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Mu might be concise at his words, but eventually the plan worked out without a hitch, which was unexpected to Ye Chong. Glaringly he and Mu flew into this very spacecraft namely the Sabre through one of the opened walkways. There was not any request of identity verification and nobody seemed to be alerted by these uninvited guests on deck, as if they were the official crewmen to this spacecraft.

And that was when Ye Chong was literally astounded! It felt like an illusion of seeing how Mu could blow up a hole on the body of this apparently unbeatable monster as if digging a hole on the dough. Oh the impact to his brain! Ye Chong was once confident with his "immense" strength but he lost them all ever since. He felt so small and insignificant the first time in his life, knowing the fact that regardless of how much robust he had grown, he would never be able to clutch the steering this effortlessly.

This was the first time Ye Chong felt defeated by the strength he possessed, which had looked so meager by then. However, the moment of depression did not last upon entering the spacecraft.


Thanks to the gigantic size of the spacecraft, the interior of the Sabre was certainly spacious. It did not have the crammed feelings of the usual spacecrafts expected by Ye Chong. The crafter of this epitome of premium vessels seemed to have put in ounces of efforts in providing the most cozy environment for anyone on board. The facilities were humanized by nature, they were thoughtfully designed and were user-friendly - an eye-opener to Ye Chong.

The floors were fully carpeted which felt fluffy and comfy stepping on. It helped Ye Chong a lot because the carpet would effectively reduce the sound of his steps.

While Ye Chong was anticipating a fight with the crewmen being the intruder himself, nobody was seemingly interested. It was strange that everyone hurried by his shoulders upon encounter and no one seemed to have noticed Ye Chong. Even if they did, it was merely because of the crippled yet beautifully-crafted mech behind him that they expressed peculiarity upon. Well "merely" their motive appeared as "merely" they looked. No one bothered to come for an inspection.

"Hey Mu…" Ye Chong was perplexed, "Aren't these men supposed to have some sense of alertness? Hello, I'm an intruder here."

"I had just obtained the information of this spacecraft. Apparently most crewmen on this cruise were employed by Fred extemporaneously, including the captain himself. They do not know among themselves, not even acquainted. Nobody else was intimate enough with Fred other than the nephew of Fred who has always been following his uncle, Brent. Mhm, Brent was also given the duty to ensure his uncle's safety. He seemed to be an expert in combats, probably the only obstacle you have to face at the moment," explained Mu.

"Brent?" muttered Ye Chong, which caused a middle-aged man passing by to take an extra glance upon hearing the name.

Ye Chong arrived before the door to Fred's room as directed by Mu, who had gained the information from the databank that both Fred and Brent seemed to be staying in this room. The interior and exterior were split into 2 rooms where Brent stayed in the exterior room while Fred was in the interior room instead. There were no guards by the doorstep, instead there were more than 20 cameras perfectly scattered around the door without a single blind spot. It looked like there was also an automatic security alarm system which would notify the guests inside in case of an approach of any intruder while projecting the imagery on the communicators or processor in the room.

An impeccable security it was, but not as impeccable as Mu! These became child's play when Mu got into in the business, like the lord of a mystical world that controlled everything in relation to his expertise.

Ye Chong was more than jealous of course!

"Ready?" Mu asked Ye Chong.

Ye Chong took a few deep breaths before passing through the door. Feeling charged up, "Yes!" he signaled Mu.

Shush! The door opened and Ye Chong stormed into the room!

The opening of the door without forewarning was surprisingly to Brent at the exterior room, not to mention that shadow of a man in extreme-speed rushing into his lair, but he reacted in time.

A simple tap on the button to trigger the alarm using his left hand and a simple block with his right kept everything still. It was seamless, expressing the vast experience this guard held.

Clumsy he might had been yet Brent took that killing blow of Ye Chong without further ado. However, likewise to all the people Ye Chong had fought before, he underrated the strength of such blow as he was sent away to the back.

Chaining attack after successful capture; the habit of Ye Chong's skillful combats it was. As Brent lost his balance in the air, Ye Chong whipped his waist with his right leg. With that much of strength in Ye Chong, Brent would be crippled by this blow.

If it landed that is.

Brent twisted his body in mid-air and readjusted his position to have his arms crossed before his chest to take this incoming kick from Ye Chong, calm and still.

This was uncalled for to Ye Chong. The sensation of his kick was rather unusual for a man, it felt like a kick on the sides of a lubricated ball. He did not feel the expected impact, instead everything felt slippery and odd.

Brent slid over Ye Chong like a butterfly as he caught Ye Chong's feet and fluttered elegantly.

Ye Chong could not believe what he saw. His eyes did capture every move of this man but… Brent's arms were wiggling strangely as soon as Ye Chong landed his kick on them accidentally. Brent's escape was made possible because of his wiggly limbs.

This had ignited Ye Chong's vigilance as supposedly his assassination would have worked almost all the time and he was expecting a quick fight with this Brent guy, never knowing that he was the real deal. Although Ye Chong's face was indifferent as he usually was, his heart was already at the peak of waves of insecurity.

Ye Chong finally decided to take a serious inspection upon Brent. He was 180 centimeters tall, a bulky body and a masculine posture. He was handsome; especially his eyes, gentle like a breeze, comforting to people along with those dimples he made from time to time - a charmer to the ladies he was.

Of course, Ye Chong did not care if he was a charmer to ladies. The position of Brent's arms was odd enough to catch his full attention. The lower part of his body was of stoned stance, steadily firm ever since he landed while strangely his upper body was … vibrating? His upper body was vibrating obscurely at a unique rhythm. His eyes remained gentle as they were even under a circumstance like this. He did not have the desire to murder - Ye Chong could not see him through, which only alarmed him more.

Coincidentally, he did not know the fact that Brent was inspecting him too. He did not seem sturdy yet his fist landed like a bomb. If I did not act careful enough, I would have my right arm fractured. What a glare he had - filled with blatant bloodthirstiness. Thought Brent as his heart grew colder, his face turned grim as he found out he was not facing a man, rather he was facing a dangerous beast that would feast on anyone upon sight.

"Who are you and why are you attacking me?" He might be in grave danger yet he acted in serenity. His tone was unshaken by Ye Chong's expression.

Too bad his unshaken will did not affect Ye Chong a bit. Ye Chong was finding the question unnecessary, wondering how a man in the middle of a dead-or-alive fight could still speak some nonsense. The man probably wanted to die he supposed. There was no reply from Ye Chong, he acted right away!

Ye Chong sneaked towards Brent, lurking in the dark, unseen like a column of smoke.

If Ye Chong exerted immense strength just now, then this was expression of his immense speed by then. Immense it was, fearsome it was, unrivaled it was!

Brent's expression turned somber. The last bit of his serenity had evaporated!

Within a blink of an eye, Ye Chong came to Brent's side as his hands transformed into overlapping afterimages clouding Brent.

Brent's expression which was somber had turned dismembered.

Thup! Thump! Wham! Bam! The sounds of them exchanging kicks and punches sounded like a tempest upon the window. Brent's hands were as fast as lightning too.

It lasted for 10 seconds before the intertwining shadows splat as both of them jumped away from each other.

Brent, panted as he bowed, his tussled wet hair stuck at his forehead, held his stomach with one hand, coughing uncontrollably. Streams of blood excreted from the corners of his mouth. He was in a really bad shape.

Ye Chong on the other hand seemed to be living and kicking, other than the frightening marks of palm imprinted on his wrist.

Ye Chong had won, judging by the situation.

He let off a sigh of relief. Obviously the opponent's hands were much slower than his, even though the opponent was still capable to take most of his hits while the fingers slid his wrist many times, trying to grab his moving hands. If he did not withdraw his hands in time, the fingers could have sliced through his veins. Ye Chong was surprised by the man's fingers acting like a metallic blade. At the very least his kick landed upon the opponent's squishy abdomen, that would take the kill!

However, frankly speaking, on the aspect of skillfulness, Ye Chong was miles away from the man despite having an overwhelming speed and strength upon the opponent, which was the saving grace to his victory. Ye Chong was still impressive though, the fact that Brent could block most of Ye Chong's attacks with his inferior speed while making occasional strike-back. Impressive he was, also dejected he was as he thought his speed was invincible, yet someone with a much lower speed could hold it.

His strikes do not hold any form of beauty. They were wild, primal and straightforward. Such an unintelligent tactic of fighting was utterly depicted on an inhumane beast like Ye Chong.

The scale of strength tilted towards Ye Chong as the foe was severely injured. He believed that it would only take another half a minute to take out this shocker before him.

Right when he was going for another sequence of hurricane dance - beep, shush - a voice came hurriedly, "Hold it!"

Ye Chong was alert the moment the door opened with a beep but he could not be distracted from delivering his final blow, especially when a trustworthy partner was taking his back for him. Only Mu could guard his back after all!

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