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Chapter 348
The five visiting men soon shifted their glances on Ye Chong and the others, in which they lasted on Rui Bing the longest. Well, Ye Chong's appearance was not that look-worthy thanks to his repulsive face and feeble-looking body, unlike Rui Bing who stood there like the goddess of snow with that white garb of hers.

"Thank you for your kindest offer. The two children have been saved," replied the elder courteously.

"Saved?" The leading young man was shocked, since the child abductors were known for their skills, it would take amazing expertise for one to save a person from their grip. "Thank you for sharing the burden!" He bowed towards the group.

His focus was certainly on Rui Bing, as only Rui Bing had that look of an elite. Ye Chong? Not really, he seemed to be an adornment himself. The bodyguards of the young boy were considerably frail as well. Old Jalopy had quite a body but that was the only thing he had. Fei Si? Impossible, she probably would need a paper cutter to even tear a package open.

Rui Bing was seemingly unmoved by anything. She was cool as the ice. It would sound like a total bogus if one were to tell everybody she was not an elite, especially when there was this unpleasant looking young man standing by her side. The addition

of this young man simply enhanced her appearance.

Well, despite her cool beauty, the men withdrew their stare quickly, which was quite a move of a gentleman. They looked at the elder, "The two children must be a true talent that the abductors eyed them. The master of the family intends to take them as apprentice, I wonder if that's alright?"

"That'll be fantastic!" said the elder, "It would be an honor for our kids to be chosen by the Wang family. Oh how can we say no to that? Please thank on my behalf."

Certainly the 5 men from the Wang family were enjoying the hurrahs of the people, as the leading one nodded, "Then how about we pay their parents a visit? We might need you to visit our village since we would need to gain your consent as well. The children, I suggest to have them at our village for the moment. Well, it was not because we do not trust the capability of the master guardian here. It's safer when there are fewer guardsmen while there would be more playmates for the children."

The leading one was known as Wang Meng and as one could observe he was rather persuasive since his speech literally covered almost every aspect. Two pairs of parents came out of the crowd, looking glad and proud, as they believed their son would have a bright future once he joined the Wangs.


Wang Meng smiled on. He looked at Ye Chong and the others, "Fellow guests from far, faraway, how about staying at our village for the next two days? It's the season of Magnosia. The Magnosia flower is pretty well-known in this area."

The group looked at Ye Chong. He had to make the decision. No one else would dare to take the flag.

Wang Meng was feeling strange towards the reaction of the group. The stare clearly converged at that ugly boy. Did that mean the ugly boy was the leader? How? Wang Meng could not see anything worthy of leadership on that boy, especially when the great heroine was actually under his order...

Wang Meng could not comprehend.

"You make the choice," stated Ye Chong, glanced at Old Jalopy. It would be better for the tour guide to make the decision.

"Hmmm..." Old Jalopy eventually did not decline the invitation, "We could go if it was not a trouble to the family." It would be bad if they rejected the big family right in the face...

Wait what? The first person in command is this filthy looking boy with little to none strength,

none strength, while the second person in command turned out to be that plain old man, and not that exquisite-looking lady? I don't get it.

Wang Meng was confused, since their perception of a leader would be someone of great strength and status, not these... ordinary folks... "You are being too formal. The master would be more than pleased to treat you all."

And so they moved.

Wang family village felt like an ancient fortress to Ye Chong, as the tall walls stood bright with layers and layers of Celestines stacked about 30 meters high. There was also a gate? It was an eye-opener to the folks. And yes, thanks to their dramatic reaction, Wang Meng and his men had technically presumed the group to be a bunch of folks from the undeveloped.

The place was feeling ancient, primitive, primal compared to He Yue. They walked on the pavement of Celestine, their eyes fell on all sorts of simple carriages, their ears heard the cries of the merchants by their wooden stalls. Ye Chong was overwhelmed by the happening village. The stalls were also offering all kinds of strange things which mostly appeared to be foreign to Ye Chong. There were skins of animals, horns of some beasts. The clothing of the villagers was unordinary... they actually saw someone with only a pair of spotty pants, probably made out of skin of a kind of animal.

"This place is known as the largest market the largest market in the area." Smiled Wang Meng as he introduced the place, "If you need anything, don't be shy, just tell me and I'll get it for you." Of course he got to be kind. Be it He Yue or Fal or the Archipelago, people adore power and would try anything to seize that power. Rui Bing was that power the men sought from the visitors, no doubt Wang Meng would have to gain her favor.

But as time went, through his constant observation, he noticed something weird. Among the folks, only mind of two persons seemed unreadable - one was unquestionably that white-garbed lady, the other... was actually their leader, the nasty-looking young man. The white-garbed lady's unmovable expression was understandable for her clear heart and mind, but the young man... Wang Meng could hardly imagine him doing mental training of anything. Well, he was in fact the leader of the folks. He surely had something in his pocket to keep his underlings.

Out of sudden, a man dressed like Wang Meng headed quickly to Wang Meng. Whispers were heard and he stood in his position after.

Wang Meng turned to the folks, "Fellow guests, it's our meal time soon. It would be great if we could speed things up a little. We could come back here tonight if you have anything to buy. The night market is always there for you after dusk."

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