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Chapter 330: Remodeling the nerves and vessels
Did she need to be so calm?
Chu Yu looked at her and realised that the girl seemed to be trying her best to put up a strong front.
She was trying very hard not to show any pain or sadness in her expression, but Chu Yu could tell.
His heart tightened.
It was okay to put up a strong front, and it was also okay for her to think that she was not a little kid having lived for three thousand years.
She was a person who had suffered throughout her life.
Chu Yu took out the Pill of Heavenly Pulse and said, "Later on, shortly after you consume the pill, it will reconfigure all the blood vessels and veins in your body . The process might be a little arduous, but you have to endure it. After that, I will assist you.".
Drizzle Shen looked at Chu Yu sternly and nodded her head, "Don’t worry, I know what to do. I’ve waited for this day for more than three thousand years.".
After saying this, she took the pill from Chu Yu and looked at it, furrowing her brows.
She did not say anything after that and immediately consumed the pill.
She let out a quiet moan.
Her beautiful face twisted a little in agony.
Even though her face became pale suddenly, she only let out that one sound.
She did not say a single word or make any noise.
Chu Yu started forming hand seals as energy headed towards Drizzle.
Gentle waves of energy entered her body as the Pill of Heavenly Pulse began reconfiguring her blood vessels, forming many layers of seals.
They protected her body and blood vessels from any abnormalities.
This should have been done by powerful people like her parents.
But Chu Yu was powerful enough, and he also had the Immortal Crane Scripture.
In certain aspects, his method was arguably more effective.
In her body, the once fragile blood vessels, now enriched by the pill, collapsed suddenly!
Like porcelain shattered on a rock.
There were cracks everywhere!
The powerful and raw energy in her blood vessels were going to erupt at any moment.
But they were all contained by the power of the Pill of Heavenly Pulse.
It was like an invisible force controlling a raging waterfall, keeping the flow of water to a small and steady stream.
The force slowly manifested into a physical form.
The Pill of Heavenly Pulse remodeled the blood vessels!
There was a huge danger to this process- if any of the energy ran loose and erupted, Drizzle was finished.
Despite this, this three thousand year old little girl remained cool and calm.
Chu Yu knew the pain she was feeling.
Back then, when his body was almost disappearing, his blood vessels were remodeled by a drop of blood from the golden metal ball in his vertical eye.
That process was more agonizing than Drizzle’s current one by countless times.
Chu Yu looked at her face, which was writhing in pain.
"I… am… not… a… child!" shouted Drizzle with a voice of despair.
Sweat flowed down her face and trickled onto the floor.
A vast amount of spiritual energy evaporated off the beads of sweat and got sucked back into her body at a rapid speed.
Chu Yu finally understood what was going on, this girl’s body was too fearsome!
She was not even trying or using any power to absorb the spiritual energy, it was just the natural state of things.
If she was given a book of superclass or something like that, she would destabilize the heavens!
"It’s a good thing she doesn’t know the Star Absorption Grand Technique," Chu Yu thought to himself.
With every passing second, the thunderous sounds from the outside echoed in.
The fortified Immortal Estate was shaking constantly.
One could imagine how intense the battle outside was.
Chu Yu had originally thought that Fei Xue and Shen Xing, being two saints, could

fend off any foe in a few moves, no matter how big the army or how strong they were.
But now, the inside of Tai Ji Sect looked like a mess.
It was worrying.
The battle outside raged on, and it was brutal.
Shen Xing and Fei Xue had already sustained obvious wounds on their bodies.
Saint blood flowed out!
An old veteran looked at Shen Xing coldly and said, "Shen Xing, stop this struggle, you’ve fed your daughter saint blood for so many years that your body has become weak. We’re all disciples of the Tai Ji Sect, if you stop resisting, we won’t kill you.".
Shen Xing’s eyes were bloodshot, like two volcanoes erupting.
The old veteran sighed and said, "You know better than anyone in your heart. Back then when when you stole that secret equipment and planted it in your daughter, she could not withstand the energy from it and was about to die. To be frank, we never came to cause trouble all these years right? But who would’ve thought that you would try to wake her up. Its impossible that you don’t know what chaos will befall the Tai Ji Sect if you do so.".
"Senior, why would you bother wasting words on him; let’s just suppress them and find that little rascal and kill her. There would no longer be any trouble from today onwards!" said a young man wearing a purple robe. He seemed wealthy.
"Mu Jin Jiang you low life!" Fei Xue shouted.
She was exchanging blows with him.
But she was no match for him.
Even though he became saint after her, his techniques were much more superior.
"Fei Xue, I admit, back then I harbored malicious intentions towards Shen Xing. I also admit that I wanted to disrupt his seclusion when he was reaching the Saint stage" Mu Jin Jiang said.
He shouted, "But does that justify Shen Xing’s actions? He stole the secret equipment from the Tai Ji Sect, put in in your body and wanted to give all the energy in the Tai Ji Sect to your daughter…".
"B*llshit! Who said he stole the secret equipment? There are no outsiders here, you don’t have to make yourself sound so high and mighty!" snapped Fei Xue.
She then continued, "That secret equipment belonged to the Shen family! It was obtained by the ancestors of my husband, who nearly died for it, and it was left behind for him. All of you. Including the Sect leader, all of you don’t have the ability to use it! That was why you took it away from us back then.".
"When you realised that the equipment could be used…. You guys went mad!"
"Your hearts were tempted!".
"Your envy grew!".
"You wanted to snatch my daughter away and dissolve her alive!".
"Except that the Sect Leader stepped in and stopped this…".
Fei Xue hesitated to continue, there was something she wanted to say, but chose not to.
She wanted to say that the Sect Leader did not intervene because of righteousness or fairness!
But now was not the time to say it yet.
"Fei Xue, no matter what you say, it’s no use. Today, no one can stop us from obtaining that secret equipment back. The two of you can’t stop us!" said Mu Jin Jiang.
Just as he said this, another veteran rushed towards Mu Jin Jiang, attacking him.
This was an old Legendary Emperor who was close to becoming a saint!
A master of cultivation that had lived through the ancient times.
He was a loyal follower of Shen Xing’s grandfather back in the day.
Throughout these years, he remained here, taking care of Shen Xing and Fei Xue like his own children.
His heart ached for little Drizzle, who had never enjoyed the wonders of life since she was born.
She could only feel the unending pain and fear.
A small child born with the destiny that she could die at any moment.
How cruel was this?
But now, she had a chance at life, to grow up healthily.
And this group of men dared to come and get in the way again!
The Sect Leader clearly knew what was going on, but he was nowhere to be seen, and he let them do as they wished.
They all deserved to die, and they all deserved to be killed!
All of them were b*stards!
The old veteran roared and rushed at Mu Jin Jiang.
A nova erupted from Mu Jin Jiang’s body and assaulted the old veteran.
"Die you old thing!".
He was thrown into the distance as a horrendous magical energy attacked him.
The old veteran’s body was ripped to shreds.
"Old Man Niu!".
Shouted Shen Xing and Fei Xue, enraged.
They could not stop his flesh from disintegrating, nor his nascent soul from collapsing.
"Run!" screamed the old veteran’s nascent god as it dissipated.
"Kill them!" shouted Mu Jin Jiang as he charged at Shen Xing with a magical equipment that belonged to the world-ending grade. He wanted to kill Shen Xing directly.
Shen Xing laughed coldly and took out a magical equipment of the same grade.
Up in the sky, the two magical equipments erupted with a multitude of colors.
Ancient runes rose into the air and surrounded them, suppressing the area.
If not for this, these two magical equipments had the ability to destroy the entire place.
Even the outside world would have been affected adversely!
Shen Xing spit out a mouthful of blood as his body swayed from side to side, he was about to fall.
Fei Xue let out an agonized scream and wanted to rush over to help, but she was blocked by the first veteran.
"You will pay for this!" yelled Fei Xue, enraged.
Mu Jin Jiang laughed, "How naive!".
Shen Xing used his mental sense and delivered a message to Fei Xue, asking her to urn.
But how could she run away?
Even though there were only two saints fighting against the couple now, there were still four saints lying in the shadows, guarding the place.
Preventing them from escaping, preventing Drizzle Shen from escaping!
As for Chu Yu…
He was just a small fry from the outside, none of them gave him a second thought.
But there were a few Legendary Emperors who thought differently.
They wanted to obtain the Crane Saint’s legacy.
None of the masters that Shen Xing and Fei Xue had contacted appeared.
The couple were sure that some of them would come, but they did not turn up.
Perhaps they were blocked by someone, or perhaps…
Things had come to this, and the couple did not wish to think of the reason as to why there was no help.
There was only one thought in theirs minds, and that was that they wished for Chu Yu to bring Drizzle and escape the Tai Ji Sect.
To leave this place!
Because of some reasons, the saints here were unable to leave this world and enter the emperor star.
So by escaping, Drizzle could remain safe for a long time!
As for the two of them…
They were barely on their feet as their eyes locked onto one another.
They could see the resolve in each other’s eyes.
Even if they were to die here, even if they had to give up their sainthood, they had to delay this group of men!
Inside the Immortal Estate.
The remodelling of Drizzle’s blood vessels was nearing its end.
All of a sudden, tears rolled down her cheeks.
"My parents… they’re in danger," mumbled Drizzle as she put up with the pain.
Chu Yu looked at her but did not speak as his hands continued forming hand seals.
The last blood vessel had completed its remodelling.
Chu Yu’s face was pale as he sat on the floor.
The energy around Drizzle Shen erupted all of a sudden!
Her hair was ignited in flames and within seconds, it was all gone.
In an instant, she had become a bald beauty.

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