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Chapter 44: First Day of Cohabitation, Exciting

Only after Han Zhan had filled the glass did he look up to glance over at Song Ci’s position.

Song Ci was born with extremely good genes. If she didn’t have such an ‘up to no good’ smile, she would be even more good looking.

Han Zhan suddenly felt slightly enraged.

Thinking about how a 32-year-old man like him got teased by a 22-year-old little girl, wouldn’t it be very embarrassing if he didn’t react at all? After all, he had ten more years of experience! Even if that little imp bullied him, he had to have some sort of response for her efforts.

Thinking of this, Han Zhan took a sip of water before putting the glass down and walking over to where Song Ci was.

Song Ci saw Han Zhan moving towards her in big strides, and he thought, ‘What is he trying to do? Why does he look like he’s going to do me in?’

One look at the veteran and she knew that he was a law-abiding person with self-discipline and wouldn’t do anything to violate her. Thinking of this, Song Ci felt slightly calmer. Faced with Han Zhan closing in, she didn’t appear guilty at all as she raised her chin and looked at him with a hint of tease.

Han Zhan closed in, suddenly stretched out his arms, and violently landed his palms on the French window glass, entrapping Song Ci.

Hearing the thud, Song Ci’s heart also trembled.

What was this?

Although Song Ci knew that Han Zhan wouldn’t do anything to her, her heart still raced at the thought of being trapped between his chest and the glass. Han Zhan looked down and moved closer to her ear, he said, “Why must we wait for the night? Isn’t it even more exciting in the day?”

What predatory statement was this?

Song Ci swallowed her saliva as she pointed to her neck brace. She said in a fawning manner, “I’m wearing this and it’ll ruin your pleasure.”

Han Zhan’s lips pressed against Song Ci’s ear, and his breath sank. It made her uneasy all over that she couldn’t even stand firmly. She heard Han Zhan say, “It’s not a bad thing to have a taste—the full pleasure can come another day.”

Song Ci instantly went weak.

Regardless of how disciplined Han Zhan was, he was still a man. It was her fault for belittling Han Zhan’s aggressiveness.

“I—I’m sorry,” Song Ci said. Her voice was exceptionally soft.

Han Zhan pretended not to hear it and said, “Haven’t had lunch?”

Song Ci said loudly, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t tease Brother Han. I’ll be obedient from now on.”

It satisfied her Brother Han, and only then did he remove his arms. He then pulled her luggage upstairs.

After he left, Song Ci sat by the French window. She was already drained and heaved heavy breaths.

Song Ci found her phone and sent Yan Jiang a message.

[ Song Ci: Ah Jiang, how should I deal with someone more flirty than you? ]

[ Yan Jiang: Lay down and give in to fate. ]

Get lost.

After she read the message, Song Ci threw the phone away.

Only after Song Ci had recovered did she get up to look around Han Zhan’s house. On the first level, there was an enormous living room, an open-concept kitchen, and a laundry room. And they had transformed the guest room into a home gym.

After looking around the first level, Song Ci went up the stairs. Reaching the second level, she realized that the layout differed slightly from what she had imagined.

The second level was smaller than the first. The entire level only had a study room, a meeting room, and a rather roomy master bedroom. Song Ci realized that the entire house didn’t have a second bedroom and suddenly felt a sense of danger.

Song Ci knocked on the door of the master bedroom.

“Come in.”

Song Ci pushed open the black door and saw that Han Zhan was in the process of removing his clothes. He had already removed his suit and undid four buttons of his blouse, revealing a huge chunk of his bronze chest with defined muscle contours that made one blush.

Song Ci rarely saw such a beautiful male body in person and was momentarily stunned.

Han Zhan continued to undo the remaining buttons and without raising his head, he said, “Tired? Want to take an afternoon nap?”

Song Ci wanted an afternoon nap, but the problem was—

“There’s no other room?” Song Ci asked with a slightly sheepish tone of voice.

Han Zhan finally looked up at her.

He pulled open the blouse, faced Song Ci openly, and he said, “I thought the moment you courted me and proposed to have a child with me, you were already prepared to sleep on the same bed and deal with me openly?”

Song Ci opened her mouth but was actually speechless. Song Ci dragged her feet to Han Zhan’s bed and sat directly on it. “It’s my fault for not thinking straight.”

Once she sat down, Song Ci’s heart thumped violently.

She sat on a man’s bed on her own.

She had stooped extremely low!

It was the first time someone sat on Han Zhan’s bed and a woman at that. Her skin was so fair that her thighs contrasted greatly with the pure black bed sheets. That sight alone made one’s imaginations run wild. Looking at the scene before him, Han Zhan’s heart became slightly warm. He took in a gentle breath and suddenly said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

The first thing that Han Zhan always does after getting home was to shower—it was a habit.

Song Ci said, “Go ahead.”

The man paused for a while before saying, “The bathroom wall here in my house is completely transparent.”

Hearing this, it left Song Ci stunned.

She hurriedly turned to look at the bathroom. Only then did she realize that the bathroom in Han Zhan’s master bedroom was especially big, and even the glass was completely transparent. Song Ci could see how Han Zhan had arranged his shampoo and soap on the shelves.

Song Ci’s face turned hot. She then suddenly stood up and ran out of the room without turning around.

She wasn’t interested to see a man take a bath.

Even if she was, it was only to take a secret look—how could she let Han Zhan see…

Han Zhan stared at the bedsheets that had scrunched up after Song Ci sat on it, and he blanked out for a moment. He then stepped into the bathroom.

Song Ci sat on the treadmill in the gym on the first floor with her phone in her hand. She felt uneasy. After pondering for a long time, Song Ci clicked on Yan Jiang’s avatar again, entered something, and sent it over.

Yan Jiang was shooting for a magazine.

He didn’t act in many shows, but he was so famous that magazine companies invited him quite often. With his peerlessly good looks, the magazines always did quite well in sales. At that time, Yan Jiang was wearing a period costume from ancient China. But as he sat on the sofa, he was frowning over Song Ci’s message.

What was the matter with this little girl today? She kept looking for him.

Opening the message, Yan Jiang saw Song Ci’s message. [ Ah Jiang, I moved out of the Mu Family today and will stay at Han Zhan’s house from now on. ]

Han Zhan?

Songsong found that person!

Yan Jiang felt helpless. If he were slightly more powerful, he could protect Songsong.

However, to be associated with Han Zhan meant that at least Song Ci’s life was safe.

Yan Jiang scrolled up the message history and saw Song Ci’s message that she sent over twenty minutes ago, and he felt slightly chilly reading it. It seemed like Han Zhan was also a Cassanova since even a person as skillful as Songsong couldn’t handle him. She must be in danger.

Yan Jiang replied to Song Ci. [ What do you plan to do? ]

[ Song Ci: I’ll marry Han Zhan. ]

[ Yan Jiang: ! ]

[ Yan Jiang: You won’t regret it? ]

[ Song Ci: Being alive is more important than anything. I’m afraid of dying. I want to live. ]

Yan Jiang’s heart ached slightly for Song Ci. Thinking of the ‘cat’ that was sleeping on the bed back home, his heart ached even more.

“Why are you sitting here instead of the sofa?” Han Zhang had finished his bath and was already in his casual, thin blouse. As he stood at the door of his home gym, his gigantic height cast a shadow toward Song Ci.

But that was okay, he would become her light one day.

Song Ci blabbered away. “I feel very fortunate to be sitting on the treadmill that Brother Han uses every day.”

Han Zhan shook his head and smiled.

He tapped on his thighs and said, “This is also yours. You’re welcome to have a seat.”

It confused Song Ci.

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