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Hu Sheng’s figure retreated and he looked at Zhao Mantian in disbelief, his eyes filled with aghast, " you are in the Supreme Realm?"

How could Zhao Mantian injure him if he wasn’t in the Supreme Realm?

Even though Zhao Mantian had killed Zuo Datong in a single blow, he did not exude a particularly strong aura.

It had misguided Hu Sheng into thinking that Zhao Mantian was not all that powerful.

To kill Zuo Datong in a single blow was something that someone in the advanced Xiantian realm could do too.

As such, never in his wildest dreams would Hu Sheng expect that Zhao Mantian had entered the Supreme Realm.

If he had known this earlier, he would have never chosen to protect Zuo Datong, he may have chose to run a long time ago!

However, it was too late now.

Zhao Mantian smiled hypocritically, "Scared now?"

Hu Sheng stared widely at Zhao Mantian and hollered, "Zhao Mantian, you dare to kill me?"

"I dare!" Zhao Mantian had already lost interest in continuing the conversation, opting to attack immediately.

Hu Sheng’s hand was crippled and was relatively disadvantaged.

Even though he was in the Supreme Realm, the Nine Tailed bloodline Zhao Mantian could easily suppress him.

Within the first five rounds of battle, Zhao Mantian had already ripped off one of his arms.

Hu Sheng screamed pitifully!


Zhao Mantian’s punch landed on Hu Sheng’s throat, shattering it instantly.

A fist sized fox rushed out of Hu Sheng’s Dantian, and it radiated with a strong red glow, carrying with it the limitless Supreme Realm Aura.

Once it got out, it tried to escape!

This was Hu Sheng’s Nascent Soul!

For cultivators in the Supreme Realm, they could cultivate a nascent soul within them!

The nascent soul was extremely quick, and it was poised to exit Qing Qiu in the blink of an eye.

Zhao Mantian moved quickly, almost like a bolt of lightning.

He raised a finger and fired a ray of light towards the red fox.

"You dare..." The red fox cried pitifully.


The little red fox exploded immediately!

An unparalleled force exploded in all directions.

It was almost the entire space was being contorted!

A huge palace structure collapsed in an instant!

No one in the Qing Qiu ancestral land knew what happened.

Everyone kneeled on the ground, shivering.

Those of lower cultivation levels even morphed into their original forms and peed their pants...

The explosion of Hu Sheng’s nascent soul was equivalent to a god’s soul being snuffed out!

Before Hu Sheng died, an incredibly strong wave of resentment flew towards Zhao Mantian.

It was like an arrow, aimed straight for Zhao Mantian’s body.

"You still want to harm people after death?" Zhao Mantian chuckled coldly.

His body exploded with an awe inducing blood aura!

When the wave of resentment came into contact with the aura of blood, it disappeared instantly.

At this point, Zhao Mantian surveyed his surroundings coldly whilst standing in mid air.

The entire Qing Qiu was quiet!

Soon after, many of the Qing Qiu Fox species began to break out in cheers.

However, there were also a lot of people who were extremely depressed!

When Elder Lu saw that figure suspended in mid air, he spat out a mouthful of blood and crumpled to the ground.

He knew that it was all over!

Zhao Mantian said flatly whilst floating in mid air, "You have committed unforgivable crimes. I hereby give you one chance to take your own life!"

After he finished, his silhouette disappeared in a flash.

There was no other sound made in the entire Qing Qiu.

In the next moment, Zhao Mantian appeared at the cave in the cliff next to the abyss. He tossed a miniature recording camera to Xiao Yue and laughed, "The modern technology is actually of some use."

"You recorded all of it down?" Xiao Yue heaved a sigh of relief.

"Yes, wasn’t that your wish?" Zhao Mantian smiled as he looked at Xiao Yue in an overly pampering manner.

"Even though some things do not require evidence, isn’t it better to have the evidence on hand?" Xiao Yue looked at Zhao Mantian before activating the playback feature.

After Xiao Yue finished watching it, she said, "Well done big brother! Good kill! B*tches deserve to die!"


"Now that the Qing Qiu Sect Leader is back, unrest is quelled quickly."

"I heard that the the Qing Qiu Elder had a violent confrontation with Zhao Mantian, and he was no match for Zhao Mantian."

"The Qing Qiu Elder not only tried to cover up for Zuo Datong and his gang, he even tried to bring harm to Qing Qiu’s treasured daughter, Xiao Yue..."

"Elder Hu Sheng had committed a long list of heinous crimes back in the day..."

"Sect Leader Zhao is indeed a Heaven’s Pride Talent, according to reliable reports..."

Under Xiao Yue’s careful manipulation, the events in Qing Qiu were slowly leaked to the outside world.

Sect Leader Zhao’s battle prowess awed countless people!

The ancient schools who had brought large amount of treasures became more solemn upon hearing the news.

They were glad that the person handling the situation at that time was the late Qing Qiu Elder.

If it had been Zhao Mantian... they may not even have the chance to retrieve their people!

They would probably be killed on the spot?

This was too scary!

This Qing Qiu Sect Leader was suffocatingly terrifying. He was so oppressive no one dared to befriend him.

Those Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists who had been released from their captivity felt extremely fortunate after hearing the news.

"Do not antagonize the Qing Qiu people!"

"Zhao Mantian’s talent is too terrifying, he is already in the Supreme Realm despite his tender age..."

"Warn all the disciples, do not antagonize the Qing Qius..."

Dragon City.

Chu Yu had already isolated himself for seven days.

He was trying to breakthrough the Heart Meridian, one of the 20 meridians in his body!

The Heart Meridian governed the heart, blood vessels, brain, and mind.

In modern science, the heart is known as the body’s driver and is the most important organ.

This was equally true in the eyes of a cultivator!

Before getting the Superclass, Chu Yu had seen many Invigorated Meridian Realm techniques.

However, in all the manuals, they did not clearly specify which meridian should be broken through first.

Almost as if this was unimportant.

However, in the Superclass, the order in which the meridians should be broken through was clearly stated.

Even though the differences could not be seen in the elementary stages, there would be a terrifyingly enormous difference in the advanced stages!

If one followed the cultivation order in the Superclass, one could accumulate more energy and enjoy more benefits for future progression!

However, the exact benefits were not stated in the Superclass.

However, to Chu Yu, he would definitely follow the instructions in the saint’s legacy.

The seventh day!

Chu Yu had continuously harnessed his energy to breakthrough the meridian, and he was at the most crucial stage.

After he’s successful, he can enter the Invigorated Meridian Realm and become and Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist!

The 1000+ acupoints in Chu Yu’s body continuously gushed with immense power. They accumulated at the Heart Meridian and were all directed straight at the remnants of the shackles!


It was as if the gates were opened!

A wave of unparalleled energy gushed through Chu Yu’s entire Heart Meridian in an instant!

If the power of Acupoint Charging was like a huge geyser, then the power of Invigorated Meridian was like a raging, roaring river!

That wave of ferocious power made Chu Yu feel like he was about to sublime!

Now that the Heart Meridian had been broken through, he felt all of his blood vessels become tougher. He became more cognisant, his six senses became sharper and his mental energy became stronger by manifold in an instant!

The entire world seemed to be more alive!

"The difference between Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian realms... is indeed extremely great!"

Chu Yu could not help but gasp in awe.

Even though he had only broken through one of his meridians, this was quite an incredible breakthrough to Chu Yu.

His cultivation technique, as well as the mystic purple gas, was supporting him, allowing his battle power to far exceed martial artists of his same cultivation level.

Chu Yu quietly relished the power that he now possessed after breaking through his heart meridian.

At this point, he began using the Killing Days Heart Technique. The rate at which he absorbed the spiritual energy around him was even more terrifying.

When he began to train, a halo of spiritual energy began to form above his head!

However, if there was someone there training near him, he may not even be able to get 10% of his usual spiritual energy!

"It’s time to go out and take a look."

Chu Yu left his place of isolation and went outside.

When he switched on his phone, he found a ton of messages on it.

He sped read through all the messages and could not help but smile to himself.

"Big Brother is awesome!" He sent out a message.

Very quickly, he received a reply, "I am waiting for you to exhibit your prowess in the North!"

At this point, he saw a yellow silhouette rushing towards him. When Chu Yu focused on it, he realised it was Old Yellow.

When it came to Chu Yu, it was panting heavily, "Quick... quickly go save your bird, any later, and it’ll be eaten by someone!"

"What?" Chu Yu’s forehead flashed with anger.

There are people looking for trouble in the Dragon City?

"Bring me there!"

After running a few steps, he found Old Yellow to be too slow. He picked it up and commanded, "Just direct me there!"

He sprinted like a bolt of lightning in that direction. Old Yellow was stunned, how did this jerk... become so much stronger?

In a mountain range about 100 miles outside the Dragon City.

This used to be a village. However, thirty years ago, with the recovery of the earth and a large influx of spiritual energy, the vegetation here had grown out of control. Within the short span of a few years, this had become a vast, ancient forest.

The villagers had also vacated the area a long time ago.

At this point, Lord Thief was being strangled by a thick, 2 meter long silver snake, completely immobilised.

Lord Thief was already at Acupoint Charging Stage 10, and the average spiritual life form was not its match.

However, it seemed extremely weak in the face of this snake.

A black robed man stood a distance away, wearing a hoodie. His head was lowered and it was impossible to see his face.

The silver snake opened its mouth and extended its crimson forked tongue, but spoke in human language, "Little bird, I am giving you one last chance to tell me the truth, or I will eat you."

Lord Thief was completely immobilized and it found it difficult to talk, "I have already told you... Chu Yu doesn’t have any saint’s legacy, but you refuse to believe me... what more do you want me to say?"

"Since you don’t want to say, go and die!" The silver snake’s voice became icy, its tone apathetic.

It opened its mouth widely and was preparing to swallow the Lord Thief.

"Ay... no, don’t eat me, Brother Snake, we can always talk things out!" Lord Thief shrieked.

"How many times have you used this tactic?" The silver snake said coldly as its open mouth still went towards Lord Thief.

At this point, it suddenly stopped. Its head was raised as it hissed, its icy eyes fixated on the horizon.

A figure had appeared here at an unprecedented speed.

The black robed man attacked Chu Yu without a second word.

A huge wave of energy fluctuation exploded from the black robed man.

This was an Invigorated Meridian Stage 10 and above expert!

In his hand was a palm sized blade with a ring below it. It was worn on the finger, and could be easily concealed.

When one was about to attack, the ring just needed to be turned around and it would become a sharp point when a punch was thrown!

The blade glowed with an icy chill as it flew towards Chu Yu’s throat!


Chu Yu slapped the robed man and sent him flying.

The sound of his skull shattering sent chills down everyone’s spines.

The black robed man landed a few hundred meters away. His body twitched briefly before all movement ceased.

A martial artist of such cultivation level could actually be killed by a single slap from Chu Yu!

That silver serpent’s eyes were filled with caution as it looked coldly at Chu Yu, "You dare to kill my slave?"

Chu Yu was stunned, he had thought that the man was the serpent’s master...

"Let me warn you... do not find trouble with me, scram now and I won’t take issue with the fact that you killed my slave." The silver serpent’s voice was icy, its attitude imposing.

Chu Yu took out the Spirit Stunning Bow and attacked!

The silver serpent moved its head to one side and dodged Chu Yu’s sudden attack!

Its speed was equally unimaginable as it instantly let go of its grasp on Lord Thief.

It tensed like a bow -

In the next instant, like a bolt of silver lightning, it launched itself at Chu Yu!

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