteor fell on it!" Pan Tao impatiently said.

"Grandfather, congratulations." Nie Tian sincerely congratulated him.

Nie Donghai had a slight smile on his face as he said, "It's all thanks to the Spirit Accumulating Pill."

At that moment, Nie Tian had also noticed that there weren't any more frightening quakes nearby.

As for the casualties of the Nie Family... he actually didn't care about them.

From the start, he didn't feel any sense of belonging towards the Nie Family. As long as Nie Donghai and Nie Qian had no issues, the deaths within the Nie Family wouldn't affect him.

Quickly, the people from the Nie Family walked out, under the lead of Nie Donghai.

When they arrived at the street where people were rushing through, Nie Tian surveyed his surroundings and noticed that there were many buildings that had collapsed due to the tremors. An enormous, long hole was torn open on the city's sturdy stone floor.

The people in Black Cloud City were all wailing on the streets. Beside them were the corpses that they had dragged out.

There were also many people who had clearly been smashed by the rocks, their chests were filled with bloodstains.

"Master Nie, do you know what happened? Why would meteorites descend from the sky? What did we do to anger the Heavens and make it want to punish us like this?"

On the way, many grievers questioned Nie Donghai with faces full of tears after seeing him.

Nie Donghai took a deep breath. He had no way of giving a logical explanation, and could only silently walk along.

After a long time, everyone had arrived in front of the Yun Family under his lead.

"Nie Tian, you guys have also come?"

An Shiyi, An Yin, as well as An Rong, An He, and the other An Clansmen were gathered in front of the Yun Family.

After seeing them come over, An Shiyi clearly relaxed and said, "It's good that nothing's happened. It's very good that nothing happened to you." Her words was clearly aimed at Nie Tian alone.

As he saw the An Sisters also safe and sound, Nie Tian also relaxed and asked, "Why haven't you guys gone in yet?"

"We're waiting for the aftershocks to end, and waiting...for the lucky clansmen of the Yun Family that managed to survive." An Shiyi lightly sighed and said, "However, there hasn't been a Yun Clansmen that has walked out, up till now. The area where the meteorite landed suffered the most violent tremors. Don't even mention the Yun Family; even the people who lived near the Yun Family, and the people who were related to the Yun Family were shaken to death."

After she said that, Nie Tian only noticed that, there...truly seemed to be no earthshaking cries near the Yun Family.

From the broken entrance of the Yun Family, he could only see an ash-brown meteor. That meteor filled the Yun Family Household, smashing open an enormous hole in the ground of the Yun Family Household.

All of the buildings in the entire Yun Family Household had been smashed into the depths of the earth by that meteor.

The Yun Family seemed to have vanished from Black Cloud City within an instant.

Currently, the original land of their clan only contained an ash-grey meteor. There were fragmentary sparks of fiery light that occasionally flickered on the surface of the meteor.

The An Clansmen that had rushed over didn't dare to go inside when they had first arrived. They were worried that the fiery lights were dangerous, and were waiting for those fiery lights to extinguish.

"The Yun Family...everyone died?" Nie Qian suddenly asked with a soft voice.

An Shiyi was stunned for a moment and deeply looked at her as she said, "I don't think anyone could have escaped if they were in the Yun Family, including the Yun Family's Clan Master Yun Meng.

"Yun Meng also died?" A somewhat complicated expression appeared on Nie Donghai as he begrudgingly said, "I only managed to recondense my spirit sea with such difficulty, and I was planning to "get an explanation" from Yun Meng. I didn't think that...he'd suddenly die like this!"

"I'll go take a look inside." Nie Tian didn't wait for anyone to dissuade him before he digging his way into the Yun Family's broken entrance.

Once he made it inside, he clearly saw that the entire Yun Family Household had been smashed by an enormous meteor, and an enormous hole had appeared below the meteor.

There were many flickering sparks of fire on the surface of the ash-brown meteor, and it seemed as if they were gently moving towards a direction.

Those sparks of fire moved around the area. There were also faint marks on the meteor. Those marks...were twisting, as if they contained some kind of unknown wonder inside them.

"Be careful Little Tian!"

An Shiyi, Nie Donghai, and Nie Qian loudly advised him.

Because, at that moment, the reckless Nie Tian had actually climbed on top of the meteor to pursue a moving dot of fire. He then headed towards the centre of the meteor.

They also charged into the Yun Family Household one after another and stopped beside the meteor. They anxiously watched, making sure he didn't make a reckless move.

On the other hand, Nie Tian noticed that the ash-grey meteor no longer had any danger, except for it being slightly burning hot. He ignored their advice and continued walking alone.

Quickly, Nie Tian had pursued the spark of fire to the middle of the meteor.

There were even more sparks of fire gathered there, which had converged into a mysterious pattern.

The pattern looked like a half opened gate that was unceasingly letting those sparks of light inside.

When the many sparks of light that were scattered around the meteor slowly fused with the pattern, the pattern became brighter and brighter, and that "Gate" slowly opened further from that half opened state...

"A gate?"

Nie Tian's expression changed as he suddenly crouched down to carefully observe it.

"Could it be that...this pattern has a relationship with the Heavenly Gate? Was it formed because of the Heavenly Gate?" He secretly pondered.

- Chi chi! -

While he pondered, even more sparks of fire merged into that pattern, and the pattern became increasingly bright!

Nie Tian, who was staring at the pattern, immediately noticed that all of the sparks of fire, which were moving around the surface of the meteor, merged into the pattern within an extremely short period of time.

The pattern that was like a "Gate" turned increasingly bright, and a gentle power spread out from it.

Nie Tian unconsciously extended his hand out to touch it.

When his left hand touched the pattern, it suddenly exploded out, and the countless flickering sparks of fire were like a rainstorm that suddenly flew into his hand.

A numb and scorching feeling spread out through his arm, and he suddenly discovered that a pattern was rapidly appearing on the back of his hand.

That pattern was the "Gate" that he had just touched!

The pattern on the meteor instantly disappeared. However, it appeared on the back of his palm like a tattoo!

"The key to stepping into the Heavenly Gate!" Nie Tian happily cried out.

Note: The "Gate" pattern is this character: 门

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