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"Ye…," sighed Shang in his head. "What a waste of a wonderful opportunity, when you could have been the prince to save the princess from the evil brothers. Sigh, well, that was it. The golden opportunity, once-in-a-lifetime of the debut you could ever have, gone. Sigh, sigh, sigh." The cheesy words from Shang sure were sufficient material to make Ye Chong rolling his eyes like a working slot machine while lowering his head.

Let aside the debate on whether the female before her was considered a "beauty", Ye Chong had the intention to be the prince on the whitehorse to kill some possessed three-headed hulk to save a moaning princess.

Consecutive chains of footsteps came towards them. A crowd of security guards surrounded the scene, looking all eager to begin their routine execution with some of them also having a heat ray gun in each of their hands pointing at the hulks.

The gang feared of moving even a bit of their muscle. They could have been the muscular gang with outstanding fighting moves but they would never have the bravery to mess around when multiple heat ray guns were aiming.

The captain of the security team was a man in his forties. His thick pair of brows highlighted his dignified appearance, while every one of his gestures felt righteous and just. "Who are the troublemakers here?" His eyes skimmed through the folks and eventually paused at the group of beefy men.

"Hahahahahahaha!" The leader of the hulk was very much aware of the situation so he acted generously as he shrugged his shoulders in innocence, "We were just joking. We never expected the overreaction. Aw, we are so sorry!" The gang behind him was smiling gleefully along.

Karton the captain had his stern stare fixed on them. The awkward laughter ceased completely the moment they were given the silent treatment. His sight then shifted to the only lady at the place, "Is he saying the truth?"

Twitched the faces of the gang, their expression grew nervous as they looked at the lady, anticipating. The lady hesitated for a second, "Yes." She did not seem to intend causing more unnecessary issues so she nodded her head and gave her answer.

Upon receiving her response, Karton moved his eyes back onto the gang, his voice rang profoundly, "Well if that’s the case, alright, we would let it slip. But I do hope that jokes of such kind would never appear again."

"True. I do agree," the leader hurriedly approved his statement.

The storm had somehow settled while it was still a breeze, with Karton leading his men away from the scene, remaining the two person at the restaurant. While leaving the place, Karton continuously shot his sight at the gang. Ye Chong on the other hand had long disappeared before they realized. It was a happy ending, except for the gang whose faces kept twitching in dissatisfaction and unwillingness and their mouths firing rounds of vulgarities, obviously being salty over the embarrassment they brought upon themselves.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was lively again like before as soon as the gang exited the place. And Ms. Shang-Said-She-Was-A-Beauty had become the center of attention as people crowded around her, trying to please her. The lady casually greeted them while her eyes were searching for that one particular silhouette, Ye Chong. And of course he was not in the crowd, which was slightly somber to her. "Thank you. Good night," she forced a smile and scrammed back to her room.

"Well, your own blockbuster of heroic tales had gone. Ye, are you really that unfortunate with beauties? That you always missed the chance of dating them? But why do you keep bumping in to beauties?" Shang’s tone sounded confused.

Before Ye Chong could make a reply to shut him up, "Oh! It’s already time to change!" Shang screamed gracelessly out of sudden, "God, what have I done to get such treatment? For you to force me out of the scene right after I encountered a charming lassie, this is the cruelest thing you could have ever done to humanity! Ye, let me tell yo-" The last syllable trailed off.

"Ye," the flat voice returned. It was Mu. Ye Chong could tell by one syllable.

"Yes, Mu. You are here, finally!" Ye Chong felt very much relieved. Shang could have been a mastermind at sometimes but he was never as reliable as Mu, like that space-jump mistake before for example. No way it would go wrong at Mu’s hands! In addition, Shang’s words were hardly as concise as Mu’s, which was a constant headache to Ye Chong, including his anomalous approach in clarifying the problems. Those barely clarified the issues, rather it confused Ye Chong even more.

Ye Chong had a much simpler life with Mu, he was more accustomed to it. Nonetheless, Ye Chong recognized his weakness. He admitted that he would blunder in socialization, which Shang would come in handy at times. Well, the catch was, despite Shang’s passionate lectures on his humanity, he probably would not have significant progression of any kind at the moment.

"It seems like Shang had given you quite some displeasure," stated Mu.

"Yeah, but he’s always like that. At least he would be quieter when no lassie was around," Ye Chong confessed his belief.

"Well, he is considered the expert in this," concisely Mu concluded Shang’s exceptional characteristic.

"True, true! We still need 10 more days till Rique. Then we would change to the other ship to get to Windstar. There seems to be a ride heading to Windstar there," briefed Ye Chong the situation, though chances were Mu had already known every bit of detail he was required to know.

"Mhm, the better efficiency could be achieved by hijacking this ship and forcing them to redirect the course to Windstar instead. As stated by my analysis, the destination would be reached in only 12 days if that is the case. Furthermore, after my calculation, the success rate of hijacking the ship is above 95%!" suggested Mu a brilliant plan.

Mu and Shang are totally 2 different kinds of species!

Hijacking? That could work but then… Ye Chong scrapped the idea after pondering a little. It would be disadvantageous for him to grab all the unnecessary attention if he were to hijack. His sole purpose of boarding this ship was to get to Windstar, silently, without alarming anybody and find that teacher of Dr. Lu, known as Dr. Wang Weixing to cure this haunting disease in him, so that he could settle down at a place anonymously and spend the rest of his life being a nobody. Only if he could get back the tranquil life he once had on Trash Planet-12…

Speaking of this haunting disease, Ye Chong was being skeptical of its activity. Wondering if it was because of the progression he made in his meditation or was it the nature of the disease itself, the time frame of inactivity between each cycle had been increasing each time somehow. It had been quite a while since Ye Chong’s last acting-up. He was also wondering if he had already gotten used to the pain that he could standing strong against it when it happened or the pain was in fact diminishing over the time. Sometimes Ye Chong even speculated that the syndrome could disappear all by itself as time passed.


He opened his eyes and woke from the trance state of his meditation. Somehow the progression this time was pretty significant compared to before, maybe Ye Chong had not been doing it lately, so he could clearly feel that mental senses of his vibrating during meditation. Based on what that old Yin man had spat before, this should be counted as completion of the introductory level of meditation.

… which was utterly startling to Ye Chong as he truly thought he would take forever to even complete the introductory level of training with that snail development of his. And he ceased the training entirely after getting to Nine Gates City, as the mentalist and mentalist-pilot were everywhere, he dared not to perform meditation and was expecting to begin his training all over again. The reality was quite the contrary however, the progress was great. At first session after leaving Nine Gates City, he had achieved the elementary level. How could that not be startling to our Ye Chong?

He gave up figuring after a while of attempting a sound deduction for this.

Nevertheless, the benefits he got from meditating were absolutely heartfelt for him. His sight and hearing were naturally transcendent. Then the training this time had brought their capabilities up to the next level. The joyous part to Ye Chong was, his mind was clear, crystal-clear. It felt as if he was dipped in the water, chilling to the core and his dexterity improved.

Ye Chong felt the ringing coming from his stomach after waking up. A glance at the clock suggested that he had long passed the usual schedule for dining. The restaurant should be quite empty at that moment. And he headed out for food.

The restaurant on Luminosity operated all day, so you could go and have your meals any time of the day. Inside the enormous restaurant, Ye Chong stood alone. The so-called beauty was not there. What a relief. Sighed Ye Chong.

There were numerous food-supply machines at the place, which their main body being the long rectangular metallic cabinet resting on the ground with one end as the output. A processor stood right above the output slot.

He walked towards one of the supply machines and randomly tapped a few dishes on the processor. Most of the food was never-before-tasted to Ye Chong, so why not? Beep! Soon, a tray of those food he ordered got out to the ground. He grabbed it at once and shifted to one random spot. Thup. He placed down the tray and began digging in. There was nobody else and he decided to cut those restrictive table manners and gobbled.

Right when he was enjoying the food, muffles were heard. He lifted his head and discerned a gang of men entering the restaurant, with their words shamelessly echoing within the space as they disregarded everything else than themselves. Damn. Ye Chong knotted his brows. Aren’t those the gangs he faced yesterday?

It was a fateful stare he made as the gang of men was looking right into his eyes. Their eyes lustered and sprang up from the chairs they had just sat on. Snickered, they walked towards Ye Chong and covered him up partially.

Ye Chong in response only took a glance and carried on his meal as if nothing had happened before.

"Kiddo. Heh! You are all alone this time. I’ll see how you’re gonna escape," sneered the leader as he inched towards Ye Chong, cracking his fingers loudly with his men sneering alone.

The strange part on their script was, the boy before them had hardly shown a hint of fear as his chopsticks never stopped moving even after they had made a debut and thrown their lines. No word was heard from the boy while the tingling sound of the bowl rang. Was this kiddo freed from hunger game recently? The leader found the reaction ridiculous.

He reminisced the embarrassment he bore when he and his men were engulfed by the security. Wrath began brewing inside him again, like a lighted match falling onto a pit of machine oil.



The bulky men surrounded Ye Chong and could not stop sneering. Apparently they did not notice that condensed bloodthirstiness rolling inside his shrinking pupils.

"Kiddo, what a fateful encounter. You and I meet again, at the same place, right here. Hehehe!" A faked smile from the leader as his giant hands tapped the shoulder of Ye Chong. The remaining men stepped aside and anticipated the great show to begin. The puny boy was fragile by his look, slender and papery, which was perfect to be toyed and expressed dissatisfaction upon. A few of the men seemed eager to try too, obviously they wanted to join the show.

"Good bye, kiddo." The leader’s hand reached for his shirt.

And their eyes blinded by a whirlwind. Before they could identify the situation, they heard an ear-piercing shriek shattering the peace in the restaurant.

Wait… Is-Isn’t this voice… leader’s? The men shuddered.

Simultaneously their sights converged on their leader, gasped together, their faces were drained!

To their horror, the right arm of their leader had been distorted, literally distorted, like a cinnamon roll badly fried with horrifying bones spurting from the elbow. The muscles were torn. As the blood capillaries were not harmed, only faint stains of blood tainted the bones. Nauseating it was, disgusting it looked.

The hulk miraculously was able to take the immense pain. He did not pass out right away, which was impressive for his endurance. That was also his misfortune however, as the pain seized his body, making him bow his back and grabbing his twisted arm, whimpering with his face squeezing awfully. It was petrifying.

People were dumbfounded, completely dumbfounded!

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