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A twinge seized Lao Meng’s rib and spread throughout his body. He lost control of his body out of a bewildering sudden as he collapsed right onto the lying beggar. And that was the moment when he realized the fact that the half-dead looking beggar actually had his eyes opened, glaring right into his soul!

The cold classic stare from Ye Chong caused Lao Meng’s heart to twitch.

Back in Black Coves, perhaps Ye Chong was not able to master the greatest assault, however he did learn a few of one-hitting techniques to hold the foes. The one occurred before was a strike to the target’s spinal cord to disable the target’s control to the body. It sounded all powerful like a technique from the martial arts tales, however as a matter of fact this was the most fundamental move in the Black Coves. Ye Chong did hear about other skills that were more tormenting and overwhelming back then, which some of them being truly bizarre!

Ye Chong used the technique when the foe let his guard down. A perfect one-hit strike!

He laughed bitterly in his mind. The move seemed simple, yet it consumed a majority part of his charged stamina. His breathing became hasty again.

Habitually, the following procedure could have been the killing. Ye Chong would hardly leave a living foe to spread his words around. The strike before was fatal enough to take this buffed man out, but Ye Chong simply did not have the stamina to kill this guy!

This technique could have been both efficient and effective. The effect was only temporary nonetheless. After a certain duration had passed and that duration was not long in actuality, the enemy would retrieve control of his body without any wound. And the one who would suffer the worst fate would be Ye Chong himself!

Ye Chong hoped that he could regain his stamina in time to at least launch one last strike before the enemy could move again. Once and for all!

Ye Chong’s eyes looked bloodthirsty!

As Lao Meng saw every expression on Ye Chong, out of fright, he screamed on top of his lungs, "Yikes! Why the hell can’t I move anymore? Holy Haleyson! Lao Ping, Lao Pi, get yourselves over here and save me! F*cking hell! I got set up! Quick! Get yourself here already!" Lao Meng’s coarse voice roared harshly.

Ye Chong flinched - he did not come alone? He was no longer concerned on his energy-saving plan as he pushed the beefy man to the side - Ugh, I thought I was moving a whale or something! Ye Chong stood up frantically on his weakened limbs - assuming the foe had mates behind, then I would surely lose in the end if I kept lying on the ground! He took a look at Nan Nan, who was covering her eyes and squatting on the ground, shivering. Somehow a hint of warmness rushed through Ye Chong’s body upon seeing her.

I’ll just do my best, thought Ye Chong. The situation was not as optimistic however.

Obviously he was thrown into a nasty situation, where the odds were all against him. Nonetheless, he did not rant or show grudges!

Providing that he would be killed in the end, he had to make the kill cost them a lot at the very least! Violence flashed in the dark pupils of his eyes, which frightened Lao Meng who had been watching this fierce beggar the whole time. His voice rang drastically, "Lao Ping, Lao Pi, be careful! This is a savage one!"

Lao Ping and Lao Pi inched towards Ye Chong sluggishly, as their faces were fixed with grim.

The sudden collapse of their friend was more than shocking. Till he made that SOS shriek, they were not aware that Lao Meng had fallen prey to a set-up.

The fact that the beggar stood up weakly was comforting to the two. At least he looked fragile as if he could fall in a breeze! Even so, thinking back of how desperate Lao Meng’s reminder sounded, their expressions turned grave once more, as they knew Lao Meng well. He might be a man who was all rough and tough but he had some real sensibility.

The beggar’s indifference even in such a nerve-wrecking situation justified Lao Meng’s reaction. It was then the two noticed the strangeness in this foe.

"Hey friend!" Lao Ping was acting kind as he spoke slowly, "This… This was just some misunderstanding, right? This friend of mine found the girl rather adorable, so he wanted to play with her. I know his jokes were pretty bad…" Lao Pi in the meantime shifted to the back of Ye Chong and started inching towards him. This was the 3 mousy-tears’ way of resolving issues after running business in the Orbits for years. They were a flawless team - Lao Ping first would use words to hold the foe, while Lao Pi would strike from the back. It always worked! Even if the foe did not fall for the strike, at least it would hold the foe throughout the entire conversation.

Unfortunately… What they had encountered was an oddity. Ye Chong was that one major who went against chattering during combats!

Ye Chong did not bother to carry on listening as he turned to his back, lifted his leg and launched a kick right into Lao Pi, which shocked the heck out of Lao Pi. It was a rare occasion to have a foe who wanted to fight right away. However, the kick gave no effect. It felt as weak as the beggar. And Lao Pi was relieved.

Seeing how the dirty beggar wanted to pick a fight for real, he decided to stop blabbering and give a kick to his back as he lifted his foot.

Lao Pi sneered as he felt harmless of the beggar’s kick. He moved faster towards Ye Chong.

Out of the blue, that feeble leg of Ye Chong's sprang, like a serpent ready to take a bite. Fearsome it looked! The target was the neck! If the kick landed on point, the throat would shatter and the man would be dead! Lao Pi did not manage to react in time to dodge, as he covered his head with his arms crossed.

Thup! The kick hit Lao Pi’s arms. That was when Lao Pi was astounded by how much heavier the blow landed than it appeared! Ye Chong’s leg was stuck on the arms. He exerted more pressure on Lao Pi’s arms, the arms went closer to the face. Outrageous! Lao Pi used all his strength to force Ye Chong away. As adrenaline rushed on such a dead-or-alive situation, Lao Pi’s strength was amazing. Lao Ping was relieved seeing this.

Who knows!


Ye Chong used the push by Lao Pi, as he fired himself towards Lao Ping.

Lao Pi’s leg was already lifted and he could not react in time. He only saw how Ye Chong was lifted by the force of Lao Ping and sank into Lao Ping, like a snake slithering over Lao Ping’s leg, raising his upper body alarmingly.

Lao Ping’s right leg was crushed as he lost balance. How else could he react?

Ye Chong had his eyes closed. Ache covered the top of his head, as he whimpered.


A cracking sound of bone-crushing. Lao Ping fell onto the ground with his face hardened.

In that split second, Ye Chong launched his head right onto Lao Ping’s chin. The blow was so strong that it actually broke Lao Ping’s chin. The chin had always been the more delicate part of the anatomy, so Lao Ping collapsed due to the heavy blow.

Ye Chong and Lao Ping rolled together. The whole execution just now had completely exhausted every ounce of his strength. He could not even lift his fingers at that moment. Plus that blow he delivered with his head also returned a severe dizziness.

The vision blurred out and he looked all giddy.

In the fuzzy imagery, he saw the last man sneaked towards him… and there was one dark spot behind him that was becoming bigger.

What was that dark spot…?

Ye Chong’s eyes grew blurrier… And the sound in the surrounding retreated like the waves as they grew further.

Nan Nan… I tried… my best…

This was Ye Chong’s final thought before he fell into darkness and went unconscious.

… …


Ye Chong opened his eyes abruptly. It was a foreign environment. "Mu… Shang… Are you there? Mu, Shang, speak to me if you are." The first thing he did was to try contacting his partners to at least have an idea what was going on. Sadly Mu did not reply despite being the usual quick one to answer his inquiry, while Shang… he then only remembered the fact that Shang had drained his battery before.

Oh… the battle. He pieced up the fragmented memories. Wondered what happened to Nan Nan… she was probably rescued or Ye Chong would have been dead undeniably, considering how those peculiar men would not spare him at mercy.

He took a look on his body and lifted his limbs. Okay, all were good. The wound was mostly healed. It was satisfying to see his own strength coming back as normal. If the 3 men would come and taunt Ye Chong again, he would skew them in 5 seconds for sure.

He checked his belonging… Okay, the talisman on the neck was intact. At least I could summon Mu Shang if anything went wrong! This was most important to Ye Chong. The keystone for Yu Di was still there too. The bag… everything was there. Nothing was lost! The dagger, a gift of the person was there. Ye Chong felt much more relieved.

At last, he started inspecting his surroundings.

Ye Chong was on a bed; the mattress felt comfy. The room was pitifully crammed compared to the room Ye Chong used to stay where his mechs could be stored altogether. The pale green walls had countless tiny adornments, which gave off a living vibe to the room. There was a mini nano-water filtration machine at one corner with quite a number of knitted animals at the other. What are these for? Ye Chong wondered - Are they some sort of target for practice? The knitted animals did not look realistic while some details were overdone. They did not even look close to their actual counterpart!

Weird stuffs! Thought Ye Chong.

Right at that moment, Ye Chong’s ears caught two footsteps heading towards this room. He was alerted as he got off the bed and went into his defensive stance.

Bang. The door was pushed open!

It was Nan Nan! Right at one frame where the door was first opened, he could already discern her through the tiny gap.

Nan Nan entered the room, "Big brother! You're finally awake!" Hurrahed Nan Nan as she saw Ye Chong standing in the middle of the room, "Good! Nan Nan is happy! Very good! Good Ye Chong!" Joyfulness gleamed on her face.

She was cute as usual but Ye Chong did not have the grace to look at her jumping around, instead his eyes fixed on that dark man at her back. The man should be at his 30s… he was very tanned. His shirtless body revealing his large muscles was rather scary, though his smile depicted a quite sincere personality. He followed Nan Nan carefully, probably was afraid that Nan Nan could trip anytime with her clumsy steps.

That body size obviously defined his strength in Ye Chong’s eyes.

The dark man grinned the moment he noticed the constant stare from Ye Chong. His teeth were sparkling white.

Little Nan Nan was intelligent. The moment she realized the exchanging stare between them, she went pulling Ye Chong’s pant and introduced gently, "Big Brother, this is my Brother Hei Zi. He loves Nan Nan very, very, very muchie! That day, Brother Hei Zi came and found Nan Nan. We are lucky. If not, big brother and I would be sad, very, very, sad. We got hit!"

Little Nan Nan’s messily produced description adorned with her hyper-active gesture finally clarified Ye Chong on what happened after he passed out. So that enlarging dark spot was the mech of Hei Zi. He saved his life in the nick of time.

"Thank you for saving me," Ye Chong thanked him with much appreciation.

"No no no!" Friendlily Hei Zi replied, "It was what I should have done. I should be the one thanking you. If it was not for you, Nan Nan… she could have been…" He withdrew his word… he seemed pretty mortified by what could have possibly happened.

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