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Ye Chong’s speed was amazing. He moved like a column of smoke. If anyone was there to witness such happening, one would be dropping the jaws on spot. "Is this the speed of a human at the greatest?" They would wonder.

Lan Yixing howled once, deep agony he was in, with a hint of feeling released.

The mist of blood clouded both men, with the sound of strings breaking rang within. No one could tell what had occurred inside, as they heard the whimpers coming from both of them simultaneously.

The fire in Ye Chong was extinguished. He retrieved his calmness in battle, where he felt like he had jumped off an erupting volcano right into the freezing lava, his eyes were tainted by the true desire to kill.

His velocity lifted countless afterimages, the tips of his toes exerted forces nonstop as he accelerated. His godliness speed was none of his business, as his eyes were all onto that cloud of blood at the center of the field.

Shush! A man flew out of the mist.

Ye Chong recognized that man at first glance. It was actually Lan Yixing, who no longer had that vitality before. His body was fully covered in blood. The bundles on his body were nearly all torn as they hung over his body, with blood dripping off the endings of those torn bundles to the ground.

Standing at the tip of his toes, Ye Chong readjusted the direction and grabbed Lan Yixing, whose eyes were dull and lifeless. The respiration and heartbeat ceased permanently.

Ye Chong took a drastic brake and put down Lan Yixing gently. In silence he stood.

The other man had rushed out of the mist and obviously it was Zuo Ling. Without hesitation, Ye Chong made his move.

Ye Chong never had the habits of explaining or talking big about his motive of pulling his punches. Getting into a fight suddenly was the bread and butter of his life. Zuo Ling might have appeared to be in a fluster, with most of his strength lost and being unable to hurt Ye Chong a little, Ye Chong still did not intend to forsake that good habit of his.

The last blow delivered by Lan Yixing was effective as ever. The bleeding pores over Zuo Ling body were of thumb sizes, 7 to 8 of them, which dyed Zuo Ling in flowing crimson. It could be Lan Yixing’s blood though.

Without a sound, Ye Chong shifted before Zuo Ling, his right hand stung upon Zuo Ling’s throat like a serpent.

Zuo Ling simply did not expect to be raided by some outsiders at such a nick of time. All he could do was to lift his head and go backwards while firing his hands, striving to hold that blow from Ye Chong.

Wham! That actual pressure in his hand! Zuo Ling was overjoyed as he caught it! He thought he had made that necessary move to turn the tide. Something was turned indeed, but not the tide. Crack! Crack crack crack crack! The force was exerted onto his arm. The sound of bones-cracking echoed in his ears and before he realized, an overwhelming pain seized his body.

Did that old fox Lan return? I could not name any other person who could wield such strength…

That was his last thought before he fainted.

"Stop it!" A profound voice of a man roared throughout the place.

Ye Chong did not plan to stop it. There would be no better chance for him to slaughter this weakened tiger. Literally any tiger that lost its fangs might as well be dead! His right hand sped up, lifted countless copies of itself, all onto the throat of Zuo Ling.

Ye Chong’s inhuman speed was once again demonstrated in front of people.

Without further ado, the throat of Zuo Ling obediently lied within his hands. A little bit of force on the neck. Crack. The bones shattered. The fainted man had become the fainted corpse. Ye Chong made a shake on his hand. Zuo Ling was lobbed in a fine curve and landed next to Lan Yixing.

In one day, two Jie experts had deceased right here.

Ye Chong turned to the running crowd towards him. His eyes were cold.

Rui Bing’s head exploded. Her steps withdrew abruptly, as she looked at that face countless times she had dreamed of… the same exact cold indifference remained with the same lonesomeness.

Rui Bing was ahead of the crowd but as soon as she held her steps, the crowds passed her by, where a majority of the practitioners turned their heads back, wondering why the judge had stopped moving out of the blue.

"Sister? Sister! Sister Bing!" Wei Yuan panicked, as he saw his Sister Bing acting all weird.

Rui Bing appeared as if bewitched by something, as his words never reached her, her eyes fixed upon Ye Chong.

The shout was from Hua Tiankai, the only person with the same position as Rui Bing. He shouted as soon as he saw Ye Chong, who was going to murder Zuo Ling. His voice failed to stop the tragedy from happening however. And he stumbled upon the speed of Ye Chong’s hands.

Horrifying… This is too much. Is he also a Jie expert? Wondered the master, as also a Jie expert himself. He did not have that frightening speed, but he was not convinced at the fact that a man could achieve such speed merely by his body. Truth was cruel however, as it smashed whatever he knew, convincing him that it was not a dream.

Zuo Ling’s fate had been set. Not even his scream could change a thing. He could tell that Zuo Ling was dead obviously, he was not even confident enough to survive under that kind of blow.

The fear was not felt for a long time since years back. And that fear was brought to him by none other than this young man standing right before him.

This young man, he is fatality itself! Commented Hua Tiankai right away! And what disturbed him more was the indifference on his face despite what he had done. Hua Tiankai was not the person who had not seen enough of the darkness yet that indifference of the young man was not something he had ever seen on those brutal murderers.

But, would I be backing off and let the boy do what he want? Casualty during a match could be negative but it was not that bad for one’s reputation in the field, but murder committed by a total outsider, and was performed in the dark, that was an absolute shame rubbed right on his face.

Still! He could not do a thing to the boy at the front!

Hua Tiankai remembered the face of this boy. He seemed to be the youngest under Lan Yixing’s apprenticeship. I think Shangmei had told me once that this boy was just a part timer… A part timer? Don’t be silly! Tell me which part timer could wield such strength? Judging from merely those moves this "part-timer" had performed, he was sure that the boy was not much weaker than his own master Lan Yixing. Or this so-called part-timer was an apprentice raised by Lan Yixing all this while in dark? That makes sense!

The practitioners took a cold breath the moment they witnessed Ye Chong’s moves when they arrived. Amazement was there, as they wondered if the person was a human.

Hua Tiankai did not wish to gamble with his move. If he were to make a talking-to at this moment, he could not guarantee that it would work. Losing reputation was something minor when one were to face such a killing machine. Keeping oneself alive would be the priority…

Ye Chong’s strength was imprinted in everyone.

Practically, he sort of over-imagined it. Ye Chong was powerful, Ye Chong seemed powerful but if they were to have a duel, the outcome would not be as predictable as one could assume. Ye Chong’s body was excellent, yet he lacked the skills, although the strike was so brilliant that people were immediately convinced by his inhuman speed of his hands.

Hua Tiankai could not help but to look for Rui Bing among the people. He planned to have a joint attack with Rui Bing, well the boy could be really great but under an actual aid, he should not be able to escape the dojo.

And there Rui Bing was, who stood at the crowd with a strange expression, after Lan Yixing took the effort to look hard. Hua Tiankai could tell from her expression, that she was too distracted to even hurt a fly. What happened to Bing? Hua Tiankai cracked his head to find no explanation for this. A Jie expert was usually unshakable at his or her will, unless a strong force was put onto. Very well, Bing must have been shocked by that monster. Relating to the fear he received before, Lan Yixing got a sound explanation for the phenomenon.

That did not solve his problem though. Providing that he could not even guarantee the safety of the participants outside the match, the tournament would never continue.

The chains of thoughts looked long-winded in text, but it was just a lightning connection in Hua Tiankai’s head.

Wait, his eyes went wide. He fpund a solution as he took out the communicator and whispered.

He glanced at the crowd, standing at the dead silent colosseum, where Ye Chong was leaving from soon. Ye Chong had completely lost interests on martial arts.

He took a look at Lan Yixing already lying on the ground dead. Although he did not assume taking out Zuo Ling as part of his responsibility, he did it anyway. The two Jie experts crashed the worlds of each other, depicting their strong characters and now they died, soundlessly they slept together.

"Ye! Stop daydreaming! A mech is heading towards here!" Shang suddenly boomed.

Ye Chong got down from the castle in the air as his thoughts ran rapidly, formulating a plan. Even if he left right away, he would not make it before the mech arrived. So almost immediately after, he called Han Jia out.

Han Jia landed before him, like the god from heaven as solemnly it stood before him.

Wait, a mech? The practitioners were confused by the scene, since a mech was like something from the alternate dimension to those who wielded fists and kicks as tradition.



Both Rui Bing and Wei Yuan screamed.

"YC!" Wei Yuan jumped, "He’s actually YC!"

The plot twist shocked Rui Bing awake and she instantly understood the entire situation. Worry grew in her over the emergence of YC. That mech of Ye Chong was familiar to her eyes, not till Wei Yuan’s scream she could never remember that it was the mech who tossed Wei Yuan to her.

So that was him!

Rui Bing’s heart shuddered.

He remembers me! He still remembers me!! Joy overflowed deepest inside her heart.

In the midst of gasp and glare, Ye Chong climbed into the cabin of Han Jia like a mutated ape, which was again amazing to the spectators. Wei Yuan’s eyes were lustrous. YC it is! Even the way he got onto the cabin was different than the others!

Is he running away? Hua Tiankai panicked, as he knew, if he was given 10 more, no, probably 8 more seconds, his eldest apprentice, Zheng Zhongxing would come with his mech zooming! That was the masterplan he had.

A practitioner could be great but not great as the metals. No way the boy would win as he stood against the mighty mech. So that was his plot, of taking a mech to smack upon the boy, although the stinky irony was, as a practitioner himself, he eventually relied on a mech, a machine to do the fighting for him. It was painful to his heart… well, maybe… it was the time for martial arts to fade out of history.

He was confident over the plan however. Zheng Zhongxing might be the weakest fighter among his apprentices, but he was one pilot with an advanced title before he came to join the dojo. The mech combats of Tianhua dojo would never develop if without his assistance.

His heart ran cold the moment he spotted that mech the boy summoned, fearing that the boy would truly run away with the mech. It would be too late by then.

Right when Ye Chong got onto Han Jia, a mech zoomed to the colosseum.

And that was when Ye Chong, to his astonishment, found out the mech being a similar close-ranged models like his Han Jia.

It is clearly a modified mech. The body should be of Judgement: Peace, well Peace was a rarely used model among the others in the Judgement series. Engines… Ye Chong could not tell so he could not make a comment, although he speculated them being the Hurricane series. A bright red main body of the mech, adorned by silvery stripes, eye-catching it was.

A shield with the shape of a burning flame, where the tips were glowing of cold sharpness. The arms, elbows and the knees of the mech were distinctly strengthened in terms of thickness. The thorns on the joints of the fingers were of mere darkness. Ye Chong did not show disdain over them as he too favored these tiny accessories to be added on his own mech, since these accessories would come in handy in all sorts of situations naturally.

The parts of the mech were premium in any sense.

But… strangely it was not armed in any ways. Ye Chong could not see any weapon there.

A close-combat model? Ye Chong wondered. Well, close-combat among mechs was a thing on the Virtual World as loved by numerous fans, but nobody really tried it in reality. That was the first close-combat model Ye Chong saw outside the virtual reality.

The mech took a perfect brake and stopped 300 meters away from Han Jia. Ye Chong could affirm to his speculation since a distance of 300 meters would be too close for a ranged model while being absolutely sound for a close-combat model to launch a blow.

Ye Chong’s expression was firm. There was no ripple on his water.

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