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As they walked along the street, they found it completely empty. Many of the shops were not even closed properly, the goods still on display outside.

Ye Chong was surprised. Such an unusual circumstance made him wary immediately. He quickly dragged Fei Si along as he ran forward. Fei Si gasped in surprise, and was greeted by a strong headwind before she could react.

As expected, something had happened! Ye Chong looked at the huge crowd in front, his heart missing a beat. Without a saying word, he half carried Fei Si through the crowd.

Everyone was focused on the fight between Rui Bing and the Wang Lu couple, and no one noticed Ye Chong’s movements. Besides, Ye Chong moved deftly with Fei Si, sliding easily between the people.

Ye Chong and Fei Si reached the inner part of the crowd without drawing any attention.

Victor Tower was the tallest building in the Wang Village. Here, one could see the entire Wang Family Village. It was also home to the Chief. By the window on the topmost level of the tower, stood a very old man and an attractive young woman.

"What do you think?" The young woman asked with a tired voice. This was the current Chief of the Wang Family Village.

"That woman in white is a Jie expert," an ancient voice replied, sounding like an autumn’s breeze. Deep wrinkles covered the old man’s face, though it did not move much when he spoke.

Chief Wang was surprised. "A Jie expert? Impossible! She’s so young!" The chief was caught off guard. While she knew that the old man was never wrong, she still found it hard to believe. Rui Bing was too young, and she had never heard of a Jie expert of her age. Besides, she was deeply unwilling to make enemies with a Jie expert, but it seemed that she was left with no choice.

The old man flicked a quick glance at the young woman and shook his head. "Age? Age has got nothing to do with being a Jie expert."

"Then aren’t Wang Lu and his wife in danger?" Chief Wang was worried for the couple. She did not want to village to lose two capable combat experts in one go. After all, combat experts on their level were difficult to find, much less a pair of them who could work well together.

After a long pause, the old man said, "The woman is the one in danger. She has no weapons, and it’s a terrible disadvantage." He was reluctant to admit the unfair advantage offered by the swords.

The old man was right. Rui Bing was now in a dangerous situation. She never anticipated that Wang Lu and wife could be so powerful once they worked together. Besides, she had no weapon of her own to defend herself. Wang Lu and his wife had recognized this opportunity, and chose not to attack Rui Bing directly, but sought to trap her into an indefensible position.

The swords glared menacingly. Rui Bing barely avoided their attacks more than a few times. Her movements became more restricted, and Rui Bing could do nothing about it. She was not at the point where she could block sword attacks with her bare hands yet. Besides, the couple had executed their sword techniques perfectly, leaving no openings.

As sweat began to form on her forehead, Rui Bing’s face remain composed.

The weapons in the building were less than five meters away from Rui Bing, but both Wang Lu and his wife had positioned themselves between them. If she could get her hands on any of the weapons, Rui Bing believed that she could create an opening herself. She only needed a chance, however small it was. Alas, the weapons were so near, yet so far away.

Her movements were restricted more and more.

Ye Chong was also aware of the dangerous situation Rui Bing was in now. However, he also knew that Rui Bing still stood a chance. The Rui Family’s unique attacking skills were similar to that of the mentalists’. However, by his assessment, the best case scenario was both sides sustaining heavy injuries.

He did a quick examination of the situation. Wang Lu and his wife were steadily pushing forward, but this steady advance gave Ye Chong time. He led Fei Si quietly around the spectating crowd and into their dwellings. Everyone was focused on the ongoing battle that no one noticed Ye Chong and Fei Si slipping past them.

However, even if they noticed, they would probably pay it no mind. After all, it was a well known assumption that the only person in this strange group who could fight was Rui Bing.

Inside the building was Old Jalopy and the young boy. They were watching the battle outside anxiously. The outcome of the battle would determine their futures as well. Only Scarface seemed unperturbed.

When they saw Ye Chong returned, everyone was overjoyed. Ye Chong quickly hushed them, and they quieted down. Ye Chong took out three Night Enchantment pills, and handed them over to Scarface. He explained with a whisper, "This is a strong knockout agent. Throw it outside with force, they will explode upon impact. The effective radius is about 15 to 25 meters, takes half a second to activate." Ye Chong explained the Night Enchantment’s usage briefly.

Scarface accepted the three Night Enchanment pills without a word. Ye Chong took out a bunch of small, beige colored leaves, and gave one to each of them. "This is the bufferleaf, keep one in your mouth to stay awake."

Everyone quickly put one of the beige coloured leaves into their mouths.

"Get ready to move. Rui Bing will bring you to the starship," Ye Chong gave his orders succinctly.

In that short moment, Ye Chong had done his calculations. If it was just him and Rui Bing, they could escape unscathed without issue, with a success rate of 95 percent. The problem was bringing the rest of the group with them. If they did not escape with Ye Chong and Rui Bing, then the final result would be him and Rui Bing being unable to leave the free space zone, since they would not have enough people to man the starship.

Ye Chong decided to stay back to cover them. This was, in fact, the only workable solution, if he still wanted to leave the free space zone.

Everyone understood Ye Chong’s intention immediately, and were moved by his offer. They respected his sacrifice. Regardless of the situation, the decision to stay back alone and cover them was not an easy one to make.

After explaining the plan, the battle outside was also reaching a decisive point.

Rui Bing was forced into a tight space. If she did not fight back soon, there would be no hope left. Rui Bing’s eyes glowed brightly as she prepared to make her move!

Just then, a figure crept up behind Wang Lu.

Up on Victory Tower, the old man’s eyes widened.

Wham! Wang Lu was thrown aside like a sandbag. The sudden turn of events caught everyone off guard.

Ye Chong always attacked to kill!

He did not hold back with this punch. A huge wave of power was transferred from his fist to Wang Lu’s back. It was like Wang Lu was hit by a mech head on, his body now bloody all over.

Wang Lu never expected to be ambushed. The spectators around him were mostly the Wang Family villagers. Just who would dare to ambush him in this fight? He was focused entirely on Rui Bing, having nearly being killed by her. He treaded carefully, afraid to leave an opening for Rui Bing.

Wang Lu received the full blow from Ye Chong, and died instantly. Ye Chong looked skinny and all, but the strength that belied his physique was extraordinary. Even the Sang Tribe members, strong as they were, were no match for Ye Chong. Moreover, with the September Lan Family’s unique energy amplification techniques, Ye Chong could increase the power he released by a few times over. Ye Chong had also directed his punch at a vulnerable spot on Wang Lu’s body.

Everyone was shocked, but quickly recovered.

Ye Chong’s actions were like throwing a bomb into a boiling pot of oil. After all, there were more than a few tens of thousands of people watching the battle, and most of them were members of the Wang Family.

They all cried for blood, closing in on him, eager to shred him into pieces!

Ye Chong did not panic, his eyes exuding an unusual calmness. At the same time, his hands were already flinging out the Night Enchantment pills he had prepared!

Puff! Puff! The two pills hit the ground with a soft sound, unnoticed amidst the chaos. However, a defense tool of Lunatic Guan’s choice was nothing but powerful!

Without a sound or a flash of light, the entire crowd abruptly blacked out, lying unconscious on the ground. This resulted in a huge, empty space around Ye Chong, who was holding Rui Bing in his arms. They were the only ones standing.

The spectating crowd was so dense that if a random shoe fell from the sky, it would hit more than one of them. The Night Enchantment did its work perfectly.

Rui Bing was unconscious as well, since the Night Enchantment worked on her too. However, Ye Chong was prepared for this. He brought Rui Bing closer to him, and did something that shocked everyone who was watching.

Ye Chong suddenly lowered his head, and kissed on an unconscious Rui Bing’s lips.

Was he crazy, doing something like that at this time?!

They were further surprised to see Rui Bing awaken in Ye Chong’s arms next. Both the crowd’s sudden loss of consciousness and Rui Bing’s awakening was astonishing to everyone who was watching.

The entire place fell silent for a moment.

Up until now, Ye Chong’s plan went smoothly. The ambush and the Night Enchantment pills worked perfectly. He was holding two bufferleaves in his mouth, and had given one to Rui Bing just now. That was why she had awakened.

Just when everyone was frozen in surprise, Ye Chong hooked his bag to Rui Bing’s waist, which had the starship’s signkey in it.

"Take them to the starship," Ye Chong whispered into Rui Bing’s ear.

Ye Chong pushed his hand that was around Rui Bing’s waist outwards, and Rui Bing was flung out quickly like a white cloud towards his group.

"So far so good," Ye Chong thought to himself and relaxed a little.

Now, all he had to do was hold on until Rui Bing and the rest bring their starship over here to rescue him. His eyes swept across the awakening Wang Family villagers with a cold glare. He stepped past their bodies on the ground towards the weapons rack, and picked a lance.

Bring it on!

Surrounded by a large, dense crowd, Ye Chong stood by himself with the lance in his hand, his eyes burning with eagerness for battle.

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