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Caixue’s gaze was warm as she nodded at Chu Yu, "Sure, I’ll wait for the news, oh yes... whenever you want to go on an expedition, you can call me along, I have some abilities and can protect myself."

Chu Yu smiled, "You’re being humble."

Caixue smiled too, "I don’t dare to be too arrogant in front of you."

Afterwhich, Caixue and Chu Yu went their separate ways.

Chu Yu left Yan Jing shortly after, he had never planned to stay in the city for long.

Those observing him from the shadows heaved a sigh of relief, the malefic one was gone.

This was great news.

Many of the people in Yan Jing could sleep well tonight.

Initially they had completely ignored Chu Yu, after finding out some things about him, they looked down on him. Afterwards, this morphed into respect, and eventually, fear.

This youth really commanded fear.

However, a discovery had quickly changed their mood towards Chu Yu from fear, to extreme terror!

Bai Guang was dead, and had died a horrendous death.

It was forced into its original form, ugly and disgusting. However, its body was incredibly strong, and only a powerful cultivator could cause people difficulty to approach its body even after death.

Those who were slightly more powerful realized that the body had a huge cavity.

They suddenly remembered that Bai Guang used to be a King’s Realm Pill cultivator...

Those people immediately understood what had happened.


Bai Guang had recently arrived in Yan Jing. He had called himself the servant of a god and he had unimaginable power despite his young age.

During this period of time, he had went around the posh clubs. He was handsome and well groomed. He was well educated and well liked.

Any ordinary man would not have known of such a powerful individual’s existence, but then again, the ordinary person knew the least.

However, anyone of power in Yan Jing all knew about how strong Bai Guang was.

Bai Guang had never tried to hide his standing or origins.

As a servant of the god from Mars, he had proclaimed himself the bringer of future and hope!

Many of the leaders bought into his story after interactions with him.

They had felt that this youth was incredibly powerful and what he said was factual and accurate.

Even though the world had just recently recovered and had a great amount of spiritual energy, it could not change the fact that talents and powerful cultivators were scarce.

Yet, this youth from Mars had the ability to let people raise their powers quickly.

After Bai Guang showed this ability at the appropriate time, many people in Yan Jing... were willing to become servants of a god.

After that, they just needed to wait for the day when the Butterfly Lord arrived. Then, they could reach for the stars!

Yet, this powerful youth was... dead.

Killed by Chu Yu!

He was a King’s Realm powerhouse!

How did this happen?

If not for the fact that many people had seen Chu Yu dragging Bai Guang out of the city with their own eyes, not many people would believe that such a powerful youth would die at the hands of Chu Yu.

This was extremely terrifying.

Could it be that Chu Yu already had the ability to kill King’s Realm life forms?

This shouldn’t be!

No matter how powerful he was, even if he could kill a Xiantian cultivator, how could he possibly kill a King’s Realm life form when he was just an Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist?


He used poison!

"He could have possibly gotten the Crane Saint’s legacy, and not just a part of it like we thought."

"When the Chu Clan had gone up against the Three Leaves Sect, they had used an invisible poison mist, causing the Three Leaves Sect cultivators to be unable to enter. At that time I said that poison... may have been something the Crane Saint was adept at!"

"You said so? Where’s the evidence? Don’t say you said it in private, because I can say I said that too!"

"I don’t believe that the Chu Clan’s poison has anything to do with the Crane Saint. However, I admit that Chu Yu is powerful and definitely not the wastrel people think he is."

"It isn’t important whether it is poison or battle prowess. Let’s just admit that Chu Yu’s abilities are superior! It is just that we didn’t notice it before, and those who noticed... were unwilling to admit it."

Social media was a great thing to use. Now that the black technology of the ancient world cannot be reproduced in a short period of time, the hottest social media platform now had become a place where cultivators could exchange their opinions.

However, the platform that they used was not one that anyone can enter willy nilly.

This was a channel that the social media site had opened just for the cultivation world.

They could speak their mind here and the things discussed inside would not be spread to the outside world.

To them, the cultivation world and society were separate. Even though it would seem that the two worlds were melded together, they were still two separate entities.

Heaven and Earth can never mix together.

In the cultivation world channel, many people began to voice their opinions over a few photos.

These photos were of Bai Guang after it had died.

"Beheaded, then chopped in two... he either has terrifying battle prowess, or a divine weapon."

"The golden pill was also taken away. His technique is clean. I can’t believe that anyone with the courage to... ahem, retrieve the golden pill from a worm’s body in such a way would be an educated youth."

"Don’t judge a book by its cover, I think that this was done by Chu Yu."

Only after a Shang Qing disciple posted a statement did the discussion die down.

"Shang Qing has decided to invite Chu Yu to join us."

The power of this statement was obvious. This short sentence was more powerful than the million and one words of others.

Chu Yu could not see any of this.

As an underworld clan disciple, he did not qualify.

This was the circle.

This was the hierarchy within the cultivation world.

If Chu Yu agreed to Caixue’s request for him to join Tai Qing and become a disciple of Tai Qing, he would be invited to join this circle.

However, many people forgot one thing.

Within this circle was someone named Chu Xi.


The divine mountain of ancient China.

It was said that this entire place was the dwelling of all the Eastern Gods.

The Tai Qing dojo was located here.

Chu Xi, who was only nineteen this year, was slim, had skin whiter than snow, and lively eyes.

Her waist was slim and her hair silky. She wore a yellow dress and stood at the summit of the Kunlun snowy peak. It was picturesque.

Calm and elegant!

Chu Xi was only nineteen this year. She was taken away by a Tai Qing elder at a young age and accepted as a disciple.

These years, she had little contact with the outside world, her focus solely on cultivation.

Today, she had some achievement, having entered Xiantian. Her cultivation duties were no longer as heavy as before.

She was given permission to log onto the cultivation world social media once in awhile.

As a Tai Qing disciple, every word and action had to be carefully thought out.

As such, even though Chu Xi would occasionally see news about her brother, she could only suppress her urge to voice her opinion.

Furthermore, all these while, there was little chatter about Chu Yu and the Chu Clan in this specialized channel.

Even though the Chu Clan was making waves in the country, they were nothing in the eyes of the huge sects.

Anyone of their powerful Supreme Realm cultivators could flatten the entire clan.

The Supreme Realm cultivators in these sects were not like the ones in the Three Leaves Sect.

The difference was like the Wild Chicken University and Yan Jing University...

Yet, this time it was different...

The student’s from the Wild Chicken University had done even better than the geniuses from Yan Jing University...

This had stunned everyone.

Not only that, these students from the Wild Chicken University were seen to be excellent in many areas!

How was it possible that such a person was cultivated by the Wild Chicken University?

This was not science!

After seeing the reviews, Chu Xi was slightly stunned.

In order not to let others see the fact that she could not suppress her emotions, she had left the dojo to scale the snowy peak to calm herself down.

This had surprised her.

He heart was filled with amazement.

Her own brother was not wasted... he was actually incredibly excellent!

Even the disciples of the Tai Qing dojo were also of a similar standard.

However, the Tai Qing disciples had gotten a large amount of resources! What kind of resources did her brother have?

The Saint’s legacies were only valuable in the eyes of the ordinary ancient sects.

They were nothing to sects like Tai Qing.

Too many saints have passed through their doors!

As such, a saint’s legacy was not rare at all.

Of course, they didn’t take it for granted, but at the same time, they did not crave for it.

There were even rumours that the cultivation techniques that the disciples of the three Qings used were passed down from Dao Zu.

That was the ultimate legacy, even better than those of saints!

As such, to Chu Xi, if Chu Yu was really like what was described by those on social media, then, her brother was no weaker than the disciples from her sect!

"I haven’t seen him in so long." Chu Xi looked to the distance and whispered to herself, "I feel like going home to take a look."

Then, Chu Xi leapt off from the peak and sprinted all the way to the North.


Chu Yu, who was sitting alone in First Class of an plane, was engaged in a conversation with Fatty.

Chu Yu had taken on the appearance of an executive.

The identity that Fatty had provided him... was completely factual!

As for where the owner of the identity had disappeared to, Chu Yu had no idea.

However, knowing Fatty, even though he was slightly vicious and shameless, he would not kill.

Fatty didn’t explain either.

He was currently explaining something else to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu had asked him, "Are you sure you’ve got this right? Houyi’s bow... is in Canada?"

"Boss, I swear it on my little brother, it is definitely in Canada!"

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