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The young man was enraged. He raised his hand and pointed at Xu Xiaoxian. However, before he could say anything, he was interrupted by Yan Xudong.

"Enough, it’s just a challenge, what does it count for? Who here hasn’t lost before?"

Yan Xudong looked around and said flatly, "When I was six, I frequently lost to teenagers!"


"..." Everyone was speechless, Is he being humble or bragging about himself?


However, Yan Xudong could say that. Ever since he became famous, he had never lost a single battle.

As such, he had the right to be arrogant.

That young man’s face flushed. He murmured to himself, but decided to keep his mouth shut.

To be honest, this young man was not the only one in the group who thought that "Lady Chu" was the demonic girl.

However, no one said anything.

Even if she was the demonic girl... Master Yan had already made his intentions clear!

What he says goes!

At this point, saying anything that did not agree with what Yan Xudong said was not doubting Lady Chu, but doubting Yan Xudong.

Only an idiot would go up against Yan Xudong.

This young man was such an example.

Yan Xudong looked at Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian, smiling warmly, "Please be on your way. I will host you when we return to the Sky Dazed School. Regardless of your decision, let us be friends."

Chu Yu nodded and cupped his fist, "Okay then, we will see you in the Sky Dazed School."

Then, he and Xu Xiaoxian said their goodbyes and left.

Lin Shi was cold and aloof, not paying much attention to Chu Yu.

However, deep down, she felt a subtle familiarity and connection to the name Song Hong.


She questioned herself, Did I know this person before I cleansed my memory?

However, she did not think much about it. After all, she must have had her reasons for cleansing her memory.

As such, even if Song Hong was very important to her, she could not show it.

After Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian left, that youth was extremely unhappy.

At this point, Yan Xudong glanced at him and said flatly, "Zong Ping, do you have other thoughts?"

"Yes!" The young Zong Ping nodded without hesitation.

"Towards me?" Yan Xudong asked.

Zong Ping hesitated, then nodded.

Everyone was speechless, Are you really an idiot?

It’s already a done deal, why can’t you accept it?

One of the girls who was on good terms with Zong Ping frowned, "Senior Yan has his own considerations, why are you so stubborn?"

Yan Xudong waved her off, "It’s no big deal, no big deal at all."

Then, he looked at Zong Ping and said flatly, "If she is a demonic girl, what would you do?"

Zong Ping stiffened slightly and replied, "Killing demons is our responsibility..."

"Killing demons?" Yan Xudong nodded, "Mm, you’re right."


"But senior..." Zong Ping felt wronged.

Yan Xudong suddenly turned stern and sighed faintly, "Do you still remember what I told you before we entered?"

Everyone nodded.

Yan Xudong continued, "That path to the Village of Cultivation is about to be formed! The Mirror World exists for this day. We have grown for millions of years and many have forgotten about this."


Yan Xudong raised his voice slightly, "Now that the path is about to be formed, we are just moments away from getting what we want!"


"The demonic sects... must be punished!"

"Even so, one must learn to prioritise."

"Regardless of the schools or the demonic sects, we all exist for the same reason."


Yan Xudong went silent, then said deliberately, "Kill our way into the Solar System, find the opportunities that are ours and gain Dao."

He raised his head and looked in the direction Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian left in.

"The two of them are real talents."

Then he smiled, "For someone with such ambitions and power, we need not be too bothered with his background!"

He looked at Zong Ping deeply, then swept across everyone else, "As long as she follows me, so what she is from the demonic sect?"

"If I am so petty, how can I possibly lead the Solar System?"

This was beautifully said, and even Lin Shi stared at him.


Everyone looked excited when they heard this.

How much they actually believed and listened was a separate issue. They had to show their respect to Yan Xudong.

Even Zong Ping knew this.

He bowed deeply, "Master is wise, I am not at your level."

Yan Xudong’s gaze was warm and he smiled. You all may think that I am bragging today. But at my age, what I brag about are actually my dreams!

If I don’t make it, I can just say I was being reckless with my words. But what if I make it?

Then I’ll be praised for having foresight!

I would be the most magnanimous and powerful leader!

I don’t just want to make sainthood when I enter the Solar System...


"Yan Xudong is interesting." Xu Xiaoxian said pensively, "He really wants to be a leader."

Chu Yu nodded.

There were hints of this when they first entered the Devastated World.

However, this time, their interactions with him were more than enough to confirm that Yan Xudong was an ambitious man.

If Chu Yu was someone from the Mirror World, he may have considered making friends with this man.

A pity he wasn’t.

"Let’s go to the Heavenly Mountains." Xu Xiaoxian said all of a sudden.

"Hmm? Heavenly Mountains? The place filled with lethal traps?" Chu Yu glanced at Xu Xiaoxian.

He knew that Xu Xiaoxian was not simple and her brain was filled to capacity with information.

Until now, he still did not know what she was after in the Devastated World, or whether she had found it.

"Mm, Heavenly Mountains." Xu Xiaoxian’s eyes burned with a fire of passion.

She whispered, "There’s something that I want there."

Since she said this, Chu Yu had to accompany her there.

Then, the two of them changed course and walked towards the Heavenly Mountains.

On the way.

"That’s a very mysterious place. Even though you could die with every step you take, you could benefit with every step too."

Xu Xiaoxian’s beautiful eyes looked at Chu Yu, "You may even be able to breakthrough into the True Lord Realm."

Then she smiled, "Do you think that this is incentive enough? By then, when you return to Earth, you will be more powerful than everyone else!"


Chu Yu shook his head and laughed bitterly, "What’s the use of that?

Xu Xiaoxian added, "Yi said that our blood comes from the Village of Cultivation. Perhaps there are many people in the Mirror World who share part of that bloodline. But to be honest, I do not feel as strongly about the Solar System as you do."

Chu Yu nodded silently. He knew she was telling the truth.

"You were born and raised there. It is only natural that you treat it like your hometown."

Xu Xiaoxian’s eyebrows twitched, "But, have you ever thought, what if you can’t hold them?"

"How?" Chu Yu looked at her.

"Idiot! If you can’t hold them, you should take all of the legacies with you!"

Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes, "Do you think that the Mirror World is united? Even without considering the feud between the demons and the humans, even the people in society can’t live peacefully."

She said worriedly, "The Solar System is only so big, and how many cultivators does the Mirror World have? To be honest, countless! The schools... are just one portion."

"The odds are overwhelming, do you understand?" She turned to look at Chu Yu, "You can’t solve this using martial power. Even if you were the most powerful saint, you will still be suppressed by the overwhelming power."

"What you’re saying is, outwit them?" Chu Yu looked at her.

Xu Xiaoxian nodded, "That’s the only way! Wit is our greatest weapon. However, it’s a little too early to talk about this. Right now, you must make the Purple Cloud School yours, and make them join your cause!"

Having said so much, Xu Xiaoxian laughed at herself, "In fact, I am feeding information to the enemy..."

"Then, do you regret?" Chu Yu asked.

"Oh please, when have I ever regretted my actions?" Xu Xiaoxian raised her head in arrogance, "I am a demonic girl from a demonic sect. When the other cultivators see me, they bare their teeth and threaten to kill me."

"Will we ever fight each other?" Chu Yu asked.

Xu Xiaoxian thought about it, then beamed, "My body flows with blood from there too. As such, even if we split into two camps, we will not be enemies."

Then, she added, "Mm, forever."

The two of them walked for many days, finally seeing the end on the horizon. A gargantuan mountain range came into view.

The pinnacle was high and huge.

Thousands of miles away, the two of them could already feel the pressure from the mountains.

"What a powerful mountain!" Chu Yu exclaimed.

"There’s a story behind this mountain." Xu Xiaoxian added, "I heard that this was the Dao Field of Dao Zu."

"Dao Zu? Elder?" Chu Yu frowned.

"Yes Dao Zu." Xu Xiaoxian added, "However, I do not know if he is the legendary lord."

THen, she smiled, "In the legends, there is a Nine Palace Bagua Furnace on the pinnacle of the Heavenly Mountains. That furnace can refine an incredible life form.

Chu Yu shuddered and looked at Xu Xiaoxian with exasperation, "Don’t tell me that the powerful life form is Sun Wukong."

"Hehe, it really is!" Xu Xiaoxian laughed.

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