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Chapter 81: This Brother Is Good At Acting

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How can they not be pathetic?

There were a total of five members in their male band. They had only debuted for two years, yet they had already experienced a tragic ending.

The first three months after the male band debuted, they were very popular and were in the limelight. But three months later, all sorts of scandals broke out one after another. The leader lied and caused his fans to get pregnant, and the lead dancer and a certain famous female actress were photographed “practicing eating bananas” in the car late at night. The entire team was ruined.

Just last week, the slightly more popular lead rapper took the initiative to leave the group and join another company to seek a better future. Another team member felt that the entertainment circle was too scary, and went home to inherit billions of assets.

There were only three men left in the previous team of five. The other two were still involved in scandals, and only Liang Bo was upright. It was heart-wrenching.

Liang Bo was now recuperating. His manager had gone to take care of some newbies and his boss had almost forgotten about him, the little prince of music. Liang Bo’s savings were almost gone. In order to live, he had even worn a face mask to deliver takeout today. It was quite sad.

Realizing that the QQ icon was vibrating, Liang Bo opened it.

A long string of messages appeared before his eyes.

[Hi, Liang Bo. I am Song Ci. You might have heard of me.

Are you interested in doing something big with me?

I know that your team is about to disband. You are not Chen Shuo and have no reputation to speak of. You are also not in Jiang Ducheng, who has billions to inherit. Once your team is completely disbanded, you won’t have a way out. How about this? Do you want to collaborate with me? We will be partners. I will compose for you and you will be in charge of the lyrics and performance. I will give you the opportunity to perform on stage. I will only be your teammate behind the scenes. Our profits will be split 4:1, you can take 80% and I’ll take 20%.

I look forward to your reply.]

The cash-strapped Song Ci turned her attention to Liang Bo.

In her previous life, after Liang Bo’s men’s team was disbanded, he left the entertainment circle and went home to study acupuncture with his grandfather, who had been researching Traditional Chinese Medicine all his life. Many years later, he rose to fame with a video of him performing acupuncture on the streets to save a homeless man who suffered a heart attack.

Due to that video, Liang Bo was coveted by the CEO of Yu Hua Company. He was poached by Yu Hua to sign a contract and repackaged to debut again. This time, Liang Bo shot to fame and embarked on the path to stardom.

As for Song Ci, she was Liang Bo’s most admired composer. Song Ci could come up with the most touching songs for him, and the two of them worked very well together. She helped him win the championship trophy and he helped her win the gold medal as a composer.

In this life, Liang Bo was still a young lad, while Song Ci had the talent and experience of her previous life. Liang Bo would definitely favor her!

After reading Song Ci’s message, Liang Bo smiled ambiguously. “Another liar!” Why would a fairy like Song Ci take the initiative to look for me? 

Liang Bo glanced at the steaming rice cooker and replied lazily: Who are you, bro? Of all people, why must you pretend to be Song Ci? Who are you to pretend to be my goddess?

Liang Bo had the good fortune to meet Song Ci at a fashion dinner. The beautiful Song Ci had been standing beside that handsome Yan Jiang that night, so Liang Bo only dared to look at her from afar and didn’t go up to greet her.

The probability that Song Ci would take the initiative to look for him was like a pie dropping from the sky.

After replying, Liang Bo thought that it was time for the cake to be cooked. He put down his laptop and opened the rice cooker. Lowering his head, Liang Bo cursed, “F*ck! Those trash videos are bullying me!”

Liang Bo tore off a piece of the hard cake. It was shriveled and disgusting.

Liang Bo poured the failed cake away and fell asleep. The next day, Liang Bo saw Song Ci’s reply.

Song Ci: Oh, so I am your goddess.

Liang Bo pursed his lips. He thought to himself, ‘this guy is quite dramatic’. 

Liang Bo took a big gulp of water and replied to Song Ci in a teasing manner: [To be honest, Song Ci is not only my goddess but also my girlfriend. You have to keep this a secret.]

Song Ci: [To be honest, my husband’s surname is Han. I really don’t know when I cheated with a man called Liang Bo.]

Liang Bo was speechless. He thought to himself that this guy was rather dramatic.

Liang Bo: [Since we’re lovers, we must be discreet.]

Song Ci couldn’t be bothered to continue bantering with this dumbass. She directly sent a video request over. Liang Bo was momentarily stunned when he saw the request, before laughing in exasperation.

Great. Even a conman is so arrogant these days. 

Did he think that I didn’t dare to accept the call? 

Liang Bo accepted the call very calmly. The call went through and Liang Bo glanced at the other party with interest, wanting to see just where this fool came from. The other party was so thick-skinned and practically thought that he was invincible.

However, when he saw the woman’s face in the video, Liang Bo was stunned.

“Damn… damn!”

Liang Bo covered his mouth as his face turned red.

She really is my goddess! 

Liang Bo looked down at his white singlet and flowery pants, feeling like he was going crazy. He quickly got up and hurriedly said, “I have something on!”, before disappearing from the computer like he was escaping from a desert.

Liang Bo quickly opened the wardrobe and selected a light blue shirt and black pants. He even styled his hair.

Taking a few deep breaths in front of the mirror, Liang Bo sat back down in front of the computer. He looked rather handsome in his weird form.

Seeing that the woman on the other end of the screen had disappeared, Liang Bo tried to call out, “Goddess?” But he felt that this form of address was too inappropriate and hurriedly changed it. “Miss Song, are you still there?”

Song Ci returned with a glass of warm water. She was wearing a conservative cotton dress and had yet to remove her neck brace, but it didn’t affect her beauty.

“Oh.” Song Ci sized Liang Bo up and teased him. “Where are your flowery pants?”

Liang Bo blushed again. “D-don’t laugh at me, Miss Song.” Liang Bo felt utterly embarrassed.

Song Ci coughed and said to Liang Bo, “Back to the topic, have you considered my offer?”

After confirming that Song Ci was not joking, Liang Bo became serious.

Liang Bo said, “How would I know if you have the capability?” Although he was a minor nondescript singer, Liang Bo had his own pride. It was already a huge mistake for him to debut as a member of a male band. Now that he was finally going to regain his freedom, Liang Bo would never so rashly tie his future to an unfamiliar woman.

Song Ci said, “Wait here.” Song Ci sent Liang Bo an audio file and logged off.

The moment she logged off, Song Ci received a call from Han Zhan.

Song Ci was planning to visit Mother Li at the hospital, when she suddenly received a call from Han Zhan. Song Ci was slightly surprised. “Brother Han, you’re still awake?”

Han Zhan said, “I was asleep but I woke up again.”

“What’s the matter? Are you suffering from insomnia?”

Han Zhan said, “No,” and asked Song Ci, “You’re on the internet? There was a lot of incoming and outgoing data at home just now. What are you doing?”


Song Ci was shocked.

Damn, Brother Han is even monitoring the incoming and outgoing data at home?

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