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Chapter 72: Hero’s Hand

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Song Ci couldn’t quite fall asleep. She turned sideways to face Han Zhan, her fingers caressing around his beautiful eyes. Han Zhan opened his eyes and didn’t stop her little action.

Finally mustering up her courage, Song Ci asked Han Zhan, “Brother Han, how did you lose your fingers?”

Han Zhan suddenly glanced at her with a complex expression.

“Can’t you tell me?” Song Ci asked.

Han Zhan shook his head and gave a rough explanation. “I was pressed down by a concrete slab when I was trying to save someone. The hand was pressed for too long and my fingers are dead, so I had to amputate them.” But he didn’t say who he saved under what circumstances.

Song Ci felt very uncomfortable hearing this. She had always thought that Han Zhan’s finger had been cut off by an enemy. She didn’t expect it to be for the sake of saving someone. She didn’t question further as knowing the rough details were enough.

Holding Han Zhan’s right hand and placing it in front of her, Song Ci took a look and suddenly said, “It’s not very nice, but I’m not afraid. Brother Han, don’t try to hide it from me in the future. This is the hand of a hero. If you cover it, it will be a denial of your honor and belief.”

She knew deep down that even though Han Zhan had already retired from the military and was a businessman, there was no way he could change those things in his bones.

To Han Zhan, fighting for the country was an honor, and peace was a belief.

When Han Zhan heard that, he felt an earthquake in his chest and a numbing sensation spread throughout his body. It was the first time a woman praised his ugly hands as the hands of a hero. It was not without reason that Song Ci was so attractive to him.

It was getting late and Han Zhan still had work tomorrow. Song Ci couldn’t continue to disturb him and said, “I am going to bed.”

Han Zhan acknowledged. “You sleep, I’ll watch.”

“Cute and coquettish.” As Song Ci spoke, the corners of her lips curled up as she really closed her eyes. That scorching gaze lingered on her for a long time, before finally disappearing due to fatigue.

Song Ci was still feeling unwell when she woke up early in the morning. She knew that this was normal and she would probably recover tomorrow. She sat on the bed for a while and realized that there were two sheets of paper on the dresser.

Song Ci took it and looked at it. One was the paper she gave to Han Zhan last night, and the other was made by Han Zhan to record her preferences and dislikes. Song Ci put down her paper, picked up Han Zhan’s answer sheet, and read it seriously. Han Zhan wrote —

Food he liked: meat, fermented beancurd, parsley…

Food he disliked: vegetables, chicken, Japanese food.


Interests and hobbies: Shooting, riding, racing, weaving bamboo, holding hands with Song Ci, kissing her, and doing everything with her.

Things he hated: Wasting food. Hate Song Ci being too intimate with others.

Song Ci put down the paper and fell into deep thought. Hate it when I’m too intimate with others?

I didn’t expect Brother Han to be so jealous.

Song Ci didn’t intend to go out this morning, so she didn’t change out of her pyjamas or put on makeup. Anyway, she looked good without makeup, and it wasn’t like Han Zhan hadn’t seen her before. Song Ci picked up her piece of paper and walked into the study in her pyjamas. She found a pen and seriously wrote down her preferences.

Food she liked: spicy crayfish, stir-fried bamboo shoots with bacon, beef brisket with tomatoes, medium-well steak, durian.

Food she disliked: Vegetable, all scaleless fish

Interests and hobbies: Violin, aviation, collecting high heels.

Things she hated: Domestic abuse, deceit…

Song Ci filled in that form and went downstairs to find that Han Zhan had already left, but the kitchen’s steamer was keeping her breakfast warm. Song Ci ate her breakfast as she watched today’s headline news. Before she finished her meal, she received a call from Du Tingting.

“Song Song, you should persuade Qiu-er. She wants to be discharged, and said she doesn’t want to waste her time in the hospital. But how can she be discharged with her current condition?”

Persuade? How? 

“Mother, Qiu-er is an adult now and you should respect her. She told me about this yesterday and I tried to persuade her, but I saw that Qiu-er had already made up her mind and there was no use in trying to convince her.” Song Ci licked the soup dumpling juice on her fingers. Then, she realized she had lost her demeanor by doing so.

How can the top socialite lick her fingers? She quickly took out a tissue to wipe them clean.

Du Tingting sighed. “So you think that we should let Qiu-er do what she wants?”

“Mother, Qiu-er is also very depressed staying in the hospital. Why don’t we let her do what she wants?”

Actually, Song Ci had never understood Mu Qiu. From their interactions during this period, Mu Qiu didn’t seem like the kind of person who would sacrifice the lives of the two sisters in exchange for her own life. But in her previous life, Mu Qiu had personally placed her hand on Song Ci’s chest and asked for her heart.

Song Ci was curious as to why Mu Qiu suddenly requested to be discharged.

In the end, Du Tingting allowed Mu Qiu to be discharged.

Mu Qiu was discharged that day. She put on an energetic, light makeup, pink blush and a vibrant yellow dress.

As they left the hospital, Mu Qiu opened her arms and took in a deep breath of warm air. A blissful smile finally broke out on her face. She opened her phone and glanced at her bucket list. She smiled again. From now on, she was going to live her life to its fullest.

Du Tingting’s heart ached as she gazed at her daughter’s overly slender figure.

After breakfast, Song Ci, who was still feeling unwell, laid down on the sofa and played with her cell phone. She searched online to see if there was any way to resolve her discomfort after her first sexual experience.

The perfect answer: Change to a frail and delicate husband, and end the tiredness once and for all.


Trash browsers were not reliable. I had spent so much effort to get Brother Han. How can I bear to change him? I’ll never change him for the rest of my life. 

Song Ci logged out of the browser and sent Yan Jiang a message. [Ah Jiang, help me pick a violin. Send it to my house if you are free.]

Yan Jiang replied: Come and take it yourself.

Song Ci: Not feeling well.

Yan Jiang: Are you sick?

Song Ci: My heart is racing every night and I am feeling very unwell. Come and find me.

Yan Jiang raised his brows. Heart racing every night…

He shook his head and chuckled. He thought to himself that this girl’s married life was truly blissful.

Du Xueyan looked up in surprise, when she saw Yan Jiang smiling at a cell phone. She started sizing him up.

Yan Jiang was dressed entirely in black. His purple and pink hair was paired with a pair of gold-framed glasses, and a silver chain hung around his neck. He sat lazily on the sofa with a cigarette dangling from his ear and a cell phone in his hand. It was unclear who he was talking to. His brows were raised and the smile on his lips was faint but very seductive.

]He was indeed very good-looking, as expected of the top beauty in the entertainment circles.

Du Xueyan thought of her manager’s words. Her manager’s original words were: “Yan Jiang is the most popular celebrity in the country. He has debuted for so many years and has been involved in countless scandals. He also doesn’t have a public image—he smokes, is a fierce fan, fights with celebrities—and has been doing whatever he wants. I have never seen him being afraid.”

“But the strange thing is that although he is very arrogant, his fans dote on him and he has many fans. You don’t need to worry about anything if you collaborate with him.”

“He is the best partner to work with.”

This was the first time Du Xueyan met Yan Jiang. She realized that he was both beautiful and proud, but she couldn’t understand something. In the entertainment circles, all celebrities had to put on an act and tread carefully. How could he live so carefreely?

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