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The second day.

After Nie Donghai obtained the Spirit Accumulating Pill, he started rapidly refining the pill, attempting to recondense his spirit sea.

He ignored the small and big issues within the Nie Family, and he even temporarily put the issue of the Lingyun Sect being surrounded by the experts of the Prison Department in the back of his mind.

The master of the An Family, An Rong, found out about the great changes that had occurred to the Ling Bao Court from An Shiyi. He was aware of the unrest that the Heaven Leaving Domain was undergoing because of them. Due to the unrest, he discussed with the An Sisters for the whole night.

When Nie Tian saw him in the morning, he saw his worried frown, as if he had suddenly aged.

The reason why Pan Tao rushed to Black Cloud City was to originally borrow the power of the Lingyun Sect to help his sect. After he learned that the Lingyun Sect was trapped by the Prison Department, his expression also sank, and he stopped having the smiling expression that he used to have in the past.

Jiang Lingzhu and Ye Gumo also had heavy worries in their hearts. They were worried for the Lingyun Sect.

Nie Tian could see the dark cloud of worry on everyone's expression, and understood why they were troubled.

"You guys... have you ever heard of the Heavenly Gate?" He asked.

"The Heavenly Gate?"

Everyone shook their heads and expressed that they knew nothing of it.

"That's odd…" Nie Tian was astounded and explained to them, "It's a gate that only Lianqi Warriors of the Houtian, Zhongtian, and Xiantian Realms can enter. Every few years, three Heavenly Gates will appear within the nine domains of the Meteorite Land. Rumour says that it's a land that contains things for people of the Three Heavens Realm to experience. How do you guys not know about it?"

Everyone still shook their head and told him that they had never heard of such a thing.

"Little Tian, why would you suddenly talk about this?" Nie Qian had a confused look.

"That…" Nie Tian deliberated for a while before speaking, "I've obtained information that a Heavenly Gate will appear near the Prison Department in our Heaven Leaving Domain soon."

However, the interest that everyone expressed towards the Heavenly Gate, which they didn't know much about, wasn't too great.

Instead, they were curious about how Nie Tian had obtained the information.

"It's a piece of information that I obtained from the command medallion that my master left for me." Using an excuse, Nie Tian detailedly explained the details of the Heavenly Gate, the fantastic world that the Heavenly Gate led to, the various types of immemorial mysteries, the secret patterns of the various tribes, as well as the cultivation secrets, various heavenly materials, and spirit equipment left behind by the ancient Lianqi warriors.

Once they heard that the information was supposedly from Wu Ji, everyone was secretly moved. After hearing about the various wonders within the Heavenly Gate, everyone's expression clearly changed.

At that moment, Nie Tian told them about how the Prison Department, Ghost Sect, and the Blood Sect were the first to obtain the information regarding the Heavenly Gate, which led them to impatiently make a move against the Ling Bao Court, which was done in order to weaken their strength to make sure that they had insufficient strength to enter the Heavenly Gate.

"The Heavenly Gate is actually such a magical thing!" An Rong was dumbstruck. "Even experts from the other domains secretly colluded with the Prison Department, Ghost Sect, and the Blood Sect for a chance to arrange for people to step through the Heavenly Gate?"

"My master said that he hoped that everyone could spread the information." Nie Tian borrowed Wu Ji's name to spread the news.

"With your master's abilities, he only needs to say a sentence for everyone under the heavens know about it. Why does he want to pass it out through you?" Pan Tao was blank.

"That…" Nie Tian furrowed his brows. "It's temporarily inconvenient for him."

Pan Tao was originally confused. Shortly after, he thought it through and said, "It seems like the two Mysterious Realm experts of the Prison Department are still preventing your master from leaving the Lingyun Sect! It should be because of them that your master hasn't told everyone, and can only tell you about it due to your command medallion."

"It should be because of that." Nie Tian followed his words and said.

"I'll return to the An Family and tell this piece of information to everyone related to the An Family." An Rong made a prompt decision and instructed An Shiyi, "You also go to the Ling Bao Court division in Black Cloud City and use a secret method to tell the Ling Bao Court divisions of the other cities about the invasion of the Ling Bao Court, as well as the issue of the Heavenly Gate."

"Yes!" An Shiyi nodded her head.

Quickly, An Rong and the An Sisters hurriedly left the Nie Family.

Jiang Lingzhu, who heard about the secret issue of the Heavenly Gate, was also secretly shocked. She discussed with Ye Gumo about how they should pass the information on to the Lingyun Sect.

Pan Tao was also completely astonished.

"I'll make a trip to the Yun Family and let them know about the enormous changes that occurred to the Ling Bao Court as well as the issue of the Heavenly Gate, and I'll ask them to quickly inform the Grey Valley!" After a while, Pan Tao suddenly rose and headed towards the Yun Family.

No matter whether it was the abnormalities that occurred in the Ling Bao Court, or the issue of the Lingyun Sect being surrounded by the Prison Department, Nie Tian couldn't help any of them.

He felt that the only way to help them was to listen to Hua Mu and quickly spread the information of the opening of the Heavenly Gate, thereby letting the Ling Bao Court know of the real reason why they were invaded, and letting the Lingyun Sect, the Grey Valley, and the Black Mist Palace to make preparations to deal with the waves that were even greater than before.

He didn't go anywhere during the next two days, and only stayed within the Black Cloud City, waiting for news.

The Grey Valley.

The many Lianqi warriors, who were wearing grey and white robes, were gathered within a dusky valley. The low cries of many birds rang out, as if they were waiting for an order.

The Lianqi warriors in the area weren't just limited to experts from the Grey Valley. There were also many people that came over from the Black Mist Palace.

The Valley Master of the Grey Valley, Lu Ce, as well as the Palace Head of the Black Mist Palace, Chu Siyun, were standing side by side.

There were more than ten Grade Three and Grade Four bird-type spirit beasts behind the two of them. Although the rank of those spirit beasts weren't as high as the Dark Thunder Beast, they still had the ability to soar through the sky.

Up till today, they had already used various channels to obtain knowledge about the enormous changes that occurred to the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, and the Prison Department sieging of the Lingyun Sect.

Since the Lingyun Sect, who was the closest to the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, was already unable to help the Ling Bao Court, they, who knew about this information, prepared to use their greatest speed to rush towards the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

Besides the fact that they had sworn a blood oath with the Ling Bao Court to become their allies, many people of the Grey Valley and the Black Mist Palace had participated in the Treasure Viewing Gathering.

They naturally couldn't tolerate the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect running amok.

When they heard about the flood of magma within the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, they used all their strength to gather up more than ten bird-type spirit beasts to rush over there to help out,

While they were waiting to accumulate their power, a youth in charge of gathering intelligence for the Grey Valley rushed forward and hastily reports, "Valley Master, please wait for a moment! I've just received some news from the Black Cloud City's Yun Family!"

"What?" Lu Ce furrowed his brows.

"The Yun Family over there said that Wu Ji's disciple, that youngster called Nie Tian, is helping his master pass a message on." That youth had a solemn and respectful expression as he continued, "He said that one of the three Heavenly Gates is about to open near the Prison Department of our Heaven Leaving Domain. The Prison Department obtained this information earlier. That was why they urged the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect to invade the Ling Bao Court."

"He said that experts from other domains have already formed an agreement with the Prison Department, the Ghost Sect, and the Blood Sect, allowing them to send a few Lianqi warriors in the Three Heavens Realms to enter that Heavenly Gate near the Prison Department."

He rapidly explained the information that Nie Tian had spread out using a crowd to Lu Ce and Chu Siyun.

"The Heavenly Gate!"

Lu Ce and Chu Siyun were suddenly shocked when he raised the issue of the Heavenly Gate.

After that youth had explained the reasons behind the attacks to Lu Ce and Chu Siyun, their bodies trembled, as if their hearts had been thoroughly shaken.

Jiang Lingzhu, Pan Tao, and the others didn't know about the history of the Heavenly Gate and its secrets because they were too young and their cultivation realms were too low.

Their elders did not think that a Heavenly Gate would open within the Heavenly Leaving Domain. Thus, they didn't explain it to them.

However, Lu Ce, who was the Grey Valley's Valley Master, and the Black Mist Palace's Palace Head, Chu Siyun, naturally knew about it.

"The Heavenly Gate! So it's the Heavenly Gate!" Lu Ce took a deep breath and excitedly said, "No wonder the Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect didn't hesitate to start an internal fight within the Heaven Leaving Domain and took the initiative to invade the Ling Bao Court! The Heavenly Gate, it's all because a Heavenly Gate will open within the Heaven Leaving Domain! They're making preparations to step through the Heavenly Gate!"

The Black Mist Palace's Chu Siyun pondered for a while and made a prompt decision, "Even if we currently go over to the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range, it might already be too late, and our efforts will have been wasted. On the other hand, the Prison Department is only arranging troops to be stationed at the Lingyun Sect, and not to start a massacre. We also don't have to advance there."

"In my opinion, since those three parties have made a move, and the Heavenly Gate is going to open at the Prison Department, why don't we…"

"Why don't we directly massacre our way to the Prison Department!"

Lu Ce's eyes brightened as he said, "Good plan! If we take the chance to attack the Prison Department while their experts are at the Lingyun Sect, we can deal heavy damage to the Prison Department! Like this, not only can we strike at the Prison Department, we can cause the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect to become cautious! We'll also indirectly help the Lingyun Sect and the Ling Bao Court break free of the pressure of those three parties!"

"Then it's settled!" Chu Siyun shouted.

"Compared to the Prison Department, the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range is a bit further away!" Lu Ce ferociously shouted, "All sect members that are of the Xiantian Realm or higher, immediately depart for the Prison Department! As long as you meet someone from the Prison Department, immediately kill them! Since a Heavenly Gate is opening within the Heaven Leaving Domain, blood will flow within the Heaven Leaving Domain, whether we like it or not!"

"The Black Mist Palace will do the same!" Chu Siyun also gave his command.

Under the command of the two people, the strong Lianqi Warriors from the Grey Valley and the Lingyun Sect roared out in reply as they quickly headed towards the Prison Department.

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