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Feng Su flew swiftly across the skies in her Wings of Nirvana. She had just received orders from the Elder to return to the He Yue galaxy. The truth was, she felt a little surreal receiving the order, but with the Elder himself on the holographic screen, there was no room for doubt.

She accepted her orders and left immediately. Since she was in Csebesini galaxy finishing off her last assignment, she would have to pass by the Orbits during her journey to He Yue galaxy. Csebesini galaxy was too far from the Orbits. It would take at least a month for her to reach He Yue galaxy at this rate.

To avoid unnecessary incidents, Wings of Nirvana did not fly too fast. Feng Su even took her time admiring the view below. Suddenly, she gasped in surprise as Wings of Nirvana stopped in its tracks in the sky.

A mech was making difficult double-sided turns just below Wings of Nirvana. It was simply too shocking that such challenging footwork was executed so perfectly. Double-sided turns was notoriously difficult not due to the piloting skills required, but the physical strength and endurance that the pilot must have to execute it. Even an above average physique would not be able to withstand the stress from this move.

Besides, due to her extended period of time spent in the Five Galaxies, Feng Su knew that the local mech pilots were all desperately lacking in terms of their physical training. Now that she found such a strong mech pilot, she was naturally surprised.

The mech did not stop there. Slithering steps, short-ranged quick turns … The mech performed all these difficult moves one by one. Feng Su was beyond shocked. She was certain that even the average He Yue galaxy mech pilot could not achieve this.

Just what kind of monster was piloting the mech? Feng Su was unavoidably interested in the mech pilot who demonstrated such power.

Inside the pilot cabin, Rui Bing was drenched in sweat, her white training garb completely soaked. These combat moves were challenging for her. It was her first time combining a few of these difficult moves together. Surprisingly, the stress on her body was compounded in an exponential way. Even a Jie expert like her was feeling a little overwhelmed.

Ever since she got separated from Ye Chong last time, she had been training desperately in mech piloting. Surprisingly, the one who helped her the most was Wei Yuan. With the holographic recording of Ye Chong’s training, and his talented mind, he had identified the key ideas in Ye Chong’s training.

Rui Bing was the first to benefit from Wei Yuan’s analysis. Wei Yuan’s body could not endure the harsh training, but Rui Bing was not so limited. Hence, Rui Bing improved by leaps and bounds, but Wei Yuan continued to stay where he was, causing him much frustration.

"Brother-in-law is crazy, so it’s natural that sister is also crazy!" Wei Yuan often muttered to himself, and Rui Bing always awarded him with a flick on the back of his head from out of nowhere.

Rui Bing’s daily practice was worrying everyone around her. To them, Rui Bing was always a delicate little girl, completely ignoring the fact that she was a Jie expert. In truth, a Jie expert’s body was strong, suitable for Ye Chong’s style of training.

On the other hand, Rui Bing did not expect that by spending more time on mech piloting and less on combat practice, her combat skills had improved a significant bit. It was a pleasant surprise. As a Jie expert, any improvements would come slowly, in a timescale of decades.

As she slipped out of her mech, a breeze greeted her, cooling her off in her wet training garb.

A metal feather silently swept towards her. The combined movements had left Rui Bing fatigued and slower. It was only when the feather approached closer that she heard the sharp whistle in the air. She knew something was wrong and was about to react, but her body slowed her down. She felt a numbing hit on her back before she lost consciousness.

Wings of Nirvana slowly descended. Feng Su slipped out of the pilot cabin, her beautiful face now framing a mischievous smile. She had wanted to see who was in the mech, nothing more. However, when she realized that the mech’s movements were not only difficult moves, but combat moves craftily combined together, she felt a chill.

Combat move combinations were not achieved by just performing a few difficult moves in succession, but a matter of joining them together in a reasonable and crafty way.

It was when she saw a beautiful woman coming out of the mech that she decided to kidnap her. The Sanctuary was not in the habit of wasting such a world class talent. Besides, the mech pilot was a woman, which impressed her even more. After all, a woman’s body was naturally weaker than a man’s. Few women could perform those difficult combat moves. Even she herself could not have done it better.

Usually, she would have done this the long and indirect way, and not such an extreme way. However, since she was urgently returning to the He Yue galaxy, there was no time to get acquainted with the woman and win her trust. She had to resort to this distasteful method. The feathers on Winds of Nirvana could all be shot out for attacking. Of course, there were many other ways to use the feathers.

With just a light impact, Rui Bing was hit unconscious. Feng Su had used He Yue’s special technique. By hitting specific parts of the human body, some interesting results could be derived.

For example, the point where the feather hit Rui Bing would make a person fall into a deep sleep, conducive for physical recovery. Feng Su did not want to harm the female mech pilot, after all. As a trump card, her skill level was apparent from this attack. The attack required extreme precision in position and strength, and achieving it at such a long distance was incredible.

Feng Su carried Bing Su into Wings of Nirvana and took off.


Mi Qi and Uncle Yun were vexed. Mi Su seemed to have developed a deep interest in the Papatte Mech Squad. Every day, she would stick around Squad Captain Guo, asking questions. Mi Qi and Uncle Yun were nervous. One really shouldn’t ask about another’s background so openly. Mi Qi had seen Squad Captain Guo looking uncomfortable more than once. His elder sister rarely took interest in family matters, so her current enthusiasm had surprised Mi Qi and Uncle Yun.

Squad Captain Guo answered awkwardly, while the tactician Yang Ming kept his silence. This further convinced them that the Papatte Mech Squad was more than what appeared on the surface.

Mi Qi thought the small starship’s facilities were simple and crude, which told him that the Papatte Mech Squad was not doing well financially. Word was the starship was actually hired. He could not understand how a capable mech squad like this could be poor.

However, their situation had given Mi Qi his chance. The Mi family might not be outstanding, but their financial status could best all the Three Aristocratic Families.

He probed a few times before, and Squad Captain Guo’s interest was apparent every time through his expression, but he had always chose his words carefully, stealing a glance at Yang Ming time and again. It seemed that Papatte Mech Squad’s tactician was quite influential in the squad. Mi Qi also felt deeper respect towards the squad captain, to be able to act so carefully despite the offers he promised.

That was not exactly the case, however. If Squad Captain Guo was the real leader of the squad, he would have instantly submitted to the Mi family. However, now that he was only leader in name, he dared not speak carelessly no matter what Mi Qi was offering him. The truth was, he was actually quite impressed by the Boss. Despite their financial dilemma, the Boss had remained calm as always before Mi Qi. Truly, Boss was The Boss!

In the rear of the starship, there was a tightly guarded area. 20 people were assigned here, and Mi Qi was politely asked to leave whenever he came by. Once, he tried to test them, taking just a single step further than allowed. Just a single step. In that instant, all 20 pair of eyes behind the silver masks were fixed on him with a deadly glare. He felt a chilling sensation along his spine, and did not take another step forward.

Knowing his fault, he gave an awkward smile and slipped away. However, he was curious - just what were they guarding?

"Once we leave this planet, we’ll reach the planet Lunaris. I heard it’s a little chaotic there." Mi Qi said solemnly. The Mi family’s intel was rarely wrong.

Just then, an alarm blared. Old Chief Guo quickly switched on the holographic screen. A silver mask reported in a muffled voice, "Large swarm of mechs spotted ahead, identity unknown." It was Sang Tie.

Ye Chong nodded. "All members on high alert."

"Yes sir," Sang Tie replied.

Tension rose in the starship. Mi Qi was pale. It was his first time dealing with a situation like this. Uncle Yun was also looking grim. Only Mi Su’s expression was unreadable.

They looked around, and noticed that the Papatte Mech Squad’s members all looked at ease, showing no fear. Mi Qi soon relaxed under their influence.

Through the starship’s holographic screen, they could finally see the swarm of mechs clearly. Mi Qi breathed in deeply, his calmness shattered. Uncle Yun recognized the leading crimson mech. "Kyaji!"

This was a bright crimson humanoid mech. One could almost taste the smell of blood coming from it. Its left arm wielded a thick and menacing gun, while its right arm was equipped with a crescent hook, reflecting a chilling glare that scared even Uncle Yun. The mech named Kyaji was famous, but its reputation was won through spilling blood. No one knew what the mech pilot looked like. They only knew the name of the mech - Kyaji.

According to the stories, Kyaji never left survivors.

Uncle Yun’s words made Old Chief Guo, Mi Qi and Mi Su all pale instantly.

Ye Chong tilted his head, looking at Old Chief Guo. Old Chief Guo gulped and answered with difficulty, "Kyaji is a pirate mech, the leader of the Death Legion."

"Pirates, I see." Ye Chong thought calmly about how queer his relationship was with pirates in general when he turned on the comms device. Sang Tie appeared on the holographic screen behind his silver mask. Ye Chong explained plainly, "They are enemies. Initiate attack. You’re in command. Careful to avoid long range attacks."

"Yes sir!"

The three Mi family members stared at Ye Chong. Was the guy crazy, to initiate an attack on the Death Legion itself? The mechs on the holographic screen numbered at least 2000.

The Death Legion was mostly made up of solo pirates, gathering under the name of Kyaji. While the crew had a name, it was not a structured organization. Nonetheless, every one of them was seasoned and capable. With Kyaji’s personal reputation, the pirate crew was never once defeated. Besides, they were a sly bunch, making their way around outer space elusively, making them difficult to target at.

The dense formation made up of the 1000 mechs around the starship suddenly spread out, divided into many small squads and flew towards the enemy.

Mi Qi and his family watched the holographic screen anxiously. However, the holographic screen showed only the enemy’s mech, and none of their own.

Could they really be a bunch of homeless people? Had they all run away?

There were five in a squad. They utilized evasive techniques while covering each other, confusing the enemy. Ye Chong’s warning to be careful of long range weapons was relayed by Sang Tie to everyone else.

Sir’s words were the law. None of the Sang tribe members would dare to be careless. They used every evasive technique they learned from Ye Chong. Looking at their situation, Sang Tie could not help but be reminded of the days when thousands of villagers practiced flying Collision at the Sang Family Village. It was a magnificent sight!

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