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F*ck that!

I don’t find it strange, I just find it shocking.

Chu Yu thought to himself.

Butterfly Dance smiled and walked up to Chu Yu. Her beautiful face wore a bright and warm smile and she looked extremely approachable.

However, Chu Yu felt ice in his head.

All he wanted to do was take out a single strand of fur and beat her to death!

"Chu Yu, do you still want to deny now?" Butterfly Dance asked.

"Would you believe me if I denied it?" Chu Yu smiled bitterly. However, he was extremely conflicted, Should I use a strand of fur?

My master is the Great Sage!

Even 10% of his power should be able to kill a saint.

This is just a Legendary Emperor...

To use a single strand of fur on her was such a waste.

More importantly, Lin Shi is still with her.

Chu Yu had a feeling that Lin Shi was on that vase.

This was a very mystical feeling.

"Of course not." Butterfly Dance smiled at Chu Yu, "Please do not treat me, a young Legendary Emperor, as a fool."


You’re not young!

F*ck you!

Chu Yu cursed and swore in his heart.


"Let Lin Shi out, cure her, guarantee her safety, then talk to me." Chu Yu replied.

"Do you think you’re in a position to make deals?" Butterfly Dance said.


"At the very worst, you can kill me as well." Chu Yu said flatly, "It’ll just be ugly."

"She’s here." Butterfly Dance pointed at the vase on the table. She then turned the side with Lin Shi on it towards Chu Yu, "There, do you see her?"


Chu Yu felt a burning, uncontrollable rage in his heart.

He took a deep breath and looked at Butterfly Dance, "What must happen before you will let her go?"

Butterfly Dance raised her head and looked at Chu Yu, "In the deep seas of Earth, there is a secret treasure. Get it for me and I will let Lin Shi go."

"Do you think I am stupid?" Chu Yu looked at Butterfly Dance. "When I give it to you, you will still seal Lin Shi on this vase and not let her go. You may even kill me, what then?"

"What are you talking about? Are you in a position to negotiate?" Butterfly Dance stopped smiling and released a strong wave of suppressive energy, "Lin Shi is still my disciple. As long as you bring me that item, I will keep my promise and let you all go!’

"You release her now, I will treat her, then go get your treasure." Chu Yu said.

Butterfly Dance looked deeply at Chu Yu. Then, with a wave of her hand, Lin Shi appeared in front of Chu Yu.

Lin Shi was still comatose. When she appeared, she immediately fell over.

Chu Yu supported Lin Shi and hugged her. Then, he charged inside and placed her on the bed.

Rage flashed in Butterfly Dance’s eyes. She was resentful, how dare this jerk carry some other girl onto her bed?

If she could, she really wanted to slap these two to death.

She was a cleanliness freak. Now that Chu Yu had placed Lin Shi on her bed, this bed was useless to her.

Chu Yu ignored her and began to examine Lin Shi’s injuries.

He realized that Lin Shi’s injuries were severe and she could die at any time.

At this point, Butterfly Dance waltzed over.

Chu Yu turned and glanced at her coldly, "Lin Shi was really blind to have picked a master like you."

"Oh, I guess it’s not her first time." Butterfly Dance said flatly, brushing off Chu Yu’s comments.

"If everyone in the Mirror World was like you, then the existence of this world is meaningless." Chu Yu fumed.

"Stop talking rubbish, didn’t you say you can save her? Then do so quickly. Else, she would die in your hands, not mine." Butterfly Dance said.

Chu Yu ignored her, immediately retrieving the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace and several superior medicine, refining pills right in front of Butterfly Dance.

Chu Yu’s pill refining techniques dazzled Butterfly Dance as she gasped inside repeatedly.

If not for the fact that the secret treasure was more important, she would like to keep him.

This darn jerk is capable, and... that pill furnace, looks extraordinary!

Chu Yu refined pills for three days straight!

In the moment Chu Yu opened the lid, Butterfly Dance felt extremely anxious.

She wanted to know if Chu Yu had succeeded in refining the pills.

Then, Chu Yu retrieved a bunch of pills from the furnace and threw them into a storage ring.

Even though he did this quickly, Butterfly Dance still saw the pills.

Her face was filled with disbelief.

"This thing that you refined... are pills?" She asked.

"Of course." Chu Yu said as he took one pill and sat beside Lin Shi. He fed her the pill.

"You, come here, use your powers to help her digest this pill quickly." Chu Yu looked at Butterfly Dance and ordered without hesitation.

"Stop dreaming!" Butterfly Dance said coldly, "Even though she is my disciple, she is a survivor from the Solar System. You still hope that I will help her digest the pill?"

"Stop procrastinating, quickly!" Chu Yu glared at her coldly.

Butterfly Dance was extremely furious, how many years had it been since she had been threatened this way?

This current situation should be advantageous to her. She should be controlling this young man.

Why was she at his beck and call?

"Are you talking to me? Are you threatening me?" Butterfly Dance began to exude a dangerous aura, almost as if she was going to kill Chu Yu in the next moment.

"If you want to say anything else, then just kill me!" Chu Yu said resolutely.

Butterfly Dance’s chest heaved as she took deep breaths and looked at Chu Yu. She said icily, "Boy, remember this, if... you can’t get what I want, then you can forget about seeing her ever again!"

Then, Butterfly Dance extended her hand and placed it on Lin Shi’s back.


A huge wave of force entered Lin Shi’s body in an instant and began digesting the pill.

What had shocked her was that Chu Yu’s pill was extremely powerful. In the next moment, Lin Shi came to.

With a soft groan, she opened her eyes.

By this time, the medicine in her body was mostly digested.


Butterfly Dance said flatly, "The pills are not bad."

She began to plot to control Chu Yu forever. This fella’s pills were really quite powerful. Any ordinary pill refiner, given the same materials, could not possibly refine such heavenly pills.


Chu Yu was extremely capable!

After Lin Shi awoke, she murmured, quite lost, "What happened? Am I dead?"

"Child, you didn’t die. Thanks to Sensei Song Hong’s pills, you have been saved." Butterfly Dance said softly and warmly.

Chu Yu’s lips twitched, almost as if he had seen a ghost.

Then, Butterfly Dance’s warning rang out in his head, "In the time that you’re gone, I am still her master. I give you three years. If you dare to not return... you know the consequences."

Chu Yu nodded.

At this point, Lin Shi turned around, her expression filled with gratitude, "Lin Shi thanks Sensei Song for saving my life."

"You’re welcome, Lady Lin, have a good rest." Chu Yu said calmly, then left.

Butterfly Dance let Lin Shi rest on her bed as she came outside with Chu Yu.

With a single wave of her hand, she brought them into a different world.

Then, she looked at Chu Yu and handed Chu Yu a picture using her mental energy.

"Find it, it should be in Earth’s deepest seas. Then, bring it back and hand it to me." Butterfly Dance used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Chu Yu.

The picture of that item appeared in Chu Yu’s head and he stiffened.

That was a sword!


It was extremely ancient. This was a black sword with no engravings.


It was 3.3 feet long and 1.3 inches wide.

Even though it was a picture and the blade was in its sheath, Chu Yu still felt a wave of killing aura... charge out from the sheathed blade.

It was almost as if the blade could fly out of its sheath at any time and chop down on his brain!

"Don’t look at it too long, else, you will be injured by the killing aura."


Only then did Butterfly Dance warn him.


F*ck this b*stard!

Chu Yu raged.

However, he was stunned by this blade. The Immortal Crane Pill Scripture had recorded this blade!

However, the one in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture was not in the depths of the ocean... and it was unsheathed!

Yet, this was sheathed!

Could it be that there were more than one? 

Chu Yu frowned, drifting in and out.


"Did you hear me?" Butterfly Dance asked coldly.

Chu Yu glanced at her and suppressed his urge to use a strand of the Great Sage’s fur. He nodded, "Yup, I did."


"Then why aren’t you going back to your home?" Butterfly Danced fumed.

"I don’t have the resources." Chu Yu looked at Butterfly Dance calmly.

Butterfly Dance glared at him coldly.


This went on for some time before Butterfly Dance laughed suddenly, "Whatever, I’ll give you some!"

She threw a storage bag over.

Chu Yu used his mental energy to scan it. He was stunned, the resources inside were enough to make a few trips.


"Remember, your deadline is three years, but you must report to me annually, or else..."

"For f*cks sake, enough!" Chu Yu raged. He just shouted it out knowing that Butterfly Dance would not let any sound go through.

Butterfly Dance was stunned by Chu Yu.

Chu Yu said, "Enough with your rubbish, just take care of her! When I return, if she is anything less than perfect, I will make you beg for death!"


Then, Chu Yu turned and strode out.


Butterfly Dance did not say anything, she just stared at Chu Yu’s back.


In the room, Lin Shi suddenly frowned as her expression became pained.

"Why does it feel like... I forgot something? Yes... I remember I cleansed my memory, but why do I feel like those memories, had not been cleansed?"

"Song Hong... why is that name so familiar? Oh yes, he is the Sensei of the black horse Purple Cloud School...

Chu Yu suppressed his conflicted emotions and left the Sky Dazed School.

At this moment, his messenger rang. He glanced at it, it was Xu Xiaoxian.

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