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The Divine Thunder Immortal Country was established by the Supreme Thunder of the Nine Emperors and Five Venerables years ago. It had a long history and had experienced many wars. There was a period of time when this Divine Thunder Immortal Country was very powerful, attacking and attacking other Immortal palace Immortal Country s.

Ever since Divine Thunder Immortal Country was defeated by many powers, she had been much more low-profile and did not participate in any big events for many years, giving people the feeling that she had changed and changed.

After Chen Xiang was teleported to the Divine Thunder Immortal Country, he saw that many of the Rankers here used the power of the Lightning Attribute. He was secretly happy because he had something like the Leihun fruit, which many Lightning Attribute Rankers needed.

She was working as a hall master of the Divine Thunder Hall, which was under the control of the Divine Thunder Immortal Country. The Divine Thunder Hall was mainly in the business world, selling all sorts of expensive things. Occasionally, there would be auctions or events.

He didn't want Lv Qilian to know that she was here. Otherwise, with just his brain, Lv Qilian would definitely guess that he was looking for Yan Zilan for help, and then, he would have done something to her.

"This Divine Lightning Hall is really short, it's not even taller than my Devil-suppressing Divine Palace." Chen Xiang counted. Divine Thunder Hall was only on the thirty-fifth floor.

"Look at the materials of this building. They are all many years ago. Although it is old, it is very meaningful. This is a building that has experienced the era of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord." Su Meiyao said: "When I was very young, I had been here before with Master."

The Divine Lightning Palace was built with huge grey bricks. It was square and grand in appearance. Every floor was very wide, like a public square, and could hold many people inside.

The moment Chen Xiang entered this place, he immediately used the Heaven Tour to search for Yan Zilan at the highest level. Along the way, he encountered many powerful formations, causing him to have no choice but to give up.

"Old senior, do I need any conditions to see Zilan Immortal Fairy?" Chen Xiang asked an elder who was collecting medicinal herbs.

"At least ten people ask her that every day. You're the eighth one today, and I know many people admire her, especially men." The old man laughed.

"Then do you always say these kinds of nonsense to those people?" Chen Xiang scratched his head in embarrassment: "I saw her doing it for business."

"Almost everyone says that. Take out the thing. Only the most expensive thing in the world will let her personally come out to talk to you." The old man stretched out his hand.

Chen Xiang was thinking about what kind of medicinal ingredients he should take out. He was worried that he would scare the old man, but if it was too terrible, he might not be able to see Yan Zilan again.

"Do you know what this is?" Chen Xiang took out a transparent ball, and something that looked like a ball of fire jumped out. It flickered with lightning, and looked like a small ball of lightning that had been bound.

"This is …"

Before the old man finished speaking, Chen Xiang hissed for a bit, and then kept the Leihun fruit. The old man was truly frightened, his eyes almost popping out, he did not think that there would actually be an idiot who would sell the Leihun fruit, in his eyes, Chen Xiang was just a super prodigal son, for the sake of seeing the Zilan Immortal Fairy, he was even willing to take out such a thing.

"Now, we should be able to see the Zilan Immortal Fairy." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I'll take you to see her."

The old man casually called for someone to replace him, then brought Chen Xiang into a small-scale Transmission array. Teleported to the highest floor, then brought him into a guest hall.

"I've already used the communication talisman to contact her. She'll be coming to meet you soon." After saying that, the old man left with excitement in his heart. This was because he had a part in the deal.

Yan Zilan was not there. Chen Xiang waited for more than an hour before she appeared in the living room. She was dressed very simply, with a purple long skirt, and her hair was simply tied up, but it looked more natural and beautiful, more flirtatious, and her allure was natural. Coupled with her gentle and sweet smile, it gave her the power to captivate people.

"Young master, I've asked you to wait. Purple Orchid will pour tea for you right now." Yan Zilan laughed as she slowly walked over, her eyes revealing traces of guilt. Her current appearance made it difficult for people to criticize her.

Yan Zilan was mostly simple, but her actions carried a sense of elegance and nobility.

While she was busy pouring tea, Chen Xiang suddenly reached out to her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

Yan Zilan was instantly angered, Chen Xiang also felt a strong burst of divine power and a trace of holy energy gushing out from her body.

"Sister Violet Orchid, it's me." Chen Xiang laughed softly in her ear using his own voice.

"Damn brat." Yan Zilan spat and struggled free from Chen Xiang's big hand. Just now, Chen Xiang had pinched her waist, causing her to blush slightly and become even more enchanting.

Although Chen Xiang had made a sudden attack, Yan Zilan did not let the teapot in his hand reveal any of the tea in the least.

"Have you never seen a woman before?" Yan Zilan became a little more casual, rudely pouring him some tea, and then sitting at the side, no longer being polite with him. In any case, they were on the same side, and also a perverted little rogue.

"It's just that I haven't seen such a likeable woman like elder sister Zi Lan in a long time." Chen Xiang chuckled as he looked at her. He finished his cup of tea and passed the teacup over to Yan Zilan.

After Yan Zilan helped him fill the pot, she said bitterly: "Even so, you can't be so careless. I almost beat you to death just now, I really don't want you to die that early."

"I missed sister Viola so much that I couldn't help but want to hug you." Chen Xiang laughed, after changing back into her appearance, Yan Zilan could not help but look at him twice. In the past, Chen Xiang was indeed just a little kid to her, but now, she had a kind of mature aura, and had a kind of strange charm.

"Why are you looking for me? Is it very important?" Yan Zilan asked softly.

"Mm, it's very important. Only by being able to help me." Chen Xiang's expression became serious.

"Then don't talk here. Follow me." Yan Zilan stood up and brought Chen Xiang to her own room. Chen Xiang's current situation was extremely dangerous, so she naturally had to prevent Chen Xiang's matter from being leaked out.

The moment Chen Xiang entered her room, he was lying on her soft and fragrant bed. He remembered that when he taught Yan Zilan the cultivation methods in the past, he was on the bed … "Damn brat, stop messing around." Yan Zilan walked over and pinched Chen Xiang's thigh, but her jade-like hands were suddenly grabbed by Chen Xiang. With a light pull, Yan Zilan let out a cry as she lay on Chen Xiang's body.

"Let me go." Yan Zilan screamed and struggled out of Chen Xiang's grasp. She laid on the side of Chen Xiang, pouted her lips, and looked at him grudgingly: "Did you feel that you have become stronger, then came to find me, bully me, and do naughty things to me? Did you have this bad idea a long time ago?"

After Yan Zilan finished speaking, he leaned his head over, kissed Chen Xiang's cheeks, and said in a tender voice: "Quickly tell me what business you have with me, I'm quite busy right now."

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