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The Guests Become The Hosts

"Are you sick? Did your brain get clogged with water?" Chu Xiaoxiao stared coldly at the youth. "Who are you even?"

"Chu Xiaoxiao, you still dare spout off nonsense! You should immediately kneel down and beg for forgiveness. Do you even know who Young Master Wu is?"

Leng Jun snapped loudly. Thereafter, he continued in a sour tone, "Being able to catch Young Master Wu’s eyes, you must have accumulated 8 generations of good karma…"

The youth waved his hand, gesturing for Leng Jun to stop. Then he looked at Chu Xiaoxiao, speaking with a calm tone, "You are a little kid, I won’t be calculative with you. But I am an existence that your entire Chu Clan cannot even hope to trifle with. So, follow me, take it as a good fortune! In the future, you will understand, you Chu Clan… will be grateful to me."

Chu Xiaoxiao’s lips started twitching, "Hey, who doesn’t know how to boast?"

"Keke, boast?" The youth could not help but laugh, then he turned to Chu Yu, "You are Chu Yu? That trash?"

Chu Xiaoxiao instantly exploded, "Who are you to say he’s trash?"

A tight slap flew across the youth’s face.

"How dare you!" Leng Jun jolted sharply, looking as though he wanted to fight.

The youth instantly erupted with a forceful aura, directly suppressing Chu Xiaoxiao, causing her to be unable to even move a single step.

Everyone in the crowd was transfixed in amazement, guessing what stage of cultivation that youth was in.

At this time, Chu Yu stood forward and blocked in front of Chu Xiaoxiao. His heart was filled with fury and anger.

They had no enmity or grievances with one another; they had never even met each other before. But he directly came over and humiliated them. He’s really courting death!

At this time, a voice resounded from not faraway, "Stop!"

It was Chu Tianxiong; he finally noticed that something had gone amiss over here and he rushed over.

Chu Tianxiong’s face was solemn, he stared coldly at the youth, "Who are you? What do you want?"

Chu Tianxiong had a prudent personality; he was indeed low-profile and cautious. However, this did not mean that he was a wuss.

Sons of the Chu Clan, were not cowards.

Even though this youth was clearly exuding strong waves of energy, Chu Tianxiong remained firm with an indifferent expression.

"Who am I? You better find that out before you bring a disaster to the Chu Clan." The youth continued to release his powerful aura, looking down towards Chu Tianxiong, even his eyes contained a faint hint of ridicule.

By the side, Leng Jun sneered contentedly, "One has eyes but he fails to see Mount Tai. You don’t even know Young Master Wu Dong, and you still have the audacity to call yourself a member of an underworld clan?"

Even though Wu Dong told him warned him not to offend the people of the underworld clan, Leng Jun was caught up in the feeling of loftiness. He truly could not control the pleasure and disdain he had in his heart.

Aren’t you very impressive?

Aren’t you from an underworld clan?

Don’t you look down on 世俗中人"

Keke, little do you know, that in the eyes of some people, you underworld clans… are also not worth anything!

"Wu Dong? Qing Hai Wu Clan?" Chu Tianxiong frowned, his expression turning a little stiff.

If this youth was really from the Qing Hai Wu Clan, then this matter, was truly a little hard to handle.

Qing Hai Wu Clan… It sounded like a family clan, but it was actually an 古派!

However, its rules were rather peculiar. Anyone who entered must change their surname to ‘Wu".

Wu Dong looked at Chu Tianxiong with a face of calm, and asked faintly, "Now you know who I am?"

Chu Tianxiong’s eyebrows twitched slightly, then he said slowly, "Even if you’re a member of Qing Hai Wu Clan, our Wu Clan has no enmity with your clan. Why must you humiliate us like so?"

"Humiliate? Boss Chu, you must be joking? This is a great fortune for your daughter, and a great fortune for your Chu Clan. She must have the luck of three lives to have earned the appreciation of Young Master Wu. In the future, she can change her name to Wu Xiaoxiao, what kind of status is that?"

Leng Jun continued to speak sourly by the side, "If Young Master Wu was willing to offer me this opportunity, I would immediately kneel down and thank the heavens! Unfortunately, I’m not good enough to enter the eyes of the young master…"

At this time, many of the other underworld clan members, who were previously watching the show, were slightly dumbfounded.

Those that were not familiar with Qing Hai Wu Clan all made their own silent inquiries, and when they got the answers, their eyes instantly turned big in shock.

Their faces were filled with disbelief.

This was an ancient sect which outmatched many underworld clans!

To be able to serve as a maid of a disciple from such a sect, was truly a great fortune!

Even though it was merely a maid, it was still an exceedingly high status!

It was a status that could stand equally with elders from some underworld clans!

Wu Dong stared calmly at the Chu father-daughter pair. As for Chu Yu, he couldn’t be bothered about him. With his status, even words of humiliation could be considered giving Chu Yu face.

By the side, when Elder Dong, Elder Lu and co. heard the words "Qing Hai Wu Clan", they all went silent. If the Chu Clan were the Northern Wolves, then Qing Hai Wu Clan were the North-Eastern Tigers!

Even though Chu Xiaoxiao was mischievous, she was not stupid. Even though her heart was filled with incomparable anger, she forcefully suppressed it. All this was because she didn’t wish to bring trouble to the clan.

At this moment, Chu Tianxiong suddenly laughed, "Qing Hai Wu Clan, as an ancient sect, is indeed very strong. However, no matter how strong a sect is, I only seen them accept willing followers. I truly never heard of them forcefully snatching a person away."


Leng Jun could not control his derisive tendency when he suddenly felt a cold gaze from the crowd.

It belonged to Leng Jun’s father, Dragon City Long Clan’s Patriarch Leng Qingshan!

Leng Qingshan was looking at him with a vicious gaze; Leng Jun instantly shut his mouth.

Chu Tianxiong did not care about Leng Jun, but looked at Wu Dong and continued, "Even Tai Qing, when they came to my Chu Clan to accept a disciple, they were courteous and they had a sincere attitude."

"What is Tai Qing?"

"I’ve never heard of such a sect…"

"Hahaha, could it be the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord’s sect [1]? What a joke…"

Murmurs could be heard from the crowd.

However, when Wu Dong heard the two words, "Tai Qing", his entire body started to tremble. A look of disbelief filled his eyes as he stared straight at Chu Tianxiong, seemingly trying to discern the truth from Chu Tianxiong’s expression.

Chu Tianxiong maintained a face of calm, "You don’t need to suspect anything. This sort of thing, if I dare to lie about it, I would truly be bringing a disaster to my clan. So young man, my Chu Clan really respects your Qing Hai Wu Clan. I hope that we will not cause an irreparable misunderstanding.

These words of Chu Tianxiong, seemed to give the impression of weakness. However, it was incredibly unyielding; he was warning Wu Dong.

Wu Dong retracted his aura; a smile suddenly broke out on his face, giving the impression of a gentle spring wind.

"Uncle Chu, I was just having some fun with your daughter and Brother Chu Yu. Please don’t take it to heart." As he spoke, Wu Dong clasped his fists towards Chu Tianxiong, and gave him a gentle smile.

Chu Yu cultivated the Killing Days Heart Technique, so he had extremely acute senses. Chu Yu could clearly feel that at the instant Wu Dong clasped his fists, his eyes radiated a hint of frustration.

He had become angry from embarrassment!

As a disciple of an ancient sect, he thought that he could command the winds and clouds at a place like Dragon City. However, he did not expect that Chu Tianxiong, a person who he did not even put in his eye, could casually use Tai Qing to suppress him!

Tai Qing, for those who know of it, they would know its power.

It was the name of China’s most supreme ancient school!

Thus, it didn’t matter whether Chu Tianxiong’s words were true of false; he didn’t have the courage to carry on.

What if it was real?

Wu Dong did not linger in the banquet for long; he soon left by himself.

He had already thrown his face away, why would he stay behind in disgrace?

Now that Wu Dong had left, Leng Jun instantly turned spiritless. He thought that he had found himself a solid backer, but it turned out to be a silver spear made of pewter… it was impressive looking but it was useless!

After Wu Dong left, the Chu Clan instantly became the center of attention. Even Elder Dong and Elder Lu took the initative to come over and chatted with Chu Xiaoxiao and Chu Yu amiably.

Others might not know what Tai Qing was, but how couldn’t they know?

These two old fellas had a bright smile on their faces, but in their hearts, it was as though a herd of 10,000 sheep had roared past.

Luckily, they didn’t publicly show their dislike for the Chu Clan. Otherwise, just one Tai Qing disciple was enough to trample countless of underworld clans like theirs!

It was truly that screwed up!

What Northern Wolves, they were clearly Northern Sly Foxes!

Crazy, cunning forces!

They had such a terrifying background, but they had quietly concealed it. If not for the fact that Chu Yu was humiliated today, Chu Tianxiong would never have revealed this matter.

No wonder why they would brazenly chase the Xie Clan out of Yan Jing…

In Elder Dong’s and Elder Lu’s heart, they had already started to pity the Xie Clan.

Out of so many clans, they chose to make an enemy out of this one.

Simulateously, in their two hearts, they decided to inform their clans, to never make an enemy out of the Chu Clan!

What was supposed to be a banquet led by the Leng Clan, had suddenly become a stage for the Chu Clan.

Whether it was Leng Qingshan, or the other higher-ups of the Leng Clan, they all had a dissatisfied expression on their faces.

For the Leng Clan to attain such a position in such a short time, it wasn’t out of nowhere. The higher-ups of the Leng Clan, were all not simple peple.

Only a young man like Leng Jun, would feel aggrieved by what happened. He casually found a reason, and left the banquet.

If he had to stay and see Chu Xiaoxiao and that trash, Chu Yu, become the center of attention, he might actually vomit blood.

On the drive back, Chu Yu said to Chu Tianxiong, "Uncle Xiong, regarding that Celestial Fox Immortal Cave, our Chu Clan must participate. Also, the people participating…"

Chu Tianxiong looked at Chu Yu in doubt.

Chu Yu remained resolute, "Don’t worry, I have my plans."


Inside an extravagant villa, Wu Dong placed down the phone with a look of malice on his face.

He muttered to himself, "Very good, very good. I really hope that this time, you all will participate in the explotation of the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave! I will definitely… definitely take good care of all of you!"

[1] The Grand Supreme Elder Lord is also known as Tai Qing, AKA the Grand Pure One, which is one of the Three Pure Ones. Wiki it to find out more of this mystical figure!

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