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This was Ye Chong’s second time in two days experiencing this chaotic sense of losing control! Last night he had licked the girl, and he could not understand why he had done that! It was like his body was moving on its own!

Ye Chong was heavily influenced by Mu, preferring to have everything under his control, especially himself!

Shang may have said that this was a natural response, but Ye Chong still could not let it go. Even if it was a natural response, he should still be able to overcome it, much like he did with negative emotions such as fear.

Last night’s state of mind made him feel like he lost control of himself, and that was unacceptable! Besides, he did not feel that that state would be beneficial to him, since it was obvious that his senses and response time were significantly impeded in that state! That was dangerous!

He stared at the moist, red lips before him, fatally alluring! Shang Yue’s face was as flawless as a jade sculpture, blushing lightly in a blossom pink. Her chest rose and fell rapidly with her breathing. Their faces were only centimeters apart, and Ye Chong could even feel the heat emanating from her face, and that mysterious fragrant scent!

A voice in his head urged him, "Kiss her! Kiss her!"

Ye Chong suddenly felt his mouth dried up. The moist red lips looked like an irrefutable invitation!

"No! I cannot give in like that!" The thought flashed past Ye Chong’s mind!

"Humph!" Ye Chong humphed coldly, his hands moved quicker than he could think, releasing the woman’s hands and pushed her at the waist!

"Ah!" Shang Yue gasped in fright as she was thrown precisely on the bed like a sandbag!

Ye Chong’s eyes were now crystal clear, but cold as ice!

Ye Chong was dejected inside, knowing that if he did not push the other party away, he would not be able to escape that state of mind! Ye Chong wished that he could suppress this natural response, like he did with fear. If anything frightening happened before him, he could still brave the fear and deal with the situation. This encounter, however, made him felt like he was avoiding the situation! Nonetheless, he still lacked the knowledge about this natural response!

Ye Chong was not inflexible though, and he did what he could to handle the current situation!

Noticing Ye Chong’s emotional imbalance, Mu console, "Ye, looks like you need to pick up some physiology!"

"Looks like it!" Ye Chong spoke with a wry smile. Ye Chong found that he was too susceptible to this form of seduction. If the enemy used this weapon against him, he would probably fall for it!

"That’s right, it’s only a weapon!" Ye Chong brightened up, and began to calm down!

While the down bedding was soft, Shang Yue still fell without anticipation into a confused heap. However, she immediately realized that it was a bed, and her expression twisted as her pulse raced. "Could he be thinking of …" Shang Yue’s expression became unreadable!

She began to feel regret. To think that she fell prey to her own devices! All her past successes had made her too arrogant! She was the real fool!

Shang Yue mourned inside, but recovered her usual easy composure after the initial fright!

Suddenly, Shang Yue noticed her emergency beeper just a small distance away from her on the bed!

Abruptly, Shang Yue felt her heart race again. Shang Yue repeatedly warned herself to stay calm! She must wait for the right time! This was her only chance of escape!

Shang Yue did not move, for fear of attracting unwanted attention from the other party. Wang Xing was now not only a lecherous person to her, but also a daring man! Did he not think of the consequences of his actions? Shang Yue had decided that if Wang Xing did anything improper to her, she would make him suffer!

She peeked at Wang Xing, but the diabolic guy was bowing his head as if in deep thought.

Shang Yue was overjoyed, but she still acted carefully, only barely moving herself towards the beeper. Wang Xing was still in thinking posture, and that made Shang Yue curious. From their earlier struggle, Wang Xing seemed to be a hasty person, why would he act so restrained now?

Was he finally beginning to feel afraid?

Shang Yue grew even more disdainful of Wang Xing. She had thought that he was a calm and talented person, but found him to be a terribly impulsive man! This was his true face!

However, Shang Yue also believed that as long as she could reach for the emergency beeper, she would be safe! "Hmph, I’ll show him then!" she thought.

Seeing Wang Xing ignoring her, Shang Yue was secretly pleased, and reached slowly for the emergency beeper close by! She dared not move too abruptly, for fear of inviting Wang Xing’s attention.

It’s close! Getting closer!

Shang Yue exhaled in relief as her fingers touched the emergency beeper’s wristlet, her fingertips feeling the soft quality of the wristlet!

Just when she thought the situation was finally under her control, her fingers suddenly spasmed! This was immediately followed by a thumping sound from her right.

Feathers flew up in an instant, falling back down like snow. Amongst the feathers, Shang Yue’s confused expression showed that she did not realize what had happened!

Her first reaction was to look towards Wang Xing, but there she found Wang Xing staring coldly at her with clear and chilling eyes. Shang Yue could not help but shudder!

When she finally came to her senses, she immediately reached out with fingers to search, but could find nothing but feathers from the bedding, her emergency beeper gone without a trace! A crimson droplet gathered into shape on her thin finger and dyed the white feathers red.

Shang Yue panicked, her face no longer composed, and quickly looked to her right.

A dagger went through the wristlet of her emergency beeper and held it firmly on the wall! The beeper dangled mid-air, but Shang Yue’s heart had reached the depths of despair!

Shang Yue felt an extreme sense of dread, and her face paled!

"I think, it’s better to speak like this!" Shang Yue lifted her head to his plain voice. Wang Xing was still standing where he was without moving, but his stare had turned colder!

Shang Yue could feel Wang Xing’s stare piercing through her like the edge of a blade!

However, cunning as she was, she sensed hope in the situation! She waited. Now that all her cards were on the table, it was the other party’s turn to make his move!

As expected, Wang Xing did not disappoint as he spoke plainly, "Let’s talk about why you’re here!" His tone allowed no disobedience. Shang Yue had also used that same tone before when she ordered her servants around!

She understood her situation, however, and replied crisply, "I’m here to find out what you feel about my younger sister!"

"Your younger sister?"

"Yes, my younger sister!" Shang Yue did not back down from her intention.

"Why?" Ye Chong’s voice was as plain as water.

Shang Yue briefly described Shang Lan’s situation.

Ye Chong may not be worldly, but he was sharp enough to understand the other party’s intentions!

"Are you all trying to keep me here?" Ye Chong asked calmly.

While she did not feel comfortable about it, Shang Yue braced herself and said, "Mr Wang, why don’t you stay with the Shang family for a while? We’ll do anything we can for you! I’ve heard that you have business at planet Windstar. The Shang family has some influence in that planet. If Mr Wang would allow, the Shang family would do our best to assist you in your business!" Shang Yue tried her best to make herself sound tactful.

"Oh, is that right?" Ye Chong swept an indifferent glance at Shang Yue.

Shang Yue braced herself. She sensed arrogance and a certain chilling effect from Wang Xing’s tone!

She understood now that this Wang Xing before her was no aristocrat, but more likely, an assassin! His strong murderous aura made Shang Yue shudder inside! Besides, she could sense that the other party was not intimidated by her or the Shang family. Could he have someone else backing him?

However, was he really more powerful than the Shang family? Of course, the thought only barely registered. She knew more than anyone of the Shang family’s true power! It was much more than what could be seen from the surface!

She thought that Wang Xing would be infuriated, but instead, Wang Xing merely humped coldly and spoke casually, "Whatever!" With that, he opened the door and left the room!

Shang Yue was left alone on the bed in a daze! What did Wang Xing mean by "whatever"? It was all too confusing!

Ye Chong wanted to leave the Shang family there and then. With the exception of Robert’s four bodyguards, he believed that no one could stop him! However, once Mu informed him of the sheer number of spies the Shang family had in the area, Ye Chong immediately dismissed his plan.

While it was not a certainty yet that the other party could keep him here, his abrupt leaving would definitely lead to an intense battle! Ye Chong had no intentions of attracting attention, but the only mech he dared to use now was Han Jia. If he used Guardian or Overwing, it would probably alert the Sanctuary and the MPA! These two forces were not what Ye Chong could deal with as he was now! Besides, Han Jie had never been tested in actual combat. Ye Chong had no idea how it would perform!

Hence, Mu’s suggestion to make his move at night was better! Ye Chong agreed. Han Jia was a full-skeleton mech; with its excellent anti-detection properties and the cover of darkness, leaving the Shang family secretly would not be a difficult task!

Once Ye Chong made up his mind as he wandered around aimlessly in the Shang family’s house. When he went back to his room, Shang Yue was already gone!


Wei Yuan sat before his desk with bloodshot eyes. He stared unblinkingly at the holographic recording on the photon processor, the recording of YC that he captured himself! He had not slept for an entire day, but he was feeling unusually excited!

Abruptly, he stood up excitedly, nearly slipping due to exhaustion! However, that did not dampen his mood!

He finally had a breakthrough studying his recording of YC!

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