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Xiao Zhangqing felt that he was incredibly unlucky.

He had been exploring the palace compound for a long time, but could not gain entry into a single room.

His initial emotions of excitement and expectation momentarily dipped to a new low.

Yet, just at that moment, a huge terrifying beast had appeared. It had a striking resemblance to the Zheng described in the Classic of Mountains and Seas.

After it saw him, it was as if it saw the murderer of its entire family. It’s body was filled with a burning rage and it dashed towards him manically.

In that one encounter, Xiao Zhangqing had wasted one of the protective magical equipment that he had never utilised before. That was one of the treasures that he had gotten from a previous ruins exploration.

Even though he couldn’t be sure of its quality, he guessed that it was above the Xiantian realm!

Which aged martial artist who had explored many ruins wouldn’t have a few secret treasures in reserve?

Xiao Zhangqing did not have any time to feel heartache for wasting that magical item, having to turn around and run for his life.

For some reason, this terrifying beast had its eyes locked on him, chasing him relentlessly.

He had done some research into the magical formation, and he had some magical equipment with him, if he made his way through the magical formation slowly, there shouldn’t be a big problem.

Yet, in his manic attempt to escape, where would he find the time to analyze and calculate?

As such, within a short span of time, Xiao Zhangqing was nearly killed a few times by the killing formations.

Blood was flowing from his body, making him look extremely pitiful.

Heck finding treasure, heck fate and opportunity, he can forget all of it... if he could get out alive, it would be an achievement!

He finally managed to see the end, and escaped from the magical formation, barely holding on to life.

The Zheng continued to roar in frustration behind him, but did not give chase.

Xiao Zhangqing sat on the floor, his body about to collapse from exhaustion. He breathed heavily and turned back to take a look, his courage still eluding him.

The grand and majestic palace compound was still clearly in his view.

He could not sense any danger from out here.

Xiao Zhangqing sighed to the heavens, and when the depression hit him, he could not help but cry.

What kind of bloody luck was this?

It was clearly a well preserved ancient ruins, even without finding the depository of manuals, finding an ordinary weapons cache would have yielded terrifying returns.

In the end, not only did he not get anything, he lost a pile of magical equipment and almost lost his life.

He wanted to turn around and scream his anger, but yet he did not dare to. Heaven knows if that thing would burst out from within?

In fact, he had heard the Zheng’s thunderous roar prior to this, and had been hiding carefully.

Who would have thought he would be so unlucky...

Xiao Zhangqing retrieved a few medicinal pellets and consumed them. He then got some external application medicine and hissed as he applied that on his wounds.

All his aura had dissipated completely, his face was pathetic and depressing.

After a while, he stood up and stumbled towards the river bank.

He did not expect to see a few people standing on the bank some distance away when he raised his head. Their faces were full of shock when they saw his state.

"Senior Xiao!" Liu Fang ran towards Xiao Zhangqing, his eyes full of suspicion, "Did senior meet with danger?"

Xiao Zhangqing’s heart felt like it had been trampled over by ten thousand camels.

What was this?

Liu Fang’s heart was full of shock, and he couldn’t resist but glance at the palace grounds not far away.He thought to himself , "How would we have known the dangers that lay inside this place?"

However, all of them heard the thunderous roar of the beast clearly, and they were scared pale.

The fact that there was a living thing inside an ancient ruin that has existed for aeons struck fear in all of them.

First it was Qi Heng, barely clinging to life, his entire body crippled, and his appearance so pitiful that his parents would not recognize him.

Even before they could resuscitate Qi Heng, they turned to see the powerful Senior Xiao escape from inside embarrassingly.

They were so full of confidence just a moment ago, yet now, reality hit them in the face like a splash of ice water, causing them to think about retreating.

Xiao Zhangqing adjusted his collar, barely able to make himself seem presentable.

Yet, the serious injuries and the ripped T-shirt gave away his distress.

However, in the next instant, Xiao Zhangqing forgot all of these. He saw Qi Heng lying on the ground, hanging on to his last breath.

"Is this... Junior Qi? How did he end up like this?"

Even though Xiao Zhangqing did not like Qi Heng, however, when he saw Qi Heng’s plight, his heart ached with sadness for his fallen comrade.

Who said that a well preserved ancient ruin was a good place? If anyone says that to me next time, I will fight it out with him!

"It is young master Qi, his injuries are severe." Liu Fang smiled bitterly.

"At this point, Qi Heng who was lying there, let out a strained whimper, before he slowly... opened his eyes.

"I’m... still alive?" Qi Heng said weakly.

"Young master Qi, you’re awake?" Liu Fang rushed over, not wanting anyone to take his credit!

This involved saving Qi Heng’s live!

Qi Heng was extremely influential in Jiu Xiao.

Qi Heng woke up, and felt as if his entire body was being torn apart. That kind of deep seated pain made him want to die.

He could not even move his finger, and his doll face was completely scrunched up, his nose broken and off to one side.

"Young master Qi, this is a superior healing medicinal pellet, open your mouth and I’ll feed it to you."

Liu Fang felt a little heartache when he brought out his small jade bottle, and took out a medicinal pellet and placed it in Qi Heng’s mouth.

Even though he was reluctant, Liu Fang thought that by saving Qi Heng’s life, a disciple of an ancient sect will repay him, with interest.

Even if he could earn some brownie points, it was worth it!

Qi Heng opened his mouth a little and swallowed the medicinal pellet. His entire body was now numb, and even the intense pain was beginning to leave him.

After taking the medicinal pellet, Qi Heng perked up a little, but the intense pain in his body came roaring back. It made him want to choose death!

Afterwhich, he looked at Liu Fang and asked feebly, "You’re Liu Fang... from the Liu Clan? Thank you."

"You are most welcome, young master Qi, taking care of your injuries is of utmost importance!" Liu Fang was excited, he clearly did not save young master Qi for nothing.

Qi Heng lay there, and after taking the medicinal pellet, he began to perk up and recover slowly.

The strong medicinal properties of the medicine also included painkilling properties.

Qi Heng felt himself recover some of his energy, at least, he could move his arm.

He instantly rubbed his groin because... it was in extreme pain.

His heart was full of suspicion, why was it so painful? The pain was so intense.

As such Chu Yu’s hand tingled, without care of what people would think, his hand slid towards his groin...

In the next moment.

"Ow! Owowowow!"

A string of painful screams echoed out.

Qi Heng fainted in an instant.

Xiao Zhangqing was left speechless, and he looked at Liu Fang, Liu Ahba and Liu Ahjiu dully.

Liu Fang and Liu Ahba were equally shocked and speechless. They turned to look at Liu Ahjiu, after all, he had given Qi Heng the medicine.

Liu Ahjiu glanced cautiously at Qi Heng, who had passed out again and stammered, "That...that...this."

"What the f*ck are you trying to say! Why are you stammering?" Liu Ahba was frustrated.

Liu Ahjiu whimpered, his face strained, "Young master Qi’s testicles... may be shattered."



Xiao Zhangqing, Liu Fang and Liu Ahba all could not help but gasp, as they looked awkwardly at the comatose Qi Heng, and they subconsciously closed their legs.

They all felt a faint misery.

They felt the pain for Qi Heng!

Any injury would have been fine, how did he manage to damage his own treasure?

A man with shattered testicles... what would people call him? How would he carry out his duties in the future?

Xiao Zhangqing thought to himself, Qi Heng was slightly feminine, now that this has happened, he is really a eunuch now!

He then thought about a more serious question!

Since junior Qi is a eunuch, if Junior Lin was married to him, won’t she be just like a widow?

Thinking about Junior Lin’s exquisite features, Xiao Zhangqing felt that it would be a waste. He knew that if junior Qi did not have his testicles smashed, this marriage would have a small chance of falling through.

However, with junior Qi a eunuch, this marriage... would most definitely go through!

Jiu Xiao would never let such ugly news about one of their nucleic disciples spread.

Even if it was to cover this up, they would insist that the marriage go through.

Junior Lin... what a waste!

The few of them stood around, unable to speak.

Liu Fang looked cautiously at Xiao Zhangqing, "Senior Xiao, are the ruins... really that dangerous?"

"Hehe..." Xiao Zhangqing laughed expressionlessly, "You all can try, maybe you all can do it."

F*ck that hehe!

Liu Fang felt like rolling his eyes, thinking to himself, what rubbish, as two of the greatest martial artists from ancient sects, with so many magical weapons, you two were completely smashed.

If we went in, won’t we be sending ourselves to our death?

I was just asking, and you still hehe me...

The roar of the beast from the palace compound had stopped. Xiao Zhangqing looked at the comatose Qi Heng and thought that it would not be advisable for him to leave like that.

As such, he quickly checked on Qi Heng’s injuries, at the same time, he helped him check... his testicles.

Even though he knew the result, he could not rid himself of the chill in his spine.

Not only was Qi Heng’s testicles shattered... his entire sack was empty!

Blood and tissue smushed into one!

Complete mush!

Even a eunuch had his p*nis, yet for junior Qi... he had absolutely nothing.

He had heard that there was a way to change one’s gender. Based on Qi Heng’s current situation, there was a good chance he would need to undergo such a procedure.

Xiao Zhangqing shook his head and sighed.

"Why does it feel like... he was kicked by someone?"

He frowned and helped Qi Heng dress before dressing his wounds once again.

At this point, Qi Heng woke up again. Upon opening his eyes, he saw Xiao Zhangqing’s solemn expression.


Qi Heng screamed in pain and spat out blood. He didn’t aim and spit it all on Xiao Zhangqing’s face. He then let out an angry and painful howl, "Old jerk... I will fight it out with you!"

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