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Many years ago, Fei Xue once said that if their daughter never recovered, the day that she died would be the day that these men would make their move.

However, if their daughter managed to get well, this day would come on the day she recovered.

This meant that the secret machine inside Drizzle was the target for these elders and masters of the Tai Ji Sect!

They laid in the shadows for many years, afraid that any rash action would leave them with nothing.

Fei Xue had long expected this, which led her to lay down this teleportation formation together with Shen Xing.

This teleportation formation was a one time portal!

Once it was used, it would be destroyed!

Even a Saint of the top brass would not be able to locate its destination.

The couple spent much effort to lay down this teleportation formation.

The upper echelons of the Tai Ji Sect had planted spies around them since the start.

Otherwise, they would not have gotten the news of Chu Yu’s arrival so quickly.

But martial arts did not turn its back on those with good hearts!

After many years of work, the couple managed to lay down this teleportation formation.

Once it was activated just now, both of them were notified immediately.

It gave them assurance!

They knew that in that moment, Chu Yu had successfully escaped with their daughter.

Even though they were upset and could not bear to part with their daughter, as they could not see their her recover with their owns eyes, it was all worth it!

If there was someone in this era who could break beyond the Saint Realm and become a higher existence, their daughter was definitely that person!

Mu Jin Jiang and the other veterans were all a little confused.

They did not believe that the couple could pull off any tricks under their supervision, but seeing their expressions, they knew that something was amiss.

"We may not be able to leave," said Fei Xue, her robes stained with the blood from her wounds as she smiled at Shen Xing.

Shen Xing reached out and held her hand. With a gentle expression he said, "Little Xue, meeting you was the biggest blessing in my life!".

"Brother Xing, the pleasure is mine that I could have the chance to meet you," smiled Fei Xue sweetly.

They were two Saints surrounded by enemies, but their love did not waver.

The hairs on the bodies of the people around them raised up as a chill went through them!

What situation could allow two Saints like them to profess their love for one another in front of everyone like that?

They knew very well what the situation was.

A dead end!

Shen Xing and Fei Xue knew that they could not walk out alive today, and that they would most likely fall here.

This was why they had no fear and could let out their heartfelt thoughts.

"Hand over your child, let me take her and the two of you will become the secondary leaders of the Tai Ji Sect!" echoed a blurry figure that gave off a monstrous aura.

He walked out of thin air and walked towards the couple.

He let out a mental wave that was ice cold and old, as if he came from an ancient time.

The expressions on Mu Jin Jiang and the others’ faces changed immediately!

Mu Jin Jiang hurriedly greeted, "Sect Leader…".

"Oh?" said a soft and light voice that came out from the mouth of the figure radiating the monstrous aura.

This was not a mental wave, it was just a fairly normal sound.

But in that moment, Mu Jin Jiang’s entire body was overcome with a freezing sensation.

His whole body was ice cold!

He hurriedly bowed down and said, "I’ve made a mistake!".

 The scene of a saint bowing down and apologizing would have shocked someone from the outside.

Even though the modern world was unsealed and a large number of powerful cultivators had shown themselves, Legendary Emperors and Saints were still hard to come by.

However, in the Tai Ji Sect’s dimension, there were actually dozens of them!

What was more surprising was that one Saint was bowing down to another and apologizing for his mistake!

Who cared that the world was sealed for over sixty thousand years? The roots of the Tai Ji Sect remained unchanged.

The hierarchy was still crystal clear!

The fearsome Sect Leader was still shoulders above the rest!

The blurry figure did not do anything to Mu JIn Jiang after he bowed down, he did not even look at him again.

Instead, he went in front of Shen Xing and Fei Xue and said, "Give me the child, I can let you have many more children after that.".

Mu Jin Jiang lowered his head and did not dare to show any signs of dissatisfaction. However, in his heart, he was an emotional wreck.

Most of it comprised of jealousy and envy.

Even if the couple became the secondary Leaders of the Sect, Mu Jin Jiang still had the Sect Leader’s protection, which protected him from any danger.

But his jealousy and envy stemmed from the fact that he had been courting the position of the secondary leader for many years.

His powers were undeniably strong, once the Sect Leader left, he could have grabbed the opportunity to become the new leader of the Tai Ji Sect!

Damn it!

He desperately hoped that the couple would reject the offer.

He felt that his chances were slim as only a fool would have rejected it.

A fool or a child!

 The Sect Leader had promised them that they could have had a child again, and many at that!

Which meant that there was definitely a way!

Exchanging a child for the positions of secondary leaders, the decision was almost too easy.

If it were him, he would not have had a single moment of hesitation before agreeing, he would never have had any regrets either.

Shen Xing looked at Fei Xue and laughed, "I’ve lived for countless years, maybe for too long. I‘ve even lost track of it. But because I have you, I haven’t gotten sick of this life.".

Fei Xue smiled gently and said, "It could have been better though, if I was born earlier, I could’ve been by your side for a longer time.".

"We can’t be too greedy!" replied Shen Xing as he looked at Fei Xue with eyes of adoration.

"But I like being with you," said Fei Xue playfully as she gave a sweet smile.

The figure that was shrouded in that monstrous aura stood there silently, watching on.

He did not say a single word.

The saints around them were all shaking uncontrollably from the pressure.

Mu Jin Jiang looked on with a face of disbelief, as if he had seen a ghost.

He never imagined that the two of them would be so resolute that even at this juncture, they would not bend the knee!

They were faced with the Leader of the Tai Ji Sect, a veteran Saint that had lived for countless years, and yet they could continue to sweet talk one another without giving a damn about him.

The other Saints were all stunned and shook, unable to believe their own eyes.

"Compared to normal people, who can only live for a hundred years or so, we’re very fortunate that we had the chance to live like immortals!" said Shen Xing.

"Throughout all these years, even if we spent much of it worrying for our daughter, I’ve lived very happily under your protection," said Fei Xue.

"It’s a pity that we will not see how she looks like prancing about," mentioned Shen Xing.

Fei Xue smiled and replied, "I can imagine it though!".

"Me too," said Shen Xing as he held her hand.

After saying this, he turned his body and faced the fearsome Leader of the Tai Ji Sect.

"Sect Leader, since our ancestors’ time, you have been the Leader of Tai Ji Sect. In my grandfather’s time you were the Sect Leader, in my father’s time you too were the Sect Leader, and even today, you are still the Sect Leader. However, my father and grandfather have long passed on.".

The Saints around him were all ready to move at any moment.

The audacious Shen Xing had let out one of the Tai Ji Sect’s forbidden secrets!  

But the Sect Leader did not say a word.

Shen Xing continued, "You killed them and stole the secret machine, but you realised that even an omniscient being like you could not decipher its power, and that you too could not use it.".

The Sect Leader remained silent.

Shen Xing said, "This was the exact reason why you did not stop me from taking the secret machine. Behind the scenes, you even told others not to make things difficult for me.

Shen Xing smiled mockingly as he continued, "Back then I was grateful to you. I felt that I could have perhaps accused you wrongly. Maybe you weren’t the murderer of my grandfather and father.".

The monstrous aura around the Sect Leader became thicker.

Shen Xing sighed, "But after that, once I managed to successfully use the secret machine… you got nervous. However, you did not spread the word as you were afraid that someone else might take it.".

After he said this, he burst into laughter.

Mu Jin Jiang and the other veterans all had a bitter expression on their faces.

Shen Xing did not care and said, "Its a pity that the people you sent here are as dumb as pigs!".

"You clearly ordered them to capture the person, but someone among them, blinded by revenge, wanted to kill him directly!".

"What a joke! I’m surprised you could resist killing that stupid fool immediately.".

"You even let him become a Saint. After all these years, that idiot did repay his debts a little, but who would’ve thought that he would be so scared of us two that he dare not show himself?".

"Sect Leader, look, what kind of idiots are the men under your command?".

  Shen Xing continued with a face full of sarcasm, "Or are you telling me that you can only show your godly prowess when you are contrasted against these idiots?".

"How impudent!" howled Mu Jin Jiang.

"You know no respect, do you want to die?" said the veteran beside him.

Even after hearing all these, the figure that emanated a monstrous aura did not move.

When Mu Jin Jiang and the veteran opened their mouths to speak, his silhouette flickered and he moved.

He was unbelievably fast!

None of the other Saints could tell that he moved at all!

But at that moment, Fei Xue suddenly appeared beside him, and it seemed like there was an invisible hand grabbing her throat.

Shen Xing yelled in agony, "Fei Xue!".

"My dear husband, it’s a pity that I could not love you enough in these years, see you in my next life!".


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