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Even though Qi Heng suffered internal injuries, his essentials were not damaged. He carried a strong defensive magic tool, albeit a damaged one, only effective for a single use.

The ancestors had left behind many magical tools, but many of them seemed to be those that did not catch the eye of the best and the brightest.

Following the tides of time, the spiritual energy of the magical items began to dry out. Without the protection of spiritual energy, the magical tools began to become more fragile, eventually becoming crippled and damaged.

However, to the people in the current age, even if it was magical tools that did not catch the eye of the best back in the day, they were valuable treasures now.

Qi Heng had treasured this magical tool a lot, treating it as something to save his life. He did not expect that he would be sneakily attacked by someone who was way inferior to him in terms of cultivation and that his magical tool would be damaged.

Qi Heng’s rage had no boundaries and he laughed coldly at Chu Yu, "How arrogant and shameless, you want to kill me? You only managed to anger me. I don’t care who you are or where you are from, I must capture you. I have many methods to interrogate you and find out your origins, then... I will exterminate your entire clan!"

Qi Heng was angered, and the rage in his chest burned strongly. He had never been beaten this way since he was a little kid.

Especially in the face of Lin Shimeng, he felt that his pride was exceptionally wounded.

Lin Shimeng was taken aback, she did not expect that someone would come to her rescue in a place like this.

She looked at the approaching thin youth, her eyes full of confusion. She found him familiar, but had no impression of him.

Chu Yu chanted a ritual in his heart, opened up his vertical eye and searched for Lin Shimeng’s sealed acupoints. He then got to work and opened them back up.

Qi Heng was preparing to laugh. He thought to himself, "Do you think that you can break open my own unique technique?"

He did not expect that Lin Shimeng actually regained her freedom.

Qi Heng was stunned, this was more incredulous than him being sneak attacked and suffering internal injuries.

"You... how did you break open my unique technique?"

Qi Heng looked at Chu Yu as if he was a strange monster.

"Unique technique?" Chu Yu couldn’t help but cover his mouth and mock, "Does every human think that their technique is individual and unique?"

"You..." Qi Heng was extremely angry, on the verge of puking blood.

In fact, Chu Yu was keenly aware that Qi Heng’s acupoint sealing technique was relatively powerful. If not for his vertical eye, unsealing Lin Shimeng’s acupoints would have been a challenge.

However, he refused to admit to things like that which would diminish his grandeur and increase others’ morale.

He laughed, "Such fluff, unable to even join the ranks of the best. I can’t believe you still treat it like treasure, immature!"

"I want to kill you!" Qi Heng stared murderously at Chu Yu as he spoke.

He hated it most when people called him immature!

This was because his looks and voice made him the butt of the jokes of those in the same realm as him.

This was one of the taboos to Qi Heng.

Lin Shimeng stood to the side, the shock in her heart was indescribably strong, she had thought that this would have been the end.

In these kind of godforsaken places, who could she expect to save her? What Qi Heng had told her only compounded the hurt that Lin Shimeng felt.

Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that the tutors she had respected so much would do such a thing to her.

She had not thought much about this marriage. However, after hearing from Qi Heng, she finally understood that she was merely a valuable... item in the eyes of her tutors.

Lin Shimeng felt as if someone had stabbed her in her heart, her exquisite face turning colder by the minute.

She bowed deeply to Chu Yu, "Thank you Mr. for saving me, Shimeng will remember your kindness."

"Don’t be so quick to thank him, Lin Shimeng... do you really think you can retreat in one piece? Do you really think... that a piece of garbage like him can save you?"

Since he had already revealed his true colors, Qi Heng simply did not care much about the consequences.

If he could not get Lin Shimeng today, when she returned to the outside world, she would cause waves of uproar simply based off what happened here today.

Without taking into consideration his actions, just his words alone today would result in a huge commotion.

At that point, even if the blame is not pushed to him, it would still affect him negatively.

As such, he had to get Lin Shimeng today, and make her his. That way, there was nothing that she could say.

As for this damned, interrupting busybody... he should just die!

Qi Heng had just been maintaining his body for half the day, even though he was still injured internally, he could suppress it temporarily.

He grabbed on to the bronze dagger tightly with one hand and the ancient bronze lamp with the other.

In order to numb Chu Yu, Qi Heng did not even look at Chu Yu. Instead he looked at the pale faced Lin Shimeng and laughed icily, "I only need one round to kill this piece of trash..."

In the moment that Qi Heng said the word trash, his body had disappeared from where he was.

Whilst the word was still floating through the air, Qi Heng had already channelled all of his power into the bronze dagger in his hand.

The bronze dagger fired a holographic sword over two yards long in an instant.

The holographic sword was invisible, yet its tip was extremely sharp.

It flew straight towards Chu Yu who was standing still.


Qi Heng’s throat let out a guttural growl.

The power of an Invigorated Meridian Realm Stage One individual exploded from his body.

Anyone in the Invigorated Meridian Realm not only possessed immense power, but also terrifying speed.

An Acupoint Charging Stage Eight martial artist was capable of breaking the sound barrier. Anyone in the Invigorated Meridian Realm, even at stage one, was capable of going at speeds twice the speed of sound.

How terrifying was such a speed?

Qi Heng felt that this blade would be able to split this damned piece of trash into two!

If you spoil my plan, I will make sure you do not die with your body intact!

Qi Heng’s doll face wore a ferocious smile, as if he could visualize the halved body of the skinny youth in front of him.

All these happened too quickly!

Even though Lin Shimeng had been guarding against Qi Heng in her heart, but Qi Heng’s speed... was way too fast!

When she thought of reminding Chu Yu, it was already too late.

Under normal circumstances, anyone in Lin Shimeng’s position would use this opportunity to run away.

Inside this small world were all sorts of formations, trap formations, hallucination formations, and kill formations.

No matter who it was, they would not dare to move around wilfully in here.

As a result, if Lin Shimeng was to take this opportunity to leave, no matter how strong Qi Heng was, he would not dare to chase her.

That way, she could at least save her clean reputation.

Lin Shimeng could not accept the fact that she was his fiancee. Now that she knew the truth, all the more she could not accept it.

However, Lin Shimeng squashed that thought as quickly as it formed.

Damn it, she could not do it!

Even though she did not recognize this skinny tall youth, he had just done her a great favor, saving her life!

If she was to turn away when he was in trouble, wouldn’t that make her an ungrateful traitor?

She was no male, but she was as able as them!

These thoughts flashed past Lin Shimeng’s mind like bright lights.

She made her decision in an instant!

Just as Qi Heng’s blade flew towards Chu Yu, Lin Shimeng raised her palm... and slapped it towards Qi Heng.

This palm was aimed at the back of Qi Heng’s heart!

Even though her speed could not match Qi Heng’s and her reaction was slower, but if Qi Heng did not dodge immediately after executing the strike, he would be hit by Lin Shimeng.

As Qi Heng had already made up his mind to kill the skinny tall man that Chu Yu had morphed into, even if he wanted to dodge the strike, it would be too late.


Qi Heng raged.

At the critical moment, he could only transfer part of his power into the ancient bronze lamp in his hand.


The ancient bronze lamp radiated with light and covered Qi Heng in a protective shield.

Yet, it was slightly too slow!

Lin Shimeng’s palm had already contacted!


It struck viciously at the back of Qi Heng’s heart. Even though the ancient bronze lamp mitigated some of the damage, Qi heng still spit out a large amount of blood.

What was even more unacceptable to Qi Heng was that his blade... had not hit its mark!

A deep gully was formed by the holographic blade as it impacted the ground, causing dust to spew upwards and sand and stones to fly in all directions.

The tall skinny youth who was supposed to be cut in half by the blade had disappeared.

"Not good!"

Qi Heng’s reaction was extremely quick, the moment that he realized something was wrong, he dodged to the side.

Yet, he did not forget to use the blade to hit out at Lin Shimeng ferociously.

Even though he could not kill her, he could at least... teach her a lesson she’ll never forget!

This swipe was a relatively barbaric one.


A large wave of power suddenly impacted Qi Heng’s blade.

It was that tall skinny youth, blocking for Lin Shimeng. He had blocked the swipe, and immediately straightened up, raised his fist, and punched at Qi Heng’s doll face.

Qi Heng had suffered two traumatic attacks, and his internal injuries were relatively uncontrollable. He saw that this individual, who was not his match in cultivation level, was not only not dead, but was daring enough to battle with him.

He was angered to the point of insanity!

He stabbed ferociously at Chu Yu’s chest once again.


Chu Yu’s fist impacted Qi Heng’s face.

Chu Yu’s right arm also impacted Qi Heng’s right arm with immense force.

The bronze dagger that Qi Heng used to stab at Chu Yu dropped onto the floor with a clang!

However, Chu Yu could not help but grimace in pain. In that moment, he felt as if he had knocked against steel!

The flesh of an individual in the Invigorated Meridian Realm was too tough, and the reciprocal force had cause Chu Yu quite some pain.

Also, although Chu Yu was able to prevent the blade from impacting his vitals, he did not dodge it completely. There was a deep wound just below his ribs and blood flowed from it.

The injuries were not light.

Qi Heng had been knocked senseless by Chu Yu’s punch, tears and snot flowing out of his orifices. If he had continued to be in hot pursuit, even without a weapon, there was a good chance he could kill Chu Yu.

In the end, even though Qi Heng was powerful, he did not have enough battle experience!

The intense pain originating from his face and internal organs caused him to let out a pitiful scream.

His nose was broken and the pain radiated deep into his bones. He did not dare to move his right arm, and subconsciously threw the ancient bronze lamp onto the ground before grabbing his face with his hand.

Chu Yu’s punch was way too brutal, Qi Heng’s doll face looked as if it was a dye facility, full of colors and he looked utterly pathetic.

Qi Heng’s reactions were still rather quick. Even though his brain was nearly smashed, and his rage was burning within him, he knew that if he did not run now, he could be putting his life in danger.

He ran towards the far recesses without a second thought.

He could not care less about the Xiantian bronze blade or Lin Shimeng’s ancient bronze lamp.

Chu Yu quickly retrieved the bronze blade, his heart full of regret, knowing full well that it would be difficult for him to kill Qi Heng.

The difference between the Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian realms was too big.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had managed to pull off a sneak attack, and that Qi Heng had been overconfident, as well as the fact Lin Shimeng had helped him out, Chu Yu could only run in the face of an Invigorated Meridian Realm expert.

However, fret not!

Chu Yu had not been slacking off these past few days, he had already broken through over 250 of his acupoints.

When he attained Acupoint Charging Stage Nine and met with someone of Qi Heng’s standard, Chu Yu had the confidence to fight him head on.

Seeing Lin Shimeng shocked stiff at the corner, her face pale and devoid of any color, Chu Yu felt his heart ache, and he brought the ancient bronze lamp over.

"Miss, is this yours?"

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