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Chapter 80: He Deserves To Be Rich All His Life

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Song Ci stood aside and watched the scene unfold, feeling rather upset. The two of them sat quietly in the waiting area for a few hours. Only at 1pm did the doctor inform Li Li to prepare to receive his mother.

Mother Li was dazed and her eyes were darting around when she was pushed out. Only when Li Li grabbed her hand and she vaguely heard him call her mother, did Mother Li feel at ease and stopped moaning.

After returning to the ward and settling Mother Li down, Li Li went to the toilet to secretly wipe his tears. Song Ci couldn’t help but think of her own parents. Li Li was so fortunate to still be able to accompany her mother in her surgery and be filial to her, but she had already lost hers long ago.

The last time Song Ci saw her mother, Jiang Mengmeng, and father, Song Tingyun, was at the site of the earthquake. Her parents’ bodies were laid out alongside the bodies of many victims. The paramedics carried antiseptic sprayers and disinfected their bodies.

Song Ci felt very lonely as she thought of her deceased parents and her sleeping elder sister.

A moment later, Li Li came out with slightly reddened eyes. He smiled sheepishly at Song Ci and thanked her. “Thank you for accompanying me today, Sister-in-law.”

Song Ci was slightly embarrassed. She was still not used to being called sister-in-law by a man who was five to six years older than her. Glancing at the half-asleep Mother Li, Song Ci said to Li Li, “Auntie must be very proud to have such an outstanding son like you.”

Li Li thought of the past and rubbed his face. “My mother brought me up herself. When I was young, my father hit someone with his car and fled for his life. After he came home, my mother and I advised him to turn himself in. But he was a coward and just jumped out of the window in front of us…”

Li Li’s tone was calm but Song Ci was stunned. She apologized in a low voice like a little kid who had done something wrong. “I’m sorry…”

“Why are you apologizing? The person who should be apologizing is already dead.” Li Li looked at his mother’s aged face and said softly, “I was only 12 years old the year my father died. All the money in the family went to compensate the victim’s orphan. Because of my father, that lady lost her parents. She is the most pitiful one.”

“We didn’t have any money at home. My mother, who has been a housewife all this while, had no choice but to come out to work. She sells fish at the market and works from dawn to dusk. She kills fish everyday and now her wrists and shoulders are hurting badly.”

Hearing this, Song Ci stared at Mother Li’s aged face and sighed. “Luckily, Auntie’s efforts were all worth it.”

Li Li smiled. “I am her only hope. I cannot disappoint her.”

“Actually, at the beginning, her fish shop business was not good either. I was admitted to Wangdong High School in my third year of junior high school. At that time, my family was so poor that I couldn’t even afford my school fees. I nearly dropped out of school to work. Later, I met a kind-hearted person who sponsored my studies. I successfully finished high school and entered Wangdong University’s School of Economics and Management.”

After hearing Li Li’s description, Song Ci also felt relieved and happy for him. “You are very lucky to meet such a good person.”

Li Li acknowledged and said in a low voice, “Mr. Han is a good person. Without him, there wouldn’t be me.”

Song Ci was shocked. “You’re saying that the kind person who sponsored your studies was Han Zhan?”

Li Li nodded.

Li Li was amused by Song Ci’s shock. “Miss Song, what kind of person do you think Mr. Han is? Not only did he sponsor me, but he also sponsored many others. All the money he receives during the festive seasons is used to help those children who really needed help.”

“I, Bei Zhan, and a few colleagues whom you haven’t met before are all children who have received Mr. Han’s sponsorship.” And those children had now become the general managers and backbones of several major companies under Han Zhan.

Song Ci was truly stunned. “I see…” She smiled awkwardly and said,” He is rather far-sighted. All his investments have paid off, right? ”

Li Li shook his head in disagreement. “You still don’t know him well enough.”

Song Ci’s expression turned serious. She asked Li Li, “Why do you say that?”

Li Li said, “There are at least 80 students under Mr. Han’s sponsorship, if not a hundred. But we’re the only ones who really work for him. The rest don’t even know who helped them finish their studies.”

“If not for the fact that he was discharged from the army due to an injury and became a businessman instead, thus needing a group of loyal subordinates, all of us would never be able to meet Mr. Han.” To the other people who benefitted from Mr. Han, he was just a mysterious and kind person.

Li Li stared at Song Ci sternly. He said in a serious tone, “Mr. Han has always helped others without wanting anything in return.”

Song Ci got to know a different Han Zhan from Li Li. She was someone who only cared about profits, and thought that Han Zhan was like her, always minding his own personal gains and losses. However, she forgot that there were really people in this world who did good deeds without asking for anything in return.

Han Zhan was such a person in his previous life. He organized a charity convalescent hospital, set up a charity foundation, fixed Hope Primary School, and set up a “Homecoming” to help those abducted women, children, and illegal workers find their homes and help their family reunite.

Han Zhan deserves to be rich all his life!

Thinking that such a kind Han Zhan had chosen her, Song Ci felt like a toad that had just eaten swan meat. She had to become better to be worthy of such an outstanding and sincere Han Zhan!

Song Ci stayed in the hospital until it was almost dark, before returning home. After reaching home, she sent Han Zhan a message to inform him that Mother Li’s surgery was successful and to reassure him.

After sending the message, Song Ci entered the kitchen to prepare dinner. Han Zhan was not at home and Song Ci had her diet meal again. After dinner, she thought for a moment before opening her laptop and logging into QQ, which she had not logged in for a long time.

Based on her memory, Song Ci searched for an unfamiliar QQ number and clicked add.

Song Ci came out of the shower and saw that her QQ profile was flashing.

She perked up. It’s here!

Song Ci opened the message and saw that it was a verified message. Song Ci had added a new friend with the online name “superstar”. The person’s avatar was a microphone with the words “superstar” printed on it.

This person’s avatar and online name gave off a silly vibe.

Song Ci opened the dialog box, thought for a moment, typed a message, and sent it over. She then turned off her laptop and went to bed.

Meanwhile, a nameless artiste called Liang Bo was standing in the kitchen, preparing a steamed cake. Today, he had browsed Weibo and watched a popular video titled “Cakes can be made without ovens”. He was in high spirits and wanted to experiment with it.

As the most handsome member and lead singer of an 18th-tier male idol group, Liang Bo was so bored that he had to stay home and make cakes. One could imagine just how pathetic their male idol group was.

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