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Chu Yu was silent.

His long hair flew up and his robes danced wildly in the wind.

Bloodlust oozed out of his veins.

As crazed as The Monkey, he began chasing down Divine Lord Jiu Xiao.

In the blink of an eye, both men were up in the sky, and within seconds, their brawl was brought into outer space.

Divine Lord Jiu Xiao felt like he must have sinned in his past eight lives to have accumulated such bad luck, which led him to meet a lunatic like Chu Yu.

He was sure that Chu Yu was insane.

He already tried coaxing Chu Yu by offering him his wealth, but to no avail. In the end, even offering himself up to become Chu Yu's slave, for the next five hundred years, could not save him.

Chu Yu relentlessly pursued.

"How did I end up like this?".

"Is he really human?".

"How could he be even more demon-like than an actual demon?!".

All of these thoughts went through his head. He was suffering - One of his arms was severed, and his ability to fight was greatly crippled.

If not for the magical equipment on his body, he might've been slaughtered by Chu Yu long ago.

"You win! You win! Just make it painless for me please," he surrendered as he descended upon a meteorite.

He had completely given up on resisting, and was anticipating death with his eyes shut.

No matter how hard he tried, he could never have put up a fight.

Even if he had brought out his Nascent God, he knew that he was no match for this youngster.

Chu Yu swung his blade at Divine Lord Jiu Xiao.

Divine Lord Jiu Xiao shut his eyes and stood rooted on the meteorite.

Just as the blade was about to cut through him, Chu Yu stopped.

A drop of sweat rolled down Divine Lord Jiu Xiao's forehead.

He could not remember how long it had been since he last sweated out of exasperation.

Throughout his life, he had come close to death many times, but none of those experiences have crushed him like this.

This youngster's power pierced through him and shook him to the bone.

If he had known that Chu Yu was the disciple of a Great Sage, perhaps he would have felt better about himself.

Chu Yu's eyes were like a bottomless abyss.

Deep in his heart, a wave of emotion unfolded.

Out of the blue, he began feeling humorous and began to laugh.

Even he himself did not know why he was laughing.

Before this, he envied fatty for receiving the guidance of the Thief Saint.

He never knew how powerful Great Sages actually were, after all, they did not belong in the same age.

Their methodology in cultivation techniques were different as well.

The Thirty Six Heavenly Generals, The Seventy Two Nether Evils, along with many other entities, all received the guidance of The Monkey.

But because he possessed insufficient powers, Chu Yu could not interpret these sacred arts and techniques fully.

Even if the battle did not take place at the outskirts of the Bastion of Stars, he would not have been able to clearly feel the true potential of the legacy of The Monkey.

That was until now.

After using the Life Saving Feather and gaining seventy percent of The Monkey's power, Chu Yu finally understood the kind of existence that was The Monkey.

It was a god-like giant.

In front of it, saints were just like mere grass.

He also realized why The Monkey had given him three of the Feathers.

It did not solely serve as a form of protection, but as a form of guidance as well!

After using that one Feather, the knowledge he obtained gave him true enlightenment.

Unleashing his true potential, he was able to gain unprecedented knowledge, benefiting his combat skills tremendously.

But Chu Yu could feel neither joy nor any other emotion.

His heart was dead.

That was also the reason as to why he did not continue his onslaught after Divine Lord Jiu Xiao gave up resisting him.

He glared at Divine Lord Jiu Xiao stiffly, then turned and left.

Divine Lord Jiu Xiao remained rooted to the meteorite until Chu Yu disappeared from sight.

He began shivering uncontrollably, and his body felt like it had aged by a hundred years.

He brought out his innate animal, a black crow, and with his only remaining wing, he flew away, never to be seen again.

Chu Yu reappeared at where he last saw Lin Shi and stood there for another three days.

On the third day, a large explosion occurred at a distance on the surface of the ocean, raising surging winds and howling gales.

A downpour began.

There seemed to be an invisible hand stirring the winds and clouds.

Large and vicious thunderbolts struck the faraway sea.

A figure cloaked in white charged into the sky alongside a thunderbolt, emanating an incredible aura.

The aura almost seemed to cover the sun- she was just like a god!

Her body withstood several bolts of thunder unleashed upon her, like a sinner under divine punishment.

The calamitous weather lasted for a day.

Within this day, tens of thousands of thunderbolts rained down and struck that figure cloaked in white.

Eventually, the thunderclouds dispersed along with the thunder.

The figure in white shimmered.

Divine God Xiao Qiao had succeeded in overcoming this ordeal.

Immediately after this, surprisingly, she did not bother about the large crowds of people from her sect cheering for her on the ocean, but instead turned towards Chu Yu.

She was a beautiful lady with a luxurious elegance.

With a soft look in her eyes, she spoke to him, "Thank you, friend, for helping me repel him.".

Chu Yu stood there without moving.

She sighed and said, "I know what happened here. At that moment I was on the verge of a breakthrough, plus... everything happened too quickly, i wasn't able to do anything.".

Sincerely, she continued, "Even if I was here, I wouldn't have been able to do anything.".

Alas, Chu Yu did not budge.

"I can tell that you loved her, but what's done is done. I don't think she would want to see you like this. At the very least, you have to get yourself together, and get revenge for her," said Divine Lord Xiao Qiao.

Chu Yu still did not move.

"You'll always be welcome here among us, the Cold Water Sect, but what you want, I cannot help you with.".

After saying this, she sighed and turned to leave.

The dark clouds dispersed and the sky was now a clear blue.

Watching Divine God Xiao Qiao getting ready to leave, Chu Yu finally opened his mouth and spoke, his voice was hoarse and dry, completely unlike that of the demon that she had just seen.


Surprised, she turned her head and looked at him, hurriedly saying, "Your level of cultivation is formidable, please do not address me so.".

"Elder, I have a request to make," said Chu Yu with his hollow eyes, his voice was slightly more normal now.

"Please, go ahead," said Divine Lord Xiao Qiao.

In the world of cultivation, owing someone a favour was one of the worst things to do, as there often were consequences.

When one incurred a debt too deep, it could even create inner demons within him that were extremely dangerous.

These demons have caused a few in the history of cultivation to go berserk and massacre entire families and their loved ones.

"I want to search for something here," Chu Yu said.

"Oh? There is something here that you seek?" she asked, puzzled by his request.

About sixty thousand years ago, after everything changed, the Cold Water Sect took control of the area.

Ever since then, they have been here, but there were never any hidden items or objects found or even heard of.

"Go and search for what you seek, even if it belongs to the Cold Water Sect, you can take it," Divine Lord Xiao Qiao willingly agreed.

Her eyes were gentle, there was no ulterior motive, she knew Chu Yu was in love and had lost his love one.

After all, she was a woman, if a man would go to this extent for her, she would be reassured, even in death.

"Thank you so much," Chu Yu nodded his head, and immediately after, he plunged into the depths of the ocean.

The group of Cold Water Sect members finally reached the place where their Grandmaster was at.

They roughly knew what had happened to Chu Yu, but the previous battle between him and Divine Lord Jiu Xiao had them scared to their wits end.

They were all afraid that they would somehow get caught up in the battle, but luckily, none of that happened.

After finding out what Chu Yu went through, they all pitied him.

The struggle of having to fight against his lover when an enemy had taken over her body must've tormented Chu Yu.

Before this, when Chu Yu had used the Feather, the immense energy released, even though it was somewhat suppressed by the ancient runes on Earth, scared the living daylights out of the Cultivators from the Cold Water Sect.

The greater the level of cultivation, the greater their ability to feel such spiritual pressure.

Yang Feng and his group, on the other hand, at the level of True Lords, were not impressed upon so deeply.

They did not, however, expect Chu Yu to help them get rid of Divine Lord Jiu Xiao.

To those of the Cold Water Sect, Chu Yu had done them a humongous favour.

By stepping into the legendary emperor realm, Divine Lord Xiao Qiao could have single-handedly elevated the status of the Sect and transformed it into a powerhouse.

"Congratulations Grandmaster!"

"Congratulations Grandmaster on reaching the legendary emperor realm!"


A group of elated members of the Cold Water Sect stepped forward to congratulate her on this new milestone.

Their faces were all lit up with happiness and a wide smile hung on their faces.

Yang Feng and his group were joyous beyond words.

Even though she had become a Legendary Empress, she was was not nearly as excited as the others were, as she felt a great sense of loss for Chu Yu and Lin Shi.

A pair of lovers, now divided like the sun and the moon.

No, even beyond that, the girl was not even in existence anymore.

That fact, for her, was the most tragic.

In the Mirror dimension, at the Star Gazed school, the place where the Butterfly Dance Immortal trained in seclusion, an normal looking girl burst out in tears.

She felt like she had died once- the sudden pain in her soul forced out some uncontrollable tears.

She knew she definitely had just died!

When she split her soul into two, she already knew the outcome.

It was precisely what she wanted - she understood herself.

She would never let that old wretched witch harm Chu Yu.

Deep in the caverns, a crazed voice echoed, "Ahhhhh! You little b*tch! It must be you! How dare you do this to me? I'm going to make you suffer a fate worse than death!".

The voice was full of bitterness, and encompassed an unimaginable rage.

Following this, the girl was grabbed by an invisible force.

Thunderous slaps ensued.

"Little bitch, aren't you brave? You like to die don't you? Let me see you die again!" .

The girl's face was swollen and red from the beating.

With her tears still on the cusps of her eyes, she looked at the Butterfly Dance Immortal with a look of ridicule and smiled.

"You.. you dare to mock me? You're asking for it!" the Butterfly Dance Immortal bellowed with anger.

"Kill me then," the girl said loosely.

"You think I won't? What use do I have for you now?" the Butterfly Dance Immortal howled, she was livid and mad.

"You haven't gotten the sword yet," said the girl.

"I don't want it anymore!" screamed the Butterfly Dance Immortal.

"Go ahead and kill me then," replied the girl.

The butterfly dance immortal looked at her coldly and said, "You don't even know what happened. Just dying like that, won't you feel wronged?".

"Hehe, if you didn't suffer a tremendous loss, you wouldn't be this mad would you? If I were to guess, your Nascent God was probably vanquished by someone," teased the girl.

The Butterfly Dance Immortal bit into her lips and growled, "Even if you imploded yourself, you would not be able to kill my Nascent God!".

"Mhm, you're right, even if i imploded myself, i would merely injure you, but that's also why you're acting so recklessly," the girl gloated.

She continued taunting, "But you're really unlucky you know that, your Nascent God actually died! Haha!".

"You definitely don't know what happened there as well, and you must be curious about what could have been so powerful to have crushed your Nascent God,".

"That is why... you definitely would not kill me," said the girl.

There was a look of contempt in the girl's eyes and then she shouted, "Because you definitely want to find out what happened, moreover, you would never give up on that sword!".


The Butterfly Dance Immortal raised her hand and viciously slapped the girl with such force that she flew back and knocked against the wall of the immortal estate.

She began coughing up some blood.

She knew she would not be able to stand up in the next half of the day.

Despite this, she continued smiling, and even mocked the Butterfly Dance Immortal, "You deserve it!".

"I-" Just as she began to speak, the Butterfly Dance Immortal wailed and spit out a pool of blood.

Being a legendary empress, her Nascent God being crushed was an unimaginable blow to her.

Her injuries were more severe than she could ever imagine.

She turned and entered her place of seclusion, and said with a cold voice, "When the time comes, and that little rascal does not appear, you will die.".

"When you live such a joyless life, what is so bad about death actually?", said the girl lightly.

"Just stay here and await your death!" screamed the Butterfly Dance Immortal as she disappeared into the immortal estate.

The girl struggled and finally got up, wiping the blood off her lips in the process.

She winced from the pain, but her smile was still there.

"He must've ruined this old witch's plans! Even though i lost half of my soul, i remember everything, this feeling is amazing. More so when i get to see this old hag suffer, the feeling is even better!" she thought to herself.

After sitting there for awhile, two streams of tears flowed down her cheeks as she reminisced.

"I miss you so much.".

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