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Chapter 229
Chapter 229: Arriving in the Devastated World

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The entire cultivation world valued bloodline greatly.


Blood, body makeup were all congenital.


A powerful bloodline and body makeup would give you a headstart.


All of the Heaven’s Pride talents were people with extraordinary bloodlines and bodily makeup.

If it was a discussion purely on bloodlines and bodily makeup, then the life forms in the world did not differ greatly.


It wasn’t that the cultivators from the Village of Cultivation were more superior in terms of blood and bodily makeup when compared with the Heaven’s Pride Talents of the world.


The key was that the bloodlines of the cultivators from the Village of Cultivation had a very mystical Dao!


This was the added advantage of the Village of Cultivation!


This is a strand of Dao that other cultivators would go crazy over.


They wanted to massacre cultivators from the Solar System just to gain this Dao.


As such, the Crane Saint surmised in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture that once all the seals in the Solar System were broken, the cultivation speed of cultivators there would far exceed everyone else!


This statement gave Chu Yu quite the confidence boost.


Else, he really felt helpless when faced with the Heaven’s Pride talents of the Mirror World.


Furthermore, the Mirror World was full of powerful cultivators.


There were also countless powers hiding in the shadows.


If the Solar System cultivators did not have any special advantage, they would be completely annihilated when the seal is broken and the Mirror World launches their second attack.


But now, we still have hope!


Chu Yu thought to himself.


The humongous flying saucer kept flying through the air. By this time, it was already reaching speeds past Mach 10, and it was still accelerating.


The vast expanse of the Mirror World flashed by below them.


 Some of their mountain ranges were millions, and even tens of millions, miles in length!


Occasionally, they would also spot flocks of flying beasts flying along the mountain range.


This was a world that hid many secrets.


After three days of flying, the saucer was in the depths of the Mirror World.

It started to slow down.


Over the past few days, Chu Yu had been reading and understanding the pill recipes at the back of the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.


He kept finding things that surprised and awed him.

Many of the pills and medicine were completely foreign to him.


Before this, Chu Yu had never expected that one could use pills to form a magical formation with tremendous power!


Many of those pills were pills that Chu Yu could not refine at his current cultivation level.


Other than understanding the pill refining techniques and the medicine, the cultivator’s level and power was incredibly important too!

Chu Yu realized that he was extremely talented in the pill refining field.


Of course, he would not give up his pursuits in battle cultivation.


The Crane Saint had expressed his regret for focusing his time and energy to pill refining, neglecting his battle cultivation.


If he had been just as good in battl

e, then he could probably take down against tens, or even a hundred saints in battle.


"I want to be able to do that too!"


Chu Yu thought to himself.


Xu Xiaoxian virtually slept through the three days.


She woke up, then fell asleep, woke up, then fell asleep.


Chu Yu wondered to himself, Does she cultivate through sleeping?


Xu Xiaoxian stretched, then yawned. She turned her head to look at Chu Yu, "Are we there yet?"


"Almost." Chu Yu replied.


Qin Wei finally learnt his lesson and didn’t try to talk to them.


Inside the flying saucer, all the other delegates from the school remained silent.


Devastated World.


They all thought that they were just visiting a set of ruins.


But this place was incredibly dangerous, and the threats here would make anyone tremble with fear.


Even though the Devastated World they were entering was explored before, there were many cultivators who were laid to rest whilst exploring these ruins.


Completely destroyed.


In the moment it reached the Devastated World, the flying saucer descended. Looking out the window, one could feel a magnificent aura from the surroundings.

They could feel the age and aura through the windows of the saucer.


It felt like something from the ancient times had touched the hearts of those in the saucer.

There were some powerful cultivators from the Sky Dazed School who were leading this expedition. In the moment the flying saucer landed, they stepped out to remind everyone.


"In the Devastated World, there are a multitude of opportunities, but dangers are everywhere as well! I do not dare wish for teamwork and cooperation, but please do not kill each other."


He surveyed his surroundings and said, "You are the future of the Mirror World, and you carry the responsibility of attacking the Village of Cultivation. We are all old, all we can do is to guide you along and ensure that you grow up safely."


"Furthermore, you are all the top talents of the Mirror World. I will now reveal some information to you in advance."


He paused slightly, then said, "After so many years of hard work, the seals on the Village of Cultivation are beginning to loosen. We estimate that a path to it can be paved in three years time."


Excitement was plastered over most of their faces.

Xu Xiaoxian was relatively expressionless and didn’t react.

Chu Yu’s heart sank.


This man continued, "However, that path... can only be accessed by cultivators in the True Lord Realm and below. But it’s alright, before long, the breach will get bigger and more powerful cultivators can pass through."


"And you all... will be the first batch to enter!"


Everyone’s breathed harder and faster.


They all knew what being the first batch to attack meant!


They could do as they please and massacre the entire Village of Cultivation!


They could hoard the resources there and the Dao from the bodies of the people they killed!

They could also collect and hoard the legacies left behind by the powerful saints!


Chu Yu’s heart turned cold, rage building up in his gut.


But he suppressed it.


"As such, this expedition into the Devastated World is a good opportunity for all of you. I hope that you all will expand your horizons and be more accepting of each other!’


Even though his voice was not loud, it was clear and motivating.


He smiled, "This is because, all of you have a future in the Village of Cultivation!"


Chu Yu could clearly feel the passion building up in all their bloods!


Chu Yu maintained a superficial smile, but his heart was cold.


Xu Xiaoxian’s gaze swept over Chu Yu. I wonder how this guy is feeling now? I’m guessing he intends to kill all of the youthful talents here?


Then, the doors opened and everyone rushed out.


As his feet landed on the ground, Chu Yu shut both his eyes, his vertical eye sprinting into action. He looked out for hundreds of miles and saw the Devastated World, covered by a chaotic ball of energy.


He was already calming down.


He only had two motives on this mission.


First, he wanted to find more opportunities to raise his own cultivation level and battle power.


Then, if he had the chance... kill more of his enemies!


As for who his enemies were... anyone other than Xu Xiaoxian was his enemy!


There may be one other exception.


That was Lin Shi.


Chu Yu did not expect that she would come on this expedition!


Ever since she found a new master, she had not shown herself. On this trip over here, Chu Yu did not see her either.


He didn’t expect her to have such an opportunity in a talent saturated school like the Sky Dazed School.


This showed how much her master, the Butterfly Dance Immortal, valued her.


Chu Yu stood far away from Lin Shi, but he could still feel that mystical aura from her body.


There were also tones of iciness.


Beside Lin Shi was a handsome young man. He was over 1.9m in height and he suppressed all of his aura.


His eyes were full of life!


Yan Xudong!


The number one talent of the Sky Dazed School!


He was already a True Lord Realm cultivator!


He was the number one ranked Heaven’s Pride talent in the entire Mirror World!


He did not even participate in this edition of the championship.


If he did, even Xu Xiaoxian would not stand a chance.


It was said that he had already attained the small circle of Worldly Heaven Technique.


All these years, no one had seen him use a weapon.


However, it was said that Yan Xudong was most adept at using a spear.


Chu Yu looked at Lin Shi complicatedly from afar. He knew that Lin Shi had indeed cleansed her memory and emotions.


The pain in his heart grew as he knew that Lin Shi no longer recognized him.


He suppressed the urge to rush up and talk to her.


Other than those two, the other tier one schools all sent their top talents.


These tier one schools formed a little clique and engaged in small talk, ignoring the rest.

Every now and then, the disciples from, the tier two and three schools would look over in envy.


At this point, the Sky Dazed School cultivator in charge of this expedition announced, "We will wait here for your return. You have three months! After three months, we will leave. If you plan to stay here for more than three months, you will have to make your own way back."


Everyone listened quietly.


Then, this powerful cultivator nodded, "Okay then, good luck!"


All of them moved towards the Devastated World.


Xu Xiaoxian walked next to Chu Yu and used the Voice Transmission Technique, "After we enter, follow me. I know a place with a great opportunity. If you can understand it, you will be rewarded with a superior sacred art!"


Chu Yu nodded and whispered, "Thank you."


Xu Xiaoxian smiled, "You must be careful of these people."


Then, she looked at the group of students from the tier one schools, "Even though they look harmless, each one of them is a vicious, evil killer!"


"You seem to know them very well?" Chu Yu asked.


"Yup, before I entered the Solar System, I spent time in all the top 10 schools." Xu Xiaoxian smiled and did not elaborate.


The journey was a few hundred miles, but this was nothing for these cultivators.


In the blink of an eye, they arrived at the entrance to the Devastated World.

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