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Yuwen Xiaoxiao immediately called out Wu Heng. Her arrogance was through the roof and she did not hold any punches as she said, "You admit that you are not my match in battle, right?"

"You... rubbish!" Wu Heng’s face turned red, his anger reaching a maximum.

"Other than this, do you know how to say anything else?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao said coldly, "I think that Sensei Song is right, we are incapable because you teachers are garbage! Respecting your teachers is a core teaching, but we only respect real teachers! Scum like you are not worth our time."


Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Wu Heng with condescension, "If you can’t beat me in battle, then what about pill refining! Let’s compete in that field? Aren’t you an intermediate level pill refiner? Come, let’s start now and see who is better!"

"You want to compete with me in pill refining?" Wu Heng could not believe his ears. His expression was mocking as he reconfirmed, "You want to compete with me in pill refining?"

"Okay, enough rubbish, why do you have so much to say? Haven’t you always thought that us students cannot make it? And that we are scum booted out from the other sections? Then I shall let you see if we are the scum, or are you the garbage!"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao retrieved a black pill furnace from a storage ring as she spoke. She placed it on the ground and rubbed her hands together, a fire appearing in her hands. She flicked her finger and the flame burned beneath the pill furnace.

This technique stunned Wu Heng and he murmured, "You really know how to refine pills?"

As he said this, Wu Heng’s tone was filled with disbelief. He really couldn’t believe that this girl, who had never attended lesson, could refine pills. He had not even seen her refine a pill once before.

How could she know how to refine pills?

Is this a joke?

However, the technique that Yuwen Xiaoxiao had used could not be done without training for at least a few years!

Could it be that she actually learnt to refine pills before?

Yes, that must be it!

Yuwen Xiaoxiao also did not say anything or explain further. She looked at Wu Heng, challenging him and awaiting his reply.

Wu Heng took a deep breath and calmed himself down. Then he said, "Good, good, very good! Really very good, this is damn good!"

Even Xiao Zijian could not help but raise his head and look at Wu Heng. On a normal day, Wu Heng was easy going and would stroke his moustache every now and then. He would receive his high salary and sit around drinking tea and reading. How relaxing.

Scold? He had never seen him scold anyone.

This was the first time!

Wu Heng’s chest heaved and he waved his hand. A pill furnace appeared in front of him and hovered in mid air.

A ball of fire immediately burned beneath the pill furnace.

This technique was already much better than Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s.

"Today, I will let you see if anyone who can be a teacher in the Purple Cloud School is trash!" Wu Heng’s aura and demeanor changed the moment he had a pill furnace in hand.

Chu Yu lowered his head and smiled flatly, he knew that what Wu Heng said was not only directed at Yuwen Xiaoxiao, but also at him.

Wu Heng looked at Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "Let me not bully you, let’s just refine a spiritual concentration pill. This is an elementary pill, I think that anyone who has experience in refining pills would know this."

"Sure." Yuwen Xiaoxiao nodded lethargically, "Anyways, you are the pill master, you will have more experience with the elementary pills, up to you."

"..." Chu Yu looked at Yuwen Xiaoxiao speechlessly. He suddenly understood why these talented girls had been expelled from the other sections.

Their words were scathing!

The key here was that they were quick on their feet, logical, and sharp.

These people could strike a nerve whenever they wanted to.

At this point, Wu Heng, who had already calmed down, glanced at Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "Else, why not you set the pill?"

"No no no, actually... I only know how to refine the spiritual concentration pill. Please don’t change it, I don’t know any others."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao kept smiling, even Chu Yu could not tell if she was lying or telling the truth.

Wu Heng did not even bother to say anything else as he retrieved a few blades of spiritual grass.

With a single glance, one could tell that these were not ordinary. The strong energy fluctuation could be felt the moment they were taken out.

These grass were grown in fields saturated with spiritual energy. They kept absorbing spiritual energy and this accumulated over time. Finally, they became spiritual grass, each atom in the blade filled with spiritual energy!

Chu Yu felt a wave of emotion. An intermediate pill refiner in an average school in the Mirror World could actually retrieve such superior medicine with ease.

This would be unimaginable on Earth.

The Mirror World... was really a great place!

How could you not achieve True Dao here?

Why must you attack another’s hometown?

Attaining True Dao and becoming a saint... must it be built upon the shedding of blood?

Chu Yu could not wrap his head around this.

Then, he looked to Yuwen Xiaoxiao.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao also retrieved a few blades of spiritual grass. From the energy felt, it was no worse than those in Wu Heng’s hands.

Then, she opened the lid of the pill furnace and threw the grass into the furnace.

This angered Wu Heng greatly and he glared at Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "You are trampling the spiritual grass!"



Chu Yu watched intently, his eyebrows raised. He knew what was going to happen.

He thought to himself, This time, Teacher Wu Heng is likely to be schooled!

Chu Yu did not know when student Yuwen Xiaoxiao had started learning to refine pills, but Chu Yu could see traces of a powerful pill refining teaching from her technique.

This is the greatness of a saint’s teachings. Even without the guidance of the saint, the methods may seem crude, but they are extremely powerful and strong!

In comparison, Wu Heng’s methods, were methodical, and even... a little old school!

Chu Yu could even find an error in each of his every moves. Even his control of the fire was off!

With this... he could be an intermediate pill refiner? Did he bribe the examiner?

There were many professional meets and levels targeted at the life cultivators.

For pill refiners, there was apprentice, novice, elementary, intermediate, advanced, Pill Master, guru, and Pill King.

Anyone who attained Pill King status was virtually a saint.

For example, the Crane Saint was not only a Pill King, but also a Medicinal Saint!

In the Mirror World, pills were pills and medicine was medicine. Cultivators who could find great success in both fields were rare.

How could it be that an intermediate pill refiner made such novice errors when refining an elementary pill?

This made Chu Yu begin to doubt the professional institutions in the Mirror World.

However, in the eyes of Zhao Kai, Wang Rui and Xiao Zijian, Wu Heng’s methods were powerful!

"Even though we are all intermediate level pill refiners, I am not as good as Teacher Wu." Wang Rui sighed.

"Teacher Wu’s methods are admirable." Zhao Kai added.

Chu Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes internally, If this was admirable, then what are you?

Completely substandard?

Could it be that the Pill Refining Section of the Purple Cloud School was so bad... the teachers so horrible? How could it be that they expected the students to be of standard?

It was no wonder that the Purple Cloud Constabulary leader Liu Fenghui had invited him to the Purple Cloud School. Could it be that he had already expected Vice Principal Sun to be jealous of him and put him in the Pill Refining Section?

Chu Yu was slightly affected, but he had to admit that it was a stroke of genius!

Wu Heng refined his pills seriously. He was extremely confident that he could defeat a kid like Yuwen Xiaoxiao.

Seeing her crude methods, what could she do other than waste those spiritual grass?

What a failure!

For a professional pill refiner, refining a spiritual concentration pill was not difficult, and did not take long.

In fact, it was just about concentrating the grass, filled with spiritual energy, into a small pill.

After about 10 minutes, Wu Heng stopped and smiled hypocritically at Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "Why? Student Yuwen, are you not done yet? Haha, it is just a spiritual concentration pill, do you need this long?"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at him expressionlessly, "Really, Teacher Wu, I don’t feel like chiding anyone. Even though you don’t deserve my respect, you are still a teacher, but..."

Then, she paused, her tiny face revealing a trace of anger, "Are you stupid? Are you really a pill refiner? How did you get your status as an intermediate pill refiner? Did you bribe the examiner?"

"You... you’re lawless!" Wu Heng was furious, he even looked at Chu Yu pleadingly, "Sensei Song... did you see that? See that? Who can save such a barbaric girl?"

Chu Yu did not speak, and Yuwen Xiaoxiao smiled, "You don’t have to tell him. If he can prove to me that he deserves my respect, I will willingly be his student. Else, I won’t respect him either!"

"You see, you see! What is this?" Wu Heng’s rage was unquenchable.

Chu Yu sighed, then glanced at Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "Even though your pill refining technique is not bad, but I must tell you the sad truth, mine is much better than yours!"

Wu Heng and the others stiffened slightly, their eyes revealing their confusion.

Her pill refining technique was not bad?

This... is not bad?

Is he crazy?

Does this new guy even know how to refine pills?

Even Zhao Kai was confused, his eyes filled with disbelief.

"Hahahaha, Old Song, really, I feel like I kind of like you!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao controlled the fire with one hand as she looked up at Chu Yu.

"Please don’t, I am not interested in you." Chu Yu said expressionlessly.

"Aiya? Why? How am I not good?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Yu, unconvinced, her exquisite face not showing any trace of fear.

"I don’t like minors." Chu Yu said flatly.

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