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Chapter 381: Battle in Alchemy III
In the record of history, there had been different eras where there would always be a particular problem that haunted humanity, such particular problem had received different comments and visionary from the great historical figures while had also puzzled folks of all walks of time - that is, if humans could truly throne themselves as the greatest entity in the law of nature? The problem might not be a problem when asked as a question itself, that it had answered itself, obviously whenever one would look into the speed, the strength, the vitality of human's anatomy which none of those could surpass even the most ordinary beast in the galactic wild, not even those of the Jie experts.

Most lifeforms in the galaxy were never something humanity could fight barehanded. Humans would always be required assistance, assistance like mechs or supreme weaponry in order to even stand a chance to win the beasts.

And those beasts were beasts like the fearsome Whipper Snakes.

Fei Lidu looked all calm when he observed the havoc happening in the accommodation. No one else could have recognized the potency of a Whipper Snake than himself. Countless great ones had been annihilated by those slithering, zigzagging madness. It was only that his nature of staying low kept these avenging murders in dark, unaware by the people. But well, there would be times when he would need to flash his trump card and this was it.

It was a monstrosity that could even conquer the practitioners, let alone a mere folk who only knew how to pour from one flask to another. Alchemist, oh merely an alchemist. He never worried about if his snakes would get the job done, instead, he was worried of Qi Wei's response on this. The frowning, the heavy breaths were not a good sign of approval from a great leader of the mighty Qian system like Qi Wei. Lidu only wanted to expand the influence of Incense branch and so he did something, brutally yet strategically. But the capability of the Qian system was not something he could simply replace. Assuming if this was the lighter to the war between the two branches, these Whipper Snakes would do very little instead. Thus, it would be a no-no to enrage the Qian system.

He knew, it would only be a matter of time till he was caught red-handed on owning two dangerous beasts. So he just demonstrated them, before things went wrong, to tell the world that he was not a pebble to simply fiddle with.

He was right. People had been convinced, frighteningly convinced, as notorious those snakes were, while unheard rumors of them being tamable were. And somehow the Incense branch had made a miracle, of taming the untamable beast. Fei Lidu's move was not meaningless after all.

Pant... Pant...

Ye Chong's mind had been wiped, as an exhilarated intensity swarmed upon his body, the muscles of his arms and legs were jiggling, somehow demonstrating an untamed thrash due to the instincts he had formed over the long adventures in the galaxy, which turned out to be his savior.

Every bit of his muscle was wriggling beneath his torn clothing, like countless snakes the tendons intertwined and separated, tightened and loosened repetitively. Strength had been unleashed as Ye Chong's movement grew superbly precise under the lead of these muscles. Ye Chong's movement looked mechanical however, probably due to the over-precision of movements, which gave a rather peculiar sense to his usual dodging techniques. He dodged and flipped, the movements formed seamlessly, as Ye Chong traveled in the briefest straight lines.

The September Lan's technique.
Well, probably even the forebears who created the technique would never expect such use of muscle manipulation.

Generally, Whipper Snake's attacks were all linear attacks, which justified the quickness of the stinging attack

s - the universal law of mathematics - it always would form the shortest distance if one travelled from point A to point B in straight.

Ye Chong gradually discarded the fanciness of his movements as he moved crudely, intuitively, back to who he was inside. It was amazing, unfortunately it was done subconsciously or Ye Chong would be overpowered if he had mastered it.

A monstrosity could be potent, but there would always be a limit to its destruction.

Whipper Snakes were fast, while also being violent but they could never maintain their acceleration for all eternity, and that was when they hit their limits, the maximum speed in simpler terms.

Their maximum was a total horror as they had veiled the entire room in dense network of scarlets with their afterimages.

The situation had gotten a strange twist, as Ye Chong had broken his speed cap under intense pressure, which was just enough to hold the Whipper Snake's attack. Unlike the Whipper Snake's bouncing zigzagging, Ye Chong's movement had been intuitive. If Ye Chong depended on his consciousness to make movements, he would have been slow, but now his muscles had taken the lead and dodging had become an effortless act for him, while becoming a consuming fight for the Whipper Snakes. So they had slowed down. The situation had changed. Ye Chong was probably winning.

In reality, it had only been few ten seconds after Fei Lidu unleashed his pets. People were waiting by the window, unaware of the snakes' habit, anticipating the next action taken by this fairly strange leader of Incense branch.

That was when a group of people were hurrying towards the place.

"Report. There are about 54 people surrounding the space before the mysterious alchemist's accommodation," concisely one person stated.

It was odd, as it was different from what the unknown leader had expected. The leader, as experienced and strategic he was, knew it was a critical point to make decision, that a second of hesitation would possibly disrupt the entire operation. Apparently their main target was the mysterious alchemist so they had studied him carefully, while also being fully informed of his capabilities.

"Finish them." The eyes of the leader were cold, as briefly the three syllables went.
"Yes sir." The group then broke into 3 small parties where one of them sneaked towards Ye Chong's accommodation. Their steps were silent yet extremely agile and organized. The street was soundless as they passed by a few dead bodies.
"Siege completed," said one member.

The head of this small party was a man with red string over his wrist, well, everyone was wearing black and covered in mask, some sort of marking would be needed.

The red-stringed wrist swung, "Attack!"

Guang Wei's eyes were large, as he squeezed through the crowd, he felt he had lost his mind but that one thing was teasing his mind, scrapping his last bit of sanity.

Silver strand pendant.
That's the silver strand pendant...
The smoke branch, the smoke branch would be resuscitated.
If I regained my silver strand pendant...
I had enough of those humiliations, those snickers, those degrading comments...

It was when Guang Wei thought his true strength would sink for the rest of his life.

Then the silver lining had come from the sky.
Silver strand pendant.

"What the hell are you doing?" Cursed one man.
"Oh, wasn't this Guang Wei the big man from the Smokin' BBQ branch? What you're doing? You wanna show off your smoking skill when all of us are here?"
"We are not having a BBQ party you know!"

Guang Wei was ignorant of the comments he somehow grew old hearing, as he carried on forcing himself through the crowd, with his lips bleeding from his constant bites. The laughter continued, the comments echoed in the space, his legs were dragging him all the way to the front.

In the midst of laughter, no one had noticed how the few alchemists at the end of the crowd had been struck down. The assassins raided the souls of the little alchemy pioneers in their mask. The assassins were practitioners after all, and no flask-wielding potter could brace themselves against the fist and swords.

Coincidentally, that was where Guang Wei formerly stood as the alchemists fell without sound.

Back in the room of Ye Chong...
Zap! Klink! Klink! Klink!

Something had changed.

The Whipper Snakes maintained their momentum and shattered the entire row of flasks on the table. Ye Chong's colorful efforts had been destroyed as they pierced the glasses.

The enormous force smashed the collection as it burst into countless pieces!

Clouds of different colors soon flocked the place. Those were the collection of hallucinogenic reagents. Oh no... Yup Ye Chong had been working on hallucinogens ever since he recognized their importance from the last fight, and in fact this time he did again, since...

Those vaporizing hallucinogens became the factor to his salvation.

The Whipper Snakes froze in the air as they zapped through the thick clouds of hallucinogens. They fell and crashed into the wall. Because of the law of conversion of energy, they had to receive the complete impulsive energy from their kinetics. And there they splashed, into a splat of blood.

Ye Chong recovered from the insane fight very soon after the threat had disappeared.

The catch was... he did not even have the strength to lift his finger, as those colorful clouds had drained the last bit of him. He panted, and panted, carelessly breathed in the hallucinogens as he landed to the floor with drizzles of his sweats showering the nearby ground.

Battle... the battle had ended?

And right outside the window, something had happened again.

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