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All of their eyes were glued on the lady’s expression on the screen.

The traces of awe were clearly the result of her trying to control her emotions but to no avail.

The picture on the screen was too clear, even the pores on the lady’s face could be seen clearly!

Her white and exquisite face began to twitch unconsciously as her lips trembled.

Her hands were also shivering slightly and her eyes turned red. A crystal mist began to form in her eyes.

"In this world… pills which have completely sealed all the medicinal properties within, do exist…"

The lady murmured to herself. In that moment, these ugly pills became the most perfect pills in her eyes!

Their shape… was a little awkward, but upon closer inspection, these pills were engraved extremely intricately, more beautiful than any painting in this world.

Who said that pills must be circular?

When the lady thought of what Chu Yu said, she could not help but laugh bitterly.

Indeed, who had set such a rule?

When she thought about how she had pursued perfection in her pills’ appearance previously, she could not help but feel extremely immature.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. In the end, she walked to Chu Yu and bowed deeply.

"Sensei Song, Yue Xiu was unable to see the power of what you did, please forgive me."

This was the first time the lady had revealed her name. Previously, she was too arrogant and didn’t think that she would have anymore interactions with these people.

Even though she had utterly lost the pill refining competition, the pride in her bones was not even shaved by half.

She had thought that she had lost because she was being played. She had challenged them at what they were best at.

However, in the deep sea, the dragon reigned supreme!

In the highest mountains, the tiger was still king!

So what if they lost? So what if she would be punished when she returned?

She was still a teacher in the reputable Wafting Fragrance School, and her status was far higher than most people.

Many of these people would not even reach my standing in their entire lives whilst I… will only go higher.

Now, her arrogance and confidence disappeared in front of this man.

At this point, the arena was so silent you could hear a pin drop.

Even the Principal of the Purple Cloud School looked at Chu Yu, speechless.

Everyone was wondering, Is that incredibly ugly batch of pills really superior pills?

Could it be that this sensei from the Pill Refining Section really had such terrifying abilities? So much so that even the Wafting Fragrance School had to bend over backwards for him?

"Now, do you want to buy it?" Chu Yu looked at the lady, "How about this, since you provided the ingredients, you can take half of it, the rest will be mine. How about that?"

"How can that be right?" The attractive lady shook her head, "Sensei, you are a Guru, I had overestimated my own abilities and I can’t get over it. Preparing the ingredients for pill refining is a rule in the cultivation world. As such, I can’t take away half, and I must compensate you fairly for what I do take."

As Yue Xiu spoke, she retrieved a storage ring and presented it to Chu Yu with both hands, "Inside are 100,000 top quality spiritual stones. I will use this to buy the three pills. Of course, for such quality, this is not sufficient. I will get someone to send you the rest of your payment when I return."  



Yue Xiu said this for all to hear, and her serious expression could be seen by all.

She had provided the ingredients, yet even 100,000 top quality spiritual stones were insufficient to buy three pills!

100,000 top quality spiritual stones was a fortune!

Even the Purple Cloud School Principal, with all his years at the helm of the school, was unable to produce 100,000 top quality spiritual stones.

Spiritual stones were split into four grades, low quality, mediocre quality, top quality, and best quality.

100 low quality spiritual stones contained energy equivalent to one mediocre quality spiritual stone; 100 mediocre quality spiritual stones contained energy equivalent to one top quality spiritual stone.

As for the difference between a top quality spiritual stone and the best quality spiritual stone, that disparity was even larger. 1000 top quality spiritual stones equated to about one best quality spiritual stone.

With 100,000 top quality spiritual stones, Chu Yu could exchange them for 100 best quality spiritual stones!

However, if he changed them for the ordinary low quality spiritual stones used by cultivators, one top quality spiritual stone could exchange for 10000 low quality ones.

With 100,000 on hand, wasn’t that an astronomically high number?

Yet, such a fortune was still insufficient according to what the lady had said!

The attractive lady continued, "Ordinarily, these three pills will fetch over 300,000 top quality spiritual stones at an auction. Due to their superior quality, they could be worth even more."

Her gaze swept over the entire arena and she said flatly, "This is because a single pill equates to one Divine Lord! Is one Divine Lord not worth 100,000 top quality spiritual stones?"

Worth it, of course it was worth it!

Even if it required 1 million top quality spiritual stones… it would still be worth it!

Without even considering the immense jump in power between the True Lord and Divine Lord realms, the fortune a Divine Lord could amass… was many times more!

A powerful cultivator could amass a fortune over the years.

Chu Yu took the storage ring and winced in his heart.

These people are really not easy!

News that he had such a fortune on him would spread quickly.

People are greedy by nature… he knew that many people would be jealous and tempted by his wealth of spirit stones.

Then, they would take a look at his cultivation level. He was just a King’s Realm cultivator.

Even without considering those in the True Lord Realm, even a Supreme Realm cultivator would think that he was an easy picking.

This fortune was like a hot potato.

Once you had it in your hands, countless eyes will be on you.

However, even if he didn’t accept it, he would be wanted for his abilities.

As such, Yue Xiu’s actions were clearly a set up, a huge set up to harm Chu Yu.

At this point, Yue Xiu used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Sensei can keep this fortune in various vaults. Also, if you ever have any problems, you can find me, my contact is…"

After she finished, Yue Xiu continued, "The Purple Cloud School is too small. With your ability, you should not be contained here. If you are willing, the Wafting Fragrance School welcomes you anytime!"

At this point, Chu Yu finally understood why she gave him the 100,000 spiritual stones.

She wanted him to give up staying here!

"It’s okay, we are still enemies after all." Chu Yu replied using the Voice Transmission Technique as he retrieved another two pills and handed them over.

"We were before, now we are not." Yue Xiu looked deeply into Chu Yu’s eyes, kept the three True Soul Pills and said her goodbye.

She didn’t even bother greeting the Principal of the Purple Cloud School.

The Wafting Fragrance School left in a hurry. The three True Soul Pills were the key to three of their True Lords attaining the Divine Lord Realm.


With such stakes, they did not want to risk news of this leaking out and they headed back home as fast as they could.

As for the nine remaining True Soul Pills in Chu Yu’s furnace… those were his problem!

In Yue Xiu’s opinion, the Purple Cloud School had no way of protecting a pill refiner of Song Hong’s calibre. However, she was not certain that Song Hong would join the Wafting Fragrance School even if he left the Purple Cloud.

Afterall, many of the events today would be leaked out. Once they spread, many of the top schools would show interest in Song Hong.

If they didn’t recruit pill refiners of such calibre, who would they recruit?

This was why she wanted to return home quickly. Firstly, she hoped that Song Hong could feel the pressure of being watched. Secondly, she wanted to communicate his talent to her leadership and have them poach him over with an irresistible offer!

As for revenge… ever since she saw the memory crystal given to her by Song Binbin, her love for Lu Tianxiang, as well as her will for revenge… diminished greatly.

Now that she found out that Chu Yu was a pill refiner capable of refining True Soul Pills, the notion was completely destroyed.

She was not cold blooded, if she was, she would not have tried to take revenge for her fiance.

However, Lu Tianxiang had disappointed her!

She had never stopped him from finding other ladies, but he had done so behind her back. Furthermore, he had spoken ill of her in front of the other lady… this was too heart wrenching.

The Wafting Cloud School arrived with their heads held high but left dejected.

This made the Purple Cloud School teachers and students immensely happy. They had never been so proud.

At this point, Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan stepped out and said, "Thank you Sensei Song for winning this great honor for us. This is a momentous step for our school. With such a talent, why do we still have to worry about our Pill Refining Section?"

Then, ignoring what the others thought, he walked to Chu Yu and bowed, "Previously, because I did not understand you well enough, I have offended you many times, I hope you do not blame me."

For Sun Zhangshan, apologizing and keeping his head low was his best choice now!

Anyways, many of his things could not be proven. As long as he could tide over this current stage, the future… could be planned!

Now, Song Hong had a fortune in spiritual stones, and nine True Soul Pills!

As long as news of this leaked out, there would definitely be more people wanting his head than wanting his pill refining skills!

A gentleman is able to accept humiliation for a greater cause. After this blows over… wait and see how I deal with you!

Liu Yuyan and the royal family continued to be immensely excited by the result.

Some of the princes were saying that countless people in the royal family would be kicking themselves for missing out such a good show.

After hearing what Sun Zhangshan said, their smiles froze and they all looked at Liu Yuyan.

Liu Yuyan frowned and asked, "Why are you looking at me?"

"This young man has been pursuing you for so long, has he changed?" Princess Song Yu smiled, "Does he dare say this wasn’t orchestrated by him?"

There were many smart people around. When the Purple Cloud School Principal had targeted Sun Zhangshan, many already guessed what was going on.

However, no one expected Sun Zhangshan to be so shameless as to be the first one to congratulate Song Hong.

It is said that one should not penalize someone who realizes their mistake. If Song Hong accepts his apology… then even if the Principal wanted to deal with him, the Principal will have to reconsider.

After Liu Yuyan found out that the presence of the Wafting Fragrance School was orchestrated by Sun Zhangshan, her hate for him reached a maximum.

Seeing how shameless he was meant that her impression of him reached an abyssal low.

However, Chu Yu took one look at the apologetic Sun Zhangshan and chuckled. Then, he raised his hand, used the Racing Sacred Art, and slapped him viciously in the face!



A crisp sound echoed out, stunning the arena.

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