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Chapter 303
"Greetings sir, my name is Zhang Sunli!" Zhang Sunli had a squarish face, with thick brows and large eyes. He was a fine man, his muscular body reaching 180 meters in height. He was obviously a man of emotions. His palms were calloused, and he behaved courteously.

"Oh, how can I help you?" Old Chief Guo looked curiously at the 30 year old-ish man.

Zhang Sunli affected a look of respect and bowed slightly before replying, "Zhang Sunli has trained in combat since young, and has always worked hard. However, due to the lack of a capable teacher, I’ve not have much success thus far. Your warriors are all strong, in the realm of Jie, something we all dreamed of achieving. I beg your greatest indulgence to please consider

having me by your side. I would not dare to wish to be accepted into your clan, only that you’ll allow me to assist your miscellaneous tasks." Zhang Sunli spoke sincerely and with determination.

Old Chief Guo was stunned. The man was asking to be a disciple! However, he could sympathize with Zhang Sunli’s desire. There were many people just like Zhang Sunli in society. Old Chief Guo himself was in his position before. However, he had chosen to train as a mech pilot instead. He had also trained hard from childhood, but without an eminent teacher to guide him, he could only barely pass as a mech pilot now.

With this precedent in place, others followed. The crowd began to make similar requests. "Please have me too, please have me too!"

"That’s right, that’s right, if I can have a Jie expert

expert as my teacher, there’s hope for me just yet!"

"Please accept me, please accept me. I have good fundamentals, I work hard …"

The crowd was boiling with enthusiasm as the people all stepped forward to offer themselves. Old Chief Guo was suddenly their gateway to success.

Old Chief Guo was shocked. He never expected people to ask to be his disciple! Zhang Sunli was also shocked. He did not imagine that his actions would lead to this madness.

Old Chief Guo grew troubled. Ye Chong and the rest inside the hotel also turned

also turned wary. The situation was getting risky. If someone was instigating the crowd, then they might lose control of the situation. No matter how strong Ye Chong and the group was, they would not be able to handle a huge crowd like this.

Old Chief Guo dared to linger further, and quickly ran into the hotel. Heck, given the situation, if he continued to stay where he was, he might just be overrun by the crowd.

Ye Chong was also looking a little grim. Sang Tie quickly brought Old Chief Guo over. Just as Old Chief Guo stepped into the hotel, his comms device rang. Old Chief Guo took a look at it, and his panic dissolved away instantly. He ran to Ye Chong and cried, "Sir, our items are sold."

Ye Chong was overjoyed. The only reason he was still on Lunaris was on Lunaris was because the money was not yet transferred to his card. Just then, the credits from the lavagold auction were registered in his card.

Sang Fan added then, "Sir, Huo and the others are already outside the city, ready to move."

Ye Chong ordered Sang Tie, "Get Hai Lian and the other one here, we’re leaving the city." After that, he turned to Sang Fang and said, "Ask Sang Huo to prepare to receive us."

The crowd outside was still brimming with excitement, but no one had dared to enter the hotel. The Jie experts were still scary, after all.

Ye Chong and his group packed up. Ye Chong himself had no interest in the potential disciples outside like Zhang Sunli. Zhang Sunli himself was already buried in the crowd. Greda and his guards were of insignificance now.

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