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The old man looked at the Butterfly Dance and said, "Your ancestor Master Chi Tian Meng is already dead, why is that dream still recurring?".

The Butterfly Dance laughed and said, "What has Chi Tian Meng’s death got to do with me?".

The old man twitched a little as he said, "He is your ancestor after all. Also, he treated you…".

"How did he treat me? That old man wanted me to become his training partner and waited for me to become a Saint for many years. It’s a pity that my original body was utterly stupid and unable to reach Sainthood. He waited and waited till his brain rotted," said the Butterfly Dance gleefully.

The old man laughed awkwardly but did not reply. This was her personal problem and he did not want to get himself involved.

The Butterfly Dance said, "One group wants to ascend into immortality, the other wants to break into the village of Dao to obtain the Circulation of Qi. My goals are less ambitious, all I want is to be the master of this dimension. Old man, do you want to achieve that with me?".

The old man looked at her and said, "I want to become an Immortal.".

"I guess we can’t work together if our ambitions are different," said the Butterfly Dance as she stood up.

She continued, "Since you’ve taken a liking to this little whore, I won’t meddle with her on your account. But I warn you, if she comes to me for revenge, I will have no mercy.".

The old man nodded his head and said, "I will let her know that.".

The Butterfly Dance looked at him and said, "I’ll be honest with you, I admire you bunch for being able to do something so shameful and making it seem so great.".

The old man’s face darkened, "Butterfly Dance, you’ve overstepped your boundaries."

"Cut the bullshit! In terms of seniority, you’re far lower than me!" said the Butterfly Dance as the expression on her face changed.

The old man shrugged and remarked, "On the path of cultivation, there’s no first or last, those who achieve can become the masters.".

"I have no time for your rubbish, I’m leaving, there are many things waiting for me over there. Remember what I said old man, if Lin Shi appears before me, I will have no mercy."

"I know your venomous ways very well," replied the old man

"We’re the same," said the Butterfly Dance as she disappeared in a flash.

The old man sighed and shut his eyes.

He mumbled to himself, "Among the people of cultivation, is there anyone who doesn’t want Immortality? You say that you don’t want it, but why then do you control Chu Yu?".



Chu Yu had already entered the City of Struggle sneakily.

Along the way, he could feel the malicious energy in the air as many creatures stared at him in the dark.

At this moment, the earth shook as resounding booms echoed from the distance.

A man in black armor riding a white beast galloped over from that direction.

A cold energy came off his body and his entire body was wrapped in that black armor, only revealing his pair of eyes.

The white beast that he rode on looked like a horse, but it had the face of a human with sly features and a pair of bloodshot eyes. It had a pair of wings which the man’s legs rested upon.

It was about three meters long and one and a half metres tall.

It rampaged on the crowded streets, those who could not hide in time were knocked into the air.

Those who did not possess a certain level of cultivation died immediately.

In the blink of an eye, the beast had come to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu tilted his body, he wanted to avoid it as he had only one purpose in coming to this place- to find Lin Shi.

He did not want to cause unnecessary trouble, but the knight made the first move and attacked him!

A ray of golden light shot out of the man’s arm as it headed straight for Chu Yu’s head.

A light screen barrier appeared in front of Chu Yu instantly as he punched at the beast.


With a loud bang, the beast was blown away and knocked against a large building.

The building crumbled within seconds and all that was left of it was rubble.

The howls of the white beast could be heard from among the rubble.

The man in black armor came before Chu Yu within an instant as he flung his leg at Chu Yu’s head.

A terrifying energy erupted from his body.

A sword appeared in Chu Yu’s hands as he swung his blade at the man’s leg.

The man was unfazed as his armor was made of the highest grade of divine gold from the galaxy.

It could even withstand a Saintly Equipment’s attack.

He did not care about Chu Yu’s blade at all and followed through with his kick.


With a swing of his blade, Chu Yu had cut off the knight’s leg at his calf.

A piercing scream echoed as blood gushed out of the wound.

Energy waves erupted from his body as a new limb emerged.

After this, the man in black armor attempted to escape by opening up space.

Chu Yu did not even give him the chance to do so. With a flicker of his body, utilizing the sacred art of fleet footwork to its maximum, he appeared before this man and swung his blade.

Countless ancient runic writings appeared on his sword!

It was like a god-like power!


The man was cleanly cut in half by Chu Yu!

Even his Nascent God was vanquished by the runic writings on his sword.

Two craters appeared at where the body of the man in black armor had hit the ground.

He was beyond dead.

There was not a single drop of blood on Chu Yu’s body.

He had the aura of an Immortal.

They creatures sprawled on the street all looked at Chu Yu with faces of fear and shock.


The white beast emerged from the rubble as it began charging at Chu Yu, but it came to an abrupt stop as it looked its dead owner, now cut into two.

It let out a whimper as it opened its wings and wanted to fly away.

Chu Yu pointed his sword at it and cut down.

A ray of sword art slashed down on this beast’s skull.

The beast was once again thrown into the rubble.

At this moment, many figures emerged all around Chu Yu, and they rushed at him.

They all possessed an impressive energy.


An arrow was shot at him.

The arrow had shimmering runic writings on it and was as fast as lightning.

It was so fast that Chu Yu had no time to dodge it, he could only parry it with his sword!


A loud metallic sound resounded as the arrow hit the sword.

All of a sudden, Chu Yu’s arm began aching and a numbing sensation overcame it. He had difficulty circulating energy and his internal organs felt strange.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Another three arrows were shot at him.

Chu Yu let out an enraged howl as he moved his sword to parry these three arrows.

However, the energy around these three arrows were too powerful, and they overwhelmed Chu Yu’s defense.

A stream of blood trickled down the side of Chu Yu’s lips.

The other people charged at him!

They all had the same expressions on their faces- cold and cruel. They looked at Chu Yu like he was already a dead man.

"Kill!" shouted Chu Yu as he charged at the group of men.

They were like vegetables in the face of Chu Yu’s sword, none of them were his match.

Each one of them was decapitated.

In an instance, the street was now empty, all of the creatures had fled.

The only things that remained were the broken bones of the fallen and flowing blood.

The scent of blood in the air was very thick.

The archer that was shooting arrows continued firing them at Chu Yu.

Each one of his shots was very powerful, and they gave Chu Yu a hard time.

As the others fell, another four figures appeared and charged at him.

They were all at the peaks of the Divine Lord Realm and were carrying powerful magical equipment in their hands.

Chu Yu was puzzled, up till now, he did not know who they were and what they wanted.

The most probable reason was that news of his killing of the boss leaked out.

Naturally, in such a land like the land of trapped beasts, many of these killings were without reason.

But it was rather impossible for an assault of this scale to have been without any reason.

The four Divine Lords aimed their magical equipment at Chu Yu, but they did not attack, they only surrounded him.

The atmosphere was so tense that the air seemed to have frozen.


Another arrow was fired at Chu Yu!

Chu Yu used his sword to parry the attack once again!

At this moment, the four men made their move!

The four magical equipment in their hands erupted with a horrifying energy which went for Chu Yu!


The arrow was snapped by Chu Yu’s sword and at the same time, Chu Yu opened his mouth and used the Sacred Art of Gluttony.

The energy was swallowed by Chu Yu in an instant!

His body became red from the blood.

With such an attack, it was impossible for Chu Yu to not sustain any injuries.

Chu Yu buckled down and fought these men calmly.

One of the Divine Lords, shocked by Chu Yu’s Sacred Art of Gluttony, said, "This is the power of a demonic clan…".

As he said this, Chu Yu could sense from his energy that his resolve wavered for a second.

Chu Yu grasped this opportunity and charged at this man with his sword!

A blinding ray of light lit up!

The magical equipment in the man’s hands attempted to block the attack, but the ray of light smashed it completely!

This attack was the most precise of all the techniques in the sword’s legacy!

The invisible divine writings carried an unimaginable power.


A red dot appeared on the man’s forehead, it looked like a third eye.

Boom, boom, boom!

Chu Yu’s body sustained a few blows.

Even though he possessed the near perfect body, this attack injured him severely!


Another arrow flew over.

The enemy’s timing was too good, the attack came at the moment where Chu Yu was defenseless.

Chu Yu had no time to defend himself, nor did he have a way to dodge the attack.

He looked at the arrow as it headed straight for his forehead.

The archer in the shadows was shrouded in a black robe. The pale face beneath it let out a smile as he said, "In this world, no one can escape my arrow.".

In the next moment, that prideful expression turned into shock!

Chu Yu, who was completely surrounded, disappeared in an instant!

The arrow he had shot was now flying back towards him at an unbelievable speed!

This was not good!

The man screamed and turned away!

Next, a figure appeared before him, holding that arrow in his hand.

This scared the living daylights out of the man!

Chu Yu held the arrow firmly as he pierced it through the man’s head without any hesitation.

"How… How did you do that?".

These were the final words of the man’s Nascent God as his eyes stared at Chu Yu.

"This is the Five Elements Superior Escape Technique," replied Chu Yu.

The man’s corpse plunged into the ground.

Chu Yu reached out and took the bow and arrows.

He readied a shot as he fired an arrow at the three Divine Lords chasing after him.


The shot was so powerful that it pierced through space itself!

It was possibly even more powerful that the archer’s shot itself.

The arrow pierced through the forehead of a man. With a bloodied hole on his forehead, his body fell to the ground.

Chu Yu gasped suddenly as he spit out a mouthful of blood.

He pulled the bow back once again as he shot an arrow at the second Divine Lord.

The Divine Lord fell, and this scared off the third man as he turned around and fled.

Chu Yu shot out his third arrow, which pierced through this man’s back and he too, fell.


Chu Yu spit out another mouthful of blood.

The Killing Days Heart Technique in his body swirled crazily together with the Sacred Art of Gluttony, which sucked in the energy around this place in a frenzy.

With a wave of his hands, the magical equipment around, now without any owners, all flew into his hands.

At this moment, an old man walked out from the City of Struggle.

Step by step, he walked towards Chu Yu at an incredible speed, although he seemed slow and frail.

"This is strange now, why has another person with great Circulation of Qi appeared?" said the old man as he furrowed his eyebrows, looking at Chu Yu.

He said, "I have a story to tell, do you wish to listen?".

"I have no interest in your stories," replied Chu Yu coldly.


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