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"Little Miss, Little Ying!"

From the tower, the An Family's An He also stuck out his head and raised his hand to greet them.

Nie Tian raised his head to look, and discovered that it wasn't just Wu Tao and An He, but even the Yun Family's Yun Zhiguo were up there.

- Hu! -

After waiting for everyone to get off, the Dark Thunder Beast that sent everyone here swept its wings and flew up into the sky. Within a moment, not a trace of it could be seen.

- Zhi ya! -

The heavy city gates slowly opened. Nie Tian and the others had moods that were as heavy as the city gates as they walked into Black Cloud City.

The great door was facing the direction of the Lingyun Sect. Usually, only when the sky was dark would it shut tightly.

Currently, it was daytime. Therefore, something was clearly amiss, since the city gates were shut.

He quietly thought for a moment, and realized that the shut city gates were actually to guard against the experts of the Prison Department.

However, the true strength of the Prison Department was stronger than the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect. If they truly wanted to enter Black Cloud would Black Cloud City defend with only its own strength?

"My dad made you guys stay in Black Cloud City?" Once she entered the city, Jiang Lingzhu immediately asked, "Just what in the world happened?"

"I don't know. It seems like...the Lingyun Mountain has been surrounded." The Nie Family's Wu Tao bitterly laughed.

"Little Miss, do you want to return home first?" An He asked.

"We'll go the the Nie Family first. Also, tell master to also go to the Nie Family." An Shiyi replied.

"Alright." An He nodded his head.

Shortly after, everyone headed towards the Nie Family. During the journey, Wu Tao explained to them what had happened. Two days ago, the Lingyun Sect's Li Fan suddenly came and told everyone to not leave Black Cloud City for a short while.

However, Li Fan didn't talk about the specific reason behind it. Contrarily, the Yun Family, who was attached to the Grey Valley, obtained some news, and knew that there were some unknown experts lingering around the Lingyun Sect.

From the tower, the Yun Family's Yun Zhiguo looked at Nie Tian's party going towards the Nie Family with a somewhat complicated expression.

"The Dark Thunder Beast. That youngster...has actually been truly taken in as a disciple by the Lingyun Sect's old immortal."

Yun Zhiguo lightly sighed. He knew that after today, the Nie Family would be able to stably stand straight within the Black Cloud City because of Nie Tian. And their Yun Family...would find it difficult to contend against the Nie Family.

Not long after, Nie Tian and the others arrived at the Nie Family.

When Nie Donghai learned that Nie Tian was coming along with Jiang Lingzhu, he enthusiastically came out to greet them and inquire about what had happened at the Lingyun Sect.

Nie Qian naturally also came out to welcome them.

Quickly, the An Family's master An Rong, who had also heard the news, also rushed over to the Nie Family.

The people of Black Cloud City hadn't received news about the enormous changes that occurred within the Ling Bao Court. The experts from the Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect had sealed the sect entrance of the Ling Bao Court, causing all transmission stones to lose effect.

The clansmen of the Nie Family, including An Rong, assumed that Nie Tian had just returned from the Lingyun Sect, and were also curious why they left.

"We escaped from the Ling Bao Court."

An Shiyi lightly sighed and detailedly explained about the enormous changes that occurred in the Ling Bao Court due to the invasion of the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect. She explained about the Earth Flame Beast that was hidden within the depths of the earth's core, and about the incident of the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range being filled with lava.

While she was explaining these things, the Clan Elders of the Nie Faimly also gathered.

When she finished speaking, the expressions of all of the Nie Clansmen, as well as the An Family's An Rong and An He, turned extremely ugly.

They would never have predicted that such startling changes would occur in the Ling Bao Court. The continuous movements of the Prison Department, the Ghost Sect, and the Blood Sect had already caused a cruel internal battle within the Heaven Leaving Domain

Once a battle like that started, it would not end shortly, and would possibly extend for a very long time..

The Nie Family was only a subordinate clan of the Lingyun Sect. In front of those tyrannical sects, which had existed in the Heaven Leaving Domain for many years, the strength of the Nie Family was so low that it could be ignored.

Once the bloody battle that spread across the entire Heaven Leaving Courtyard continued, there would be a day when it would spread to them.

Once they thought about the bloody winds and rains that would sweep across the peaceful Heaven Leaving Domain, Nie Donghai and An Rong turned depressed as they thought about the terror in the future.

"Grandfather, this is the Spirit Accumulating Pill. This can help build up your shattered spirit sea from new."

Looking at the worried Nie Donghai, Nie Tian thought for a moment, took out the case containing the Spirit Accumulating Pill, and passed it over.

"Spirit Accumulation Pill?" Nie Donghai was stunned.

He didn't have too deep of an understanding regarding the grades and effects of the various types of pills, and thus didn't know of the existence of the Spirit Accumulating Pill.

And the Spirit Accumulating Pill had never appeared in the Heaven Leaving Domain like this before. With his identity and status, he would normally be unable to even touch the Spirit Accumulating Pill. Therefore, he was slightly blank.

An Shiyi explained, "This Spirit Accumulating Pill comes from the Hidden Underworld Domain. Its greatest effect is to rebuild a broken spirit sea."

Nie Donghai's eyes suddenly brightened.

Nie Qian was also stunned. With her voice trembling, she asked, "Is this true?"

An Shiyi gently nodded her head.

"I didn't think that, I didn't think that...I would see the day that I could recover my spirit sea and start cultivating again." The hand that Nie Donghai used to receive the case was incessantly trembling, and his excitement was hard to control.

For many years, he had been dreaming of recondensing his spirit sea to continue cultivating.

After the destruction of his spirit sea, his gate to cultivation was closed forever. Because of this, his precious position in the Nie Family dropped a thousand zhang in one fall (declined rapidly), which let Nie Beichuan seize the opportunity and take the position of the clan master.

Those Clan Elders, which had previously looked highly upon him and had supported him, also gradually distanced themselves from him and abandoned him.

He had withstood far too much pressure during these past few years. The pressure had almost overwhelmed him, making him have no thoughts of resisting at all.

Were it not for Nie Tian sweeping across the sky and being a disciple of the Lingyun Sect through an exception to the rule, he would've lost everything.

"Dad, temporarily ignore the issue of the Black Cloud City! Quickly go a private room to refine the Spirit Accumulating Pill to recondense your spirit sea!" Nie Qian was unable to contain her joy as she spoke.

"Yes!" Nie Donghai took a deep breath and forcefully calmed himself down. After he apologised to An Rong, he impatiently rushed away.

The clansmen of the Nie Family used an incomparably amazed gaze to look at Nie Tian. They were secretly moved.

Nie Tian actually managed to obtain a precious pill from another domain during the Treasure Viewing Gathering that could solve the problem that had been weighing down on Nie Donghai for many years.

Furthermore, according to Wu Tao, Nie Tian had rode a fantastic, flying spirit beast to Black Cloud City.

They only knew that Nie Tian was accepted by the Lingyun Sect. However, they didn't have sufficient status, and only heard that Nie Tian was looked highly upon by an expert within the Lingyun Sect. They didn't even know whether it was real or fake.

At that moment, they suddenly realised that the youngster that previously only had brute force and no mystical talent within the Nie Family had already become like a fish that had jumped through the dragon gate and had become an extraordinary figure.

"Ha! I already knew that you weren't ordinary! I didn't think that you'd actually find a Spirit Accumulating Pill for your grandfather!"

"Good child! The Nie Family is proud of you!"

"In the future, please come back if you're free! All of the children in the clan will treat you as a model!"

Those Clan Elders suddenly generously praised Nie Tian. Their faces were filled with a loving smile. They rubbed Nie Tian's head to express their kindness and gentleness.

Nie Tian, who already knew that they were just giving him face, laughed and used the excuse of being tired to leave the Nie Family's main hall.

An Rong didn't leave urgently. He followed the An Sisters and chose a guest room within the Nie Family to softly and secretly converse about what the An Family should do if the Ling Bao Court was destroyed.

Jiang Lingzhu and Ye Gumo, who couldn't return to the Lingyun Sect, could only temporarily stay in the Nie Family and wait for information from the Lingyun Sect.

Pan Tao also stayed behind.

At night, Nie Tian, who was truly somewhat exhausted, didn't cultivate within his room. Instead, he meditated.

He was pondering about the sudden changes that occurred in the Heaven Leaving Domain. The respective great sects could launch a full-frontal war because of the battle in the Scarlet Flame Mountain Range.

This battle could last for a period of time. should he treat it?

Late at night.

He, who had been thinking hard without any results, suddenly felt something and opened his eyes.

Within the gloomy stone room without a lamp, a vague figure gradually became clearer.

"Who is it?" Nie Tian let out a low shout.

That figure seemed to have been condensed out of many types of underworldly lights. After several seconds, the lights were absorbed into the figure.

"Nie Tian, long time no see." That person softly spoke.

"Hua, Mister Hua?" Nie Tian was alarmed.

The visitor was unexpectedly the doctor that had saved his life many years ago, Hua Mu.

Hua Mu let out a low laugh. He took out two human heads from what seemed to be his sleeve, and put them on the stone floor. He spoke, "Do you recognise these two people?"

"Gan Kang and Lai Yi!" Nie Tian was dumbstruck.

The human heads that Hua Mu put on the floor clearly belonged to the Treasure Court's Refining Master, Gan Kang, as well as Lai Yi, who came from the Hidden Underworld Domain.

"This is something that you recognise, and something that you shouldn't. There were also a few other people that came from the Hidden Underworld Domain." Hua Mu's expression was as normal as he said, "I've killed those foreigners from the Hidden Underworld Domain. The news about the Flame Dragon Armor shouldn't leak out within a short time."

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