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Chapter 343: Nangong Xian: Young Master, Do You Want to Spend a Lifetime With Me, or is it Just a Fling?

Everyone watched this scene in shock. No one could believe that there were two corpses hidden in Mo Liansheng’s statue!

One had to know that this holy statue was built more than 600 years ago. It was created by Mo Liansheng himself in his later years. These two people should have been ancestors from 600 years ago!

And the person who could sneak this man and woman into the statue could not be anyone else but Mo Liansheng himself!

Who were the two skeletons? Why did Mo Liansheng hide their corpses in the statue? Was he afraid that someone would find them? Or was there another reason?

Han Zhan saw the two white bones. He held Song Ci’s shoulders tightly and exclaimed in surprise, “Why are there two white bones?”

Song Ci looked at the two white bones with a dazed expression. Her tears flowed out uncontrollably. She didn’t even know why she was crying.

Song Ci suddenly broke free from Han Zhan’s hands. She jumped down from the high platform with the Sun Chasing Arrow in her hand and didn’t care if she sprained her ankle. Song Ci limped and ran into the building.

“Baby Ci!”

Seeing that Song Ci suddenly walked towards the pair of bones and didn’t even care that her feet were injured, Han Zhan realized that something was wrong with Song Ci and followed her.

Song Ci walked to the ruins of the holy statue. She looked up at the two crumbling bones and felt a piercing pain.

That pain was worse than giving birth, more painful than being shot by Edward!

Who exactly are they!

Why did I feel such pain!

“Baby Ci, what’s wrong?” Han Zhan felt uneasy after seeing Song Ci’s tears. He didn’t know what happened to her.

He hid Song Ci behind him and walked to the two skeletons.

The closer he got to the bones, the more Han Zhan’s heart ached.

He raised his head and looked at the white bones deeply. Suddenly, he noticed that a jade pendant had fallen out from under the feet of the male white bones. The jade pendant was covered with some dust, and its original appearance could not be seen clearly.

Han Zhan reached out to pick up the jade pendant and brushed away the dust on it. Only then did he realize that it was a dragon-shaped jade pendant! In ancient times, only the Son of Heaven and the Prince were qualified to have a dragon-shaped jade pendant!

Six hundred years ago, it was the Luo Dynasty, a flourishing dynasty with four dynasties coming from all over. In that dynasty, every emperor would be buried in glory after their death. Only one person was not buried in the Imperial Mausoleum after his death—the Taiping Emperor Dugu Jie!

According to the historical records, when the Taiping Emperor Dugu Jie passed the throne to his adopted son, Dugu Sheng, at the age of fifty, he left the court.

In his later years, the Taiping Emperor had been living a carefree life. Occasionally, he would write letters to his adopted son, Emperor Shengping, to express his gratitude and to guide him.

Historically, there were no detailed records of the Taiping Emperor’s death date or place. However, there were wild historical records stating that someone had seen him in the land of Sichuan when he was fifty-two.

That was also the last time the emperor was seen by others. After that, he disappeared without a trace.

Before Emperor Shengping passed away, his only regret was not being able to send Taiping Emperor off.

It was easy to guess the identity of this male corpse.

This was Dugu Jie!

The Taiping Emperor who had created peace and prosperity!

Han Zhan’s hand that was holding onto the jade started to tremble lightly. His heart felt like it was being pulled by a pair of heartless hands and was about to be torn apart.

Song Ci came back to her senses and noticed Han Zhan’s abnormality. She walked out from behind Han Zhan.

She saw Han Zhan holding a domineering and exquisite dragon-shaped jade pendant in his hand. Song Ci subconsciously reached out to take the jade pendant.

The moment the two of them held the jade pendant, some strange images suddenly broke through the barrier and entered Song Ci and Han Zhan’s minds at the same time!

The obsession of the Taiping Emperor, Dugu Jie, that had been buried for 600 years, had finally appeared once again!

In the winter of the 36th year of Jianping, Emperor Xin Hui abolished the old Crown Prince Dugu Si and made the Seventh Prince Dugu Jie the new Crown Prince.

That year, Dugu Jie was 19 years old.

The next spring, Crown Prince Dugu Jie moved into the Eastern Palace, and the Emperor’s edict was to choose a concubine for the Crown Prince. During that year, all unmarried women aged 14 in the country were not allowed to marry and had to participate in the talent show.

Nangong Xian received an order from her father’s subordinates. When she learned that she was going to participate in the talent show, she was furious.

The outside world was so colorful. Why enter the Eastern Palace and become the Crown Prince Consort!

Besides, who knew how long the current Crown Prince of the East Palace would be able to stay in the East Palace for? He might even be the next Dugu Si!

Perhaps my head would roll, before I even became the Crown Prince Consort for long!

But the Emperor’s order was hard to disobey. She had no choice but to return to the capital.

The fourteen-year-old Nangong Xian was at a reckless age.

She rode a fierce black horse, dressed in a red tight suit and a white cloak, and rode across Chang’an Street.

Her black hair was tied into a high ponytail. As the horse jolted, the ends of her hair swayed back and forth in the cloak, entering the hearts of countless boys and girls.

When she passed by the brothel, many young masters and young mistresses leaned against the window sill and teased her, “Little General Nangong, did you come back from hunting? Or did you come back from practicing martial arts?” Even though they knew that Nangong Xian was a girl, these young ladies still treated her as a little brother and teased her.

Everyone knew that Nangong Xian’s goal was to protect her family and country on the battlefield. Therefore, the young masters and ladies who were familiar with her all liked to call her little General Nangong.

Although Nangong Xian was a girl, she was valiant and powerful in martial arts. Many young ladies and young masters in the capital wanted to befriend her.

Nangong Xian was in a hurry to return home to see her father, so she did not stop after hearing their teasing.

At this moment, someone suddenly threw a peony at Nangong Xian. Coincidentally, the peony landed on Nangong Xian’s shoulder.

Nangong Xian reined in her horse in time. The neighing of the horse startled the pedestrians on both sides of the road.

Nangong Xian took off the peony flower on her shoulder and raised her head, revealing a tender yet charming face.

Because her hair was tied up, she looked heroic and domineering.

After sizing up the men and women on the banquet hall with her imposing eyes, Nangong Xian finally locked her gaze on a young man wearing a snow green robe with golden edges at the window on the left.

The young man’s skin was extremely white and his appearance was unparalleled. His lips were red as if they were smeared with lipstick. His eyes were clear and bright. Just take a bowl of water from inside and one could raise a koi fish. However, he looked a bit sickly and looked a bit gloomy and beautiful.

Nangong Xian had been with her father in the military since she was young. All the men she had met were bronze-colored tough men.

As for the young masters she was familiar with in the capital, some were elegant, some were rich, and some were flippant. However, very few people could perfectly mix the feminine, noble, and domineering aspects together like this young master.

Nangong Xian’s eyes lit up.

But at the thought of that awful talent show, she was in no mood to admire the handsome man.

Nangong Xian smiled at the young master. Her smile was even brighter and more beautiful than the peony flower in her hand. “Young Master, throwing a peony at me, do you want to spend the rest of your life with me? Or do you want to have a fling with me?”

After being teased by Nangong Xian, the youth was slightly stunned.

Before he could figure out whether he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Nangong Xian or play around with her, he heard Nangong Xian say, “Don’t fall in love with me. I’m someone who will seek refuge in the battlefield to protect my country!”

After saying that, she used her internal energy to throw the peony flower into the young man’s arms. Then, she squeezed the horse’s belly with her legs and left.

The young man stared at her departing figure and was a little surprised. “This Nangong family’s daughter is indeed as fierce as the rumors say. I didn’t expect her to actually look so…”

He frowned slightly and pondered for a moment before saying, “Such a charming and beautiful woman.” He thought that the peony flowers in the Hundred Flower Garden were the most beautiful. Little did he know that Nangong Xian was the flower that was richer and more graceful than peonies.

He liked such a charming, beautiful, soft, and gullible girl who had more ambition than men!

As he played with the peony in his arms, the young man heard the young master ask, “Seventh Brother, what do you think of Nangong Xian?”

“If she can successfully be chosen to enter the palace and participate in the selection of concubines…” Dugu Jie placed the peony flower on the cup of wine in front of him and stared at the beautiful peony flower. He said,” I want her! ”

The man’s expression froze.

He unfolded the fan in his hand and covered his lips as he chuckled. “So Seventh Brother likes this type of woman.”

Whichever type of woman he liked was not important. However, Nangong Xian was someone that he truly liked.

No matter how one looked at her, she was pleasing.

Nangong Xian rode her horse back to the Grand General’s residence. She jumped off the horse and handed her beloved horse to the servant. Then, she rode the wind into the residence.

Grand General Nangong Jue was sitting in the courtyard wiping his saber when he heard footsteps behind him. He did not need to turn his head to know that his naughty daughter had returned.

“How many times have I told you? A girl should walk gently and gracefully. Why are you jumping around?”

After saying that, Nangong Jue turned around with a smile. His gaze towards Nangong Xian was filled with warmth and affection.

Nangong Xian stood behind her father. She said, “Father, I do not wish to participate in the selection.”

“I can’t let you have your way.”

Nangong Jue said calmly, “You’re already fourteen years old. According to the sacred decree, you must participate in the selection of concubines. Whether or not you can be selected is one thing, but whether or not you participate is another.”

Nangong Jue tapped Nangong Xian’s forehead and said, “Xian’er, as a subject of the Luo Dynasty, you must obey the royal decree of the Luo Dynasty. You have to understand this.”

Nangong Xian sat down beside her father and punched the stone bench. She could not help but ask in a delusional manner, “Can’t I find someone I like?”

Not everyone yearned for the days in the red walls and yellow tiles of the palace.

Nangong Jue sighed and said, “Xian’er, you are in this dynasty and you are burdened with the shackles of this dynasty. It is easier said than done to break the shackles.”

Nangong Jue was an open-minded person with Nangong Xian. He never asked her to learn any poems or paintings.

Since Nangong Xian advocated martial arts, he would bring Nangong Xian with him to practice martial arts. Since she did not like to read the four books and five scriptures, he would choose to let her read his Sun Zi’s Art of War and other books.

Nangong Jue could be said to be extremely fond of Nangong Xian.

How could Nangong Xian not understand that what Nangong Jue said was true? She was just indignant. When she thought about how all unmarried women had to participate in the talent show because of an imperial decree, she felt that it was unfair.

“Don’t worry, just go ahead.” Nangong Jue sized up his daughter’s sitting posture and demeanor. He said, “Don’t worry, with your sitting posture and posture, you will most likely be eliminated.”

It was not that Nangong Jue looked down on his daughter. It was just that the talent selection system was too cruel.

There were countless daughters of wealthy families who had received professional training from a young age in order to stand out in talent shows. They were proficient in the four arts, cooking, and brewing tea.

Compared to those ladies, Nangong Xian was just a boor.

Being comforted by her father like that, Nangong Xian felt slightly better.

The selection would begin in three days, and the palace servants would select 5,000 beautiful young women aged 14 to 16 from all over the world. These 5,000 young women would only be able to advance to the top 50 after going through the preliminary and four other trials.

And these fifty young girls still had to go through three segments before they could choose the Crown Prince Consort and concubine.

Nangong Xian could not be chosen, but she could not be unprepared for talent shows. In order to let Nangong Xian advance, Nangong Jue specially found a group of excellent teachers to nurture her talent.

After studying music, chess, calligraphy, and painting for a month, Nangong Xian went to participate in the talent show.

Being locked in the palace every day, Nangong Xian watched as a group of women schemed against each other for their futures. She hated this kind of life even more.

She wanted to be eliminated quickly.

After all, she was the daughter of the Great General. Even if she was eliminated, she did not need to be a palace maid in the palace. She could go back and join the army with her father to fight.

However, Nangong Xian had underestimated herself too much. She was clearly not proficient in any of the four arts, yet she still managed to advance to the top 50.

Nangong Xian thought that this must be because she was the daughter of the Great General. The Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager had given the Great General face and allowed her to advance all the way.

The main purpose of this talent show was to select the Crown Prince Consort for the Crown Prince. Therefore, after these 50 lucky people obtained the recognition of the Empress and the Emperor, they still had to obtain the Crown Prince’s approval.

Nangong Xian hoped that the Crown Prince would not fancy her.

Unknowingly, it had been more than three months since she entered the palace. That night, when Nangong Xian returned to the courtyard after attending the Peony Feast hosted by the Empress, she heard that someone had fallen into the water and died.

The one who died was a young maid in Nangong Xian’s courtyard. That young maid was originally one of Imperial Concubine Shu’s personal maidservants. Because she had done something wrong, she was sent to the Cleansing Clothes Bureau to do manual labor.

The servant girl was killed because she was implicated.

Because of this matter, Nangong Xian had been sent to be interrogated by the Empress. Knowing that Nangong Xian was innocent, the Empress did not make things difficult for her. She only told her to pay more attention and not to care about the people around her.

When Nangong Xian returned to the courtyard, she saw a eunuch leading a palace maid. The palace maid was extremely tall and slender. She had a scar on her face due to her burns.

Afraid of scaring people, the palace maid put a veil on her face.

Nangong Xian looked at the palace maid thoughtfully. After the eunuch left, she tapped her fingers on the table and said to the palace maid, “Once you enter my courtyard, you will be my person. From now on, you will be called Zhan’er.”

That palace maid nodded her head and lightly acknowledged.

Nangong Xian said, “Your voice is a little hoarse. Is it natural?”

Zhan’er said, “Replying to Miss, my throat was accidentally burned and my vocal cords were damaged.”

Nangong Xian took a deep look at her and once again felt that life in the palace was not easy. Even a mere palace maid was bullied. She did not believe that she had been careless and scalded.

“Alright, follow me. Be loyal to me. If anyone dares to burn you, I will make them lose their heads!” Nangong Xian had been in the army for a long time, so she spoke in a bandit-like manner. This could not be changed anytime soon.

Some amusement flashed in the maid’s eyes, but she suppressed it again. “Very well, my lady.”

“It’s so hot!” Nangong Xian said to another palace maid, “Ying’er, guard the entrance for me. I’m hot.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Zhan’er didn’t understand what the heat had to do with guarding the courtyard gate. She saw Nangong Xian take off her long gown and skirt, only wearing a dudou and gauze skirt as she walked around the house.

Zhan’er was a bit shocked, momentarily speechless. She just watched as Nangong Xian casually walked around.

As she walked, she lifted her skirt and complained, “Everyone says that the best seamstresses in the world are in the clothing bereau. Since you’re so good, why don’t you design a few sets of cool clothes for women?”

Zhan’er said, “Miss, it’s already very cooling to wear it like this.”

“You can’t go out to meet people like this.” Nangong Xian sat down and looked at the tall Zhan’er. She suddenly asked, “What do you eat that makes you so tall?”

Zhan’er choked for a moment before replying respectfully, “My parents are both very tall.”


After sizing up Zhan’er’s figure a few more times, Nangong Xian muttered, “Your chest is quite ordinary.”

Zhan’er lowered her head, not daring to reply.

Because the Empress wanted to examine the overall quality of this batch of beautiful women, she wasn’t sure which lady to choose as the Crown Prince Consort, so she often called these concubines to visit her palace.

Every time Nangong Xian attended a gathering, she would not be able to get into the women’s conversation.

They would talk about zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting, or tebrewing. As for Nangong Xian, she only knew how to brandish her saber, bend her bow, and shoot the eagle. After attending a few gatherings, she returned to her yard. She was extremely bored.

She called Zhan’er over and deliberately made things difficult for her. “You’re an experienced person in the palace. Can you think of a way to get me a bow?”

Zhan’er was shocked and quickly said, “Miss, weapons are forbidden in the palace.”

Nangong Xian suddenly leaned close to Zhan’er and whispered into her ear, “Let’s practice our archery secretly in the courtyard. We won’t go out and announce it.”

When she breathed, her breath landed on Zhan’er’s cheek. Zhan’er’s entire body stiffened, and even her thoughts were a little slow. She slowly nodded and said, “I can definitely get a bow for Miss!”

The next day, the resourceful Zhan’er really brought a bow for Nangong Xian.

Nangong Xian immediately took off her long-sleeved robe that hindered her. She drew her bow and shot three or four peaches from the peach tree in the courtyard.

Ying’er quickly took the basket to pick up the peaches.

Four peaches, three each. The remaining one was placed on Zhan’er’s head.

Zhan’er’s hair had a peach on it, making her look comical.

Nangong Xian pointed into the distance and said, “Zhan’er, stand over there.”

Zhan’er hesitated for a moment, but still walked over. Standing at the position Nangong Xian pointed at, Zhan’er pleaded softly to Nangong Xian, “Miss, don’t tremble. I’m afraid.”

Nangong Xian nodded with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’m the most protective of the fairer sex!” With that, she drew her bow and narrowed her eyes. A fierce aura burst forth from her body!

For a moment, Zhan’er thought that Nangong Xian would kill her.

But the long arrow had struck the peaches above her head.

Zhan’er’s legs trembled, and she almost fell to the ground.

Nangong Xian walked over and hugged her waist. She even deliberately pinched her waist and said to her, “Don’t be afraid. How could I bear to kill you? I will protect you for the rest of my life.”

A lifetime is too heavy.

Zhan’er leaned on Miss’s shoulder. She looked at her weakly and couldn’t help but ask, “Really? Will it be for a whole life?”

Nangong Xian curved her lips and smiled domineeringly. She stood on her tiptoes and flicked Zhan’er’s forehead. “Of course!”

Zhan’er: “I’ll remember.”

On the day of the Double Seventh Festival, all the princes and princesses were invited to the palace banquet held in the palace. On this day, all the candidates could see the crown prince.

Whoever was the Crown Prince Consort would be revealed tonight.

After lunch, Nangong Xian was pressed onto a stool by Ying’er to freshen up.

Her long black hair, which was always tied into a high ponytail, was combed into a double bun under Ying’er’s skillful hands, decorated with pink beaded flowers. Nangong Xian changed into the newly sewn Phoenix-Tail Luo Dress and stood in front of the bronze mirror, sizing up the unfamiliar girl in the mirror with a faintly impatient expression.

“Where’s Zhan’er?” It was already time. Nangong Xian had to set off for the banquet. She planned to bring Zhan’er and Ying’er along.

Ying’er leaned over and said, “I saw the Empress’ eunuch call Zhan’er over. Perhaps he has something to say.” Zhan’er was still able to stay in the harem to take care of these concubines after her face was disfigured. It was clear that she had some status.

Upon hearing Ying’er’s words, Nangong Xian did not probe further. She ate a few pieces of pastry to fill her stomach before attending the palace banquet.

Before they left, Ying’er asked, “Miss, what will you perform later?”

The purpose of tonight’s palace banquet was to have all the beauties present perform their talents. To be chosen by the Crown Prince was the accumulation of good karma from their ancestors. Nangong Xian’s footsteps paused. Thinking of her half-baked zither skills, she thought for a moment and said, “Go, get me a flute.”


When Nangong Xian arrived, the other beauties had already arrived.

The moment Nangong Xian appeared, everyone looked up at her with eyes filled with envy.

Nangong Xian was not talented. However, she was the daughter of the General and her face was charming and beautiful. Even if she was not talented or virtuous, marrying her would be pleasing to the eye.

When the princes saw Nangong Xian, they were stunned.

The legendary little general Nangong was actually such a devastating beauty.

After Nangong Xian sat down, she realized that the Empress had not arrived yet. She lowered her head and stared at the fruits on the table, lost in thought. After a while, the Empress and the Empress Dowager arrived. Nangong Xian was concerned about Zhan’er’s situation. When she saw the Empress coming, she hurriedly looked behind her.

Not seeing her own little palace maid Zhan’er, Nangong Xian frowned, a bit worried.

Could Zhan’er have done something wrong and been killed by the Empress?! The more she thought about it, the more uneasy Nangong Xian became. She was no longer interested in the palace banquet.

At this moment, the sharp-voiced eunuch shouted, “His Highness, the Crown Prince has arrived!”

Everyone except the empress and the empress dowager stood up and bowed towards the entrance. “Welcome, Your Highness!”

When that person walked in, Nangong Xian lowered her head and only saw two legs that were covered by a black robe walk past her. A moment later, she heard the crown prince say, “All rise!”

Nangong Xian looked up and saw a sickly yet handsome face.


Nangong Xian recognized at a glance that the Crown Prince was the young master she had met at the Verdant Rose Banquet Restaurant that day. The Crown Prince was dressed in a snowy green robe that made him appear even more sickly and frail. Now that he was wearing a black python robe, he looked even more domineering.

After greeting the Empress and the Empress Dowager, Dugu Jie took the first seat on the left.

Beside him sat several other princes. After Dugu Jie sat down, he heard the Fifth Prince ask, “Your Highness, I heard that you left the palace to handle some matters. Where did you go?”

Dugu Jie cast him a cold glance and asked, “Fifth Brother has a job, yet you have the time to keep an eye on me. You really care about me.”

To put it in simpler terms, the Fifth Prince had neglected his duty. To put it in broader terms, he was coveting the Crown Prince position of the East Palace.

Hearing Dugu Jie’s words, the Fifth Prince felt like he had a fish bone stuck in his throat and didn’t dare to say anything else. He smiled awkwardly and said, “It’s just that the other day, Fourth Brother went to look for you for a drink but couldn’t find you. I was curious so I asked.”

“Yeah.” Dugu Jie picked up his wine glass and took a sip. His red lips were stained with wine, and when he took a sip, it looked especially alluring.

Nangong Xian stared at Dugu Jie’s lips and thought of the peach in her front yard. It was so alluring when it was red.

Nangong Xian loved peaches.

However, she didn’t want to eat the peach that was Dugu Jie and she couldn’t afford it.

Noticing Nangong Xian’s gaze, Dugu Jie looked up and glanced at her. Nangong Xian was slightly stunned, but she quickly lowered her head and pretended to drink.

When Dugu Jie lowered his head, a smile flashed across his eyes.

The Emperor had arrived and the palace banquet officially began.

The 50 talented women all performed the talents that they had meticulously prepared. There were 10 who played the piano, 10 who composed poems and paintings, and a group of people who sang and danced.

When it was Nangong Xian’s turn, she stood up and said frankly, “I’m not as versatile as all of you sisters. Although I know a little about zither, chess, calligraphy, and painting, I’m not proficient in them. Performing all of those in front of His Majesty is probably showing off my skills before an expert.”

The Emperor had met Nangong Xian several times. He was very fond of her, and his gaze toward her had become much gentler.

The Emperor said amiably, “What do you know, Xian’er? You can just show whatever you have!”

Nangong Xian picked up her Xiao and said, “I only know how to dance the sword, but no weapons are allowed in the palace, so I’ll use the flute as my sword…” She bowed and said, “Sorry for embarrassing myself!”

After saying that, Nangong Xian walked to the stage from behind the table.

She was wearing a long skirt and when she swung her sword, she still had an unstoppable momentum. The thing she played was not a flute, but a real sword!

When the Emperor saw Nangong Xianwu’s imposing manner, his smiling eyes gradually turned serious.

He could see General Nangong’s aura from Nangong Xian.

It was said that a daughter was inferior to a man, but General Nangong did not have any men under his name. Furthermore, Nangong Xian’s bandit-like aura and ruthlessness were even more ruthless than ordinary men. If she was given enough space to grow, she might be able to kill everyone on the battlefield!

Nangong Xian retracted her hand and gave the Crown Prince a provocative look. It was as if she was saying, “I’m just that fierce. Your sickly body can’t handle it.”

However, the way Dugu Jie looked at her was exceptionally deep, like a hungry wolf looking at its food.

]On the second day after the palace banquet ended, Nangong Xian received an imperial edict. She was chosen by Dugu Jie and became the Crown Prince Consort!

After receiving the imperial decree, Nangong Xian’s head buzzed non-stop.

How could this be?

What right did I have to be the Crown Prince Consort!

No matter how unwilling she was, Nangong Xian still had to marry Dugu Jie.

The wedding date was set to be two months later, and within these two months, Nangong Xian had to stay in the general’s residence to learn how to be the Crown Prince Consort. She could no longer practice archery, so she had to learn how to cook, how to manage the accounts, and how to manage the entire Eastern Palace.

Nangong Xian grew more and more haggard day by day. It seemed like she had lost weight.

On this day, the palace sent her former palace maid, Zhan’er, to the general’s residence.

After only half a month, Nangong Xian became thinner. Zhan’er was extremely shocked. “Young miss, why did you become thinner?”

Nangong Xian hugged Zhan’er. “Where did you go? I thought you were…” Nangong Xian made a throat-slitting gesture.

Zhan’er was wearing a veil, so no one could see her blushing face.

After Nangong Xian released her, Zhan’er then said, “I went out of the palace to see my family and only returned yesterday. Congratulations, Miss. You’re about to move into the Eastern Palace and become the Crown Prince Consort.”

Nangong Xian’s face fell immediately. “What are you congratulating me for? I’m going to be locked up in the palace for the rest of my life fighting with a bunch of women for the love of a man. How boring.”

Zhan’er didn’t expect this reaction from Nangong Xian. A hint of hurt flashed across her eyes.

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